Oxfam, an international nonprofit organization, recently released a statistic that I thought was an exaggeration or a flat out manipulation of the true facts. Like every other fact that seems too unrealistic or unbelievable to accept, I decided to do some research. Here is the headline that set me off:

Oxfam: Combined wealth of the 85 richest people is equal to that of poorest 3.5 billion.

The first thing that I went looking for was their definition of “85 richest people.” Did they mean corporations, families, countries or governments? NO! They meant what they wrote. These people are individuals!

The next fact I looked into was the 3.5 billion poorest people. With the world population at or near the 7 billion mark, that would be roughly half of the world’s population. Once again, I found this to be an accurate statement.

Even more alarming to me was a buried statistic. This too, I found to be indisputable: 2,000 of the richest people have a combined wealth equal to that of 6 billion people.
I found both statements to be true and accurate, and my head is still spinning.

I had to find out if this extreme minority of people with most of the wealth were good, decent and caring people. Are they smarter, are they harder workers? No, they are not. They are in fact responsible for most of the environmental disasters, wars, famine, racism, bigotry and fear mongering. When shit goes sideways, these people profit…tremendously.

Having vented on greed and the glaring inequality of the human existence, I have to get into the population growth chart I posted above.

The Earth is a living organism. All organisms have a carrying capacity. That is the ability of an organism to sustain a population based on the quantity of life sustaining infrastructure available. When a balance is struck, this is called a sustainable carrying capacity.

We are destroying our infrastructure by polluting our air, land and water worldwide. What part of sustainability do we as humans not understand?

Most experts on the subject say that Mother Earth can comfortably sustain between 1-2 billion people. But I believe She could be content with many more people than that if, and only if, we as human beings were to treat her and each other with more compassion, love, understanding and charity. Just a little respect and foresight will go a long way toward sustainability.

The most caring, giving and loving people I have ever met, do not have shoes, a clean water source, proper sanitation or even basic life saving medicine. But they do have a few soccer balls, mosquito nets and discarded t-shirts from second place finishing millionaire athletes.

They are quick to smile, laugh and share what little they do have. They do no harm and are not a burden to Mother Earth. They are her very special children. They do not complain or ask for anything. The poorest 3.5 billion people on the Earth do far less damage to the environment than the richest 1%.

Please join me in helping our less privileged brothers and sisters in any way you can. Simply sending them love and light is free and rewarding. I send mine daily.

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bluesbaby5050: And on that Note..............

I was catching up on some of the current events taking place in the large cities across America today, and what I found was to ring true from a post that Annu77 gave to this forum a couple of years ago. And in this post it stated that some of the people in the large cities would be targeted. It went on to state that they would be rounded up and used for their organs to supply the market in demand of them. Come to realize that the homeless people were the first to start disappearing in the largest cities in the U.S. now. Even homeless families with children, because their fathers/mothers got laid off from work, and they just can't get enough money together to get an apartment, and those people can't eat except for the soup-kitchens. The DHS will not let them have an EBT food card because they don't have a home to cook meals in! Many are now living in tent cities, and only allowed if they can show proof of being a resident of that city. So as seen on the internet videos it's now showing many shopping carts filled with people's belongings, and their owners are never to be seen pushing them again. There are long rows of these kinds of old shopping carts lined up against buildings on the grass, and no one claims any of them. This is really very strange, because that's all those people have left. Some people are becoming alarmed by this. It's said that they are being picked up by un- marked vehicles, and taken to un-disclosed locations, and that's the last they are seen. Also, it was said last year that peoples mail boxes would be marked by a colored spot on them with certain code meanings to them. Red for the enemy of the state, like veterans, and then a blue spot, meaning trouble makers against the Obama system-the resistance, and then is the color yellow, meaning they will go along to get along, and they are not any threat to the Nazi Regime controlling the U.S. The mail boxes are being targeted in some cities now. Keep your eyes open for this in your cities. I guess this is only the beginning of what is to come.

bluesbaby5050: The POOR are getting..........

