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The myths of Metatron are extremely complicated, and at least two separate versions exist. The first version states he came into being when God created the world, and immediately assumed his many responsibilities. The second claims that he was first a human named Enoch, a pious, good man who had ascended to Heaven a few times, and eventually was transformed into a fiery angel. Some later books adopt the first version, some the second, and in other literature both are combined. There are even two versions of the name Metatron, one spelled with seven letters, the other with six, lacking the Hebrew letter "yod." The Kabbalists explained that the six-letter name represents the Enoch-related Metatron, while the seven-letter name refers to the primordial Metatron. Despite the elaborate debate, the origin of Metatron's name is not clear. Many attempts have been made to explain it, but none of them is satisfactory, since the word has no real meaning or root in any language. Some authors think it may be derived from private meditations and visions, or even glossolalia. This article concentrates on the Metatron-Enoch versionMetatron is one of the most important angels in the heavenly hierarchy. He is a member of a special group that is permitted to look at God's countenance, an honor most angels do not share. In the literature, Metatron is often referred to as "the Prince of the Countenance."In the Babylonian Talmud, Metatron is mentioned only three times, but the references are important. All three relate to the problem of Metatron's immense power, which may have caused some people to confuse him with God. In later literature he was even mentioned as the "lesser Yahweh" -- a serious blasphemy for the strictly Monotheistic Judaism. Later, some authors tried to resolve the issue by showing how the Hebrew letters of the name of a mythical predecessor, the angel Yahoel (later to be entirely identified with Metatron), were the same letters as those in the name of Yahweh. Another legend states that God himself named him so, out of affection. A fascinating legend tells of a particularly interesting and famous Jewish heretic, Elisha ben Avuyah, who saw Metatron sitting by God's side, occupying the same type of throne. This made Elisha suspect that two equal powers operated in the universe -- God and Metatron. The legend continues to explain that he made a false assumption, which indeed cost Elisha his position within the Jewish community. According to these scholars, God permitted Metatron to sit because, as God's scribe, he recorded the good deeds of the Nation of Israel. This story works very well with two of Metatron's many heavenly tasks: a scribe and an advocate, defending the Nation of Israel in the heavenly court.Enoch, a pious teacher, scribe and leader of his people, is famed for the part he took in the tragedy of the fallen angels (see Watchers). Living during a time of great sins, around the flood, he had visited Heaven more than once. However, the time was ripe for a most significant trip. One night, two angels woke him up and commanded him to prepare for his journey. They took him on their wings, and showed him all the Heavens and their inhabitants, including a side trip to Paradise and to the place of punishment and torture of the sinners, which strangely enough was located not too far from paradise. He observed the activity of the sun and the moon, and made a visit of consolation to rebellious angels, the Grigori, succeeding in bringing them closer to God. After the tour, the great Angels Gabriel and Michael lead him straight to God's Throne.Sitting next to God, Enoch was instructed in wisdom, and using his skills as a scribe, prepared three hundred and sixty-six books. When he learned everything, a most significant thing happened. God revealed to him great secrets -- some of which are even kept secret from the angels! These included the secrets of Creation, the duration of time the world will survive, and what will happen after its demise. At the end of these discussions, Enoch returned to earth for a limited time, to instruct everyone, including his sons, in all he learned. After thirty days, the angels returned him to Heaven.And then the divine transformation took place. Additional wisdom and spiritual qualities caused Enoch's height and breadth to become equal to the height and breadth of the earth. God attached thirty-six wings to his body, and gave him three hundred and sixty-five eyes, each as bright as the sun. His body turned into celestial fire -- flesh, veins, bones, hair, all metamorphosed to glorious flame. Sparks emanated from him, and storms, whirlwind, and thunder encircled his form. The angels dressed him in magnificent garments, including a crown, and arranged his throne. A heavenly herald proclaimed that from then on his name would no longer be Enoch, but Metatron, and that all angels must obey him, as second only to God.

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contactorion: Light eyes, powereful voice, countenance of g-d.

