[MUST READ] Methods of Self-Protection from Psychoenergetic Attacks

by Crackdown on September 20th, 2013


One dear friend was bothered by Reptilians, who visited in transdimensional state. I have composed the special instructions - and the reported results are found to be positive! This stuff really works, the situation is easier now :-) Thus, I decided to share the instructions with you - readers of Truthcontrol ;-)


The first part of this letter was inspired by my educated guess, various books and experience. The second part of this letter contains an original and translation of Russian book, with my notes.

1) Thinking about various stupid garbage could give your enemies a nasty headache. If you could feel when they are "listening" to your thoughts, that is great - you do not have to think about garbage all the time ;)

2) Try the "egg shield" method

STEP 1: Imagine the transparent ovoid-type shield around you. You are the center of this ovoid shield. Shield is large enough to include your whole physical body, but at the same time not too large. Larger shield is more difficult to maintain; smaller but more powerful shield is better than larger and weaker. Your shield has no holes, all the sides are protected, you feel yourself safe. After you are able to imagine your shield more clearly, move to STEP 2

STEP 2: Let the surface of this shield to turn from transparent to colored. Gold color is good, but you could try blue or others. After you are able to imagine it more clearly, move to STEP 3

STEP 3: Make this shield to spin around you with your imagination. Not too slow, but not too fast as well - because the rotation of shield takes power from shield. Too fast speed of rotation means the reduced protection ability of a shield. At the same time, preserve the color and shape. Perhaps, for beginners, STEP 1 + STEP 2 could give a better result than all three steps together.

Power of shield is responsible for blocking the negative energetic influence. Rotation of shield - for breaking this influence, which is a type of connection.

There are also "wall-type shield" and even "mirror-type shield", but I feel that "egg shield" is better

3) After you mastered the "2)", or just feel that it is the right moment to try something else: "Strong Imagination + Concentration of Power" combination is a strong force. Magic could be used in dreams, but what if it could work there as well, although at invisible way? Supposedly, if you will be confident in capabilities and use imagination + concentrate your power, that could make damage to your enemies at invisible level. However, it is not "good" to use this with negative charge. Also, negativity attracts negativity. Thus, let this force be neutral, but very powerful at the same time. It is just like you strongly push someone away from you - a strong rejection.

Do not know if I should be happy or sad about it, but I was able to test only "3)" at practice. Please try methods and tell your experiences - they could help a lot to me and other people!


There is a Russian book, written by Ponomarev V.T., called "Encyclopedy of Safety" ( Пономарев В.Т. - Энциклопедия безопасности ), released in 1997.

Amazingly smart book, which is aimed on children. This unusual book desribes, how to avoid the various dangers in our society. And, as a part of that, it teaches how to protect yourself from psychoenergetic attacks! I was very excited when read this book in my childhood, because I discovered a serious theory about what I considered to be the "magic" at this time! Now, I understand that these are the natural capabilities of every human - but most of humans forgot about their spiritual, most important, part. Sadly, I could not translate all 400+ pages: even if I will just scan the whole book, use optical recognition software and then the automatic translator, it still requires a LOT of time. Thus, I am going to translate only parts of this book with are directly related to spirituality.

Chapter 11 is a very small chapter, situated close to the end of this book, desribes the psychoenergetic defense. Because the book is large, there were no financial reasons to include this small chapter: people would still buy this book in the same quantities. The part of introduction describes the strength of spirit. There also other interesting small parts, like "how to get rid of poltergeist" at natural disasters chapter - in the same row with tornados and lightnings!

Notes of translator are marked with *asterisks*.

I am sending both English translation, and Russian original. If there are unclear moments, you could, in addition to asking, also try to clarify by yourself




Life - is a constant process of accumulation and consumption of the energy. If the prana (a form of energy in physical body) for some reason disappears, the death of physical body comes.

=== The most widely available ways of accumulation of the bio-energy ===

Trees have the abilities to heal the people, by removing the negative energy and charging with the positive:

a) Beech removes the stress and normalizes the vascular pressure;
b) Linden deals with the soul sufferings;
c) Cherry tree is irreplaceable for healing the sexual weakness;
d) Oak gives the powerful bioenergy (you should hug the tree for 4-7 minutes);
e) Ash strengthens the will, but the session should be not longer than 5 minutes - otherwise, there would be a negative effect: you are becoming indifferent and insensitive;
f) Pine tree heals the breath system, regulates the exchange of substances in physical body and reduces the vasular pressure.

Vegetarian food is great for recovering the energy potential. It is better to consume it in unprocessed state.

Constantly move, dance or do gymnastics. It really raises the life tone!

Water (especially cold) instantly removes the negative energy. Five minute shower will restore the calmness and balance, especially at the evening, before sleep.

( * however, it is expensive to filter the shower water - filter wears out quickly - and, without filtering, it contains flourine, which also vaporizes *)

Music for soul (especially classic) removes the irritation and makes you calm.

Strong drumbeat breaks the bio field. In ancient China, there was even the death penalty of such a kind. Human, which was sentenced to death, was put under the big bell, and then the executioners started to ring.

Humorous books will make you to laugh sincerely (the so-called laugh therapy was discovered by American writer Norman Cazis) Also, the good influence is caused by Walt Disney cartoons, and so on.

The accumulation of energy is occurring in "storage", which is situated between stomach and lungs, in so-called celiac plexus ( * "sun plexus" in Russian * ) (branches of many neural fibers of white and grey brain substance, which spread to all the parts of abdominal cavity, lungs and heart)

Energy goes there, concentrate, and is being transferred to different parts of physical body. It goes through the mucous membranes of digestive system, through the breathing way, and also as a current of high frequency through the bio-active points of the skin (waveguides of Kyungrak system)

(* interesting fact: the Kyungrak system was discovered by North Korean professor Kim Bok Han *)

Human physical body has 7 energetic centers, which are the capacitors of prana - energy. Energetic centers of physical body are called "chacras". At the every chacra, there is occurring the accumulation and transformation of prana to its specific types, which are different in relation to each other by wavelength (the frequency of vibration raises from lower chacra to higher) and color - from red to purple.


