ALIEN TYPE SUMMARY – Elohims Name: Elohims


Location – Home System:

Distance from Earth:

Attitude: This is the oldest group of aliens in the universe that we know of. They are the ones that are at war with the Orions, which are the ones that manipulate the Greys.


Physical Appearance:
•Average Height:
•Average Weight:
•Body Temperature:
•Blood Pressure:
•Life Expectancy:
•Life Expectancy:

Other Physical Information:

Special Traits and Abilities:

Communication Type:

Origin: This is the oldest group of aliens in the universe that we know of. They are the ones that are at war with the Orions, which are the ones that manipulate the Greys.

Life Form Type:

Sub Species:

Most Common Species:

Level of Species:


Transportation Type:

Witnesses Reports:

Special Features/Characteristics:

Summary/Description: The first thing God created were the Creative Fathers or Founders, or simply “the Creators.” They are the ones in charge of creation. It should be pointed out, however, that certain life forms that came into existence later on, for example, the lizzies, started creating life forms too, and started calling themselves “Creator Gods”. Some sources, therefore, confuse the Elohim with these Lizzie-Creator Gods. It has been suggested that the Elohim are involved in some kind of “war” with the Lizzies and the Orion Confederation, trying to prevent the Lizzies rom following their own agenda with Creation, and trying to make sure "God's Master Plan" is being executed.There are links to the ELs, who may be physical life forms or materialized manifestations that come straight from the Elohim. These are called “pure ELs.” Sometimes these ELs prefer to go through the ‘normal” birthing process to take a material form. These are called hybrid ELs.

Note: There actually are several extra-terrestrial races that are referred to as the ‘ELs” or ‘Elohim’: there are the real founders / the original Elohim or ELs, then there is the Orion Mass consciousness (which originated from the founders), there are the hybrid ELs (which also originated from the founders)… Then there are their allies that were given the same name. And last but not least, there are the Frauds: the self declared founders of the reptilian origin.

The Elohim

Excerpts from a full trance reading of a belief that we descend from the Elohim, other beings in our universe.

Source: Elohim is one of the names given to God. Grammatically speaking the word “Elohim” is a plural, and therefore refers to a collective. Usually it is used to indicate the Creator and the Angelic forces, as described in Revelation chapter 12.


Elohim ( ) is a grammatically singular or plural noun for “god” or “gods” in both modern and ancient Hebrew language . …

In this book 'Battles of the Elohim'

In this riveting book, the author explores the history of the “Elohim,” the titans or giants birthed through the union of fallen angels with human women (as recorded in Genesis), and the “bull spirit” behind them. Using both the Bible and many other ancient writings, the author carefully outlines evidence that these beings existed and explains the agenda behind their cruel reign upon the earth– to corrupt Adam’s race through whom the Savior was promised to come and to offer alternative “heroes” to save humanity. The book explores how this agenda and the gods associated with it affected biblical history– with a look also at present and end-times implications.
Elohim 1/2- Elohim 2/2 -

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edisonik: VERY AMUSING

Fear is a curse in this Starsystem and we will Crush Fear with Love and Divine Power. For those who see not the ways of Heaven will not know what hit them when Karma comes to correct the wrongs of the Past.
Blessed are you who Love Humanity and Embrace Hope during times of Great Uncertainty.
Let the Light of Hope and Joy come to those who Open their Hearts to Hope , Love , Liberty , Passion Free Will and most importantly DESTINY.


Get the Facts , many try to cloud the Facts but the Facts are simple, Humanity is a Big Part of the Annunaki , that is the Bottomline, yes other Off Worlders did come to mate with the Women of Adamu but it was forbidden by the Elohim.
Hence all your different Human Races , they are the off shoots of their Fathers from the Stars.

You are a Species with Amnesia , you have forgotten your Extraterrestrial Past , you have forgotten your Ancestors.

Now folks you can feel it in your Heart.

Ancient Aliens Season 6 Full Episode 3 The Anunnaki Connection

Tarheel: Your clarification is timely.

