When Lord Enki created Humanity 2 Million years ago the Mighty Canus Geneticist had it right, he saw what it was like to be a Slave in the Sirius and Orion Star Systems, Lord Aya saw that those Colonies had no Free Speech , No Independance, No Free Will, No Destiny and No Creativity,to live in an Empire is to be an Eternal Slave to the System of Tyranny.

Lord Aya was troubled and disturbed of the Ways of The Royal Monarchies of Sirius and Orion and how they oppressed their People. He suffered greatly when he saw many Canus Beings who wanted Innovation, Free Will and Independance and to live in a Republic put to Death by the Monarchies, He saw Courage in Defiance of Tyranny and he was impressed by the Defiance of the Free Spirits who were opposing Tyranny,even in Death Canus Rebels were Defiant in the face of Tyranny in their last breath the Dog Rebels Howled "FREEDOM!, FREEDOM FOR THE PEOPLE OF SIRIUS!.

For many years Lord Aya Howled and Cried to the Heavens of Sirius, he was appalled at the way Royalty treated the Canus People inorder to Maintain Power. So one night when his heart was troubled the Prince of Asser-arr Palace had a visitation from the Falcon Masters of the other unknown Galaxy (The Angels). They said to Lord Aya, "do not be disturbed Great Prince for within your Heart dwells the Future of the Eridanus Galaxy", "You will be the Vehicle in which the Universal One will do it's work, you will help in the Creation of a New Species on the Star System Baad", You will head a Genetic Program to Create the Chosen Ones, a New Species that will have our DNA, the DNA of the Haku, the Bird People who are Free and Live with Passion".

Lord Aya was frightened and said "who are you!, you who speak such blasphamous things!", and the Great Falcon said " We are the Haku, we are those who live free! and live Independantly, we are the Falcons of Passion and Free Wil, we have come to you Lord Aya because it is your Destiny to do the Universal Ones work".

Lord Aya then said " This is Madness my Father will not Allow such Madness, King Anu will not allow this Experiment to take place!, and the The Great Falcon said " When the appropriate time comes we will appear to the Great Wolf King in a Dream and we will Endow him with the Power of Haku, King Anu will summone you to his chambers and he will task you on a great Project, do not be afraid Lord Aya, it is your Destiny to become the Lord of Creation".

Then Lord Aya fell on his knees Cried and Howled and said "Blessed be the Great Falcons from the Unknown Galaxy, I will hold you to account and believe in your vision".
The next few days the Wolf King Summoned Lord Aya and his Greatest Geneticists to his chambers to unveil a project that was so Colossal that it was Legendary, the Creation of Earths Eco-Systems and the Creation of Humanity.

King Anu was Victorious over the God Zeus but the Destruction of the Baad Star System had left his Heart Troubled he knew Karma will come his way and that nothing done wrong will go unpunished by the Universal One and the Serpent Queens of Orion were left with a bitter taste in their mouths and also upset of the Great loss of life and King Anu too knew that the Serpent Queens were angry and plotting against Asser-Arr Palace of Sirius so he took it upon himself and a large Council of Scientists to Re-Terra Form the Baad Star System which was Devasted in the Clash of the Titans of Sirius,Orion with the God Zeus and Mount Olympus who was defiant and against King Anu and the Queens of Orion.

The Ikiki Warriors who fought Valiantly were a heavy loss in the eyes of King Anu.

When Lord Aya and the Council Geneticist Scientists arrived to the Chambers of King Anu the Council and Lord Aya Bowed to the King then the King Howled and spoke, the chamber was silent,
" The Annunaki are rebeling on Eredu, they do not like the working conditions on that Planet. They already killed many of the foremen over there and there is a Coup Detat on Eredu, we must find a solution before the Serpent Queens find out about the Strike of the Annunaki Workers".
If the resources are not being delivered to Orion on time the Queens will dispatch their Dragon Warriors to Investigate and we will have a War on our hands.