=== Strike by the inflow of energy ===

The "inflow energy strike" is conducted from the outside, comes from one entity to another. According to information, which was told in press by Doctor L. Medvedev (the member of Committee of social protection of human rights), starting with 1973 year, KGB with the usage of special satellites experimented the microwave psychoenergetic weapons on the citizens of Moscow. Results: horror, fear, anxiety and other negative psychophysical states. In other words, it is negative strike of the negative charge. The charge, sent by conductor, proceeds on energetic (the most exterior) level, rapidly causing the energetic misbalance. Life field - energetic shell (field of physical and ethereal body) - is mobile and restores its structure quite rapidly, thus this phase of psychological attack is relatively safe. The only visible sign is the decreasement of life force, which continues from several hours to several days.

If the negative charge goes to emotional shell (field of astral body), the patient begins to experience the strong emotional misbalance and in a panic tries to figure out the cause of this state. Eventually, that leads to complex misbalance at all three levels and causes the conditions for a mental illness.

=== The strike by the outflow of energy ===

The "outlow energy strike" - psychical attack by the outflow of energy - is much more dangerous. If the field is less than 30 cm, the strike causes serious misbalance. If the field is less than 20 cm, it could cause fainting or even death.

There are several causes of the decreasement of performance of the protective shell, but, in most cases, it is caused by "energetic vampirism". "Energetic vampires" - entities, who are psychological parasites, draining the life force from the energetic shell of other people. There are contact and remote (without contact) "energetic vampires". In the body of contact vampires, near celiac plexus (*sun plexus*), there appears a quite wide opening, and around it - long black tapes (tentacles), which come to the field of victim, which staying closer, and cling to this field. Remote (without contact) "vampires" drain the energy by voice or eyes. They do not require to be close physically.

The victim of "psychoenergetic vampire" experiences the unexplainable sadness, indisposition, fears of loneliness, loses the interest to life.

The most harmful results of "psychoenergetic vampire" attack are when a draining of the energy from a human occures when he is ill.

Emotions of anger, envy, irritation and others are causing the strong psychoenergetic vibrations around the source of these emotions.

In this state, the entity with a high concentration of anger is able to push or punch the bio field shell of human.

The consequences are different: from heart attack and other illnesses, to death.

Usually, "psychoenergetic vampires" are beings of strong egocentric soul, often get to the top positions at companies and government (those, whose psychoenergetic ability to acquire energy on their own is limited, seek the power specially to feed on subordinate people)

Psychostructure of introverts is so that they cannot accumulate the energy from space and have to feed on energy of other humans.

These "vampires" pay a high price for their actions, because the addiction to feed on the energy of donor leads to disturbances in heart-vascular system (heart is the generator of psychomagnetic waves), and, as consequence, to disturbances in psychoemotional area (mental instability).

=== The protection from electrostatic fields ===

The most effective way is taking a bath and shower. Also, you need to stay at the floor, so the water will go from top of your body to bottom.

Get rid of synthetic clothes, curtains and carpets, or use antistatic. Hair are needed to be lubricated by balsam, for prevention of the electrostatic field.

Electrostatic field could be redirected to ground with metal chains, which are coiled around ankle, in the way that one end of chain touches ground.

=== The protection from electromagnetic fields ===

In the flat, with the help of compass, it is needed to determine the geomagnetic meridian "north-south". All the acoustic devices need to be placed in the perpendicular way in relation to geomagnetic axis (loudspeakers "Earth - Space").

Avoid sleeping on the top of electric wires and communications (even if they are in basement - because, their bad influence could spread up to the highest floors of house). Sleep should be not closer of 1 m (* 4 feets *) to fridge, and not closer of 0.3 m (* 1 feet *) to electric wires.

Under or at the front of bed, never place alcohol-containing liquids, and also objects (such as dishes and paintings) which could contain the zinc, cobalt, chrome or ferrites.

Mirror - is a screen. And, during the night, the vibrations of harmful voltages could be really intensive. Thus, the mirror should not be in the front of bed. Also, it is not recommended to place the mirror in the corner of room, where the screen of mirror is aimed diagonally.

(* I believe that mirrors should not be placed inside rooms openly. Mirror could be hidden in a cabinet - when you do not open the cabinet, you do not see mirror. Probably, transdimentional reptilians could come through the mirror, if it is a sort of portal for them. This idea was found to be credible by a friend of mine *)


=== Active defense ===

Static (fixed) shell - is a method of defense from psychological attacks, which are based on natural bioenergetic processes.

Inspire to yourself: "I want, I can, I have that skill, I can do that" before the beginning of any training.

Every morning, tell to yourself: "Life is beautiful, I am healthy, I am happy, I will achieve my purposes!"

Sit down, lay the hands with woven fingers on laps. Legs should be attached firmly to each other. Reveal the eaves (* semi-open your eyes *) and look at one point, breath rhythmically. Repeat the psychical breath several times, concentrating the prana in your celiac plexus (* "sun plexus" *). Then, rhythmically, 2-3 times, release all the accumulated storage to the environment, at the same time imagining that around the body there is a egg-type shield. Do not think about just occurred event. Listen to the voices in your head - if they are still there, strengthen the density of aura by sending the additional quantity of prana, bringing it closer to body. More dense structured and more energetic rich, than the charge of attack, the shell will protect its owner.

Dynamical - method of "rotating protective shell" ("golden egg") is a stronger psychological defense, if you have enough time. Rotating bio-field does not let the attacking charge to cling, grinds the charge and absorbs it. This shell is impossible to create for non-professional (* but everyone could become a professional, with enough practice, especially you - the starseed *)

Urgent protection from psychoenergetic attacks - removing the roughness of bio field and irregularities of shell - needed to be done by psychic. After the correction of bio field, he performs the general energy charging, increasing the bio field defense to the max limit. (* you do not need a psychic. you are already psychic by yourself. everyone is psychic, just need to practice *)

Any live creature is the container, which could be filled with energy. It could not accept more than the max volume.

