by edisonik on February 28th, 2014

As you progress with your teachings , you are begining to understand that Humanity has been enveloped into the Extraterrestrial SYSTEM you call THE MATRIX.
Remember that this SYSTEM ( Agriculture / Banking / Education / Military / Politics / Government / Religion ETC ) has been Forced on you by Members of the Annunaki and the Orion Reptilians.

You live it everyday , you take it as a given and yet so many of you surrender your Kod given Rights to it everyday when you know , you do not have to surrender your Free Will to any of this.
Your Non-Compliance will keep you Free.
Life is Free and it will always be Free or Else.

The Watchers are keeping a close EYE on the NWo Fools.

So remember , try to remember you are Linked to Earth and to Heaven since your DNA is from both Earth & Heaven.
The Rich and those self proclaimed Kods are very flawed in their thinking , assuming they are Greater than Humanity , they are not and their Extreme Arrogance will send them to the Abyss.

Love yourselves and Love Humanity , never surrender your DNA or your Soul to the Corporations because they will try to take what Kod has given you.
Or should I say what Heaven has given let no Corporation take away.

Heaven is Watching and karma is there for those Arrogant fools who mock Heaven.

Lion King 2-We are one w/ Lyrics

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edisonik: You will understand when your Heart awakens your Divine Power

There is the Heart move in to the heart and then you will understand.
It is a Special Gift.

edisonik: Never lose Hope Adamu

Our Love is so Great and we are here on Earth. And if Nations have the Arrogance to Declare War , Heaven will Humble their Arrogance.


edisonik: Even Heaven Cries

Our Emotion is Great because we know that Life & Death is nothing but a Transition .
We are One.
All Humanity WORLDWIDE.

Tarheel: Heartfelt post from Edi

That's why we love ya'll, Edi.

bluesbaby5050: Tarheel is Right, Heartfelt Messages.............

Your messages Ring Loud, and Clear! To the NW Dis-order, be Aware of what Lord Garuda says, Heaven Will Humble Your Arrogance, because he is not alone, he speaks for many others in this galaxy.

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