Happy Day of Knowledge! :-) (+ valuable tips about the quality of articles)

by Crackdown on September 1st, 2014

Today is the 1st September - day, which is known as "1st day of school" in most countries, "Day of Teacher" in Singapore, "Day of Journalist" in China, and "Day of Knowledge" in Russia ! Whether you consider yourself as student, teacher, journalist, or just like to learn and share the knowledge with fellow humans: congratulations, you could celebrate today! Prepare some nice food and enjoy reading TruthControl :)

==================== as a bonus ====================

Here are valuable tips which could improve not only the quality of your articles, but also the total quality of TruthControl :

1) Before starting to write the article, think again: does your article belong to TruthControl? Or is it off-topic and should be placed at some other website?

2) Do not just repost articles from other websites! If you really want to make a good repost: search through the Internet for several articles about similar topic, and then spend some time to unite them into one high-quality article that will be nice to read

3) While completing the article, check if the information inside it could be compressed
without losing sense? That will help your readers to learn more stuff in shorter time


Respect your readers, their time and convenience!


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bluesbaby5050: Crackdown, That's the exact process I go though before I post

Any topic for Truth Conrtol. This is the method I go though. I go through all 3 steps beofre I do anything. I was also criticized for doing it this way. I even added extra links too, and some members still found fault with my style. But, that's the way I was taught many years ago. And thank you for posting these suggestions for the members.

Crackdown: Reply to BB5050 about articles

Please, do not take this "bonus" note too personally - it was posted for EVERYONE (including me!) to remind about good style of writing... But, lets look at the problems of some articles that you have posted
not so long ago.

1) "Service stuff" :

Sometimes, when you copy-paste the article, you forget to delete the "service stuff". Near the end of articles above, there is " var addthis_pub = 'wirecloud'; var addthis_options = 'email' BLA BLA BLA". Which gives me an impression that you forget to make a brief look through your (reposted) article before clicking "Save" :-P From time to time, I could notice "service stuff" of various types and forms, in different places of your articles / articles of other TruthControl members. While most types of "service stuff" are distracting (especially in the middle of sentence), other are small and innocent like "burs-dw/txw/mkh" at the very end...

Also, about this comment:


Why there are "Awesome Animals , BuzzFeed , Yahoo Live , Categories" ?
And also, "PlaySeek Back 5 SecondsSeek Forward 5 SecondsVolume UpVolume DownMuteNext VideoOpen" ?

Do we really need this here?
Not to mention that I could not even watch your video without proxy, because it seems to be not available outside USA (here comes another problem: Availability of Source)

2) Lack of text and HTML formatting:

Do you really think that an occasional visitor of TruthControl would read this 1-screen-long wall of text, which does not have any formatting? I think, no. And you could notice "1)" problem here as well

I could see this "[check pics in link provided]" in several parts of the article. However, by the time I will finish reading the article, I would need to go to source website and re-read the text blocks around the pictures - to remind to myself, what were these pictures about (because the article is not small, such need appears)

I understand that you do not want to place the same link numerous times in a text. But, you could make a direct link in a way which is described here: More information about text formats

So, instead of writing "The tunnel inside the pyramid [check pics in link provided] " you could do a little magic and turn it into: The tunnel inside the pyramid This is easy to do: I just placed image direct link in "href" and description between tags. Yet, this action improved the quality of article and reading experience. (your reader would just right-click at your direct link to image, see it in new browser tab, then return to reading)

3) Dependence on the quality of writing of other people:

Reposts by themselves are not a horrible thing - they provide us with more materials to review, + when I would make a full backup of TruthControl website, it will contain more information thanks to your reposts. However, when you are just copy-pasting the article, there is 100% dependence on the quality of writing of original author. Some authors would produce a big load of text, which could be compressed into a small block of information without losing any pieces of knowledge.

