In memories of Aleister Crowley

by dvogel on February 16th, 2014

I don't agree with all the man did, but I consider him and his works to be a great added value to occultism.

The Poet

"Bury me in a nameless grave!
I came from God the world to save.
I brought them wisdom from above:
Worship, and liberty, and love.
They slew me for I did disparage
Therefore Religion, Law and Marriage.
So be my grave without a name
That earth may swallow up my shame!"

- Aleister Crowley

M. Manson's ode to Crowley

"Go ahead and build a better messiah, we can dig another grave
this is your calling
if you are hearing this, there is nothing I can do
something has grown in my chest
and I have seen it
it is hard and cold
it's been dormant for many years
I have tried to save you, but I cannot come to save you
but this is what you deserve
this is what we deserve
this is something that we have brought upon ourselves
we are not a victim, you are not a victim
we are not a victim, you are not a victim
god will grovel before me
god will crawl at my feet
these are the dying years
these are the dying years
when you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you"

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bluesbaby5050: eevie it's true about King Solomon..........

Being a great Necromancer besides A. Crowley, but that's because if a person that is SO DEEP INTO BLACK MAGIC, and it was widely practiced in ancient history, as well as today, there will come a time when the eating of rotting human flesh of a dead corpse is called for in the rituals to summon up the dead to get knowledge of future events, and yes King Solomon also indulged in this too. It is very sick, and quite insane, but if these people want this power real BAD then they really have do this! People should do some research on this to learn a little more about this subject, because it is made to appeal to young children as in Harry Potter, and Lord of The Rings, and very many other popular movies, and in books that are out now. This involves some very nasty ingredients in their rituals. I will add to this also, the famous Shaman, Credo Mutwa from Africa had to do this also, he even admitted to this in an interview with David Ick.

eevie: Solomon was a sorcerer.

Solomon was a sorcerer. Sorcerers are not of the true positive light and true positive dark. All false dark and light. A necromancer approved by the mad insane et who calls himself god/yahweh. The baby eating sob who calls humanity cattle.
LoTR is a history of earth. A very ancient history. Tolkien could not publish it as fact. Not allowed. The history is a part of the true history of earth, known only by the elite. I am told that the Hobbits are todays men and women. Makes sense. The Hobbits were OPs. That is why they were so simple, sensate people. Happy farming, eating, partying and not much else. But then Bilbo and Frodo come along, they are different from the other Hobbits. They can't really fit in. It is because they had spirits, the eternal spark as opposed to all the other Hobbits being OPs. Crazy huh? lol This Change of the Ages brought about the lowering of our frequency taking us back to cavemen. How many times have people started over? While the others like the Wizards, the Elves moved up in vibe. the grey ships? hehe They went back to the planet of their origin.

dvogel: Tell me

How old is he then now? They must have brain washed him as well....since that is all against what he is about.

eevie: Everyone is mind controlled.

Everyone is mind controlled. Everyone. Even the elite. Possessed as well. They call it hosting. :) They brought Crowley here for his abilities. His age? I'm sure he's not very old. Too old is no good for them and the number of sex rituals he has going? I would guess in his 40s.

bluesbaby5050: What is your opinion on this eevie?

Do you think A. Crowley will be sent back to the correct time line that he was summoned from? I know he was sent for in Antartica by the Bush's when they went there to get Crowley, because of the portal down there? I know when people time travel that they can't get back to the exact second in time where they actually came from when they started out, but they can get back really close. Do you think that he will be allowed to remain here, or be sent back? And another though came to me just now that I would like to discuss with you. What will happen now that A. Crowley is here in this time frame, won't his being gone from his previous time line make a difference in time some where now? I would think that there would be some differences made in events when he disappeared. What do you think about this?

eevie: I like your perceptions. :)

I like your perceptions. :) Crowley for intents and purposes is now a part of this timeline. IN this timeline he was time traveled to now, several years back. The timelines are constantly changing, first by our choices now. What we want is what we are getting. The timelines are getting better with each jump. Hue manity is doing this!! The bad guys change the timelines with time travel, like bringing Crowley forward and changing events in the past to alter todays activities so to speak. So, the good guys turn around and do the same trying to circumvent what the bad guys have done. Actually taking the places of historical figures to make sure certain events happen, or not. Gets crazy. I just focus on where i want to be and that is the fuck out of this prison matrix. The matrix is from the lowest dimension to the highest. AScending is not escaping this matrix. We want out of it. Not higher up in it. =)

bluesbaby5050: I understand............