There is only one stable in time defense from harmful psychoinfluences (* without any "magical tricks" - in commas *). This defense is the raise of spiritual potential - consciouness. The higher consciousness creates the big and strong bio field around human, which, like a boomerang, will redirect the psychoenergetic strike to the sender.

The lack of spirituality is the reason of the lack of protection of human. Such a human will be more susceptable to problems and illnesses.

Anger, bad thought automatically attracts the same thoughts of other people. As result, it creates the depressing atmosphere.

There are people who always have troubles. They blame anyone for their troubles, except themselves. Who desires the trouble for other, will attract it to yourself!

=== Passive defense ===

Passive defense, which is achieved by less effective methods, which could be used by people who are not prepared to stable control of their attention. These methods are based on neurophysiological influence: temperature-contrast shower, fast dance, consumption of hot chilly paper, pressure of crossed arms on celiac plexus ("sun plexus") with the ongoing contraction of abdominal muscles, load with food (eat not much, but with the interval of 1.5 hour) or brain work.

Stand up. Cross the arms on chest and start to gradually swing behind and forward. Soon, you will find your own rhythm of swinging, which matches your internal rhythm. In this moment, the stress is reduced, and there is a feeling of spiritual and physical calmness and balance.

If, during this exercise, there are unpleasant feelings or sleepiness, that is the signal that the power of body is coming to end. Do not worry, continue the movement, and as result of found rhythm, these feelings are being dissolved, and after a minute you will feel the increase of power and cheerfulness.

This exercise needs to be done twice a day, 5 minutes duration each. After a week, you will learn how to remove the psychical tension without swinging, just by remembering the feelings in your imagination. Then, you should rest for a week.




Жизнь - это постоянный процесс добычи и затрат энергии. Если прана (форма энергии в организме) по каким-либо причинам исчезает, наступает смерть.

=== Самые доступные способы накопления биоэнергии: === ( === The most widely available ways of accumulation of bio-energy === )

Деревья обладают свойствами вылечивать людей, снимая отрицательную энергию и заряжая положительной: бук лечит стресс и сосудистое давление; липа снимает душевную боль; черешня незаменима при сексуальной слабости; дуб дарит мощную биоэнергию (на 4-7 минут надо обнять дерево); ясень укрепляет волю, но сеанс должен быть
не дольше 5 минут, так как потом идет отрицательный эффект - вы становитесь равнодушным и нечувствительным; сосновый бор лечит дыхательную систему, регулирует обмен веществ и понижает сосудистое давление.

Растительная пища хорошо восстанавливает энергетический потенциал. Лучше употреблять ее в свежем виде.

Двигайтесь постоянно, танцуйте или делайте гимнастику. Это очень поднимает жизненный тонус!

Вода (особенно холодная) сразу снимает отрицательную энергию. Пятиминутный душ вернет вам спокойствие и равновесие, особенно вечером, перед сном.

Музыка для души (особенно классика) снимает раздражение и успокаивает.

Дикий барабанный бой пробивает биополе. В древнем Китае существовала даже казнь подобного рода. Осужденного на смертную казнь укладывали под колокол и начинали звонить.

Юмористические книги заставят вас смеяться искренне (так называемая смехотерапия была создана американским писателем Норманом Казисом). Еще хорошее воздействие оказывают мультфильмы У. Диснея и т.д.

Накопление энергии совершается в "складе", находящемся между желудком и легкими, в так называемом "солнечном сплетении" (ответвления масс нервных волокон от белого и серого мозгового вещества, которые тянутся ко всем органам брюшной полости, легким и сердцу). Сюда поступает, концентрируется и отсюда посылается в разные точки организма энергия. Она поступает через слизистые оболочки пищеварительного тракта, через дыхательные пути, а также в виде токов высокой частоты через биоактивные точки кожного покрова (волноводы системы Кенрек).

Человек имеет семь энергетических центров, являющихся конденсаторами праны. Энергетические центры организма получили название "чакра". В каждой чакре осуществляется накопление и трансформация праны в ее определенные виды, которые отличаются друг от друга длиной волны (частота колебаний увеличивается от нижней чакры к верхней) и цветом - от красного до фиолетового.


=== Удар подачей энергии === ( === Strike by the inflow of energy === )

Наносится извне, исходит от другого существа или аппарата. По данным, помещенным в прессе доктором Л. Медведевым (член Комитета социальной защиты прав человека), с 1973 года КГБ при помощи спутников экспериментировало на москвичах микроволновое психоэнергетическое оружие. Этим волновым ударом успешно достигали психических расстройств здоровых людей. Результаты - ужас, страх, беспокойство и другие отрицательные психофизиологические состояния. По существу - это отрицательный удар отрицательного заряда. Заряд, посланный кондуктором, протекает у пациента на энергетическом (самом внешнем) уровне, вызывая резкое нарушение энергетического баланса. Жизненное поле - энергетическая оболочка (поле физического и эфирного тела) - подвижно и довольно быстро восстанавливает свою структуру, поэтому эта фаза психонападения безопасна. Проявляется исключительно в падении жизненного тонуса, продолжающегося от нескольких часов до нескольких дней.

Если отрицательный заряд проникает в эмоциональную оболочку (поле астрального тела), пациент начинает испытывать сильное эмоциональное беспокойствие и панически пытается выяснить, с чем это связано. В конце концов это приводит к комплексной разбалансировке на всех трех уровнях и создает условия для заболевания.

=== Удар оттоком энергии === ( === Strike by the outflow of energy === )

Намного более опасным является психическое нападение при помощи оттока энергии. Если поле меньше 30 см, существуют серьезные нарушения баланса.

Если поле меньше 20 см - это может приводить к обмороку или даже смерти.

Причин понижения уровня защитной оболочки может быть несколько, но, в основном, это проявления "энергетического вампиризма". "Энергетические вампиры" - существа, представляющие собой психологических паразитов, черпающих жизненную энергию из энергетической оболочки других людей. Существуют контактные и беcконтактные "энергетические вампиры". У контактных вампиров в области солнечного сплетения появляется довольно широкое отверстие, а вокруг него - длинные черные ленты (щупальца), которые проникают в поле жертвы, находящейся рядом, и цепляются за это поле. Бесконтактные "вампиры" выкачивают энергию голосом или глазами. Они не нуждаются в физической близости со своими жертвами.

