666 Revealed Video Documentary 61 mintues 666 Revealed - Evidence for the presence of Satan - FREE FULL MOVIE

666 Revealed video Documentary 61 minutes 666 Revealed - Evidence for the presence of Satan - FULL FREE MOVIE Evidence for the presence of Satan and his offspring on Earth. Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, Prince of Darkness, The Wicked One, Old Nick, Mephistopheles, Satan... the devil goes by many names and has had many faces over the years, but who exactly is he? What does he look like? His very existence has been a source of debate within the Christian Church since its beginning. Is this supreme evil still walking the Earth, tempting, seducing and corrupting those of little faith?

All religions have devils and demons, forces of the evil that seek to harm us. According to scientists and other secular scholars these devils and demons are a means of labeling those unseen and often unjust forces of nature that cause us harm. But according to many religious people, an evil, supernatural being must surely be behind it all.

The word Satan means adversary and the term appears in both the Old and New Testaments. Since then, Satan has been attacking both God and men. He walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

But according to the Christian faith devil's powers are not limitless. According to the New Testament the devil's final defeat will be when Jesus Christ returns in the second coming and casts Satan into a lake of fire. Throughout the ages the devil has been represented by many and varied imagery. As a snake, as a man, a beast with horns and a tail, as a nightmare with bat's wings.

Other impressions of the devil are far less flattering but it's still an image that had stayed with us throughout the ages and certainly won't be disappearing overnight. Witches and werewolves have been part of our folklore for many centuries before the Christian Church took an interest in them but all this changed during the 15th century when the Catholic Church decided that a deal with the devil was a means by which witches gain their magical powers. This deal was called an "infernal pact." - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVjugBNlxY&feature=player_embedded#t=3 Here's another link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDVjugBNlxY
YOU Decide.

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Tarheel: You could short-circuit your search for Satan.......

...if you want to join MikeAdamu777. MA777 knows Satan on a first name basis and could introduce you if ya wanna meet Darkside.

bluesbaby5050: WHY don't you read my one and ONLY remark on his post to

To see how I feel about his BS?! I don't need your ignorant remark. This post is for those that are interested in more then just the regular norm. You eager to make foolish remarks without watching any documentaries that I make. OPEN YOUR MIND......

contactorion:  "In that day the Lord will

 "In that day the Lord will punish with His great, cruel, mighty sword Leviathan the twisted serpent and Leviathan the tortuous serpent"-
this quote is cited as proof leviathan is two entities in a single form. Samael and lilith. That makes the connection between samael the accuser (hasatan-the accuser) leviathen serpent that tempted eve which was male and the serpent demon succubis queen lilith. They were all the same thing. A transforming mulitisouled demon.
also just found out that metatron and samael did know each other apparently. That would explain why it waited until it transformed into the red skined demon first to appear. That would also explain why it said thats why I rise and you fall to samael not lilith who is always attached to samael. And that would explain why the highest angel was sent.

contactorion: the goat man on the thrown

Is samael and that is why he holds inannas staff it is lilith and samael in the same body that has the ability to shapeshift.

bluesbaby5050: CORRECTION.......

I do not make the documentaries, I only SHARE them with this forum that reaches out to others around this planet on Truth Control.

pasqualie: 666 is code for human beings

carbon based life form, 6 electrons, 6 protons, 6 neutrons.

its duality inside of every human being, potential for good or evil. all evil others do also exists in the potential in each human being. its not external, again its the deception to turn your focus outwards, looking for something outside of yourself so you do not look inwards.

if you are looking for satan, its inside of you. some religions refer to the ego as satan.


bluesbaby5050: Carbon: All Living organisms Must contain Carbon to exist o

Carbon: All Living organisms Must contain Carbon to exist on Earth as Physical Life.

The Bulding Blocks of Life.
6 neutrons, 6 protons, 6 electrons- hence the- 666.

Once we consider how life started and what the first forms of life looked like, you can ask your self, are mammals so absolute?


Reptiles, Insects and mammals all play a roll in our eco system.

All beings are one.........
It's just that simple. Earth chooses which beings will become the majority race, based upon the conditions of a given environment.

TillToTheWhen: Your comment is virtually

Your comment is virtually identical to the comment I made on another website the other night. I agree 100% with you here, that the "devil" and "God" lives within us...and it's not external.

You said it just like I did (Except I was referring to "God" when I made my comment..."God" being the "Good, or Anti-Evil" within us) They want to deceive you to look outwards and so you will never know the truth or power that we have. And to be able to control the power that you have which lies within you, first you must be aware of it and recognize it, so it doesn't control you.

