Inannas symbol

This is the symbol of inanna.....doesnt it look like the unfinished pyramid and the all seeing eye?

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contactorion: Sun Moon, eye, budda opening eye when enlightenment is attained?

Reminds me of joseph campbells lectures.....

UN.i1-PHI: reminds me of 'kofun tombs' structures in japan (and mars?)

Japan Kofun Era Tomb Like Structure Found On Mars (Pyramid, Structure)
and the exclamation mark ofcourse! ;P

but actually the shape has also some symbolic resemblance to a lock-hole you know what i'm saying that's the shape of a traditional lock that needs a key that fits in it to open the 'DOOR' to another room or realm beyond, a key and lock is not only (literally and symbolically) used for OPENING a 'door' to a 'house', but also to a SECRET 'treasure vault'
bearing this in mind take a look at the vatican and the lock and key symbolism everywere you'll see theres much more to it...

contactorion: whoa

Thats cool thanks for that. Cool the connection with orion.

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