Poorer, while the RICH keep getting richer, and at the expense of the common people of this planet. Yes, some of the nicest people are the poor people. And some of the coldest, selfish people are the richest people. They are very self centered, and the more they have the more they want. I grew up poor, and I mean poor! I know first hand what that's like. I always tried to help the needy, by giving away clothes that came my way that I knew others less fortunate could use, and I never charged them a penny, or held yard sales. I always thought that was tacky. Some items were still in the original wrappings, and boxes, bags with price tags still on them. From people I knew that had died, and never got to wear them. Expensive clothes too. Leather jackets, and leather coats as some examples. I have passed on baby clothes, Children's clothes that were clean and in good condition, as well as furniture of all assortments to the poor. Even appliances like new, and energy savers too, floor freezers to the local colleges to store turkeys for the students at the college campuses. I would even give away canned foods, and other goods. I even gave away a car, and a out board motor boat, and they was worth a lot of money. I just gave the car away FREE. and the boat to a couple that lived near a lake, and loved to going fishing. I didn't even bother to sell it to them. Nothing was wrong with the car, and it still started fine when it was driven off by a family in need so the father could keep his job, and to travel to work, and back home. I did this with a 3/4 ton Van in excellent running condition also, and my family thought I was nuts! No not nuts I said, I knew what it was like to NEED things. I had worn those people's shoes during certain times in my life, so I know how those shoes feel. To me, those things had served their purpose when I really needed them. I figured it this way, we only borrow objects in life, and we use them as needed, and then we should pass them on after to others that need them more, if they still are useable. Even if I bought them brand new, when I didn't have any use for them anymore, I just let them go. I would even tell my grown children to let people know, but they had to be needy, and not phonies to take them to make personal profits. I would not allow them to go in this manner. Things always come my way no matter what ever it may be. You see, I follow, and respect the universal laws, and that's why it has always come back to me. When you give what is needed to others, and give it away FREE, things always come back to us in abundance. This law is known, and understood by the native Americans in the U.S. and elsewhere, and they understand what I am saying here now. So I hope others will understand, and do the same in what ever ways they can too.

edisonik: KARMA

If those who Lust for Power attack Adamu.
KARMA , they will face.

A Little Blue Planet like this is nothing for the Powers of Heaven.

Do I speak in Riddles?, no , Karma can manifest when those who do wrong do it for personal gain.

Instead Love and Help one another.

You can never attain Great Power , King Anu would never allow it. So why hurt others.

St. Elmo's Fire (Lyrics)


UN.i1-PHI: anu karma

and king anu will receive his karma too for not letting/'never allowing' others attain 'great power' for his own personal gain from it...
like for what he did to zeus and the people on tiamat/earth...
so why support anu's heaven, you won't attain great power by supporting/serving those who deny it to others, for their own... power hungry cowardice and tyranny for control...
but you can ('attain great power') if you challenge them!
anu doesnt mind that much if life seems ok and ppl dont hurt but love eachother, but as long he is in control...
so anu won't let the other so called 'ptb' on earth attain great power, but he does this also for himself to stay in power/control, even if this little blue planet is nothing for the powers of heaven, especially when its kept 'down' with these scum governing/herding the people...

Tim Lovell: yeah sry I must agree `king`

yeah sry I must agree `king` anu or anus as I call him isn't a god earth needs no `god` people create their own reality

bluesbaby5050: King Anu never claimed to be a God............

Anu is A KING, and a Ruler of Niberu, and Niberu's own system of smaller inhabited planets, and some inhabited asteroids. He is trying to keep the peace with the Orion Queens, and to prevent another galactic war with them. It was EN.lil that always claimed himself to be a god. He is the ET Tyrant god in THE BIBLE spoken of many, many times over in the biblical book.

UN.i1-PHI: anu will not allow others to attain great power

because that could threaten his own 'great power' and control.../personal gain
yeah he is no saint either, but he's portrayed like one ;p
all hail the almighty father in heaven king anus/asshole lol siriusly xD

bluesbaby5050: This post by Star is not about King Anu.............