Anyone CAN control the devil within you and make for a better life for themselves.....the people who die young or from suicide or drug addictions basically were not able to control those demons, or didn't realize it was demons inside them doing the damange and controlling THEM. If they had known, maybe they could of put up a better or smarter fight. Or should I say "fight the right" targets. The true devil lives within us....so that would mean we have to fight within ourselves to win the battle. All fights that go outwards are a distraction.

All demons are beatable. But some people are just too weak to really try and fight them...and others simply aren't aware where the demons REALLY live, due to the deception of religions and science.

TillToTheWhen: "Truth" is almost impossible to put into words

I just read my own comment...and while it was true to me, I can see where there could be some errors, or mistranslations (LOL)

First is where I said "All demons are beatable"
what I meant and said was true to me, but then looking at it from a different angle, what if the demons are not beatable and are just a part of us, and part of the duality from within(Can't have good without evil, etc)? Meaning, they will ALWAYS be there and we just have to supress them as much as we possibly can. I don't believe anybody is perfect. But when I said "Beatable, I didn't really mean destroy and kill them, (I just meant "Get the upper hand on them" "Don't let them defeat you" etc)

contactorion: yep it is carbon in my opinion as well.

We are mostly carbon. "(But the bible is complete bullshit)"

TillToTheWhen: I liked what "God" said about the bible

You know Jesus, Adam and King James....

I liked how he referred to the bible as BI-BULL (BULL as in Bull-Shit...lol)

bluesbaby5050: Carbon forms the backbone of biology for all life on Earth

Carbon forms the backbone of biology for all life on Earth.
Complex molecules are made up of carbon bonded with other elements, especially oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. It is these elements that living organisms need, among others, and carbon is able to bond with all of these because of its four valence electrons. Since no life has been observed that is not carbon-based, it is sometimes assumed in astrobiology that life elsewhere in the universe will also be carbon-based. This assumption is referred to by critics as carbon chauvinism, as it may be possible for life to form that is not based on carbon, even though it has never been observed.

In cinematic and literary science fiction, a moment when man-made machines cross from nonliving to living is often posited, this new form being the first example of non-carbon-based life. Since the advent of the microprocessor in the late 1960s, these machines are often classed as computers (or computer-guided robots) and filed under "silicon-based life", even though the silicon backing matrix of these processors is not nearly as fundamental to their operation as carbon is for "wet life".

The two most important characteristics of carbon as a basis for the chemistry of life are that it has four valence bonds and that the energy required to make or break a bond is just at an appropriate level for building molecules which are not only stable but also reactive.
The fact that carbon atoms bond readily to other carbon atoms allows for the building of arbitrarily long and complex molecules.

There are not many other elements which appear to be even promising candidates for supporting life-like behavior, but the most frequent alternative suggested is silicon. This is in the same group in the Periodic Table of elements and therefore also has four valence bonds. It also bonds to itself, but generally in the form of crystal lattices rather than long chains. However, its compounds are generally highly stable and do not support the ability to readily re-combine in different permutations in a manner that would plausibly support life-like processes. This topic was discussed before on this forum.
But this video documentary is ABOUT EVIL IN THE EXTREME. It asks the question, "Does Satan Seed planet Earth with his seed?" Then it goes on to give examples of certain humans born of his seed, and on what specific dates they were born on, and then it goes even further to give examples of certain humans both male as well as female and the course their lives took, and the different events that played out in their lives. So lets not get wrapped up in the bible please.

pasqualie: The key is Personal Responsibility

If you acknowledge it only exists outside of you, instead of inside of you, where the potential exists also in all human beings to do terrible things, or have negative or ego based thoughts and emotions. Then you have fallen into the trap, on focusing on the external or others rather than inwards and to yourself. Its not certain numbers born with it Blue, its all human beings. The ones acting in a horrible manner are just ones that have made a choice to follow one half of their nature more than the other. Its just a matter of choice and nature of human beings. The ones that buy into the system of dark or false light, well they are acting more on their base natures as Eevie says. Everyone has thoughts and emotions, positive and negative, its the ego and polarity. That is the potential in every human being based on what they choose, to act through their lives based on thoughts and emotions, being aware of this in themselves.

