Most People Can't Put The Pieces Together Because of Their Personality

Ever talked to somebody about something and wondered why they just don't get it? Ever talked to others and had them understand immediately? Feel that you are in the minority with your beliefs? Well, I think personalities may play a big role in this.

by Quinton on September 28th, 2008

I have been a fan of personality types of quite some time. One of the best personality indicators I know of is the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It does a great job at breaking personality types into 16 main categories with 4 different dichotomies. Your basic groups are:

  1. Attitudes: Extraversion (E) / Introversion (I)
  2. Perceiving Functions: Sensing (S) / iNtuition (N)
  3. Judging Functions: Thinking (T) / Feeling (F)
  4. Lifestyle: Judgment (J) / Perception (P)

While all these different types of dichotomies are important, I am primarily going to focus on your perceiving functions because I find that the most important when it comes with dealing with political leaders and bankers. It is important to understand how people bring in information.

Wiki gives a nice definition towards the difference between Sensing and iNtuition:

Sensing and iNtuition are the information-gathering (Perceiving) functions. They describe how new information is understood and interpreted. Individuals who prefer Sensing are more likely to trust information that is in the present, tangible and concrete: that is, information that can be understood by the five senses. They tend to distrust hunches that seem to come out of nowhere. They prefer to look for details and facts. For them, the meaning is in the data. On the other hand, those who prefer iNtuition tend to trust information that is more abstract or theoretical, that can be associated with other information (either remembered or discovered by seeking a wider context or pattern). They may be more interested in future possibilities. They tend to trust those flashes of insight that seem to bubble up from the unconscious mind. The meaning is in how the data relates to the pattern or theory.

Another definition for the two:

The "SN" preference refers to how we gather information. We all need data on which to base our decisions. We gather data through our five senses. Jung contended that there are two distinct ways of perceiving the data that we gather. The "Sensing" preference absorbs data in a literal, concrete fashion. The "Intuitive" preference generates abstract possibilities from information that is gathered. We all use both Sensing and Intuition in our lives, but to different degrees of effectiveness and with different levels of comfort.

We are Sensing when we:

  • Taste food
  • Notice a stoplight has changed
  • Memorize a speech
  • Follow steps in a plan

We are Intuitive when we:

  • Come up with a new way of doing things
  • Think about future implications for a current action
  • Perceive underlying meaning in what people say or do
  • See the big picture

Within the context of personality typing, the important distinction is which method of gathering information do we trust the most? Do we rely on our five senses and want concrete, practical data to work with? Or do we trust our intuitions without necessarily building upon a solid foundation of facts?

These are extremely important definitions. You can see how these two types take in new data in very different ways. You can see how Sensing types are more "in the moment" while Intuition types look for "the big picture".

Percentages of the population

Now let's take a look at how these percentages break down with the population:

$header = array('Type', 'Percentage');
$rows[] = array('SJ: Guardians', '46.4%');
$rows[] = array('ESTJ: Supervisor', '8.7%');
$rows[] = array('ISTJ: Inspector', '11.6%');
$rows[] = array('ESFJ: Provider', '12.3%');
$rows[] = array('ISFJ: Protector', '13.8%');
$rows[] = array('SP: Artisans', '27%');
$rows[] = array('ESTP: Promoter', '4.3%');
$rows[] = array('ISTP: Crafter', '5.4%');
$rows[] = array('ESFP: Performer', '8.5%');
$rows[] = array('ISFP: Composer', '8.8%');
$rows[] = array('NF: Idealists', '16.3%');
$rows[] = array('ENFJ: Teacher', '2.4%');
$rows[] = array('INFJ: Counselor', '1.5%');
$rows[] = array('ENFP: Champion', '8.1%');
$rows[] = array('INFP: Healer', '4.3%');
$rows[] = array('NT: Rationals', '10.4%');
$rows[] = array('ENTJ: Fieldmarshal', '1.8%');
$rows[] = array('INTJ: Mastermind', '2.1%');
$rows[] = array('ENTP: Inventor', '3.2%');
$rows[] = array('INTP: Architect', '3.3%');
$output = theme('table', $header, $rows);
print $output;

Take a look at these percentages. Sensors make up 73% of the total population. The facts clearly show that we are living in a world of Sensors. The Intuition people make up 27%. I would actually say it is probably closer to 80% / 20% these days.