It's about Sustainability, and how to improve people's lives, and how to improve this planet Earth, by sharing with each other, and by caring for each other. I spoke about the needy, and the homeless people, and who the greedy ones are, and why, and how they are maintaining their power, and gaining more riches, while the poor are suffering, and dying. This I do believe was the message Star was addressing in his post.

Starperson: You are on the mark BB

You are exactly correct in your understanding of my thoughts behind this post. I think you even said it clearer and pithier than I. Thank you.

bluesbaby5050: Yes and Obama and ............

The illegal Queen of England will pay a heavy price for all her orders given to Obama, and others in his cabinet, because Obama takes his orders from the Queen, because she is REALLY HIS BOSS! And she OWNS MOST OF THE LAND ON THIS PLANET! Connect the Dots, and FOLLOW the Gold-Money Trail, because she FUNDS the money to back up the Military Might/MUSCEL POWERS, and she also funds the Advancements of the War Machine around this planet, and MANY WORLD LEARDERS ARE GUILTY OF TAKING GOLD/MONEY FROM HER TO DO THIS. She and her Reptilian, and Draco Kind have very DIRE GOALS FOR THIS PLANET, THEY ARE DARK INDEED and they will proceed with their plans no matter what if not stopped. She wants to deplete the oceans around this planet, and they are now on their ways, to mass extinction of all animal life in them, and that's the first step, and the Fukushima disaster in Japan is doing a great job of it too, they have removed the 4th rod already from the CONSTANTLY LEAKING RADATION PLANT NOW, AND THERE IS NO WAY POSSIBLE TO STOP THIS LEAKAGE in Fukushima. And Fuushima is really 7OO TIMES WORST THEN THE Russian Chernobyl disaster, and this fact is being kept a secret from the public! And the Chernobyl disaster was done though the carelessness of the Russian workers back in Chernobyl when there was the leaking of radiation in that plant, and the workers didn't correct it when they had a chance to. I don't blame those workers, because I think this was a big part of the plan to destroy planet Earth bit, by bit, and to make people around this planet THINK IT WAS JUST ACCIDENTAL, when the TRUTH IS FAR FROM BEING ACCIDENTAL BY FAR! The queen has plans to mine this planet for all it's Precious metals, mostly GOLD within 100 years from now! She is a large stock holder in URANIUM, and she uses it as a deadly weapon against the human population around this planet in the wars for HER PROFITS, and for her cohorts-puppets. The whole Northern Hemisphere is now very polluted in the Air, and the Lands and now the Seas, and the radiation will be reaching the Atlantic Ocean soon as well. All the sea life in the Pacific Ocean is constantly dying everyday, and soon the ocean life will be totally gone. Just like the DEAD SEA IS TODAY from the radiation used in the ancient wars in the middle eastern countries near the Dead Sea ( that's why it's called the DEAD sea). The land there is still blackened, and this can be clearly seen from the space shuttle. Pictures were sent back to prove this. There is also a mass cover-up of the real truth of what happened to the missing Malaysian plane that disappeared while on route. Tesla technology was used to shoot down the plane to start a war, because the 2 men that boarded that plane with stolen ID'S were from IRAN ( they were paid off, unknown to them they were to meet their deaths soon), and they were going to be used as SCAPEGOATS to make the people of this planet want to war with Iran, because Iran has many valuable resources that the GREEDY HAVE THEIR EYES ON FOR A LONG TIME. The rear of that plane was hit by this technology, and this plane was used to TEST OUT THIS NEW HIGH TECHNOLOGY,AND A NAVEL SHIP WAS CLOSE BY IN THE SEAS, AND IT HAD TO BE WITHIN 10 MILES OF IT'S TARGET! This was seen by witnesses that were overlooked during this tragic event. A lot of information is not being told to the people because the News medias are not telling the real truths to those families. The MAIN COUNTRIES OF THIS PLANET KNEW ABOUT THIS, BECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE A HUGE BENIFITS FROM THESE ACTIONS. THEY HAD AGREED TO THIS! Remember that Thaiwuan is where the Opium trade makes profits for the queen, and she has her DIRTY BLOOD MONEY LAUNDERED THOUGH THIS COUNTRY. And she made huge profits from the Poppy Plants that contain Opium in Afghanistan. It's wars in countries for the Drug Trade, and for the precious metals, and for the natural Crude Oil, and for the Natural Gas. So TPTB around this planet are creating distractions for the people so they will not pay CLOSE attention to what is really happening all around them! The UK Queen also gave the orders for the Russian soldiers to shoot on the police, and the people fighting against them! Gee, I wonder WHY PUTIN FOLLOWED THOUGH WITH THIS? I'll tell you why, because they have their GREEDY EYES ON THE UKRAINS OIL AND NATURAL RESERVES, AND ON HER PRESCIOUS METALS, AND GEMS! They are ALL GUILTY! (The Orion Queens want this planet as their own! )There will be more uprisings, and they will make them WORST where ever there is turmoil in countries around this planet.The Queen's goal is for global Trans-humanism/transformation of the human to become a Biological Robot to follow orders, and all the people of this planet have already been implanted with bloody-red plasma, which IS BLOOD! PLASMA AND IS REAL BLOOD( for those that didn't know this) and it is holding tiny Nano- Particles that connect to the human, and animal tissues, and to all the plant life around this world! This is being done though the Chemtrails, and the Chemical bombs they drop on us from the planes that Criss-Cross our skies, and lets not forget the POISON VACCINES, AND THE GMO'S AND THE FLOURIDE IN OUR WATER THAT IS ALSO A DEADLY POISON USED TO DUMB DOWN, AND SLOWLY KILL THOUGH DISEASES, and the Viruses that are purposely SPRAYED THOUGH OUR AIR AT NIGHT, and the FLU STRAINS THAT ARE SPRAYED ON US TOO! This is where the Morgellon's disease comes into play here. It is very prevalent in California, and in the states along the west coast right now. And so what ever you eat, and wear, and use for your household furnishings, and building products are holding deadly chemicals in them too! Everything is contaminated! There is no way to get away from this mass distruction of the human species as we are today, and the animal, and plant life also. We need to be very aware of what is really happening to us. We can't just sit back and allow the world leaders to do this to us! So what are you going to do? Are we going to just sit back and watch the TV's and pretend that everything is alright when in reality it is NOT?! Are we to let this happen, and say, and do nothing? This is why I took the time to type this today, to let all of you become informed of the mass genocide that is taking place before your very eyes, and under your noses. This is not FEAR MONGERING, IT IS A WAKEUP CALL BADLY NEEDED TO THE PEOPLE OF EARTH!