The ego hides within everyone, and for 99.9999 percent of the world population, they believe they are their ego, and it does not exist as separate from themselves. Its why its ok to hurt people in the name of money and profit, to take great risks and crash stock markets and wipe out working class savings and retirement, because it creates more dependence and control. To allow portions of the population on this planet to starve because they cant afford to pay for the food. Its come down to bean counters and statisticians. Acceptable losses and deaths, to maintain the highest profit. Its how corporations and governments operate, acceptable losses or deaths, in contrasts to the amount of liability based on insurance company payouts. Banking on certain populations have a low education level and are impressionable and will just accept what they are told, and they dont have the financial means or knowledge to go get a lawyer and pursue damages through the legal system. Because they are too busy trying to survive in a system created to propagate lack and dependence, low self worth or unworthiness, and helplessness.

Its why these stories are created so you constantly look outward in distraction, or dogma and fear so you feel small and helpless, in guilt, or abandoned and live in fear and separation. Its how they control your thoughts and influence it.

Also these stories were not written to cater to flies or other life forms, they were written to target and influence humans. 666 is in reference to human beings and not other carbon based life forms. Because other carbon based life forms do not read or listen to this type of stuff or resonate with it. Carbon element 6, 6 electron, 6 neutron, 6 proton refers to the human being in duality. They symbol usage of the illuminati to tell you one truth but turn it upside down. In this case they telling you evil is external something outside of you, when in reality it exists in all human beings. They work on the law of opposites.

its why if you walk around with a peace symbol on a tshirt, its actually the druidic death rune, or the inverted or broken cross symbolizing death.

pasqualie: Also the use of Extremes

Is to a certain extent grading it to acceptable levels. All evil starts with thoughts and emotions and ego. it may start small but depending on how it resonates with you and how much you feed into it, its just acting on human nature. And acceptable levels is based on subjective opinion, depending on how widely accepted something is according to circumstances. The seed exists in everyone, you and me, and joe six pack, and the little church lady who goes to church every week. And it all starts with judgment, the categorization or labeling or grouping things using the logical left brain ego, from people to things and acts.

If the general mass consciousness is in itself corrupted as a whole, then that acceptable level just rises. Its why its ok for people in 3rd world countries to starve if they cant afford food, or they are allowed to not develope their potential with basic education. And they set up charities to make nice profits from the guilt complexes they set up with the masses who see this and feel guilty they have more, in spite of the fact they themselves are barely keeping their head above water. and its why the majority of charities give 10 percent or less of what they take in to the actual cause (many giving 1 percent), with a very few like the red cross giving 25 percent of proceeds. If you set up a charity and said i will keep 50 percent and give 50 percent, the average person would call you a thief and unethical. And who sets up these charities and foundations to fleece the people, its the very wealthy individuals who have found a way to monetize and profit from guilt. Working on the law of opposites, setting up a charity to help the less fortunate, but in reality its a scam.

Just look at the programming on tv and movies right now. mass consciousness programming for young minds. all the vampire and monster movies targeted at youth. where they romanticize and humanize vampires and monsters that kill and feed on humans, or have sex with vampires and monsters and relationships.

it means the younger generation growing up idolizing psychopaths and monsters, and raising the level of acceptability for what was once percieved as evil.

bluesbaby5050: I am well aware of the difference of the external....

And the internal , and how the Matrix works. We all choose how to live inspite of the game presented, and who is on top. It is a PERSONAL CHOICE in how a person chooses to live. Service to SELF, or Service to Others, and with morals, or without morals. I never quoted any numbers, because we all count, and NOT JUST A FEW. I only persent material for this forum to expand the mind. I share with those that choose the topics that I present for this forum, and hope it interests them, and that it resonates with them. I leave the moral choices up to the people. The topics presented is for them to learn, and for some to take off the blinders, and to wake up to the true reality. We all make a difference, and we all CAN make changes in this world for the better. I do not have issues with any topics I choose, and I understand them to the utmost. Why not check them all out, and not just this one. You will see what they contain, and there are connections with them some noticable, and some are not to most people especially if they are in the early stages of waking up. I have been awake since the early 80's, and I am older then most people in this forum, and I am ware of what is happening all around. I do not know everything, and to be honest, I do not believe that anyone does, no matter what the age is. I believe that we all will keep on learning into infinity, and that's why we exists, to bring this knowledge back to source.

pasqualie: its the nature of the game

Law of opposites. Even working on raising your own level of consciousness solely is considered bad because the use of guilt being labelled as self serving. When in reality when you raise your own consciousness you raise the collective. When you change yourself in the inside first, you change more of the external world.

