Satanism is a ferocious religion based on materialism, the empowerment of the self and the ego, the carnal realities of animal life, the questioning of social taboos, the ridiculing of most other religions, and the promotion of tough social justice. Satan is not real but is the most ideal and accurate symbol of reality and nature: The world is full of violence, suffering, stress, striving and death - the life cycle itself requires all these things. It is clear that no symbol of 'goodness' or 'light' can embody it all. The vast, uninhabitable darkness of the Universe, with galactic cataclysms rendering huge destructions on huge scales, means that only Satan can embody the true state of everything that is. Satanists tend to use all the symbols of darkness and evil. There is no heaven, no hell, no afterlife, no angels or demons: there are no gods or saviours apart from ourselves. But if there was a god, it would surely be utterly evil.

The Church of Satan was founded in 1966 by Anton LaVey and as of 2001 its Black Pope has been the powerful and articulate Peter Gilmore. Satanism as religion is highly skeptical, rationalist and philosophical, demanding evidence and strong argumentation, but is otherwise open-minded on magic and some parts of the supernatural. Satanists are often bold, intelligent, demanding; but are also often subtle, cautious, hidden, while others still are outrageous, aggressive, angry and puzzling. It is a religion of fire, drama, depth and forceful progress. 2. Some Opening Declarations

Book CoverFrom the founder:

“There is no heaven of glory bright, and no hell where sinners roast. Here and now is our day of torment! Here and now is our day of joy! Here and now is our opportunity! Choose ye this day, this hour, for no redeemer liveth!”

"The Satanic Bible" by Anton LaVey (1969)
The Book of Satan IV:2

Book CoverFrom Peter Gilmore, the High Priest of the Church of Satan:

“Satanism has been defined. It does not allow for distortions such as belief in cosmic entities, animal sacrifice, or claims that one is a "demon incarnate" amongst other theistic delusions.”

"The Satanic Scriptures" by Peter Gilmore (2007)1

Book CoverLaVey also describes Satanism as a social engineering exercise:

“My brand of Satanism is the ultimate conscious alternative to herd mentality and institutionalized thought. It is a studied and contrived set of principles and exercises designed to liberate individuals from a contagion of mindlessness that destroys innovation. I have termed my thought "Satanism" because it is most stimulating under that name. Self-discipline and motivation are effected more easily under stimulating conditions. Satanism means "the opposition" and epitomizes all symbols of nonconformity. Satanism calls forth the strong ability to turn a liability into an advantage, to turn alienation into exclusivity. In other words, the reason it's called Satanism is because it's fun, it's accurate, and it's productive.”

"The Devil's Notebook" by Anton LaVey (1992)2

3. Classifications, Keywords and Sociological Definitions of Satanism

There are so many ways or organizing religions and beliefs, and so few religions fit neatly into categories, that I must present a list of key terms without attempting to order them into a coherent order. Hover over bits of the text for relevant links:

•Atheist and Humanist: There are no Gods in Satanism.

•Not dualistic: souls and bodies are indivisible and there is no war between cosmic good and cosmic evil.

•Autodeist - we worship ourselves. The only God we can ever perceive is in our own existential world. We are each a God.


•A "human potential" movement. Striving for longer life and a better education. Science And Technology Are Necessary: We who walk this dark path along with the same interests will pursue the elimination of Human limitation to the maximum

•Left Hand Path

•Satanism is a World-Affirming Religion, not a World-Renouncing One

•Moojan Momen's 8 Pathways to Religious Experience: Categorizing Satanism: Satanism scores highest in the gnostic category.

•Melton & Moore's 8 Religious Categories: Satanism's Position: Metaphysical

•Satanism is a Mystery Religion, where symbols and inner truths are only understandable after a period of study and only to certain types of person.

Some pages about what Satanism is not:
•Christianity and Satanism are Completely Different Religions
•The New Age and Satanism

4. The Satanic Bible

Book CoverThe Satanic Bible was written by Anton LaVey in 1969. There are 4 books in the Satanic Bible:
1.The Book of Satan. A poetic presentation of the character and aggression of Satanism. It is taken from the words of Ragnar Rebeard.

2.The Book of Lucifer. The Enlightenment. The philosophical and conceptual basis of Satanism.

