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bluesbaby5050: More Bigfoot! Compliments of Annu77. <-----Watch this video of some Russian boys walking though the snow, and they arrive in time to catch a good view of an Adult Female Bigfoot carrying her baby close to her chest though the snow, while the boys were out side playing!

bluesbaby5050: A Closer Look- - Bigfoot Filmed On Independence Day

Bigfoot Mother clutching her very young baby Bigfoot, while she's seen walking in the woods. This could be the first real good Bigfoot recording (Our Close Relative).

Annunaki77: Most Impressive Bluesbaby5050

Most Impressive Bluesbaby5050.
Great Work.
Bigfoot needs protection against Deforestation, their Habitat must be protected.

Tarheel: Right up there with ...

....seeing George Bush in a convenience store, and posting about a guy living IN a rock, the zombie invasion that supposedly happened in Colorado, radioactive wolves and huge spacecraft sightings on the Moon. Impressive indeed, admin.

Tarheel: He has a CD release party this weekend.

I was invited but I have a conflicting engagement with "Nessie", the Loch Ness Monster so I will miss it.

But, Im waiting for his DVD so I have video to go with the audio.

bluesbaby5050: You do not make any sense at all.............

And your comments shows that you never watched any of the posted videos, or you never finished any of them, because at the ending is where all the total information with the cam study comes in to play, and this is why the videos were post in the first place. The people will fully understand the contents of all the threads. And ANNU77 Understands this subject FULLY, and too bad you can not seem to grasp the reality of BF's existence, and many other people don't either, unless they see them, and they can recognize them as such for them selves. But, I doubt that most men would be brave enough to actually stick around when one is in the area close to them, because those men would run away, before they messed their pants, and some men have even admitted to this on some video's I've seen. And some men , not all men love to brag to their friends that they have seen a BF, but they would not show any actual proof of what they say, because of their male egos, and their urge to out do their friends. Example: With the largest Deer Antlers taken from the dead body of that animal, and then to hang those antlers up for all to see as a keepsake for conversations while in their garages drinking their beers, or drinking their beers while sitting on a couch on their porches. Too bad, because those people only lose out on getting close enough to understand one of the relatives of the human that was created by the same creator.

bluesbaby5050: If I Re-call...........

It was George H.W. Bush Senior that was seen in a very "Well Know SUPER Market" with 3 of his secret service agents, because he needs to eat too, just like the rest of us do. This store was located in his Summer Home Town, where he shopped, and went to church, and enjoyed fishing and other summer sports. And he also played golf with the locals in the country club there on a regular basis, and everyone there was ALREADY familiar with him, and his family, and they were never treated any different then anyone else there. He was not treated like a movie star as he would of been down in North Carolina, and where he does not reside. Nor would he just go out of his way to go inside a little road side store to do grocery shopping, because a tiny store would not have held all the huge assortments of goods that the SUPER Store I SAW HIM IN DOES. And I am the one that actually did see him myself, and I did not lie about this, as hard as it is for you, or any one else to believe that does not come from the state of Southern Maine. I was BORN in the county of York, in southern Maine, and we have many Playhouse Theaters that actors come to perform LIVE in, such as the Famous Sally Struthers from All In The Family, and Roger Moore, and Mel Gibson, and many others to name a few have made movies here. I have seen the Bush family plenty of times around Maine, just like very many other people have. This is common where I come from. Many famous people, such as Whoopi Goldberg lives here, and so does John Travolta, and they both have summer homes in my state, and for many very good reasons. And very many movies have been made in my sea coast towns, all the way to Kennebunkport, as it is only 6 miles from where I live. And about that family that really does live UNDER a huge rock, and NOT INSIDE a rock, was published widely in the local news papers and on the local television news stations all around Arizona, and it was covered by other media sources that had picked up on this story that was reported on by the Official News Reporters, and it was shown all around the south -western states of the U.S. of this Un-common life style, and it was even filmed by their own local television reporters that went and interviewed that family, and that's how they took all those pictures that I had posted for this forum. And I believe it was Cosmic storm, a member of this forum that FIRST posted on the big space ships on the Moon, and I did a Follow-Up on her posting. Last but not least, the Zombie report was a real report done on a Radio- Broad cast, and was presented as such, and was not meant to be taken seriously, as it also had stated. It was done as a spoof, because it COULD be a FUTURE SENIERO. And I guess that Annu77 DOES NOT Know what HE is Talking about Either, because of Your comment above Tarheel. Just have a look at the FIRST THREAD in the beginning of this post about Bigfoot, IT WAS DONE BY HIM, and I only added HIS LINK to my post! And the Administration of this site does see fit to allow what is being shared to this forum to be posted whether for this forum you approve of it or not. Some people will never believe in Big Foot unless they see them for real themselves, and shot dead, and on cheap display for the enjoyment of those same people, just the same as they used to have family picnics in some cities, and towns for the public hangings decades ago in the U.S. and in other countries too. Now in the 21 century, some people have advanced enough, and have gotten away from this kind of behavior, and lets hope it stays this way.