It is refreshing to have Edi's Truth to dispel "the illusion of knowledge".



TillToTheWhen: I know, the bible's like an

I know, the bible's like an "Extension" or an edited flawed version of what came from before. And what came from before, could of been a flawed version of what came before that, and so on. Eternity is not set on a time scale. We always are, and always will be. No start date and no end date. That's part of the illusion of the matrix.

PS- You still never told me how you managed to get a driver's license without a birth certificate! ....Let me's a secret and you had it "Granted" to you, because you are doing the higher work? That's all I can think of. (Either that or you dont

edisonik: HUMANITY


TillToTheWhen: It's either a secret, or my

It's either a secret, or my lowly human ass is not good enough for your response. lol

TillToTheWhen: Reading the first half, I

Reading the first half, I think it's safe to say we are all living in the same creation of the ultimate word...(The infinite! Just said it in the song I am listening to!) but we are all subject to the laws of the universe. As that crackdown truth video said, even "God" lives under these same cosmic laws. "God" just duped us....but hopefully the universe oversees all this and it's all for a good reason! Of course maybe it's just a universe of "Free will" gone wild, but I don't believe that! I look deeper and see the reason why "War" is the dymano of the universe. We are currently in that time. Obviously we can work up to higher levels of consciousness, but sooner or later we will get bored and start the game again. If we all came from source, what the hell are we doing here? lol

bluesbaby5050: The subject matter above as this posts reads is from the opinion

Of ONLY 1 PERSON AS IT WAS CLEARLY STATED IN THE MATERIAL AS BEING CHANNELED, and IT WAS OFFERED FREELY TO AN OPEN FORUM FOR DEBATE, OR NOT. Please use YOUR OWN INTUITION when reading any material offered in this forum. It is NOT INTENDED to be the personal views of the person that did the offering. [ YES THIS IS A DISCLAIMER] WHEN READING ANY MATERIALTHAT IS OFFERED ON THIS FORUM, IT IS ALWAYS OPEN FOR DEBATE. (Not everyone believes that aliens even exists) This material was requested by Quinton to be offered for his web site, along with added pictures, and videos that Quinton had asked the members to produce a month ago, so he could add it to his reformatted web site.

edisonik: upgrades just for you and your destiny

Ok Adamu you are still very simple Beings about 850,000 Years to be exact.
Lets do a refresher course on REALITY.

Reality is not solid, you are not solid , you live in a Hologram , what you percieve as REALITY is a VIRTUAL REALITY, the best you have ever experienced, you are energy , you a DNA strand of a Larger reality, a Biological Force of Energy, what you think affects this Reality, you Fear and you send a Message to the Chained link of the Collective, you Love and you send a Message to the Chained link of the Collective.

a Collective the size of the Galaxy.

You have power but since you came into a World of turmoil you assume everything is turmoil, Yes it is but think of it this way, this is who you grow.

To become Better Masters by Operating your Energy into a Positive Light.

You are Masters of Awesomeness embrace your Awesomeness , Embrace your Destiny.

You have a large Variance of Emotions , this Makes you Powerful, your DNA is from the Heavens , some Animal but most from the Stars this is why you are an anomaly here on earth.

Naked you could never survive here on Earth, the Earths Creatures would Eat your Flesh , but with you Annunaki Brains which were given to you , you can think reason , figure things out and most of all you were given the Gift of Fire.

The Clan Of The Cave Bear 1986 YouTube

Now Adamu learn and see how the Annunaki have given you upgrades throughout the Centuries. By bringing more Advanced Human Colonies to Mix with your Primitve Ancestors the Neanderthals ( Bigfoot cousins ).