Жертва "психоэнергетического вампира" испытывает необъяснимую тоску, недомогание, боится одиночества, теряет интерес к жизни.

Тяжелейшим случаем "психоэнергетического вампиризма" является высасывание энергии у человека, когда он болен.

Эмоции гнева, зависти, раздражения и др. вызывают вокруг источника этих эмоций сильные психоэнергетические вибрации. Человек в таком состоянии концентрации злобы способен продавить или пробить биополевую оболочку жертвы. Последствия разные - вплоть до инфаркта и других болезней, а порой и до смерти.

Обычно к категории "психоэнергетических вампиров" относятся люди сильной эгоцентричной души, частенько оказывающиеся на руководящих должностях (к власти стремятся те, у кого ослаблена психоэнергетическая подпитка).

Психоструктура интровертов такова, что они не могут аккумулировать энергию из пространства и вынуждены подпитываться за счет других людей.

Расплачиваются "вампиры" высокой ценой, поскольку привычка жить за счет энергии донора приводит к нарушениям в сердечно-сосудистой системе (сердце является генератором психомагнитных волн), а отсюда - в психоэмоциональной сфере.

=== Защита от электростатических полей === ( === Protection from electrostatic fields === )

Самым эффективным способом является купание и душ, при этом необходимо стоять прямо на полу, чтобы вода стекала вниз.

Нужно избавится от синтетической одежды, занавесок, ковров или применять антистатик. Волосы необходимо смазывать бальзамом, предотвращая образование электростатического поля.

Электростатическое поле можно отводить в землю металлическими цепочками, которые обматываются вокруг щиколотки, чтобы один конец касался земли.

=== Защита от электромагнитных полей === ( === Protection from electromagnetic fields === )

В квартире при помощи компаса следует определить геомагнитный меридиан "север-юг". Все акустические устройства необходимо разместить перпендикулярно геомагнитной оси (громкоговорители "земля - космос").

Нельзя спать над электрическими проводами и над коммуникациями (находящимися даже в подвале, так как их вредное воздействие распространяется вплоть до верхних этажей дома. Спать можно на расстоянии не ближе 1 м от холодильника и 0,3 м от электроизоляции.

Под или перед кроватью не следует ни в коем случае помещать спиртосодержащие жидкости, а также предметы (посуду, картины и т. д.), в фактуре которых использованы цинк, кобальт, хром или ферриты.

Зеркало - это экран. А ночью колебания вредных напряжений бывают очень интенсивными. Поэтому зеркало не должно находиться напротив кровати. Не рекомендуется держать зеркало и в углу комнаты, когда его экран направлен по диагонали.


=== Активная защита === ( === Active defense === )

Статическая (неподвижная) оболочка - метод защиты от психических нападений, которые строятся на естественных биоэнергетических процессах.

Внушайте себе: "Я хочу, я могу, у меня это есть, я это умею" до начала любой тренировки.

Каждое утро говорите себе: "Жизнь прекрасна, я здоров, я счастлив, я добьюсь поставленных передо мною целей".

Желательно сесть, руки со сплетенными пальцами положить на колени, ноги плотно прижать друг к другу. Приоткройте веки и смотрите в одну точку, дышите ритмично, проделывая несколько раз психическое дыхание, концентрирую прану в солнечном сплетении. Затем ритмично, 2-3 раза, излучите весь ее запас в среду, одновременно представляя, как вокруг тела образуется яйцеобразный панцирь, не думайте о только что произошедшем событии, прислушайтесь к голосам в мозгу - если они еще остались, усильте плотность ауры посылкой добавочного количества праны, приблизив её к телу. Плотно структурированная и более энергетически насыщенная, чем заряд нападения, оболочка сохраняет своего владельца.

Динамическая - метод "вращающейся защитной оболочки" ("золотое яйцо") - более прочная психозащита, если есть достаточно времени. Вращающееся биополе не дает "заряду" зацепиться, перемалывает его и поглощает. Такую оболочку непрофессионалам создать невозможно.

Экстренную (аварийную) защиту от психоэнергетических ударов - снятие неровностей биополя и выравнивание его оболочки - необходимо сделать с помощью экстрасенса. После коррекции биополя он осуществляет общую подкачку энергией, увеличивая биополевую защиту до максимального предела.

Любое живое существо являет сосуд, который можно пополнять энергией. Больше, чем можно взять, он не возьмет.

Стабильная во времени защита от вредных психовоздействий (без всяких магических ухищрений) одна - повышение своего духовного потенциала. Высшая духовность создает большое и сильное биополе вокруг человека, которое, как бумеранг, возвратит психоэнергетический удар тому, кто его нанес.

Духовное несовершенство является причиной недостаточной защиты человека. Такой человек более подвержен невзгодам и болезням.

Злые, плохие мысли автоматически притягивают к себе точно такие же мысли окружающих. В конце концов, это создает угнетающую атмосферу.

Существуют люди, которым всегда плохо. В своих бедах они винят кого угодно, только не себя. Желая кому-то беды, они накличут ее на себя!

=== Пассивная защита === ( === Passive defense === )

Создается менее эффективными методами, которые могут применять люди, не подготовленные к стабильному правлению своим вниманием. Они основываются на нейрофизиологическом воздействии: температурно-контрастный душ, быстрый танец, употребление в пищу острого стручкового перца, давление скрещенных рук на солнечное сплетение с сопутствующим сокращением брюшных мышц, загрузка с помощью питания (есть с интервалом не более 1,5 часов) или умственной работы.

Встаньте. Сложите руки на груди и начните постепенно раскачиваться вперед-назад. Скоро найдете собственный ритм раскачивания, совпадающий с внутренним ритмом. В тот момент снижается напряжение, возникает чувство душевного и физического покоя и внутреннего равновесия.