Moreover, look at the words given to describe the various personality types. Most Sensors are the people would you probably want to trust least when it comes to accurate, complete information - and this is majority of the population! Would you rather listen to a Mastermind or a Performer when it comes to world conspiracies? Or how about a Teacher or a Provider?

I'm not saying that Sensors are bad, I'm saying they're bad at doing things they're not designed to do. A "Mastermind" shouldn't be performing or entertaining people, fine, but he should be figuring out who is running the show and why we are where we are as a society.

Now do you see why there is a huge imbalance when it comes to how people perceive things? Most people perceive things based off their 5 senses and are in the moment. They look at the quick facts and data but fail to connect the dots and see the big picture. In my opinion these are your bad scientists - the people who can crunch numbers and tell you useless trivia all day long but have no real world insight into actually applying it to something useful, tangible or real. For Sensors, the smaller truths are of greater importance than the big truth.

Some famous people

Now let's look at some famous people and their personality types:

  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Bill Gates


  • Albert Einstein
  • Charles Darwin
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Warren Buffett


  • Steve Jobs
  • Rupert Murdoch

Notice how some of the worlds greatest minds and most influential people are all Intuition? Does it seem as a surprise that the people who are able to rise above the masses are not living in the moment, but rather looking into the future?

The Rulers of the World

Now you don't think the people high up know about this stuff? You don't think our society is geared to produce the Sensing type thinking? If you don't think so you probably are one. Sensors are clearly, easier to control and easier to fool. All you need to do is break the truth up into 1,000 pieces and they'll never figure out how to put it all back together. They'll tell you the size of the piece, they'll tell you the shape of the piece, but they won't know that it's a piece to global enslavement.

Whether you're born with it, or bred with it, I think people should understand that personalities play a big role in their relationship with the world and with others.

Some things to note

In general, the less developed an individual is the easier it is to predict their actions based on their personality. As people grow and become more developed it can become harder to predict their personality because they have more positives than they do negatives, and they may also learn to branch out and become things they are not. This, however, is rare and most people go through life with very little growth or change, therefore making their predictability fairly easy and methodical.

Take The Test Yourself

If you read this article and agree with it chances are you're an "N". If you read this article and disagree you're probably an "S". Go ahead and take the test: I am betting the majority of people who read this site and take the test will come out an N, even though S is the majority of people. Now why is that?

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M: Personality Test

I don't know about this I just took the test and the results are not good in my opinion hehehe

I'm an ENTJ and I don't like the people they have me classified with. Yuck! Hilary Clinton, Rupert Murdok, Bill Gates. I don't think I would get along well with any of them. I thought the test was repetitive the same questions seemd to be asked more then 2 times..

I don't even see my type on the chart above.

It's all very interesting though

Genio: wow

i started thinking about this exact same thing about a year ago
as soon as i read about the two hemispheres in our brain i knew it was connected with personality and that the goverment knew this and used it against us .. i agree completely with this information

and that chart is very interesting but i think its all too complex to explain with just a chart it could be accurate for some and very off with others who themselves are more complexed

now i feel like im not crazy for trying to explain this to others but i guess its because i use mostly just my intuition .. tho i do use my senses

and my theory is that they use school as their tool to make sensors instead of intuition people .. they know the results are that people would be easy to manipulate and to convince them that life will always be the way it is and to have them working all their lives without ever seeing the big picture which to me is sad and frustrating

Quinton: Thanks for the reply Genio.

Thanks for the reply Genio. I agree with you that this could be accurate for some and off for others. It's hard to pinpoint it down completely. I am sure there is definitely a lot more to this.

I would agree with you completely that the schools are brainwashing stations influenced by the elite. In an interview with Aaron Russo he talks about how Nick Rockefeller told him that one of the reasons for the women's rights movement was to further break up the family and get their children in school so the state could be their parents rather than their actual parents.