TillToTheWhen: wow! Thank you Ednosik....for

wow! Thank you Ednosik....for posting all that. Now I see more clearly as to what is going on. I ALREADY thought this was the case, but you did kinda confirm this for me. At the current moment I am now seeing things for the way they truly are. I do believe you could be of the elohim and not of the human race. I appreciate the info, and at least you aren't one of them types to try and "hide shit from us" and who we really are and all that. You told it like it is. It did resonate with me. But looking even deeper, we still came from the same source....or we just always "have been" I see that too, but I do appreciate the info about "humans" as it did make sense to me the way you explained it. As for it being "true"......well I never believe anything I hear, but this just resonated with me at the current time of being the truth. And as you said, we have the super natural power within us ourselves.



TillToTheWhen: Im still interested to know

Im still interested to know how you guys got the gift to drive though without a driver's license? I heard that you just show the cops some "symbol" or sign....or some shit and then they let you go? (I'm being serious here)

Thothamon: Sup all

Any intersting topic?

Thothamon: Ohhh

I just read myself ^^

Thothamon: Ohhh

I just read myself ^^

Thothamon: Simple

For me anyway ,i dont give a ,,,,,, bout drivers licence ^^ Couldnt care less.

TillToTheWhen: I understand you....but that

I understand you....but that's just where I'm curious...(don't worry I'm not FBI...lmao) like I know there's (or I've heard...I don't know) a sign that you show the cops...and all cops know it, and they have to let you go if you show it. I do believe this, just because some people have to be "Above the law".......even though you see cases of celebrities getting busted, I'm sure there could be reasons for that. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, I just wonder how you could get by in this world without an ID? It seems like we humans always need one. I guess if you lived different lives than us, doing totally different stuff (Like not buying alcohol from the store, or driving cars) then you would have no need for one. But I'm just assuming that the elohim drive. I honestly haven't studied the Elohim much though and all I know is what they present themselves as, (higher evolved version of a human)

Thothamon: Hmm

For me ,its like if I want something, i just make it happen !
!,and i really dont think there is a secret sign ,,,not in swe Anyway.

bluesbaby5050: Some ELOHIM appear not in human physical form on this forum.....

And so they never needed a driver's license in the first place. They just travel the many different time lines to get here. It's actually very simple. And some are actually here in physical form as well.

TillToTheWhen: Sorry I'm still confused..

Sorry I'm still I understand to you it's simple, but to a human and our conscious way of understanding things it's much more difficult.....also I have had tons of past drug abuse, so I could be considered "retarded" to some people. I do have the ability though to see through illusions...and it's hard to brainwash me, so that's my strengths. But when it comes to learning and rememering stuff, I am horrible. I have to read the same thing 10x to remember it. I have to try extra hard, and actually care about what I am learning....or it's very difficult....

But for me, it boggles my mind about the time line issues. I understand it when I study it, but then when we move to a new subject, my mind moves to that. And just wondering, if you guys are in the physical, and you look human, what do you do about driving with no license? lol do you not drive? and just teleport around? or do you drive, and have a special "pass" for it? that's all I'm wondering.

Thothamon: btw

im 1/3rd Jewish so i have the basic knowledge about ELOHim, but i cant sence anyone .Thx i missed that

TillToTheWhen: I also want to say that I

I also want to say that I wish i had never gotten a birth certificate....if it's something bad, I didn't know when I got one. I wish i would of had the choice to deny the whole thing. Unless of course, everything happens for the reason of greater good. In that case, if I'm just playing my "part" as a human and (for whatever reason I cannot understand consciously at this time), if that is the case, then I would accept it and see that everything has a reason, and that I am who I am, consciously. Driver's licenses honestly should mean nothing to nobody. But they have us setup in this matrix of illusion. The more "laws" and rules we apply, the deeper it can go. Now we all give power to this "license" that obviusly means very little in reality or the bigger picture of things. This license could be fake, and people as well, as " serial killers", are known to get fake ID's all the time. But they "require" that we have a license to it's going to make things safer or something. lol

bluesbaby5050: It's a scam.............