And I also agree with you very much. I want totally out of it too. By the way, you had said that Gaia has been shutting down your chakras since 2009. What tipped you off that it was her? For myself, I was slowly loosing interest in socializing, clubbing/dating, and yes the sexual urge, and I could fire it up at will if I wanted to, but, I made a conscious choice not to. I have way more energy, and I have expanded in ways that I noticed because of this. One is that people do not see me, if I will them not to if I'm outside. I seem invisible to them, and they can't hear me when I am talking to them. Also, I don't want to involve myself with drama anymore, it takes away too much energy anyways. I was also getting back my past life memories as well, and even remembering what I did for a living, and what race I was, and even the time frame. My physic abilities have advanced even higher then before, they were high to begin with, even as a child, and it was natural for me. I have done nothing to help this along. Not complaining either. I seem to have stopped aging also for the past 15 years or more, because I have not wrinkled, and no crows feet either, and I need no make up, and I do not dye, color, or frost my hair. No need to ( Not bad ). I astral project every night during sleep, and I do not call it dreaming, because there really is a difference between the two. Have you any experienced any thing close to this?

eevie: The closer and more deeply

The closer and more deeply rooted i became with mama earth, my lower chakras began shutting down. I felt lighter, freer. It made that big of a difference. Then i discover others are shutting theirs down on purpose and then removing them. They do try to reimplant them but we're on it. lol
Crowley isn't alone in the sex magic department. They are all on over time with it, especially since the first of the year. Michael Aquino is another one. they both are delivering messages that contain triggers for our alters, or just outright abduct us, MILAB and trigger from there. I am really so sick of this shit. The human race has no idea how deep and ugly this reality really is. If they did....their minds would snap.

bluesbaby5050: Yes I am very grounded/connected to Mother Gaia's

Crystal core for the past 20 years, and I speak to her from my heart often. I always thank her for her supporting my life, and keeping me safe too. I see, and feel the trees reaching out to me though their branch's, and SOMETIMES I'll blow my breath towards them, and they seem to sway when there is not even any breeze to be seen, or felt. They breath in what we exhale, and they give us back oxygen that we need. I do this to them gently. I am close to/with nature, and at my happiest when I am in nature. I think this is when the changes in me became notable to me. I think with, and make every choice in my life from my heart, not totally though my mind. I have never been a material person, to me I/we acquire what we need to live, and I consider it borrowing, because it belongs to this planet, and it does provide for us, and we will just leave it all behind us when we leave anyways.

eevie: =) exactly!!!! the balanced

=) exactly!!!! the balanced mind/the christed mind. Living in and thru your heart. It is the only way.

dvogel: How do you then explain that

How do you then explain that he died in his 70s? Shouldn't he have been missing ever since then?

dvogel: Furthermore

why would they ever choose Hitler? Why not "time travel" and take Himmler, that would at least be more understandable. As well the Bush family are numbskulls especially Bush jr. He wouldn't have gotten anywhere near a political position if his hand wasn't held the whole way. He could hardly read his cue cards correctly.

bluesbaby5050: I had read some wheres that George Bush Jr..........

Had died in the late 80's of a drug overdose, and that this fact was well covered up, because he was governor during that time. Bush Jr. used to party a lot and get out of control because he used to drink alcohol to excess, and do drugs as well. Also, his father was the head of the CIA then, and that he had ordered the detectives to back off this case involving Bush Jr. and it was said that he had killed someone, and the detectives doing the investigating were told to back off or else. Nothing was ever heard about that after, and it just seemed to fade away. I don't remember if it was a hit, and run or what. This could be researched if anyone wanted to, if all the information wasn't already destroyed, as is the usual manner in a cover up of this kind. George Bush Jr. wasn't too bright to begin with anyways, as he had low grades in school as well. He was most likely cloned many times over, along with other family members, and their spouses, and even their young children if the need be. This is pretty routine. So my guess is this is how he was handled, and this was how he was hand held though out his term in office as president too. Nothing surprises me anymore.

eevie: The more important you are

The more important you are the fewer clones you have. Presidential status gets a new one every 3 years.