Another prominent trait that links Jacob’s account in the Ladder with both above mentioned Enochic accounts (1 En. 71 and 2 En.22) is the reference to the angel Sariel, also known in various traditions under the names of Phanuel and Uriel.[1]In 2 Enoch 22-23, Uriel[2] plays an important role during Enoch’s initiations near the Throne of Glory.[3] He instructs Enoch about various subjects of esoteric knowledge in order to prepare him for various celestial offices, including the office of the Heavenly Scribe.1 Enoch 71 also refers to the same angel and names him Phanuel. In the Similitudes, he occupies an important place among the four principal angels, namely, the place usually assigned to Uriel. In fact, the angelic name “Phanuel” might be a title which stresses the celestial status of Uriel/Sariel[4] as one of the servants of the divine Panim.[5]The title “Phanuel” is reminiscent of the terminology found in various Jacob’s accounts. In Gen. 32:31, Jacob names the place (Mwqmh) of his wrestling with God as Peniel (l)ynp) – the Face of God.[6] Scholars believe that the angelic name Phanuel and the place Peniel are etymologically connected.[7]Although the Ladder’s narrative does not directly refer to the angel named Phanuel, it uses another of his names, Sariel, in reference to the angelic being, who interprets Jacob’s dream and announces to him his new angelic status, depicted symbolically in the changing of the patriarch’s name to Israel. The Ladder of Jacob 2 portrays Jacob asking God in prayer for help in interpreting the dream. Chapter 3 of the Ladder relates that God responds to Jacob’s prayer by commanding: “Sariel, leader of those who comfort, you who in charge of dreams, go and make Jacob understand the meaning of the dream.”  The text further depicts the angelophany of Sariel who comes to the patriarch to inform him about his new angelic name and status.This reference to Sariel/Uriel as the angel who instructs/wrestles with Jacob and announces to him his new angelic name is documented in several other sources, including Targum Neofiti and Prayer of Joseph. In Prayer of Joseph, Jacob attests that “Uriel, the angel of God, came forth and said that ‘I [Jacob-Israel] had descended to earth and I had tabernacled among men and that I had been called by the name of Jacob’. He envied me and fought with me and wrestled with me....”[8]In targumic and rabbinic accounts, Sariel/Uriel is also depicted as the angel who wrestled with Jacob and announced him his new angelic name.Targum Neofiti to Gen. 32.25-31 reads:And Jacob was left alone; and the angel Sariel (l)yr#) wrestled with him in the appearance of a man and he embraced him until the time the dawn arose. When he saw that he could not prevail against him, he touched the hollow of his thigh and the hollow of Jacob’s thigh became benumbed in his wrestling with him. And he said: “Let me go because the rise of the dawn has arrived, and because the time of the angels on high to praise has arrived, and I am a chief of those who praise” ()yxb#ml #yr )n)w).  And he said: “I will not let you go unless you bless me.” And he said to him: “What is your name?” And he said: “Jacob.” And he said: “Your name shall no longer be called Jacob but Israel, because you have claimed superiority with angels from before the Lord and with men and you have prevailed against them. And Jacob asked and said: “Tell me your name I pray”; and he said: “Why, now, do you ask my name?” And he blessed him there. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel  (l)ynp) because: “I have seen angels from before the Lord face to face and my life has been spared.”[9]Scholars have previously noted that “in the circles represented by the Similitudes of Enoch, Qumran and Neofiti variety of the Palestinian Targum, the angelic adversary of Jacob was recognized as one of the four celestial princes and called alternatively Sariel or Phanuel.”[10] It appears that Ladder also belongs to the same circles.  In Targ. Neof.  and Frag. Targ.[11] to Gen 32:27, Sariel is defined as “the chief of those who give praise” ()yxb#ml #yr). The Ladder seems to allude to this title. In the Ladder 3:2 Sariel is described as “stareishino uslazhdaemych”[12] which can be translated as “the chief of those who give joy.”[13]It is of interest to note that in the Ladder, Sariel/Phanuel imagery seems to be influenced by the Enochic tradition even more extensively than in the Targums; in the Ladder, the motif of wrestling is completely absent and is replaced by the depiction of Sariel as the interpreter of dreams. It seems that Sariel/Uriel in the Ladder assumes the traditional “Enochic” functions of angelus interpres.