It costs you money to pay to get one, and then A LOT MORE MONEY TO GET A CAR /TRUCK, AND MORE MONEY TO INSURANCE THEM. IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY, AND THE TAXES WE HAVE TO PAY THE STATE FOR THIS PRIVLEDGE TO HAVE THIS, AND ALL AT OUR EXSPENSE! And don't forget all the tax on the gar rates too! What a joke! Take the bus, where I live they give them out when you purchase $10.00 US dollars of food, or of anything, and the tokens are worth $1.50 each for a one way trip,which is the regular bus fare to most anywhere. and you can bring your bike with you, and attach it to all buses where I live. It's cheap, and hassel free too! Beat the system if you can, cause they sure find ways to beat us up all the time lol!

Thothamon: :)

Since u are aware,dont let it affect u ! Its important to not let that affect u, if it feels right,,well it must be ! Dont bother with the papers of our Control system ^^.

Thothamon: drugs are bad for some !

Ive been smoking Heroin for almost 20 years so i can relate, i stoped 8moths ago, i cant say anything else then for me ,,I take what i want . I like it simple :) if i need a Car ill fix one, but maybe its easier for me cuz i just want a couple of things ,I travel by whatever^^ dont need buspass ,licence. I go were i please. Ive always trust my instinct!

TillToTheWhen: WARNING! (and disclaimer) -

WARNING! (and disclaimer) -

I am on a "Legal" stimulant drug at the time of posting this message. Incoherent rambling may be present. Read at your own risk. Author may be possessed by an entity and speaking information that is not of the truth or greater good of the universe. The holes in the author's aura are so big, even Madonna's custom dido could fit through them, if it wanted to.


Ok thanks guys for bearing with me, you guys are great here. You don't judge people for being "retarded" or different. And that's one thing I noticed about this site. There might be shills, but I think the majority of people here have some kind of helpful info to contribute. And normally on other sites people jump to conclusions and start wars with me, because of the way I think...and how I don't think "normal" so they think I'm just trolling or lying or whatever. I definitely feel more accepted here, but I still feel as if I am the newbie here (technically I am) and you guys know a hell of a lot more than I do, and I came here to ask questions, rather than post answers. But I still try to contribute when I can. I know about things like healing cancer. Even though it's obviously on a spiritual level. I know about the physical way it works as well.

Thothamon: hehe

Yeah, this is the first time ive seen ppl talking in ,,forum or chat without trying to shine and talk crap
Its rare,,^^

Thothamon: TRue!

Yah dont let annyone tell u that u NEED that crap,,its just a MInd Fuck, u gotta do that i order to have that an so on,,,hehe I never ever feelt the Urge to have a Car,,,or any of that "Crap" u gotta have cuz everyone else has it ^^

bluesbaby5050: Typo error,sorry.....

I meant to say.....our food stores where I live give out tokens that are worth $1.50 each. This pays for a one way trip to most anywheres within 20 miles where I live. You purchase only the amount of
$10.00 worth of food or not edibles totaling $10.00, and you recieve one token at check out.

Thothamon: Hmm

But why they give u Tokens?

bluesbaby5050: The way I see it is....You have to eat......

So why not get a FREE RIDE OUT OF IT WHILE YOUR AT IT? LOL! I make good use of my token, and I go 20 miles to the mall, and 20 mile back on only 2 tokens! Hahahahha! The state pays for the round trip!

Thothamon: Rest

IMa gonna go afk for a short while,,,been awake almost 5days ,,feeling a bit tired. Ha de bra sålänge!

HebrianDaniel: my name is Daniel. and its

my name is Daniel. and its end in el.
its mean i am higher being or something? :P
in israel (also el ) many people names end in el.

and many more just dont have the time to say all the names ending in el....

Thothamon: :D

My name is also Daniel btw, my jewish fammily name is Ikonen and they came to Siberia-Karelen in the year1600. We are all if not higher beings, our spiritual and real Power is being supressed,just like u can jam a mobile phone so u cannot use it to call or text but its limited to whatever crap is on the memory stick.. Our brain is like a damn computer,and since veryone got a phone ,were all being jammed and infuenced by ,,,something !

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