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PART 1 is there - http://www.truthcontrol.com/pictures/7-keys-rainbow-part-1
If you have doubts about something, please tell and I will clarify my translation

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Crackdown: about Google Translate

You could either: 1) copy-paste the HTTP link of website to translation window (without any other stuff) and click translate, it will show a translated page 2) copy-paste the parts of material and translate by chunks -- it would be slower, but google doesn't support some websites and thats the only option

TillToTheWhen: Ok I appreciate it. I just am

Ok I appreciate it. I just am now reading the websites about the 7 keys rainbow system testimonials. This time it offered to translate for me and so I am able to read it on the same page

TillToTheWhen: One more quick question for

One more quick question for ya bro-

I recently found out that alcohol is very good for the heart in moderation. Like 1 to 2 drinks a day (not enough to get drunk) but the yeast in it, is bad....so there is no way allowed to have a drink a day while doing this system? What if I follow the 7 keys system, but I still drink one drink a day? Would the system still help, (considering I stopped meat and dairy) or is the yeast in the beer enough to ruin everything? I doubt you have experience with trying it like that, but I think it would be ok. Especially since I think I could have heart problems. And that drug you mentioned for the heart is illegal here in the US. Hopefully that other medicine (dorogov stim) will help the heart too....

Crackdown: More precision words about the alcohol

Wine and beer are yeast products, and should not be consumed. Chemical alcohol drinks are bad as well. However, sometimes you could drink a home-made cognac (alcohol on nut septum or oak shavings) , vodka that was purified by margantsovka (potassium permanganate - KMnO4), or alcohol with home-made fruit syrup. I have mentioned it on page 10...
Note that you could live perfectly fine without alcohol -- and, moreover, the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden while you are using Antiseptic Dorogov Stimulator (according to drug instructions)

TillToTheWhen: Ok no problem! I really don't

Ok no problem! I really don't care for drinking alcohol anyway. I just thought it was good for the heart. Nice to know it's not needed. It's gross stuff anyway...

Thanks crackdown! I am reading your other responses now..

Crackdown: What is good for a heart?

Fruits, vegetables, olive oil, honey... :-) Many products that are from "yellow key" and higher, are good for your heart, in one way or another. Oh, and I doubt that those human-like aliens drink alcohol: according to some stories, they have fruit trees at their biospheres

zdonfrank90: looking for the book Depth

hi Crackdown, i have been looking for the depth book mentioned in the video, any chance i could get it from you?

Crackdown: Depth Book: great brief review + book download link!

Sorry for such a late reply, friend, I was super busy and away from this forum! If you still care about your research, here is 1) great brief review of the Depth Book - http://odinokiylider.ru/2016/08/05/pyatibrat/ (google translate, will take about five minutes of your read time) . 2) Depth Book download links - http://www.ezobox.ru/vladimir-pyatibrat/books/245/download/ , scroll down to see 5 different formats available for download ( Epub / FB2 / Mobi / PDF / TXT ) . If these links will be taken down, I have all the copies but maybe I wouldn't be around here to reupload them - so in that case it will be much faster for you to just search through the Internet for " глубинная книга пятибрат скачать ". Big problem is that these materials are on Russian language, and are very hard to translate to English properly - not distorting the information - even for the native speakers. So expect Google Translate to give a pure garbage for you, but guess its still better than nothing

Crackdown: Re: Depth Book: great brief review + book download link!

This review highlights one very important thing - as with other research materials, the "Depth Book" should NOT be taken as the ultimate truth, because it could contain the mistakes even if they haven't been intended by the writer. Each transmission of the information results in its partial distortion, and if we would have been able to compare the information from author's head and research material information - they would never match as 1:1. Especially now: the last publicly available editions of "Depth Book" are like 10 years old and since that a lot of research has been made and a lot of corrections to the book could have been introduced, only if its' author had the free time to do it. This book has been never intended to be the "instruction manual", it has been publicly shared only to attract the like-minded researchers to join the efforts in research and developing various "wunder waffe" technology devices like a cradle chamber or plasma armour - and it served its' purpose well

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