Если же при выполнении упражнения появляются неприятные ощущения или сонливость, это сигнал того, что силы организма на исходе. Не волнуйтесь, продолжайте движение, и на фоне найденного ритма, они как бы растворяются, и через минуту вы почувствуете прилив сил и бодрости.

Упражнение нужно выполнять дважды в день по пять минут. За неделю вы научитесь снимать психонапряжение уже без раскачивания, одним мысленным воспроизведением испытанных ощущений. Затем следует неделю отдохнуть.

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Tim Lovell: I used to be a drummer in a

I used to be a drummer in a metal band we played stuff like Korn , but then I took a distaste to it , I like better stuff now like goa trance :) or bob marley :)

TillToTheWhen: Life being an illusion

I totally agree there. I've thought that for a while now. I wouldn't say I'm materalistic, but my brain is kind of low on serotonin compared to the healthy person. So, when I'm not meditating often I get kind of "dull" and that's one reason I liked the drugs and the music. I got addicted to the "External stimulation"

I had an unfortunate Overdose on MDMA/Meth when I was 18 which really screwed up my life, my brain and my aura I'm sure as well. That's when all my problems started.


Of the Reptilians, along with all the rest of course, Don't for get the old stand by-Alcohol, it's a depressant, and legal, and easy to get. The more messed up they can get you, the better energy feeding frenzy for them. They love to take advantage of people when they are angry for any reason, they love to AMP it up for even more of a desired effect. Bad for you, GREAT FOR THEM! They HATE THE LOVE VIBRATION! SO MAKE LOVE, NOT WARS!

Tim Lovell: Yes BB why do you think I

Yes BB why do you think I know all this? because it happened to me , I used to do speed, base etc for about 15 years (I quit ALL drugs now since I got my brain tumoir last year) now the DNA thing did happen to me so that's why I know how painful it is to go thru the cure for it because I am ATM ,
TRUST me guys and I MEAN it drugs are without doubt the primary key they use to FUCK YOU UP
and they WILL change your DNA once your down and dead enough I am speaking from personal experience

Tim Lovell: be carefull

Also they make you ENJOY being angry after they get their system in place , wherever you are , they are very intelligent , and they can manipulate you in ANY way imaginable and they WILL and DO!

TillToTheWhen: Thats how I feel

I feel like they TRY to manipulate me in some ways. But I am aware of it and constantly trying to be in clarity of mind so I can counteract it. So, I think I do have some damage for sure, but probably not on the level of a complete takeover. Maybe by the grace of our creator and true love in the universe, is what got me off the serious drugs just in time before I did some really serious damage. I could feel that if I didn't quit, I would die. So, it was more of a physical thing that made me stop, but now the "mental" and "spiritual' rewards should follow as well. It all works together. Mind, body and spirit. Drugs will damage all three. My physical health was definitely the most damaged. Mentally, I could be considered crazy by a normal person but I know that i'm not. My brain is just wired differently now because I did so much of the MDMA, which I found out, after it fries your serotonin receptors, they grow back in bigger numbers...(That's why my brain works over time and I can't keep up with my thoughts) but the receptors are less "thick" and not normal anymore when they grow back. I compare this to topping a weed plant. You cut off the head, and it grows two in place, but the cola won't be as thick at the top.

So, I won't be able to experience the joy from simple things like I did before, at least not for a great while. But that's part of what you were saying about the painful process to get back to normal. It's worth it to me though.

TillToTheWhen: Sorry to hear that...

Did you say you have a brain tumor? If so, I wanted to let you know about a treatment that I personally used for cancer years ago, and it worked for me. I just had skin cancer, so mine was more simple and fast to treat, but APRICOT KERNELS is the best natural food for cancer, if you just want to kill cancer cells, without harming your natural cells. You can get them online really cheap. You want to eat 30 to 50 a day, every single day, and stay away from the hospitals. Their treatments, like chemo are deadly. Along with the Apricot seeds, you want to take disgestive enzymes as well as they work together. I got rid of my cancer in literally 2 days after starting treatment. But it might take longer if yours is more advanced. But the main thing is, to never do their chemo treatments. You're more likely to die from the chemo, than the cancer itself.

Also I found that Garlic helps me a lot too. It does stink, but it's worth it if you have serious health problems. I've heard that it can dissolve tumors on contact. I don't believe when people say it's toxic. It's helped me clear up a lot of stuff. My dandruff is gone, it's killing all the bacteria in my body as well, and my diarrhea that I had from doing all those drugs in gone. I know I weakened my immune system greatly from doing MDMA for years. I never got into Meth, but I did get into those research chemicals, which were very similar. They were amphetamines. However I did not do them every single day. My body couldn't physically handle it.

But Garlic, Cayenne, Turmeric and Ginger are the 4 best things to combine together (all raw and organic) and you will notice an instant improvement in heath. So I recommend this to you or anyone else that has cancer as well.

TillToTheWhen: How about Movies?

How about movies? I've heard conflicting reports on this....I tend to LOVE disturbing movies. Are these bad for your aura or spiritual health? I am aware I am just watching a movie, and it's not real, so I don't get too disturbed.

bluesbaby5050: The same could be said for those movies ......

But, it's ok to watch SYFY movies, and SYFY TV shows. You will learn a lot from them, because they will hide real facts about technologies, and medicines, and health, and the many new gadgets they use in them. The more you know about the real reality the more you will notice in them.

Crackdown: about super disturbing stuff

_AFTER_ you will fix your current problems, there would be nothing wrong in occasionally watching something disturbing. I have watched many things out of curiousity, which are very disturbing - like "1 lunatic 1 icepick video" (violent ritualistic murder by illuminati fanatic Luka Magnotta) yet I didnt became a monster or so. I could be very wrong here, but I think that if you have seen many disturbing things in the past, then it is more difficult for you to be disturbed in the future, and that immunity could be a good thing . Just dont become addicted to this crap! ;) it could be fine to occasionally watch something of that kind (like one-two times per week) but if you want watch it all the time, then you have a problem, bro

TillToTheWhen: Totally understandable

No, I don't watch it all the time. lol I watch all sorts of movies. But I just got into the "disturbing" Genre recently, and I decided to give all the movies a shot that were on the "Top 20 most disturbing movies of all time" lists. I never liked torture porn or gore, those are pointless to me. I like Disturbing movies that actually have a story, and are intense, and make you feel something. I am just immune to regular hollywood movies so those are more boring to me now. But I still my comedies (which should be helpful to laugh) and stuff like that. I just watched "Defending your Life" yesterday, which was a nice little love story about the afterlife.

bluesbaby5050: Well you need to take better control over your thoughts.......