UN.i1-PHI: To eevie; negociation...

i do hope they makes the 'right/good/better' decisions ;P, but what 'excactly' could they offer except for backin off/down (a bit?)... and how much can you trust them?as they could use the opportunity to negociate as a trap of some kind?...

bluesbaby5050: Maybe it was to Honor their

So-Called father," The Master" of The Occult in human form. I just know those adults are of the same types=monsters that feed off the blood/flesh, and the fearful energies given off from those victimized children during their enforced traumas by the Reptilians/Draco's. This is how they live.

bluesbaby5050: A. Crowley also had a son....

By a woman that took a weird liking to him during his later years in his life. This was during the time that Crowley lived in a shabby, cheap apartment down the street from this woman during his later years. Aleister was poor, and penny-less in his old age near end of his life. Maybe his son followed in his father's footsteps later on, and his son picked up where his father left off, and this is probably where that information came from Uni. I don't know.

dvogel: I think people are misunderstanding

the 666. It is actually the number of man also called the beast, nothing bad about that. Only in Christianity its bad as they hate the human body since its imperfect and only focus on the soul.

UN.i1-PHI: occultists/&satanists (ab)use it on purpouse!

and they attach their own meanings to it as usual to pervert the shit out of sacred geometry, occult symbolism etc..

btw sin(666)=-0,80901699... double it and take the negative/anti of it and its -2*sin(666)=1,61803398...='phi' (--> golden ratio,uno/one 1 to: PHI appears troughout nature/universe bringing harmonic,efficient and esthetic results in design of all kind of things and in all kind of ways!)
in degrees ofc otherwise you have to translate to radians so that would be -2*sin(666*2pi/360)=1,61803398...:D but its the same as 306 degrees (plus a full turn of 360 degrees)...
and talking bout numbers ofwich its key nubers is nine, 6+6+6=18=1+8=9=neutral number/master number in decimal numerology and vbm 'vortex based math'
and another btw 6*6=36(=9)
and if you would add all numbers from 0 or 1 to 36 in a sum you would get 1+2+3...34+35+36=666
UN.i1-PHI: satanists really!?!

are not worshipping(/working for) enki,
thats just a mockin blasphermy!

ivory/albino draco pindar is the real 'lucifer' demon(ster)
and enlil is the real 'satan' (against humanity)

but enki loves humanity!
as a creator father and friend :)

dont be fooled by those who pretend!

UN.i1-PHI: 666 SIN? yes it scares many people off...

666 SIN? yes it scares many people off not even necessairly only religious people cuz others heard'n'scared bout 'the devil' too and this is a (blasphermous) trick from enlil playin the god ,in the bible and others religious books mind controlling the followers to worship and obey his twisted doctrines, to demean and demonize enki for the good things he did for humanity wich in enlil's(and anu&the systems) eyes is considered evil! (good/bad live/evil is relative/depending on perspecive and by whom its perceived!!!what the bible&enlil considers evil, is freedom&good for mankind, and what is really evil/bad to mankind is considered good by those who profit from enslavement(both mental&physical))

because enki(&what he did) promotes freedom and passion/individuality but they wanted a slave race to do all the work like drones of beasts smart enough to obey their orders
but enki would not allow this and he gave them other/more than what was prescribed for them to be spliced with the primate appa beast
and so against the orders he used also his own donated dna and the haku of the falcons aka the gift of the feather
when they found out they got very mad at enki and after he was banished from the eden facilities on earth he sneaked back in (thats where the biblical story of the snake 'seducing'/informing adam&eve with the fruit of life and tree of knowledge) and gave them the ability to reproduce and have sex with pleasure in their miserable lives working for enlil
as enlil was put in charge after enki was too busy enjoying creating life and reterraforming earth even before the adamu was created and did not deliver enough gold quick enough
so anu put enlil in charge as the lord of the command (of the mining operations on earth), and he also did this to keep him(his son enlil) away from him because he knew enlil was plotting on anu(his fathers) throne,
on earth enlil mistreated everybody and forced too hard labour on the annunaki even till their deaths and so they revolted against the spoiled brat enlil and his abuse/torture and selfishness and they all wanted him go away from earth because they liked things more when enki was in charge as he's much more compassionate and understood its not good to abuse and enslave life for profit/exploitation, he saw the slavory on other planets too and he hated it, so as the rebel he was he couldnt allow it to happen as they wanted, and tweaked them against the orders wich had big punishing consequences for enki but he did what he could to do what was right and it was sure worth it,tough enlil after also exploited the humans and keep supressing them from their gold diggin days till nowadays