Tarheel: Nicely done BB

Don't hold anything back when you "tell us how you really feel". :)

bluesbaby5050: Well, You Know Me Tarheel..........

I just have to tell it like it really is-THE COMPLETE TRUTH NO-MATTER HOW PEOPLE WILL FEEL ABOUT IT! LOL! The Truth is the Truth no matter how you Slice, and Serve it :)

bluesbaby5050: Here's another UP-DATE for people that MUST KNOW!............

It is now ILLEGAL TO BE HOMELESS IN NORTH, AND SOUTH CAROLINA, AS OF THIS YEAR, AND IT IS A NEW OBAMA LAW, AND IS ENFORCED ON THE HOMELESS PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF THE REASONS THAT MADE THEM HOMELESS IN THE FIRST PLACE. And we all know by now, or should know by now, how these people, and their families got in this position in the first place. It Was PLANNED TO HAPPEN to Americans decades ago! YES! THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH HERE! Our leaders have PURPOSELY SENT OUR JOBS in the U.S. over seas for cheaper labor, of course, this is always the Ways of The GREEDY! Then the Homeless, and the hungry will get sick from not eating healthy, and will soon die off, if not already being SENT AWAY, AND OUT OF SIGHT TO THE FEMA CAMPS BY UN-MARKED VECHICLES AS WAS STATED BY SOME CURIOUS ON LOOKERS. Then they will be GUILLOTINED, those people will loose their heads soon after they are inside those FEMA CAMPS OF NO RE-TURN. This is so that the human vital organs will not become damaged. It costs $ 40,000.00 for just 1 human liver! And a person can not live with out a liver, because it filters the blood of toxins. Can you imagine what a set of lungs goes for, and a heart? And lets not forget about the eyeballs to give a high paying person the gift of sight by someone's murdered set of eyes? And that's the last thing they saw, the guillotine before they went to their deaths. I know I would not want to have those eyes under those circumstances, would you? I've seen enough weird movies of things close to this happening to people of donor parts, and they experienced some of that CELL-MEMORY FROM THOSE PARTS!