And you have to learn to make better choices over the types of music you choose to listen to. The Hip-Hop, and the Rap-Crap, and the Heavy Metal music all carry lower vibrations in that type of music. And they also carry negative words, and phrases, and with heavy beats that tend to bring your spirit further down in to the lower vibrations. And Planting Negative Thoughts in to your head, then you have to be very Alert to this. They are very clever. And if the reptilians can make you depressed by instilling Fear then they can trap you. People need to stay UP in the Higher Vibrations of music, and thoughts, and feelings. This helps to rise your moods, and makes you LIGHTER! Get Plenty of Sun Light, and Take Off those Glasses, and Allow the
" Light Codes" from the 'Center of this galaxy,' To Enter in though your eyes , and then travel on though your brain, and in to your Pineal Gland. You had mentioned Dick Chenny, and he is one of the top worst reptilians that inhabits a human body, and he is right up there with the Bushes, and the Clintons, and Obama. :)

TillToTheWhen: Some thoughts

Well I just was thinking (and I know thinking too much is not good cuz you'll get depressed) but I'm thinking how it seems like we can't do ANYTHING here and still be able to escape the matrix. What I mean by that is.....You can't have sex (low vibrational) you can't listen to your favorite music(low vibrational) You can't do drugs or smoke or drink alcohol(Low vibrational) you can't eat food (low vibrational)

It's like everything we've been taught and programmed to do, was to keep us trapped here in this matrix. I have no problem with staying off the drugs, I know those just bring you down in the long run. And even eating better, I'm working on that, I just don't have the money to eat healthy at this point. And the only heath food store is so far away. I do eat the cheap healthy stuff like hot peppers, but I have no way to grow my own veggies, so I can't buy a lot at a time or they go bad. I do look forward to trying that 7 Keys of the Rainbow system though!

But as for everything else, it is just depressing me thinking about all of it. Maybe I'm one of those people that doesn't WANT to escape the matrix yet. Maybe I'm still too young. I was thinking, instead of just stopping everything cold turkey and being depressed as hell about it, maybe I should just do what I like to do and then one day I'll grow out of it. For instance, Blue Baby mentioned not to listen to hip hop as it's negative, lower vibrational. But you don't see a lot of OLD people listening to hardcore rap (lol) so my theory here is MAYBE it's OK to listen to it when you're younger, as that's what young people like. And then as you grow older, taper off of it then. And then your vibrations will rise, before you die and then it would be the same as if you stopped when you're young, right? I mean the whole idea is to escape after death right? I don't know anyone with high enough vibrations to just escape right now in the middle of their lives......

So, wouldnt it be ok to listen to the hiphop for the time being, as long as I stop doing it one day? I mean, what is the rush to raise your vibrations? We have an entire lifetime ahead of us. What benefits would you get by stopping doing everything that you liked? I know it probably is a painful process, but once you do get through it all the rewards are probably great. I think like Tim Said, it's painful, once your DNA is already changed (I am sure mine is....as I just dont WANT to quit doing all this time....I still like to party, go to clubs, have sex (make love) to girls, do drugs, etc, etc) When I say drugs I don't mean the really bad ones, but yes I still like to have a drink every now and then, I like to smoke cigarette (But I admit I'll be muich happier when I quit those....I heard that they block you from true love and everything....) but I just am one of those people that it's going to be really hard to just quit everything. I figure since I'm still young, this is what I am meant to do.

I'm also not too excited about exploring the universe. I just want to stay here on earth. I have absolutely no urge to go anywhere else at this point in my life. So, I really don't see a lot of benefits for escaping the matrix, other than I hear you experience total ecstasy when you do, and there is no more suffering. I don't like all the war and suffering that goes on here. I just wish we could live in paradise and everything be REAL. That's my idea of happiness. I'm not really materalistic, I just like what I like. I am also into BASS which is another thing that supposedly lowers vibrations. But what if everyone is different? What if one thing lowers vibrations for one person and raises it for another? Is that possible? Because BASS puts me in a really good mood. I guess I may be missing the whole point here. Maybe high vibrations has nothing to do with a "Good mood" as a good mood is just like a drugged out state from the endorphins being released in our brains.....But this is the only reality that I know. I don't know what anything else is like outside earth and outside of our brains.

Any thoughts appreciated

Crackdown: "You can't have sex, because

"You can't have sex, because of low vibrations" - well, you could - but its better to use your energy for improving the situation that "we the people" are in, currently, rather than pleasing your neurons. And, if you will be receiving more pleasure from achieving various targets in your life, you would not even think
about sex ;-)

Well, you could try to have sex in "love way" - not in "lust way". But, here is another problem with sex: if you are having lots of sex with some person, most likely you will have children at some point of another. If your spouse does not support you in your research and your actions - then what's the point of marriage, having children and
all that shit? To bring up yet another slave of system? In order to effectively continue your research and actions, and raise a fighter versus system, you need complete support and dedication from your spouse; otherwise, this relationship is just a waste of your time and your liberty. Personally, I am not going to have any love relationship, unless there will be complete confidence in the person which I love - and that having the relationship will not harm any of my plans...