[14]                                                                                     Princes of the FaceIn the Ladder and the Prayer of Joseph, Jacob’s identification with his heavenly counterpart, the angel Israel, involves the initiatory encounter with the angel Sariel/Uriel, who in other texts is also known as Phanuel, the angel of  the Divine Presence or the Face. The same state of events is observable in Enochic materials where Uriel serves as a principal heavenly guide to another prominent visionary who has also acquired knowledge about his own heavenly counterpart, namely, Enoch/Metatron. In both traditions, Uriel/Sariel/Phanuel appears as the guide who assists the visionaries in acquiring or identifying with their new celestial identities.The process of establishing twinship with the heavenly counterpart might be reflected in the initiatory procedure of becoming a Sar ha-Panim, one of the angelic[15] Princes of the Divine Face or Presence, the prominent celestial office, which is often described in detail in various apocalyptic and Merkabah accounts. The installation of a visionary as Sar ha-Panim seems to correlate with the procedure of identifying a visionary with his heavenly counterpart. [16] In 1 Enoch 71, Enoch is transformed and identified with the Son of Man in front of God’s Throne. In 2 En. 22:6-10, Enoch’s initiation into one of the Princes of Presence[17] also takes place in front of the fiery Face of the Lord. This encounter transforms Enoch into a glorious being. It is important to note that after this procedure Enoch observes that he had become like one of the glorious ones, and there was no observable difference.[18] The last phrase describes Enoch’s transition to his new identity as “one of the glorious ones.” This identity might refer to his angelic counterpart. It also indicates that Enoch’s earthly appearance/face has been radically altered and that the visionary has now acquired a new “face” which “mirrors” or “doubles” the Face of the Lord.[19] The motif of engraving the image of the visionary on the Throne might also serve as a metaphor for the similarity between the visionary’s face and the Face. There is no doubt that one of the features which unifies both “faces” is their luminosity.2 Enoch’s narrative gives evidence that Enoch’s face acquired the same qualities of luminosity as the Face of the Lord. In 2 Enoch37, the Lord calls one of his angels to chill the face of Enoch before his return to earth. The angel, who “appeared frigid,” then chilled Enoch’s face with his icy hands. Immediately after this procedure, the Lord tells Enoch that if his face had not been chilled in such a way, no human being would be able to look at his face. This chilling procedure indicates that Enoch’s metamorphosis near the Face into the Sar ha-Panim involves the transformation of the visionary’s face into the fiery, perilous entity which now resembles Kavod. We can find a detailed description of this process in another “Enochic” text, Sefer Hekhalot, which describes the transformation of Enoch/Metatron, the Prince of the Divine Presence, into the fiery creature:R. Ishmael said: The angel Metatron, Prince of the Divine Presence, the glory of highest heaven, said to me: When the Holy One, blessed be he, took me to serve the throne of glory, the wheels of the chariot and all needs of the Shekinah, at once my flesh turned to flame, my sinews to blazing fire, my bones to juniper coals, my eyelashes to lightning flashes, my eyeballs to fiery torches, the hairs of my head to hot flames, all my limbs to wings of burning fire, and the substance of my body to blazing fire.[20]It is possible that the reference to the heavenly counterpart of Jacob in the form of his image (engraved) on the Throne of Glory also implies that Jacob is one of the servants of the Divine Face. This possibility is already hinted at in the biblical account where Jacob is attested as one who saw God face to face.[21] Moreover, in some of Jacob’s traditions, he is directly described (in a manner similar to Enoch/Metatron) as the Prince of the Divine Face. We learn about this title from the Prayer of Joseph 8,[22] where Jacob-Israel himself unveils his status as the Sar[23] ha-Panim, [24] proclaiming that he is “the first minister before the Face of God.”It is also not coincidental that the initiation of  Jacob into an angelic being involves another servant of the Face, the angel Sariel whose last name, Phanuel,[25] reflects his close proximity to the Face of God.  As has been mentioned previously, this initiatory pattern is already observable in the Enochic tradition, where Sariel/Uriel/Phanuel (along with another angel of the Presence, Michael[26]) actively participates in the initiation of the another prominent servant of the Divine Face, Enoch/Metatron.However, Jacob’s identification with a Sar ha-Panim seems to be missing one detail that constitutes a distinct feature of the descriptions of visionaries initiated in this office, that is the luminous metamorphosis of an adept’s face and body. The Ladder of Jacoband Prayer of Joseph, as well as the biblical account of Jacob’s vision, are silent about any transformation of Jacob’s body and his face. This tradition, however, can be found in another prominent account connected with the Jacob story.[27] In this important material, the eyes of Jacob, similar to the eyes of the transformed Metatron, are emitting flashes of lighting.....