Interesting stuff.

aaamsnzzz: good idea that turns bad

you guys doing your best to expose the dark side of the force, have you ever wondered and researched who is exploiting ip adress and results of your test? HumanMetrics was founded in 1996 The company is based in Canada and Israel. are you sure you are really helping who you want to warn and protect by sending they give away their psychic when actually we are not even capable of naming and describe the colour of the eyes of who is controlling us ? m not sure your link is a pretty good idea buddy unless you wish your masters to know you better to be able to brainwash better while we know so little about they. you can bet your ass these infos you happily urge to send are computed at rockefellers and co' data centers at the bottom line...

Quinton: Looking past your spelling

Looking past your spelling and grammar mistakes, if you're so concerned why are you even using the Internet? According to your standards you are already being tracked by simply having an IP address.

And if the Rockefellers DID have ALL my information it doesn't scare me in the least. I'm a free spirit that doesn't have to succumb to their system, I can choose to live how I want. They only have control over those who allow them to have control over them.

Are you living in fear?

aaamsnzzz: Disclaimer

All claims arising out of the use of this site shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel. Users of this site hereby irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of, and agree to initiate and prosecute any and all claims that may be brought against exclusively in the State of Israel Courts and irrevocably waive any objection they may now or hereafter have as to the venue of suits or that such Courts are an inconvenient forum. Users of this site further agree that shall not be responsible or liable to users or any other person as successor, assignee or third party beneficiary of users for indirect, punitive, exemplary, special or consequential damages which may be alleged as resulting, directly or indirectly, from the use of this site."

Genio: aaamsnzzz

are you trying to say this website is a bad idea ?

i think its a blessing . if only people used it as much as they use myspace the youth would grow up well informed and ready for change

aaamsnzzz: talking about link to genio

i was talking about the other site and there s a link on yours. i found strange to expose danger and send people there

aaamsnzzz: mister president spelling and grammar

for you to know about grammar , i m 42 yo, i do speak french italian arabic portugues spanish quite well and english which is not my mother tongue. plus i 'm not a secretary playing with keyboard. so if u wanna do your site in french for instance, let me criticise your style. very unfair and even more stupid. more over who said i was concerned about that this way? you want my fones computers on line and providers? i give it to you what the problem?i said and i say it again that the test you linked to is a data center to learn about slaves. i saw a few of your posts young man, when i can tell that you have a lot of homework to do. you read all the books study millions of pages that j maxwell told you to read for instance, you will know what is is all about, but as well i said it's a very good thing thing that you dig into it... you ar eangry about what so? LAST BUT NOT LEAST free you are not but in your mind. now if you want me to help you discover it, it s ok but it s gonna takes hours and hours , plus months when you ll reject the facts before you come to the point, but you are not free, period. you use money, you have social security number, you have birth certificate, you ever wonder why do you pay at or elsewhere the registrar of wwwtruthcontrol? which is nothing else that a suite of figures? you wanna pay it to me? or do you wish maybe to be a registrar? and what is money? come on man , relax, seat down, and stop answering for answering , this is the mark of the slave you are mister truthcontrol, they mut this in your head not me. denis.
between fear and educate young padawan there is a world my friend. m so sorry you got the very first lesson so wrong

Quinton: I don't see how you can make

I don't see how you can make such a large issue about sending info to HumanMetrics even if it is used for dark purposes. They have all our info anyway, they can do whatever they want. I could start my own HumanMetrics site and collect the very same data they are collecting. It's not some advanced thing to collect personality data.

I get the impression that you are just talking to hear yourself speak. After all that you've said, I still fail to grasp the point you are trying to make.

Even the fact that you rated this article a 0 out of 10 is suspect as to why you think everything is so black and white. Is this article 100% complete trash because it has something you don't like? Is there not any value whatsoever in this article?

aaamsnzzz: I don't see i agree

it s gonna help the social political financial legal and spiritual issue wise old man. you are 100% PRODUCT of the matrix and you don't see it either. what can we do hum... nothing i agree , you don't see. just read rael post i tried to help you see, maybe it helps. because claim to expose for others and not being able to see rael is just a mason who turned bad financed by the masters...
maybe you could listen to mike tsarion when he tries to explain it s nice to see guys posting, writing, broadcasting, but the problem is they better do their how work before because they are helping the other side without even knowing it. but keep on going the denial because i made a comment on one page even i mentioned each time you were doing all right.... just go back to mandy p hall, and freud later on you will have the exact description and cause of you actual state of denial..... MIND CONTROL young padawan. to bad you refuse to even read before you answer with anger. wanna hit me next time i have an opinion? why not that could be the answer; or cut my credit? ahhaah u funny bunny