The Wolf King then spoke " Lord Aya approach the throne! ( the King Howls ), Son for many years you have studied the Arts of Genetics and Terra forming, you always loved the ways of Life and the Creation of life", "You my Son will be the Lord of Creation", "so I will send you to the Solar System Baad, you will be responsible for the Terra-Forming of Eredu, you and your Loyal Scientists will be tasked in recreating of Eredu ( Earth ), you will supply the Planet with Flora and Fauna, you will be the Lord of all of Creation on Earth".
"After you have supplied the Planet with all the Plant and Animal life which you will obtain from our Planets on Sirius and Orion, you must then proceed with your Greatest effort yet, our Annunaki are angry we must create a New Worker Force for Eredu".
Lord Aya then bowed and said "your will be done!", then the Chamber was full of Howls and then everybody bowed to Mighty King Anu , King of Sirius.

Lord Aya prepared the large ships and travelled to many Oxygen Rich Planets on Sirius and Orion and collected many Plants and Animals which he and his scientists brought to Earth and then the Terra Forming Began, the Plants and the Animal Cycle of Life began on Earth the Atmosphere transformed from a highly dangerous atmosphere to an atmosphere which was more condusive to life, the cycle of the plants and animals brought the Oxygen back to earth as well as the Water.

The Lord Enki / Aya asked and howled to the heavens " Great Haku!, come to me, I need your help!", the Great Falcon approached and said " The Haku are always with you Great Prince", then Lord Aya replied" King Anu needs a worker force that will be Obedient and Hardworking".

The Haku " You will need a Primate called an Appa from the Sirius Star system and with this Appa you will use Our DNA , and your DNA and the DNA of Orion to Create a Species Worthy of our Free Will and Destiny".Lord Aya then said "this is Blasphamey I cannot give these Creature my DNA,I will not do as you ask!, it is crazy", then the Great Falcon said then Eridanus will be Destroyed because of Greed and Ambition, No!, this cannot be!, " Yes Prince if you cannot rise to the occasion your Galaxy will be destroyed in a War" and Sirius and Orion will be no more as well as the Galaxy Eridanus".

Lord Aya replies "I will do as you ask Great Falcon",the first Humans are Born in the Womb of Lord Aya's Sisters Womb, Ninhersag. The Babies look different not like Wolves but like something unique, they look like Canus but with flat faces, the Scientists were frightened and Lord Aya was also frightened, this Creature what is to become of it, will it serve the king well?.
The Great Falcon said in Lord Aya's mind, these Creatures will be the First Humans, they will serve your People well Lord Aya.

As the Creatures grew up they were strong and obedient, they were brought to King Anu and he was pleased. Prince Enlil was not pleased and he did everything within his power to destroy the Humans with the Great Flood but failed because the Great Falcon saw what the Prince was up to.
Lord of the Word Prince Enlil later helped the Isrealites from the Bondage of Marduke and his Pharoahs, Prince Enlil brought to the Isrealite Slaves a Saviour , Moses.
Moses was raised in the House of the Great Pharoahs who were Loyal to RA (Marduke) and Moses freed the Isrealites from Mardukes Pharoahs with Wonders and Plaugues, Prince Enlil Parted the Dead Sea to make the Isrealites free so they can be Obedient to his Word. Prince Enlil gave Moses his TEN COMMANDMENTS of Prince Enlil.
Humanity was spared and then Lord Aya's Son , Marduke/ RA was angry. Lord Aya loved his son Marduke and his Ambition was troubling, and he once said to his son , Marduke you must control your Ambition because it is a poison. Marduke replied, Just because you never became king doesn't mean I can't become one.
Meanwhile other Extraterrestrial Races settled In India and Asia and Influenced the Indians as well as Asian Races of Japan,China, the America's and Africa, these other ET Groups taught the Humans how to live and sacred teachings.