It was just my thoughts and giving the other side of the coin. Just use discernment, not saying dont listen or read anything, there is kernals of truth in everything, and nothing is 100 percent false, or 100 percent true.

Work on yourself first because unless you have gone all the way yourself, you cant help anyone, and you most likely just drag yourself down as well in the polarity. Some may call this selfish, but its like learning how to swim for a year and someone telling you to go be a life guard. Not a good idea because as i said unless you have gone all the way and mastered it, you probably do more harm than good. Because polarity still exists, and you are still becoming aware and you still have one foot in the door and one foot out.

Its why discernment and awareness is important. And even then, we tend to blind to certain things until we have released the baggage we carry within ourselves from life.

Remember the tools that are used, fear, guilt, anger, hate, jugement, worthiness, abandoment wanting to control things,fix and change things, wanting approval, all to keep you in separation and polarity. Because its the polarity that keeps you away from your true self. It the want or lack that keeps you in lack, because all you percieve is through the lens of lack and separation.

bluesbaby5050: I hope your not lecturing me in your last 3 threads ........

Because I already have applied these examples in my own life, and I have brought up all 5 of my children, and I slowly showed them the correct ways on how to treat other people, and how this system really does work since they became adults. I have kept them on the path, and guided them as needed. They know how the system is rigged, and why, and how the complete media is being used to brainwash the masses on this planet, and the competitiion with keeping up with the Jone's, and I can go on and on as you did above, but, I think that some people are aware of this as you, and I am. But it does not hurt to remind people now, and then so that they will become aware too, and so that nobody ever forgets. That's exactly what the PTB want is for the younger generations to forget, and this is why they put out so many kinds of distractions as you stated at length in you threads above. Thank's for your input.

pasqualie: And with charities blue not referring to individuals

But the mass institutions set up in the name of charities that are actually set up for greed and profit, from the people that are probably the least capable, and didnt create the problem.

you look at africa, famine and disease. and certain individuals and countries and corporations funding and supplying others with an agenda to create war in the very countries in africa which are capable of growing and supplying the continent with food. who profits from this, the global arms makers and the corporations harvesting resources.

even with global tragedies, you see this corruption as they take donations from average people and how is the money used.


its why its a system of darkness and false light as Eevie says. Works on the law of opposites, benefits the few rather than the whole, and it canibalizes itself.

pasqualie: Report on childrens charities that prey on your guilt

They profit from the charitable donations and propagate a system of suffering and misery, based on the generosity of the average person.


so use discernment when someone uses guilt to get into your wallet.

bluesbaby5050: This post did not manufactuer any fear, it only showed the true

It only showed the true realities of how SOME people CHOOSE to live their lives on this planet. Your the one always feeding the fear factor into subjects, because that's how YOU view it. You should give up on the fear concept yourself for starters, because that's all you post. This post showed the true reality here, and it's up tp a person which way they choose to live. It's a CHOICE they make. Obviously you did not understand this post.

pasqualie: Most people are just programmed from early age

Either in religion or in schools. They get one perspective and get shunted into the left brain. So they grow up believing in something for a long time, so its very difficult to change because they are caught up in the group thought of people they grew up with and live around. Once you hit 24 your beliefs are pretty much set, and only change unless something drastic happens to turn your life upside, and you start to question things. In most cases later on in life they go through ego callapse where they go through circumstances where things must be released, or life takes things away so they can start with a clean slate, to make room for things to come into their lives. But in general this is not a fun experience.

In general what you are seeing in the world around us is a form of ego callapse on a large scale so people can question things and wake up. But most cant break from the fear aspect controlling them. Often times courage is defined as looking around and seeing darkness all around you, and finding the will to continue to move foreward. Its why the ego callapse is used, so everything you fear and cling to is taken away one by one, so you are no longer attached or identify with those fears.

TillToTheWhen: Well you know what I think

Well you know what I think would help those types of people? (The ones who have been brainwashed all their lives) is to eat a healthy dose of shrooms (not a recreational dose....but more than that....enough to break through, have a "bad trip" go to the other side, "hell" etc....that's what worked for me and woke me up. I started out as an ignoant, brainwashed robot....seriously. It took some serious shroom use to give me a conscious and then MDMA after that gave me the true love and empathy of the universe, which is unconditional.

TillToTheWhen: Doing the shrooms makes you

Doing the shrooms makes you lose your ego temporarily...and it puts you in a true state of fear...you basically cower down before the universe....lol (I'm not talkin about any recreational dose....I'm talking about a life changing dose....)

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