Quinton: No, I don't want to hit you

No, I don't want to hit you and I'm not at all angry - I don't see where you're going with all this. I respect your opinion and am thankful for you sharing it. I hope to see you contributing more on this site. Thanks :)

Genio: Haha

you guys are funny

selinakitten: hiya

hey take a look at ma site at thanks leave a comment :)

aaamsnzzz: contribution so..

there is a tremendous stuff that you could use as a door to explore all subjects because it will drive you to all ancient mysteries beyond your imagination and might at the end able you to see the final destination.
but it is a lot of work to do it properly or betta do nothing at all. maybe it's too hot to handle for most people this is real the question. not because it is hot by nature but because all they know is wrong and so they will misunderstand the very essence of the whole picture since you will have to cover 500 pages of historical facts.
once again, you must prepare yourself for a lot of work to explain everything because 99.999% of people will get it all the way wrong untill all exposed.
the point of entry i'm talking about is: Obama' speech in Chicago, included the YES we can backward because this a 101% thank you satan reverse used throughout all the campaign and served in each house all around the worlds by the cartel of media as you will understand if you dig into it( the 'yes you can' is available in 60 different speeches for this amusing thanks to the light bearer. but the point is that the thank u satan will lead you into pre phonetician, atlantis/lemuria, sun worship, and biggest lies ever told to control the slaves.
what is very interesting and a lot of work is all the occult in the entire speech in relation with today's world.
word after word it's amazing what you will find here. be ready for almost an encyclopaedia studying the speech and exposing the truth. the good part of it is : it gives the entire agenda to the slaves, the history of your country, the history of the world and the destiny of it if no one does nothing till very very very soon but sharing info in the internet lol. and i'm afraid it s gonna be the case.... but...c'est la vie.

speech is here:

intro video i made for you is here:

just a taste of heaven to help you out how to make the study:

OBAMA: Hello, Chicago.
Barack Obama’s election night victory speech in Chicago, Illinois.

"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer."

1. all things are possible (not he says america not usa....) : no comment with yes you can / thank you satan; lol. meaning everything is really possible indeed. dozens millions of sheeps have been repeating yes we can a billion time. all the Tvs in the worlds and nobody never noticed, though it was the very symbol of the guy.... a rising sun on red and blue .. lol

2. dream of founders :
founding father number one G Washington? :

just take 2 pictures to show people what he is talking about Vs/ innocent sheep thinking he is talking to they about what they think ( sheeps are thinking by the way?)

use the famous statue of george washington stating: "1st freemason, allegiance priority, then president of the place "

for the people he is THE president. that is how you understand isn't it? yes it is.
for special people with special agenda and encoded linguo : he is 1st freemason, allegiance priority, then president of the place yes .but it doesn't really matter, it's just business to be president.
What matters is the brotherhood and Obama talks to the brotherhood.

then you can show more of course to understand we are talking about something else, and it is not for the "people" that puppet obama talks.
you can the other statue made by real fellows listeners or masters of the old george: the Baphomet statue:

his position being understood by other masons to represent Baphomet:
both together:

Baphomet is a masonic god. you've to go way back to the Knights Templar (bankers hum much space here lol ) to find baphomet when the mason templar were tried for blasphemy, homosexuality, and devil worship by the Inquisition in the 13th century. and in fact way back before.
it will cover modern history as well, e.g. The name Baphomet was taken by black magician Aleister Crowley when he became the Outer Head of the Order (or OHO) for OTO.
ask Jimmy Page (led zep pfffffffff you don't know led zep?) owner of aleister crowley' house and robert plant new best friend of prince charles about reverse messages in old vinyl records..or ozzy maybe? Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head · Mr. Crowley, did you talk with the dead hum. but the guitar solo is hottt, don't blaspheme too much please. just ozzy himself drives back to G W BUSH, music industry,everything is possiblE see?

maybe you want to talk about an other founding father freemason to really know what you are into? sacrifices? obama is gonna talk about sacrifice of course, do not worry, like he is gonna talk about the pyramids brick by brick, block by block, or red bloodline and the blue sheeps, america Vs united states, 221, 21 , 106 , etc etc etc

other founding father i was saying because we are still in the first step of the very first sentence, so let s go to the london house of ben francklin if you please; thank you satan:
Remains of ten bodies at Ben Franklin's home
February 11 1998
The coroner is examining skeletons found beneath statesman's former London house,
says Robin Young

WORKMEN have dug up the remains of ten bodies hidden beneath the former London home of Benjamin Franklin, the founding father of American independence.