Tim Lovell: BB `bigfoot` is the leftover

BB `bigfoot` is the leftover `Appa beast` as Edi calls it or Homo erectus as we call it but the annunaki releases a sepecies specific virus to kill off all the homo erectus so its amazing that any survived because they had the 12 strand dna blueprint in their dna so the annunaki wanted them all dead to be replaced by the homo sapiens with 2 strand dna only that could easily be frequency controlled , how and why any survived is a mystery to me at least but the `big foot` sightings suggest some did , and the reason why they are so rarely sighted and seen is that with their 12 strand dna blueprint it aloows them to move into the 4th dimension and upwards so we rarely if ever see them they are simpliy existing at a higher level.. understand?

bluesbaby5050: Yes this is so true...........

And they are very Physic, and they know how to stay hidden, and they already know well in advance of people approaching with guns before hand, and this is why they will throw big rocks at them to make them leave their living areas, and so no harm will come to their OWN Families. They will approach gentle people of our race IF they are willing to live in a peaceful manner close by them, and share in their crops, and believe this or not, but some people will leave out food for them, and get gifts in return of their generous peaceful existence. They keep at a distance, and they will watch human children, and families play ball around their homes, and while they are camping. They have to build trust with people like they did with the Native American Tribes in my country. They are even in my state where there is plenty of abundant habitats for them to roam, and eat freely, and to thrive here with their own families, as well as in New York state, and in Vermont, and New Hampshire both states connecting to, and near my state of Maine. We don't usually broadcast this to people, because then there would be outsiders looking to capture any one of them by any means possible, and I know I would not want my family hunted either, and I can't blame them. And Annu77, and Edisonik are right too, no matter what Tarheel says. Some people just need to open up their minds, and then do some extensive research as other people have with their own equipment they set up in the forests. And there then on the Flipside there are real fakes with videos out there, but then there are some really good ones out there too. I would not mind them around my home, because they really have a gentle heart to those that prefer to show them respect, and do them no harm, because they will do this in return, and it has been proven time and time again by the American Indians. The Indians said that they have traded goods with them in the past, and they have reported this to researchers, and it is well known in this field of Bigfoot research.

Tim Lovell: Yes BB you are right they are

Yes BB you are right they are tottaly in tune with nature like the original founders of this planet intended , before the niburian incursion and the rest..
they wont bew found by most people because the exist up at the 4d level even though yes we as a planet are entering the 4d lvl now that enlil and the others have been removed though the draco still try to frequency control..
the bigfoot (quote un quote lol) have been up there like where the lieadians exist when they come to our planet and go on our beaches etc we simpily have been kept down in the 3d lvl by frequency control and kept in that artificial matrix for centuries and the appa `beast` leftovers have been up in 4d for even longer , sigh ...

bluesbaby5050: Your right about this too Tim..................

Bigfoot-actually have their own name for themselves, and it is, " Mooa." I have a video of a lady that has spent time with them, and she tells of her story, and yes, of course she is called a Crackpot, and a Nut-Case, and that she should stay with them, and she should have her head examined, and that she should be locked up, as this is the many suggestions that she had to endure when she finally told her story. I have it, and I know that the same things will be said about me. We have just seen what Tarheel's thread said above. But this is the kind of BS that you, and I would/will expect from narrow minded people such as this example here. These people really have No Clue, because I personally think that they are JEALOUS, and for many reasons, attention is one reason, and money is another reason, fame is the other. All those reasons hold a negative mindset.

Tim Lovell: BB.... let them eat cake :)

BB.... let them eat cake :)

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