by Annunaki77 on November 11th, 2012

The People Voted for Obama, this will further Destroy America.
The Agenda of De-Industrialization, the Increase of the Unemployment, the Increase of Illegal Aliens, the Increase of Taxation and the Economic Crash that is coming with the Fiscal Cliff that is coming very soon in America.

America is a ticking Time Bomb, Civil War will be Ripe with the Illuminati Agenda which is being forced by Republican and Democrate alike.
Prepare for Tyranny America!.

Dr Deagle Show 2012/11/08 - TEXE MARRS - TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES

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bluesbaby5050: This is what I thought.............

I had a gut feeling this was the case. This is why I did not vote Obama in again! People will still have to prepare for more food,water, and the like, as the banks will close. This is called the Bank Holiday. Edisonik said Next April 13th is the date the Crap hits the fan! Remember this? I sure do! Stock up, and be ready. Keep on praying for peace, and NOT war. This really does matter. The energies are going to keep changing too,and this will make room for the new,and better life we all want. The old has to be removed ,for the new systems to be replaced, and put into order. Work is being done by the Light Beings from off world, and by the Light workers on this planet, to help these changes to take place. We are NOT alone here. We still have to do our parts to hold these vibrations of light grounded into this planet now.This is very important now,and futher down the road.

Tarheel: Obama was the lesser of the 2 evils.

So, I wrote-in for The Reform Party/Jesse Ventura in Hopes that he will get on the ticket for 2016.

bluesbaby5050: Recently in January 2014 Jesse Ventura has...........

Stated that he is going to run for president in 2016. He said he would be running as Independent, and that's what the people need to vote as. Notice: This message was just an UP-DATE from 2 years ago on this post, nothing more.

UN.i1-PHI: i dont trust him neither

none of em
controlled opposition

UN.i1-PHI: but yea i guess he'd be a better "choice" IF you had to vote

and if your vote was really worth something out there...
think it would be better if people wouldn't vote for any of their crap going on and on like this and start to change the whole system in another way for the better of all for the people BY the people!
jesse could be just another front to lure the half awake ppl, but who knows maybe he is genuine ehm...
Jesse Ventura EXPOSED

bluesbaby5050: I'm Not voting anyway........

I haven't voted since the early 80's. It's just a waste of time. John F. Kennedy was the last BEST president the U.S. had, and nothing better since then.

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