3.The Book of Belial. The theory and practice of Satanic ritual, magic and psychology.

4.The Book of Leviathan. Texts for use in Satanic rituals. The Enochian Keys, translated by LaVey from the 17th Century texts of the deluded seer John Dee and Edward Kelly.

In an academic book of Satanism, "Contemporary Religious Satanism" by Jesper Aagaard Petersen (2009), James R. Lewis examines the actual role that The Satanic Bible plays in Satanic debate, and concludes what should by now be obvious:

Book Cover“"Satanists do not consciously regard The Satanic Bible in the same way traditional religionists regard their sacred texts. [...] However, The Satanic Bible is treated as an authoritative document, which effectively functions as scripture within the Satanic community. In particular, LaVey's work is quoted to legitimate particular positions as well as to de-legitimate the positions of other Satanists.

James R Lewis in
"Contemporary Religious Satanism" by Jesper Aagaard Petersen (2009)3

Some scriptural analysis:

Introduction to The 4 Books of the Satanic Bible

The Book Of Satan - The first book in the Satanic Bible

Book Of Satan 1:1-4 - The first 4 verses of chapter 1

Book of Satan 1:5-7 - Verses 4 to 7 of chapter 1

5. The Symbol of Satanism: The Baphomet

The Sigil of the Baphomet is an inverted pentacle form, with two points pointing upwards, one downwards, and one to each side. It is the official symbol of the Church of Satan. Inside the pentacle is the image of a goat, its horns filling the upper two points, its ears filling the two lateral ones, and its mouth filling the lower one. This is Satan. The goat and pentacle theme is very old, and has its origins in alchemy. The pentacle is surrounded by two circles the innermost touching the points of the pentacle. In between the two circles are 5 Hebrew characters, spelling LVTHN anticlockwise: Leviathan.”

"Satanic Symbols: The Baphomet and the Pentacle: 4. The Sigil of the Baphomet" by Vexen Crabtree (2008)

My full page on the topic also discusses upturned pentacles in general: "Satanic Symbols: The Baphomet and the Pentacle by Vexen Crabtree (2008). 6. External Links

Endless information, graphics, links, chat, message boards

Description, Philosophies and Justification of Satanism

Radio Free Satan

Purging Talon

Feral House - The publisher that refuses to be domesticated Satanism/Church of Satan category

7. Page Index Search

The following pages mention this religion. The 10 most relevant are listed:

Moojan Momen's 8 Pathways to Religious Experience: Categorizing Satanism, 144 times, in the following sections:
1.3. Evangelism (0/5)
2. Conclusion
1.7. Gnosticism (4/5)
1.2. Legalism (0/5)
1.6. Monasticism (0/5)
1.8. Mysticism (1/5)
1.1. Ritualism (2/5)
1.4. Social Reformation (2/5)
1.5. Asceticism (2/5)

Why I'm Not a Satanist: By Rev. R. Deinsen, 2001 Jul, 114 times, in these sections:
* Top of page

Black Solstice's Holy War, 102 times, in these sections:
1.1. Theology & Superficiality
2.1. Theology & Superficiality - Victory Through Dogma and Allegorical Symbolism Even When No Godly Enemies Survive
2.2. Things to Please the Scholars
1.3. Confrontational
1.4. Anti-religious to an Ignorant Extent
* Top of page
1.5. Over-emphasis on Christian Symbolism

Vexen Crabtree's Websites: What's New and Site History, 87 times:
* Top of page

Conversion and Deconversion to Satanism Amidst the Absence of Proselytizing, 81 times, in these sections:
2.1. Inspirations
2.3. Other Religions
2.2. Instant Conversion
3. Deconversion
5. Conclusions
2.4. Problems Facing Potential New Recruits
1. No Proselytising
4. Those Who Do Not Convert

What is the Relationship Between Satanism and Fascism?, 69 times, in these sections:
2.1. Social Stratification: Meritocracy is Good, Racism is Stupid
1.3. Strength Through Joy
* Top of page
5. Conclusions
2.2. Satanism is Liberal: Pro-Individual, Pro-Sexuality
1. Fascism and Satanism In Agreement
1.2. Harshness

Melton & Moore's 8 Religious Categories: Satanism's Position, 66 times, in these sections:
* Top of page