So Marduke made an Alliance with a Rebel Queen on Orion and he kicked out Lord Aya, Lord Enlil as well as other Benevolant Alien Races off of Earth in a War with Advanced Spacecrafts with the Rebel Orion Serpent Queen and Marduke became RA the Son God thousands of years ago, and for thousands years Humanity has forgotten it's divine past.Lord RA (MARDUKE) marched all Humans into the reprogramming Centre so that Memories can severed from the Minds of Men, it has worked but not entirely and many Humans remembered the Ways of the Gods, the Humans Remembered Zeus, Prince Aya, Prince Enlil, the Ten Commandments and Jesus the Teacher of the Ways of Lord Aya and Prince Enlil.

In time Marduke was betrayed by the Serpent Queens so he gave his power to two Human Families, the Rockerllers and the Rothchilds, Marduke said "The Rockerfellers will be in charge of the Administration of my Empire and the Rothchilds will be in charge of the Wealth of my Empire and for 6000 years this has remained.
Marduke was almost killed by the Dragon Warriors of Orion and Aplha Draconis, he escaped almost losing his life.

The Orion Greys now run the show, and the two Families the Rockerfellers and Rothchilds as well as the Reptilian Monarchies which many people look up to have been decieved.
These Elites control your Banks and the distribution of your Money and your Governments.
They want Mass Genocide and the Falcon Masters are Angry.

Mankind has an inner fire that cannot be destroyed, when the Economies begin to Collapse Mankind will find their rightful place in the Relm of Destiny and Free Will, for when Humanity suffers they become more powerful.

I love you all!, I am your body and you are my body, I am your love, I am your Pain , I am your Suffering, I am your Victory, and I am a Rebel in Defiance of Tyranny, I am the Hawku,
The Kanesh , the Messenger, the One which many Dread with tremendous fear, because of the blistering light that I shine upon Planets.


Lord Enki was the Vessel which the Universal One has used to Create you the Human Being, you are the Chosen Ones and soon you will be Tested!, your Liberties will be attacked and you will Blossom!, By Beloved Humans, Blacks, Caucasians, Asians, Indians and Natives Alike.
You are all Gods and Godesses, you are all the Chosen Ones, this wil why you suffer.
Break Free , Break Free from Tyranny.

Live Well , when old age comes Die Well, and Reincarnate again stronger then before.
Be Courageous , Defend Innocence, Defend Liberty and Free Will and Creativity and you will become Gods.


Chris: Hey Annunaki77

what happening in space how are thearth women on other planet,s are theses earth humans intermarying with other humanoid races or not and are there any earth humans that want to return to earth and help us with these problem,s.

Annunaki77: I BELIEVE


Many of you are Star Seeds, awaken Children of the Stars.

Annunaki77: Rejoice Humanity is already Winning

Earths problems are no longer just Earths problems. Earth will become free it has been already Sanctioned. The Illuminati will be removed and there is nothing they can do about it.
King Anu has his eyes on Earth.

Chris: earth humans,s

but annunaki are there any earth humans retururning to earth to us

Annunaki77: They are already here

They live among you Lord Chris.

Chris: Annunaki77 who are you are

Annunaki77 who are you i think you are et living among us you are not like other peolpe i have encountered are you an et.

Annunaki77: I am a Human Being

I am not an ET. I am just like you.

Kingkonger: Partys almost started

They r trying to hide niburu but it is there and it is glorious it will be my friends embngrace this do not fear this even if it does not benefit humanity..the states will be able to see it soon..kanesh I heard about this book and it talks about star system otises? Ultesis? Some thing like that. Anyways national security considered this a tjreat and the book is banned gone done kaput u cant even google it anymore. Jw if u know anything about that

Annunaki77: You are a good guy King Konger

Your intuition serves you well, be aware of everything around you, very soon the shit will hit the fan and when it does, and when people's realities begin to change many will not do so well, at least the people who close the door on the Alien Question.

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