Tarheel: Flashback & Cautionary Tales

Sounds like NAZI Germany. Or ACTUALLY what is going on are Socialistic policies in a Fascism reality.

1)Fascism - when Business & Gov't marry
2)Socialism = A stop on the way between capitalism > communism as it pertains to the populace

The Cautionary Tales are: 1) Remember what happened to Mussolini? Well, he made Italy a fascist state and was bludgeoned to death by the Italian people.
2) We all should remember what happened to Hitler's socialism.

bluesbaby5050: Ya and We All Know.........

Shit happens in 3's! SO EYES -WIDE -OPEN, and REMAIN ALERT.

edisonik: Work together , your all Human Beings.

You are so much more than what you have all become.

You are like Heaven so learn to Love One another.

USA for Africa - We Are The World ( Original Music Video 1985 ) H

bluesbaby5050: As was EXPLAINED so many times before...........

The Anunnaki Hybrids that were left behind was Entrusted by the orders of King Anu of Niberu, to guide the Terrans of Earth, and to care for planet Earth as an outpost because it is on the Trade Routes. These Anunnaki hybrids that were left behind was not allowed to leave Earth with their parent race,"The Anunnaki", because they had Primate DNA in them, and they were considered INFERIOR because of this, and that is the True reason why they were left behind, and this is also stated in the Sumerian history. This was never a secret. But, as we can now see, these orders were not kept, and now the Anunnaki can see what their Off- Spring has done to this planet, and it's resources, and the pollutions to it's Eco -systems, and to it's native Terrans of Earth. None of this was supposed to happen. And now those Anunnaki Hybrids are living in fear of what their parent race will do to them once they come back to Earth. And many people don't know that a couple of Anunnaki Scout ships have been destroyed NEXT TO JUPITER by the Satellites that CONTAIN WEAPONS, AND THEY ALL ARE POINTED TOWARDS SPACE, AND AWAY FROM EARTH! THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH KEPT HIDDEN FROM THE PUBLIC. The ANUNNAKI ARE NOW IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM, AND THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY-KARMA as Edisonki stated in his threads last night. TPTB are in a total panic right now, and living in Fear of what lays ahead for them. These are some of the leaders that rule over the U.S, and the UK right now. The Anunnaki are very Pissed Off!

bluesbaby5050: And by the way.............

It was King ANU that gave the orders to RE-Terra Form planet Earth. He sent his best to do this, and they are Prince EN.KI HIS OLDEST SON, and his Science Officers, and they did just that. It took them thousands of years to do this. This was NO SMALL FEAT! They also did this to many star systems, and galaxies. THEY ARE CREATORS, and so they create the heavens. And the ones that destroy those creations will have to pay a heavy price for this, Example- Planet Earth! Karma is a Bitch!

obsrvantlouie: Nice post Star!

Some of the best people I've met..these people don't have a dollar to their name. Alarming times indeed when so few are blind to these statistics.

Unfortunate that this article has garnered such 'weak' conversation...

edisonik: You have spoken very well all of you.

It is true that Tyranny is wrong, and EA understood this. You understand also, you are all wise and you are like an Ancient Council of Members Reincarnated here at this moment in time to achieve DESTINY.
A Destiny you know in your Heart.

You are all Wise and your Ancient Wisdom shows well Star members of Heaven.

Many Blessings to you the Ancient Elders.

edisonik: The Time of Miracles is upon us.

The Time for DESTINY is upon us.
The Time for LOVE , PEACE & HARMONY is upon us.
With Heaven by our side let no Nation stand against DESTINY.

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