Satanism is More than Humanism, 63 times, in these sections:
1. Humanism: A Truly Worthwhile Belief System
2.3. Final Comments
2.2. A Functional Equivalent to Religion
2.1. Ritual and Symbolism
* Top of page

Satanism as a Mystery Religion, 63 times, in these sections:
1.2. Differentiating Mystery Religions from Mundane Specialisation
4. Conclusions
3. Is Satanism Public?
2. Satanism as a Mystery Religion

Satanists and Satanic Community: How many are there and what are they like?, 60 times, in the following sections:
3.3. Practicals

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Crackdown: about so-called Church of Satan

There are a LOT of various religions at our planet. But, all these religions are just different interfaces, leading to the same God. Religions have differences in structure / appearance / etc because they are customized for different nations and cultures in order to achieve the higher efficiency of energy transmission from the religious human to the God.

"Church of Satan", which is described in this article, and the religion which associated with this church (+ other modifications), are not against the God -- they are just yet-another-interface... Nothing new there ;-)

bluesbaby5050: Your wise Crackdown.....

You are correct, and you realize this. The materials that I have been offering to this forum today was to get this forum to think deep, and to seek out similarities in religions for themselves. It's energy, and how it is used, and for what purpose, and who are the benifactors of this energy. Some people are coming to realize this more, and more each day, and some people like yourself already knew this. So we must always remember that many people are at different levels in their studies from their awakenings, and hopefully others that seek the truth willl as well :)

JustinAlan666: As an actual Satanist I find

As an actual Satanist I find this post biased, and misleading. Lavey thought of Satan as an archetype, not an actual being. Real satanism is based off the teachings of old pagan religions that have predated Christianity, and Islam. You don't sell your soul to Satan, sacrifice animals, or any of the spook bullshit that makes satanism look bad to the general public. If you're interested in learning about REAL satanism should take the time to read JOYOFSATAN.ORG with an open mind, and also check out EXPOSINGCHRISTIANITY.COM as well.

Crackdown: Re: to "actual satanist"

Your website describes Satan as a high-level entity, while its just a concept.
Please read my article here, it could be very interesting for you:
True meaning of "SATAN"

obsrvantlouie: Joy of satan...

I stopped reading your website when it said "We work directly with Satan. We believe each and every person who is willing and respectful can have a personal relationship with Satan. There are no mediators in Spiritual Satanism; the Ministry is here only for guidance and support."

Just replace the word satan with Jesus and your mo different than Christianity. Yes, some truth to your website exposing the lies and manipulations of religions but your worship is just as misleading as power to an external deity is a dead end.

"We work directly with satan".....ha, thanks for the belly laugh; I needed a good chuckle. Tell satan I said eat a shit pie and remind Santa clause I've been a good boy this year and to stop hogging all the cookies.

Crackdown: Re: Joy of satan

I cannot agree more with you, OL. And I would like to add some notes.

Because the old religious scams ( Judaism/Christianity/Islam...) have a lower success rate amount younger generation, a new "trend" appeared: Internet-based religions ! Their adepts, despite living thousands of kilometers from each other, could be having online conferences, video chats, and exchange their materials like books and DVDs through postal services... Teenager's brain is at very active learning stage, so it is easier to trick teens into this stuff - and also, if they would become addicted, they could bring a lot of money in the long run, when they would become more adult.

In addition to financial scam, that could also be an energetic scam :-P Some malevolent "ghosts" (transdimensional entities) could be posing as god/satan/jinn/demon/whatever, and ask the energy in exchange for their services. But their return (if there would be any return at all) would be significantly lower than your investment -- otherwise, all that would not be profitable in sense of energy and there would not bother with that business of "helping"... Energy is like a money, at higher dimensions, and of course there are scammers at higher dimensions as well

Tarheel: Let's collectively call it "The Royal Scam"

"Where they learn to fear an angry race of fallen kings-their dark companions"
See (any) glory in "The Royal Scam" ? Tarheel doesn't.

HebrianDaniel: that sign don't look like

that sign don't look like satan its more look like Baphomet

bluesbaby5050: Correct HD.....

It's only symbolic.

