Hollow-Stuff They Don't Want You To Know

Notice the Rays of Light Flowing outwards from the Outer Edges of this Huge Hole in the Earth surrounding by Snow, and Ice in this photo? You can actually see the inner walls of the Glowing Light along the Insides of this hole. Here's some actual documented history that TPTB don't want you/us to know about. link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1P-sE16b77M

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bluesbaby5050: This is an Actual Photo Taken Above the Earth.............

This is one actual opening to "The Hollow Earth". There are more hidden openings to the "Hollow Earth" in different parts of this planet then is told to the public.

Tim Lovell: Admiril Byrd went down to

Admiril Byrd went down to this right BB?

bluesbaby5050: Yes- this is True Tim..........

Admiral Byrd did go down into the Hollow Earth. When Admiral Byrd re-surfaced he brought back information that was well documented by the USAF. He was told this was to be kept secret by his peers. His grandson told about this, and gave detailed information in the book he wrote after his Grandfather died. Here's a link to a video on Admiral Byrd,and his Hollow Earth Journey.Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZMu3gJfXIQ

Tim Lovell: BB all this exists on

BB all this exists on different dimensions of earth, at the center of earth is a stargate called the halls of amenti , this is an interdimensional portal that connects ALL dimensions and timelines of earth, through this gateway you can access ALL of earth ALL of its timelines etc this is the most coveted gateway that ETs etc want control of .. you can access the different `hollow earths via this central portal tho there are other portals also inside and outside of earth that can grant access..

bluesbaby5050: Tim........?

Would you share your knowledge with this forum on this subject matter of the Hollow Earth, and it's portals, etc. and how you come to know all this Please? Thank you.

Tim Lovell: yes BB I have this knowledge

yes BB I have this knowledge from reading forums ages ago in 1996 to 2000 when the whole thing started and I read up on the halls of amenti but more than this it triggered memories of it and I knew what it was , how all the gateways throughout this galaxy where fought over ( the main reason and thing fought over in the galactic/orion wars etc) but earth has one of these gateways in its core called the halls of amenti it connects to all timelines of earth so is basically the control point of the earth , I will try and dredge up the stuff on it gimme time!

bluesbaby5050: Ok Tim........LOL!

Well I know I look forward to your knowledge spilling forth into this forum! LOL! I understand how the memory can be at times :-) I'm anxious to learn more about this, and from a person that has also experienced this in past lives, and this makes it come to life again! Thanks again Tim :-)

Quaesitor: Thanks Tim and BB

Great shares!

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