eevie: religions

Why are you still playing with the matrix....all religions are in and of the matrix. The only real religion is Truth. Yahweh, god.....all the arch(on) angels, the hierarchy which is elitist.....all this is matrix bullshit. Let it go. This includes metatron....all the 'angels" are of the matrix and evil. False light is what they are. True light Source is outside the matrix, true freedom, true love and Truth itself. Everyone has been fooled. The false light and false dark are one and the same.

contactorion: Well to be honest because it all fits together so well.

I don't believe 100 percent anything. But that shit shook my preconceptions about life.
i hear many people talk about this being a matrix. Could you tell me where to find good information on that theory. If it is the matrix why does it comple me to expose it. For me personally proving this world is a matrix would be just as hard to prove a deity exists. The best thing I have heard besides g-d is observant louies conclusion. The thing that pushs me back are the question of what started infinity, time. And the dream i had two years ago that was loaded with clues. If it is a matrix am im stretching it? As in did it know that it would have to provide me with an explanation so it drew out this whole comedy of putting me in a maze with little pieces of cheese every where to keep me occupied. Also does the matrix (like) to use the same sham as it used on my forefathers. Why would't it shake things up instead of using the same one over and over again. Does it care if its noticed. Why did the matrix make me personally think that the aliens and demons are the same thing. Why does it provide evidence such as testimonies of my ancestors that talk about the top female demon who has wings and bird feet and green skin that can transform. While in the alien community the top unfriendly female alien has wings, green skin. (Orion draconian queen)
To be honest if its a matrix its doing one hell of a job uploading information to distablize it.
but at the end as always idk. Im just an experiencer sharing what i have found. I guess kind of like a shaman telling a story about his dream.

contactorion: Weird coincedence.

Spirit Science 6 ~ Flower of Life (FIXED) - YouTube

pasqualie: the problem with world religions

they are set up to teach separation within yourself, with others, and with God or Source. Otherwise known as duality or polarity, or good and evil consciousness. separation being on the left brain ego side of polarity. basicly shunts you into the left brain where you go down the road of fear and distortion.

as he discusses its why the illuminati is in the process of killing off natives on all continents. mainly the shamans and medicine men and women. because although they had their spiritual practices and healing and used more of their brain capacity. in society their function was to weed out the psychopaths and make sure they didnt get into positions of power. its why you have psychopaths leading nations of the world now, as well as large corporations and institutions.

contactorion: interesting

I am curious about them. But I am not a member of any religion. Im kinda singing to my own tune if its not obvious.

Godsavesangels: life

Has it ever occurred to you that metatron was created as an angel, and such later Incarnated as Enoch, which could explain how a Human could suddenly transform into an Angel known as metatron.

contactorion: ....yes.....well very close to that...sorta.

But how do ((((I)))) know for sure. But that was very good. I see it from a different perspective now. But that is very very very penetrating statement for me...because I didn't experience that until later and I just can't figure out if it was me or not. Ive been on the fence in regards to that, I saw myself talking . One sentence "thats why I rise and you fall" but I remembered that from the transformers movie so I thought it was bull shit. But then had the confirmation in the coincidence of the midnight city M83 video and the balances which weigh beings by thier amount of light which would explain why it said that to lilith. which i can deduce from its statment that they know each other (the light in me "power" i felt start in my feet in the original dream, and lilith). I can deduce that the statment was obvious to lilith because she could see the light and she knows about the balances symbolized by the golden lambda in my eye. literally had a dark tent to her but very realistic. But that led me to enoch and metatron. Also the phoenix lights, ezekiels wheel, orbs, and "plasma aliens" may be metatrons orfanim that he is said to be in charge of.
Sorry got carried away.

contactorion: Ok

So thats why we go to earth chill then reicarnate because were all angels. Or are some of of demons because that could have even deeper implications.

JoyousnJesus: Question

After 5 years where or to what has your search led you too?

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