Of course, compressing the materials is time consuming. One professor said, if he needs to present a new topic to people who are not familiar with it, in an acceptable way :
1) during 90 minutes ( lecture to students ) ==> he could do it without preparation at all ;
2) during 30 minutes ==> he needs at least two hours to prepare ;
3) just in 10 minutes ( conference ) ==> one day could be not enough for that

It takes plenty of time to throw out all the unnecessary crap and make your lecture/materials/articles shorter. But if you really think that some topic is very important, I believe that these time expenses would not be in vain -- because in this way, more occasional visitors will read your article till the end!

Good writer should assume that most of readers are lazy ==> that his/her duty is to make the reading process as convenient & efficient as possible. And it never harms to read your own article a few times from reader's point of view, before publishing ;-)

Tim Lovell: Please don't do me next lol..

Please don't do me next lol...

Crackdown: No need to do so, hehe :)

Of course that was not an offense against BB5050 - her articles were taken just to present the example of some common problems which should be avoided if possible ;)

bluesbaby5050: Like I said , I am not a scholar......

And I do realize that most readers are lazy. But, then again not everyone is that lazy, and they would continue reading to get the full message. And by the way, That's just how some of the material is seen by me when I get it, and I just passed it along to the reader as is. I do not make any changes , because sometimes it is asked for people to leave it as is, and share it. So I will respect that. The mistakes are usually not all mine. Ye s, sometimes I will mistspell as do other people. But, then again I never thought that I would be graded on it either.

bluesbaby5050: Some people have posted many topics on Truth Control.......

And this is due to their long time memership while on Truth Control. Some people make responses to articles that connect, and interest them, and some people will continue with those articles. And many articles will, and have been updated though the years, because of new facts found, and of new discoveries having been done, and so this will also increase them. And those articles will continue to grow with added information form other new members not realizing that they have already been covered before. And we should also remember that not everyone is experienced in how to present information in a uniform manner. We must also keep in mind that this web site reaches all around this planet, because it is on the internet, and some people will not have certain abilities because of limited education in grammar, and reading because of the many language barriers. I myself am not a scholar, and I never claimed to be, but I do try to keep all these thoughts, and ideas working together when presenting anything of interests from myself, and my life, and on articles that will help to heal people, and that will inform many people, and that will cheer people up, and that will feed the human spirit while being a member of Truth Control.

HebrianDaniel: I don't bealive in schools

I don't bealive in schools anymore.
Schools are just serving the goverments and system and brainwash innocent children.
and kill their creativity. I whould rather choose home schooling or private schools that are unfunded by government and not promclaimed by the system.
in Israel schools like that get auto disclosure sadly....

Quinton: Great post Crackdown. I agree

Great post Crackdown. I agree with you and appreciate the tips :)

edisonik: I'M IMPRESSED!

HerbrianDaniel you are very Wise in your Words. You are the Few that are awake and understand the System of Control as well as Mind Control. You are correct the school system does kill Creativity and Free thinking , it forces children into a Box and prevents them from exploring their Inner Creative side which would make humanity more productive for the whole, instead those schools feed the children Garbage instead of Knowledge & Wisdom.

Tarheel: Exactly why

This is exactly why more & more people are home-schooling. It's a landslide movement . Between the force-feeding of useless drivel to the masking of youth's intellect to the BS they are feeding the kids when they get hungry, people everywhere are electing home schooling.
Now, mix in that BIG BUSINESS is trying to privatize education so they can exploit MORE gov't money (our tax dollars) and you have a recipe for stupidity & repression. Watch what happens when education gets privatized. All of a sudden you will see the gov't spending BIG money on education vs simply talking about spending money on education (which is all they do now).
The people are ahead of the curve when it comes to their children, thank Kod!

HebrianDaniel: Private schools that are not

Private schools that are not funded by government and are not proclaimed by government.
when these Schools open. for some reason the government push to close these schools because they are not part of the Education law under the System. Some parents group in Israel have donated money together to build a school and pay teachers by their money. and the government Closed it.
they don't like the idea that there are schools that are non profital or private or voluntarial....

Crackdown: Problem with private schools

Not everyone could afford placing their children to private schools (good ones, I mean) :-P

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