thats why enlil&co were/are so busy trying to demonize enki/De Ea Ba-El as 'the devil'/'diabolo' (and satan=the adversary (of the badboys anu&enlil!!!))and they're commanding the people to be obedient and to make humanity feel guilty and SINful for (liv-in life/love) and their very be-ing/creation/conception since/every birth! because humanities true father is enki, but enlil doesnt want humans to know that about their ancestry/origins and instead to only worship him obediently&loyally and his system&doctrines and to SCARE OFF anything that has to do with what&who enki & humanity truely stands for!

so enlil wants to command you to be-LIE-ve you are inferior and SIN-full and only meant to serve them as cattle/beasts! this is the purpouse of religions to continue this dogma division device of mind-control &servitude supressing and suffering humanity in ignorance...

so all this stuff about the bad evil d'evil lucifer(the bearer&bringer light&knowledge etc) is all blasphermous propaganda against enki because he for one did care for humanity and he's like the 'key' to knowing their true history/origin/creation and realization of their enslavation.../enslavement EN-SLAVE-MENT(ALITY) (i know enslavation is not a real word but enlil&co R wanting to bring more enslavement in form of salvation thru trick deception like the second coming of jesus or something and his army of "salvation" and a 'false flag' alien invation!)

so enki also lives on thru/in the human species with his rebellious gift of what was denied to them(& supressed) and so also does the rebellious 'wrath'/vengance/vendetta live on thru/in humanity towards its sneaky slavedrivers!

Damian,Stephen Marley--Slave Driver
Slave Driver | Bob Marley - Catch a fire (Deluxe Edition - Jamaican versions) - Remastered (Full Album) [HD]

UN.i1-PHI: catch YO'UR fire, you gonna get BURN!

Catch A Fire - Bob Marley (Orginal Song , Live)

the table is turn...
catch'yo fire...
you gonna get burn...
your table has turn...
catchyo fire...
you gonna get burn..
today they say that we are free...
only to be chained in poverty...
Tim Lovell: sry but why all this

sry but why all this fascination with this weirdo ? tbh all ritual sacricie and black magic etc is for the serpents /reps forget it why is he `good` ? and how?

UN.i1-PHI: excuze me but what you mean?

fascination with who? where/what ritual scrifice black magic? where did you / i come with this...
i do not promote enlil i try to x-pose him...

Tim Lovell: no not enlil , this aleister

no not enlil , this aleister Crowley guy whoever he is/was... no I don't mean enlil he must be exposed , revealed and taken down !

UN.i1-PHI: i'm not fascinated with that alishtar crawling evil

he can get burn'd by his own fire, i also dont care too much for his contribution to occultism cause i find it all perverted and sneaky messing with more true meanings of symbol(ism),
but still you can find value in (in a good manner) it as dvogel clearly does :)
you can learn from everything tim, but i dont think we're "fascinated" with him, rather about his work, in an observing manner ,but i think some/most ppl would be rather more fascinated that he is actually alive now playing his evil games HQ'd under disneyland!...

dvogel: You need to take the time

to read his stuff and try to understand him. If you don't all you will hear is the Christian fear mongering. Don't forget Aleister was for freedom and love.

UN.i1-PHI: christian/religious fear mongering

BOO! lol they would fear realizing who their god person actually is based on?; angry anunakki enlil
or would they rather want to know if their god is just an et not the creator of all that is...but rather a matrix?
and who the real lord of creation really was for humanity by genetic engineering on EArth
Ea Enki and Enlil (explained by Robert Morning Sky)
dont be in fear!, this is what enlil and other bad et's wants you to be so you obey or go to hell!
now do you love and worship them for that?

bluesbaby5050: That's a Load of Crap! A. Crowely was/IS..........

NOT all about LOVE, and Freedom for people! Give me a break Please! He was just the total OPPOSITE! Crowley USED PEOPLE for his OWN GAINS, and he was all for HIM SELF, and all about HIS OWN PASSIONS, and DESIRES, and HIS LUST FOR KNOWLEDGE OF POWER no matter what he had to do to get it! Your facts are Twisted!

dvogel: Well I thought we were going

to keep it respectful, but apparently not. However no one is forcing you to lift the veil of prejudice, I understand that if you don't read his works, its easy to join the opinion of e.g. Christians.

bluesbaby5050: Look, I did not call you any names.......