HebrianDaniel: the Origin of Baphomet is not

the Origin of Baphomet is not native to Europe its Originated in Middle east
some people say muslim cults have bealived it some say Tamplers brought this bealif to Europe
anyways all this Satanism thing is mixed with jewish Demonology and Islam demonology and
MiddleEast/Mesopotamia Cults.
the Demonic stories are very strong on jewish Islam India china and japan that prob the culture bealived strongly in demon
Muslim bealive there 7 doors of Hell where Reside iblis and Zaqqum
the origin of hell is not Christianity and not even muslim. its based on Real place
called Gie Ben henom (Gienom) hell in Hebrew also
its located nearby Jerusalem in the bibilical area there was a cult of Molech
who sacrified their Children to Fire. this place was so horrible that its called Giehenom (hell)
which proves hells are not exist they are just misunderstood by people or disinformatived and manipulated to scare people and conquer them nice trick that wont fool me :D

HebrianDaniel: also the word Satan strongly

also the word Satan strongly possible origin in middle east
example Yezzidis bealive in diety called Shaitan. (similar to satan) which has connection to Zoroastrianism. means Satan might have originated in the Persian culture. that possible

HebrianDaniel: now I say this Satanism is

now I say this Satanism is Bullshit based on mixed up crap of middle east stories.
the origin of cults is not even European but Middle eastern and Possibly Aztec.
not sure why European/American people take idealogy that not theirs..
Even 7 princes of hell aren't really princes they are dieties in Mesopotamia

Baal=God of Fertility in canaan
Belial=Evil diety in the war of the Son of the light and the son of the Darkness. (Dead Sea scrolls)
Mammon=Hebrew word for Money
Asmodeus=Mentioned in Jewish demonology who tried to Decieve King Solomon and take his Crown he teleported Solomon in the desert because Solomon agreed to touch his back
and Solomon came back to kick his ass and regain his throne.
Leviathan=a Known Sea serpent mentioned in the Bible.
Beelzbob=his origin are Enlil (sadly)
Satan=I already said its possible connected to the Yezzidis.

which proves that Satanism and seven princes of hells are made up bullshit.

HebrianDaniel: also about Lucifer origin in

also about Lucifer origin in Hebrew also he is called Hilel Ben Sahar. (הילל בן שחר)
which is mentioned in the book Ishaiah in the old testament.
origin text אֵיךְ נָפַלְתָּ מִשָּׁמַיִם, הֵילֵל בֶּן-שָׁחַר, נִגְדַּעְתָּ לָאָרֶץ, חוֹלֵשׁ עַל גּוֹיִם. וְאַתָּה אָמַרְתָּ בִלְבָבְךָ: הַשָּׁמַיִם אֶעֱלֶה מִמַּעַל לְכוֹכְבֵי אֵל, אָרִים כִּסְאִי וְאֵשֵׁב בְּהַר מוֹעֵד, בְּיַרְכְּתֵי צָפוֹן, אֶעֱלֶה עַל בָּמֳתֵי עָב, אֶדַּמֶּה לְעֶלְיוֹן. אַךְ אֶל שְׁאוֹל תּוּרָד, אֶל יַרְכְּתֵי בוֹר."

how did you fall of the Skies Hilel ben Sahar. Fell to the earth Dominate the Nantions. and you said in youre heart. The Skies I will Rise above Planets of god I will Raise my Chair/Throne and awill sit in The Mountain I Blessed the North I will get on stage xxx Upper Earth but I will not fell to the Shoul

I didn't fully translated it because its hard for me to translate biblical Hebrew :S
anyways i prove it that Lucifer not exist but Hilel ben Sahar yet i don't know who is Hilel ben Sahar
but his name translate to English is Hilel son of Dawn.

HebrianDaniel: in the Bibilical Era people

in the Bibilical Era people Bealived in the Shoul instead of Hell. a dark place where souls fell.
many people are scared of the Shuol some says its a monster that Devours people soul into underground area a very dark and terrify.
sound very similar to the underworld in greek mythology and also the under roots of Yggdrasil in Norse mythology and also Xivalva in Aztec mythology for some reason they sound so similar don't you think?

HebrianDaniel: I have a more interesting

I have a more interesting information that Hilel ben Sahar is an Fallen Angel.
who rebelled the god and decided to help the man.
its similar story to book of enoch.

im still trying to understand the real origin of this history what really happened?
I don't know but this is very interesting piece of our ancient civilizations

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