"you can't listen to your favorite music(low vibrational)" - if your favorite music is
low vibrational, that could only mean that your own vibration level is not really high. When your vibrations will be higher, your tastes in music will change, and your favorite music will be high vibrational one ;-)

"You can't do drugs or smoke or drink alcohol (Low vibrational)" - why you need them in the first place? especially if consider that they are also harming your physical body. Be confident, you could live a happy life without bad habits! By the way, alcohol, while considered harmless by many people, is at the same level as many illegal drugs. Alcohol even was declared as highly poisonous substance for brain, according to old soviet government standards. The only reason why alcohol is not made illegal, is because too many people are consuming it , and corporations/government are receiving huge profits from it

"you can't eat food (low vibrational)" - you can eat the food, you just need to become more serious about your food choices. Eating a meat is bad habit, and the fact that the meat is being consumed by 90% of world population, does not make this habit any better. Same for fish and eggs (and milk/yeast products)

TillToTheWhen: I totally agree about the sex

I totally agree about the sex part! Definitely shouldn't be based on lust. And I agree about the kids part as well. I don't ever plan to have kids though. I don't think I'm meant to or able to. I was with a girl for 9 years (I've never cheated on any girl by the way, which I'm proud to say that : ) ) but she was a drinker and I guess she said she had a miscairage .....and every other girl I was with also was unable to have kids. Also I would personally get far too stressed with them and I have enough problems of my own, I couldn't handle having one. I'm already to an age (mid 30's) to where I don't think I will ever want them. Usually if one wants kids, they will know before now.

About music....Well I'm hoping my music isn't low vibrational, because it makes me feel good to listen to it! I consider it positive. And I think the intent behind the words are positive. If you have time would you mind checking out a song for me and let me know what you think? I would appreciate it. This is one that COULD be low vibrational I guess, but to me it sounds positive. But this probably about as hardcore as I listen to for hiphop. The lyrics are good (Anti-government) and I don't consider it hateful. So, if you consider this to NOT be low vibrational, then I think I'll be fine with the other music I listen to, as it's even more peaceful than this song. The song is called-
Genocide Ft. Vinnie Paz Conspiracy of Silence (Type that into youtube and it will come up as the first song)

As for drugs, I guess I have to agree there. I guess it's just my brain telling me it doesn't want to quit, but when I do, I'll be much happier. Infact I have a theory on cigarettes one of the WORST drugs for your spiritual health (Not even physical) because for one, I noticed they are a gateway drug. When I quit smoking for a week or so, I didn't drink any alcohol the entire week...I had no urge to drink at all. I guess my vibrations were already raised, and my aura was stronger...(I should of never been so stupid as to give in and start up again) so it all works together. When I smoke it makes want to drink and do other bad stuff. I feel just so much more calm when I quit smoking and I was definitely happier! So, i think cigarettes are the main problem, and if i can manage to quit them I think I'll be much better off. I also recently found some research to confirm that cigarettes were created to actually keep us trapped here in the matrix, as they are so very bad for our vibrational level. And then as I said, they lead to other harder drugs as well. I also hear that the entities come into your mind and make you want to keep smoking, and that's why it's so hard to quit.

TillToTheWhen: My favorite part of the song

My favorite part of the song (and lyrics) is where Vinnie Paz goes
"Obama's a Fraud....Every action is opposite of God" lol

Now you might of seen that (Discover I think?) commercial on TV (I don't watch much TV at all, just sports sometimes...which I know none of it's good but my roommate does nothing but watch TV so I'm subjected to it, as we live in a Studio) but it goes something like "Fraud protection, Frog protection. Fraud protection, Frog protection, etc" so now every time I hear this conspiracy of silence song, it sounds like he says "Obama's a Frog" LOL so I add on "Every action is opposite of Dog" lmao

Crackdown: Healthy food

Price of healthy food depends on what kind of it do you want to take.


1) I want to eat healthy bread - which does not contain yeast / fermented rye malt / other undesirable ingredients. Luckily, I have found a special yeastless bread, which contains just 4 ingredients: wheat grain, sugar, salt, water. Very simple! ( http://cdn.imghack.se/images/2aae49c5d162c1199af2f1dc5cc4e26c.jpg ) But, it costs $2 for 300g, while "normal bread" - $0,6 per 700g. Almost 8 x times more expensive :P

2) There is a dinner place at our work. Earlier, I had a large dinner, which contained meat/fish and costed about $7 in our eating place at work. Right now, my dinner consists of large buckwheat plate together with fruit juice and costs less than $2 - that is 3 x times less expensive, and is enough for me to work for the whole day till the evening. Partially it is because my work is relatively passive ( does not require a lot of energy ) but also because when you are eating healthy food, it requires less energy from your body to process it. You probably have noticed that, if you eat meat/fish for dinner, you will feel yourself "heavy" after the dinner (not only in physical, but also in spiritual sense) so you want to take a rest for a hour or so. But its completely opposite if your dinner consisted of healthy food, such as vegetables

Also, your expenses depend on your approach! If you are living in cold country, while vegetables could be cheap during the summer, their price increases in many times when it becomes cold. But, there is solution: could buy large refrigerator and load it with vegetables ahead of winter! The only problem here is that big refrigerator, depending on its volume, could cost up to $1000 - this is long-term investment, and to save money in future , the person needs to have enough money in the first place

If you would like to try "7 Keys of Rainbow" system, it is better to prepare for it: first of all, become a vegan, so your "default level" will turn into orange and there would not be too much stress for the body when/if you would want to try this system later. You should keep in mind: if your body will be releasing too much of its accumulated toxins during the short period of time, you could feel yourself really bad (also, I heard there was a case with Australian women: she decided to purify her body through starvation ; but, it seems she had accumulated too much toxins priorly to that, because she DIED about a week after she started the starvation)

Cemeteries (mostly Europe and USA) have observed that newer bodies decay rate is much slower that it used to be decades ago - http://survincity.com/2013/04/the-bodies-of-the-dead-were-buried-30-year...

about "I'm also not too excited about exploring the universe. I just want to stay here on earth. I have absolutely no urge to go anywhere else at this point in my life." :

just an idea which could be possible: even if you dont want to leave the Earth during these important times -- you could decide not to have instant new reincarnation, but - instead - observe the Earth in spiritual form, to gather new information and contact with benevolent spiritual beings (although need to be very careful about whom you trust, to avoid getting in some trap such as "light tunnel" just because someone invited you there) Actually, if you will learn how to have out-of-body-experience (OOBE) , you could temporarily go out of your body and return back :-)