The remains of four adults and six children were discovered during the £1.9 million restoration of Franklin's home at 36 Craven Street, close to Trafalgar Square. Researchers believe that there could be more bodies buried beneath the basement kitchens.

Initial estimates are that the bones are about 200 years old and were buried at the time Franklin was living in the house, which was his home from 1757 to 1762, and from 1764 to 1775. Most of the bones show signs of having been dissected, sawn or cut. One skull has been drilled with several holes.
Paul Knapman, the Westminster Coroner, said yesterday:
"I cannot totally discount the possibility of a crime. There is still a possibility that I may have to hold an inquest."
The principal suspect in the mystery is William Hewson, like Franklin a Fellow of the Royal Society, and the husband of Polly Stevenson, the daughter of Franklin's landlady, Mary Stevenson.

etc... i stop here , it was just to tell you the truth might be very very very far away from where you are sure it is.

3. all right so let us end the first sentence of the speech with a sound beautiful word for slaves : DEMOCRACY
does sheeps sometimes open an encyclopaedia ? hum nothing is less sure, so here we go

The Classical Greek philosopher Plato (big masonic reference for atlantis and many other thigs) discusses five types of regimes.
They are Aristocracy, Timocracy, Oligarchy, Democracy and Tyranny.
Plato also assigns a man to each of these regimes to illustrate what they stand for. The tyrannical man would represent Tyranny for example.
These five regimes progressively degenerate starting with Aristocracy at the top and Tyranny at the bottom.
Each regime below aristocracy is worse than the one before. Aristocracy is considered the best.

# 1 Aristocracy
# 2 Timocracy
# 3 Oligarchy
# 4 Democracy
# 4 Democracy "The Democratic Man"
# 5 Tiranny "The Tyrannical Man"

finally in his etude called "From The Republic " , Plato states How Democracy Leads To Tyranny.... oupssss
that makes sense no? 1 2 3 4 5

Now Re-read the first sentence of the speech... see where you are coming from?
Are you still sure people can understand Obama speech with their actual knowledge? don't you have any doubt he is talking to someone else?
and it goes like this during all the speech, and fireworks of thank you satan when he points things out at the end , it is simply amazing if you learn how to read.

tonight is your answer.... it was just the very first sentence man.

ciao buddy

nice you don't wanna hit me cose i may be stronger that you are even if i'm older.. you never know
and it wasn't me who pulled up the word trade center FYI... it was georges... so do what you have to do but don' t you fight with me when i visit your site and leave a comment.

if you were smart you already deleted that link i told you, but ego hei.. i ve been thought that too. once upon a time i had 24 years myself, i was thinking i was the best at everything. just ask as my grilfriend if she prefers my tongue as i use today or back when i was 24 . u ll get the right answer.

and i repeat again and again you site is technically awesome and it seems you are human, so i d like to talk to you about serious issues. private mode so please contact. can 't post my fone here ok?


Aimsterskitz0rz: Truth Seeker :)

I found this website when I googled "Personality Types" Great Article ...just wondering if Any of you read:

42268: I don't usually leave

I don't usually leave comments but after reading about the safety of visiting internet sites and government conspiracies I decided to. I'm not denying the existance of government conspiracies, but I am amused by the level of paranoia and egotism in the earlier blogs. Even if our government was keeping tabs on people like, what web sites you visit, items you buy, or shows you watch, or even your antipatriotic postings like this, what makes you so important. Unless your forming some sort of underground rebel army planing to rise up and overthrough. The other thing I have to comment on is that it amuses me even more to find people who are so amazed by things that are virtually inevitable. for example the concept of slavery and how we are slaves to the "masterminds" or ruling class of our society. regardless of politics we are always slaves. As long as there is some one bigger and stronger that is able to make you do what they want you are a slave to them. in the most primitive sense might is right. and if you don't personaly have might you better have the ability to make might by forming teams, gangs in a way. Based sometimes on race, class, gender, religion, common interest. we are always slaves to the most powerful group. This is inevitable. humans like wolves are pack animals and inately want to follow a chain of command, and crave leadership. we need our alphas and at the same time we all want to be the alpha continuously challenging our way up the lader. But as people evolve intellectualy so do the groups that are formed but this transformation is predictable as history which always repeates it'self because the true nature of man evolves much slower than man's technological creations or ego. predictable as the course of a human life birth reproduction death. empires rise, empires fall, people are oppressed, people will rebel, land exploited to point of devestation, will be land restored to livible conditions or abandoned till nature restores it to liveable conditions. my favorite the societal method of prioritizing based on the idea that a problem isn't a problem unless it currently effects me/us. I guess that's my perception of the S majorities views at least. those living in the present.

last thought. i noticed gramar criticisms above. well eat your heart out cause I know my shit's all fucked up. I could make it better but I just don't see the point. the idea is there if you can't decode it to bad. I'm hoping someone will read it though and know what I'm getting at even though it wasn't put to words the best.

edisonik: The Conspiracy is Real

It is Real. The Destruction of Freedoms & Liberties is Real.

Victoria2012: INFJ

I totally have been saying this forever.I believe in this 100%

restoretherails: Commenting on this MBTI subject thread..

I've always been a believer in the importance of self-awareness, introspection, etc.. But when I crossed paths with the MBTI, it was almost epiphany-like for me. Another interesting aspect of the MBTI work is that it is able to approximate (amorous) relationship compatibilities, as well.. And I think that if anything is in need of perhaps being tossed out and starting from scratch is how we approach life-mate-finding.. But, all the dyfunction created by failed relationships translates into great economic machineries that profit from mass social dysfunctions..

Big dreamer, me! INFP

freedmftr88: So if The New World Order is ran by intuitives...

The theory regarding iNtuitives running the New World Order is a brilliant concept and it must be true. NT types with cognitive functions that aren’t healthy. Because not only do they rule on the top but iNtuitives can easily rule tax payers on the bottom just as easily since the society is geared toward the mass SJ type conformity. Technically an iNtuitive can see a neurologist and get easily diagnosed with something and go to their local social security office.
The motivation I think is revenge regarding the oppression of being an iNtuitive living in the sensor world. Then again, does that sound like a “Feeler type” to you ? I’m an INFP and this is my observation intuitive theory so let me know what your thoughts are on this. I also noticed that New Age spiritual abilities are discriminated on the neurology test too which I found strange , and this is often discussed on various websites from what I’ve read iNtuitives being misdiagnosed and New Age people being misdiagnosed. So if iNtuitives are running the NWO , maybe it’s done purposely I don’t know.
I think a better solution is Anarchism because it’s fair for everyone and no more hierarchy . And that’s the irony I see here. If iNtuitives feel like sensors are forcing hierarchy upon them then why are they doing the same thing ? It’s not very smart. That’s why spirituality in the 5D is smarter than the 3D . I’d definitely like to see more posts regarding the analysis of MBTI and NWO . Even Numerology.

freedmftr88: NWO and MBTI theory infographic ( rough draft )

I was working on this infographic last night. It's sort of a rough draft that might have some spelling errors and is disorganized but the main idea I think is " NWO intuitives , how they get sensors involved , the intuitives on the bottom , and how an intuitive could help out the NWO or destroy it." Again it's a rough draft and not the best infographic in the world , I just want to share it for theory sake. I just think the idea is so interesting because at least for me I thought for awhile that it was a STJ ran society. However looking at it from a New World Order prospective knowing that it's iNtuitives , it does make sense and it's interesting. In a way the NWO is creative but at the same time fiendish. ( A little warning , it might be a bit typist relying on MBTI type stereotypes but again it's just an idea / and theory . )

freedmftr88: here's the link
( I tried to attach it but nothing happened so I uploaded it to my images instead ).

Tarheel: For the NWO, the end is near.

For the NWO, the end is near. Elmer Fudd says:NWO,The wivah is wapidly wizin!

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