I think I was pretty civil to you regarding your subject matter of your great interests on A, Crowley. And as for being a Christian I am NOT as I stated this to you before when you Implied people will react this way out of fear. I react in the way I KNOW IS RIGHT. Murdering, and raping babies, and eating babies, toddlers, and children of any age, and adults in general is an Abomination to humanity in my book. I don't know what REALLY is in YOUR book. But you just dislike my answers, and it shows with your answers like this to thread here, and anyone that does not agree on Crowley lives in fear, and it's because of their religions. Sorry, but you are wrong on this one. HE HAS NO MORALS, and I DO! That's our difference here. Disagree with me all you want to. THIS IS MY OPINION. You knew people would react in different ways when you thought to bring this INSANE NUT CASE TO THIS FORUM. What did you really expect anyways? Crowley, and others just like him, should be tried, as criminals for the crimes that they commit against humanity. Any MORAL person would think, and feel the same way. If you really want to have a debate where you can discuss the inner working of A.C.'s mind, and his material, then why not bring this material to another forum that would welcome you, and this kind of subject matter with open arms. I am sure they exists.

dvogel: Well I was hoping

that I would get comments from people who had read his works and done some research, not just pass through what they heard from someone else. When I joined TC I was hoping to meet people who could debate using examples, sources and with an open mind; however also being critic towards material. I have no issue with people disagreeing, but I would like tangible arguments.

UN.i1-PHI: well dont get eachother wrong now... ;P
if i may;..
dvogel did not say you were a christian or anything like that as he just said its easy for people to join in on opinions LIKE from christians(generally speaking), because they(as well as others) do see aleister 'ONLY' as a devil', and actually, in my opinion he's right that considering aleister just as a evil one AND not diggin into his works may lead one to a false/deceptive perspective on him and his work(even if his work is really about bad occult stuff) this prevents people from learning about the occult, and what THEIR meanings/ morals and norms are, even if they may seem innocent in some way to some and could be very nasty intentions and tricks behind it to lure the people who do digg in and want to follow their doctrines(as it may seem innocent/true at first/initiation...)
and bb's also right because this guy actually did do a lot of perverted harm we wouldnt even dare to imagine of, as he was a part of this occult sect wich requires and invokes such rituals and sacrafices,
but i do admire dvogel for seeking the value in their&Crowley's occult works and to interpret them (in different ways as they could have a very different meaning attached to it than might just seem at first sight)
so its good to take their occult works, even if their negatively loaded, recode/review it with own interpretations/perspectives so its concepts can be transformed into something good/better(in another meaning/perspective!)
just as you said its always good to view things from all sides/perspectives, and this is also what dvogel does so theres no need for suggesting he would agree with the cruel things involved!
bluesbaby5050: I Choose NOT to FEED those Reptilies by Reading their

Materials. My curious nature is in check, and healthy. I will keep my energies to myself, and not feed any to this Sect/Cult to Empower them.

dvogel: Well I was hoping

(for some reason, only the title got posted)
that I would get comments from people who had read his works and done some research, not just pass through what they heard from someone else. When I joined TC I was hoping to meet people who could debate using examples, sources and with an open mind; however also being critic towards material. I have no issue with people disagreeing, but I would like tangible arguments.

moonsstarr923: I completely agree & THANK you vry much D!!!

It takes all kinds. And sometimes we're given the "special" ones that really stick out and/or change the course of human history. (I'm *not* saying we're NOT all special... you know what I mean)

I've heard that an *exceptional* book that was said to have taught and influenced HIM a lot, , , was a book called: Isis Revealed

And you know freaking what??? As much as I also respect him and his contribution----and also how I love to learn about obscure and mysterious things------you'd THINK that I would have read Isis Revealed WAY by now (and learned from it)!!! BUT, it's going to be the NEXT book on my list! It was said the book revealed some powerful things! I can't wait to read it.

I *sincerely* thank you for your post dvogel. One of my favs now... If I could give you a 'fist bump' I SO would !!!

Tim Lovell: Moon read a book called

Moon read a book called `Innana Returns` its quite good explains a lot about the family of anu etc from Innanas perspective , I found it a good read

Crackdown: tin foil hat: illuminati edition

this photo is funny ;)

dvogel: Quotes by Crowley

- All you have to do is to be yourself, to do your will, and to rejoice.