TillToTheWhen: Yeah the good food is

Yeah the good food is expensive...but I think it's totally 100% worth it! It's just some people can't afford it (including myself, If I ate healthy everyday it would be like $80 a day including the gas it costs to get to the health food store) but if I ever get rich that is where some of my money will be going (That and helping out the homeless and other unfortunate people who need help)

I know what you mean about eating veggies and feeling "lighter" and also that 7 keys rainbow system sounds great! Thanks very much for putting that out there, so people can have a guide to follow! I personally went from eating nothing but fast foods, and toxic crap to ALL organic overnight! And guess what happened? I got reaaly sick and was vomiting all night and had a lot of diarrhea. I thought I had terminal cancer or something and I was going to die. I was even choking on my vomit at the end of the night (I puked soooo much, filled up a few small garbage cans with it) and I had no marijuana, i used to be a heavy smoker then, and the one night I didnt have it, was by coincidence (well I dont really believe in coincidences) the same night that I switched from toxic food to organic food.

I ended up getting some marijuana which saved my life, because it stops the nausea and vomiting. There is no way I could of hold down pills, and I had already learned how hospitals were a scam (thats why I switched my diet, as food is a good medicine) so I wouldnt go to the hospital. I was going to die, but I managed to get some marijuana late at night right as I was starting to see colors from not getting enough oxygen in. I suffered so badly that night, but once I got the marijuana it stopped my vomiting and I could breath again and I recovered.

This never happened to me again, so I don't think it was a withdrawl from the marijuana or cancer...it could of been from abruptly switching my diet? You think? But this happened on the very first day! I remember I ate a lot of garlic that day too and all I could taste was the garlic when I was throwing up. So, I didn't eat garlic for years after that. Maybe I was allergic to it then? I can eat it now with no problems like that..

Crackdown: Re: good food

Yes, I also think that the rapid switch of diet was a stress for your body. Lots of toxins released in the same time could make a human very ill. Actually, that is the reason why some people are trying being vegan for a few days but then decide to return to their "normal diet" - simply because they think that they started feeling bad because of lack of meat/fish/etc - while its because their body noticed the decrease in the amount of toxins consumption (from pieces of dead flesh) and decided its the perfect time to release accumulated toxins - which need to move through the whole body before they get to "exit"

Garlic is good vegetable (and very good vs illnesses such as flu or cold) so maybe your problem with garlic was just a coincidence. You could try eating a small pieces of it, to test if it was an allergy or not

TillToTheWhen: Yeah , Im cool with the

Yeah , Im cool with the garlic now. Sometimes I feel a bit nauseated if I eat too much but that's normal I hear. I think it's the best food or spice to heal illness. I heard it can dissolve cancer tumors in minutes. And then also it kills all types of parasites and bacteria. Just supplement with probiotics and take Charcoal powder and Bentonite clay to absorb the smell. It works too. Also those can absorb lots of toxins too. I think the ONE good thing hospitals use is the Charcoal Powder. All that other crap is just expensive and toxic.

I thought to myself..."I can't believe there's no propaganda on Garlic, sincee it's so good for you, you'd figure they would of banned it and said it's toxic like they did with the cancer curing Apricot Kernels" ....So I googled "Is Garlic Toxic" and low and behold, they have people(maybe some shills) saaying how it's toxic and bad for you. LOL just because it comes out of your pores and sweat doesn't mean it's bad for you. It's good that it penetrates the brain blood barrier in my opinion, because that means its an effective medicine/solvent and can get to the correct areas of your body that need to be healed. The detoxing process is not hard on your liver or anything else. I can safely say that from exeprience, as my liver is not too good, and I cannot handle toxins or drugs as good as a healthy person can. I get no bad side effects from garlic!

TillToTheWhen: Also I was listening to some

Also I was listening to some hiphop today (what I considered not to be a negative song) and right as I was thinking how it seems depressing to try and escape the matrix, the lyrics said
"You can't escape a matrix of hate" ....so I guess the rapper in that song was trying to send a message, not to even waste your time. You might have well have sex, do drugs, etc, because we're all trapped here anyway...so might as well have a good time!

And the guy who rapped in this song (Ill Bill) knows what is going on.

I mean, if we could escape, we wouldn't be here right now. I am not totally sure what happens to us after we die, but I think that the light you see is a soul trap. So, i will try to avoid the light if at all possible. But as I said, right now I am not ready to leave the earth....so I'm just confused about everything at this point. lol

Also I don't see how being depressed can be good for your vibrations. I rely on my brain chemical processes in order to be happy. And I am depressed without some kind of external stimulation. Maybe I'm just addicted to everything and I'll be happier if I can stay without it for a while? But just too many things here that seem to lower your vibrations.

I do love cats and I hear that petting them is good for your vibrations. So i plan to get one at least. So, what if we do SOME bad stuff and SOME good stuff, is that really going to make a huge difference on how fast we escape?

Crackdown: Vibrations will be raising automatically!

The main thing about vibrations, is that you dont need to do anything about them. Vibration level could be raised through changing our world to better! If you are doing great stuff, like spreading the knowledge with fellow humans through the Internet (to help them deal with matrix system), your vibrations will be raising _automatically_. And, when you are doing bad stuff (changing our world to worse)
of course that makes matrix stronger and influences how fast we will get rid of it there, on Earth

Humans are dualistic by their nature - every human has "good side" and "bad side". Its like a battery. If you throw away the "bad side", the battery will not work good ^_^ . So, instead of getting rid of "bad side", there should be a different approach

If we look at this matter with another concept:
human = consists of "creative side" + "destructive side"
then you dont need to get rid of destructive side completely. Just make sure you are creating "good" things and destroying "bad" things (like hacking website which spreads disinformation, then ruining or defacing it)

TillToTheWhen: That's a cool way to think

That's a cool way to think about it. I kind of just try to suppress my bad side, but sometimes it does come out. And when it goes I use the anger in a positive way, kind of like what "The wrath of god" means, maybe? lol

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