- One would go mad if one took the Bible seriously; but to take it seriously one must be already mad.

- Science is always discovering odd scraps of magical wisdom and making a tremendous fuss about its cleverness.

- Paganism is wholesome because it faces the facts of life.

- Every man and every woman is a star.

- I do not want to father a flock, to be the fetish of fools and fanatics, or the founder of a faith whose followers are content to echo my opinions. I want each man to cut his own way through the jungle.

Ecbra de Oaoj: so;

before trust blind mind
and wait from someone the answers for everithing
remember: sufering when it came from betrait
and shild your soul with self- heart believer; inside.

when times comes; new times replace
and no one evil will survive ever and ever

and flower die and others replace places
and sun Sol; spin reflecting Sirius and all spotlights
shining in skyes putted; vibing from Paradise God desire...

so; before wait and acept just sad suffer and be betrait;
do not cause suffer or betrait because you act belong
and all that came from will found a mirror reverse to deliver deserve.


ocultism; means oculti; verb ocultar. in english: to hide. the; science? of ocult; science... to hide. complicade the simple.

well; thanks for poets but;

clarify. joy. and trustness; is the way to open third eyes to self-evolution and see better.


Tarheel: Re: Crowley

Let's get an opinion from a trusted source....OO

On 2nd thought, I think OO's in a contemplative state with these words.

UN.i1-PHI: but OO says crowley's alive too!?

but in reverse/backwards/backmasking...
found this site wich is including a small part of the message(s) with a possible interpretation of a part backwards
Mr. Crowley(forward):
"Uncovering things that were sacred manifest on this earth"
"Conceived in the eye of a secret and they scattered the afterbirth"

Mr. Crowley(reversed)
(and it/that website provides this POSSIBLE interpretation):
"All/ah/as the pain it makes me rave... it keeps my eye in..."

;p but to me its sounds much more like :
Mr. Crowley(reversed)
ooh i have to say... this make me rave...
and the aSs who makes me PURE LOVE now

bluesbaby5050: eevie said in his thread to us on this topic.........

Crowley was brought back to this time line several years ago! About 7 to10 years ago? So he was brought back at the age of his early 30's. So he would have to be at least In his early 40's by now. Still young enough to do a lot more damage to HU-manity. (HU means man) And No sense to bring back an old one now. And about Time Lines, and Time Travel, There are very many different Time Lines to choose from, because of the many seconds, and hours, and years in all the thousands of time line available in all the many dimensions beyond our imaginations! So this is very possible, and it had been done back in the 1940's and even before that too. It has had plenty of time to become perfected by now. Many movies, TV shows have been made with this Theme of Time Travel in them since the 1950's!.

UN.i1-PHI: :) thanks and YOU told me about;

ozzie and the lizzie, i mean queen e-liz-a-beth, she knighted ozzie and he's "SIR Ozzie Osbourn" now xD (and that she was a fan of his home reality show that was aired on the TV(tell-a-vision/telLIEvision... ;p) )
as was Paul MCarthy from the beatles,
and that JOHN LENNON REFUSED this KNIGHTHOOD, as he was NO FOOL indeed!

thanks, this just shows how/why they could known about this 'secret' stuff about eachother like about Aleister Crowley, escaping his death by prevailing himself to the future...

Tarheel: I meant nothing by the post except....

...that OO weighed in o AC.

OO is just one cool dude and I wouldn't put too much into interpretations. I mean, dows anybody other than OO know wtf he means? He's got a free pass on anything he wants to do. He's like Clint Eastwood-don't eff with either of them. They are HARMLESS, but WAY cool.

Terran resistance: my head just exploded

I have never read so much bullshit in all my life on this forum in the comments section.....

Tarheel: You do know why there's so much, right?

Disinfo agents abound.
We're a threat.

Ecbra de Oaoj: I've seen. ...

so much bigger bullshit in all my life on this forum in the comments section.....

included... from ; you. Terran resistance...

hahaha... but; its ... part. of learning... and free speach is important. of course.


ei... Aleister Crowley; thank you for your; poesy. its serv to make readers; think about themes that you bring.

and... Gandarf... (the...true) ...



Tarheel: Always GREAT to hear from our Brazilian brother, Ecbra !

You will always be loved and admired here, Ecbra !

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