Ancient Machinery

by Quaesitor on February 6th, 2014

I question the veracity of this (especially since on of the photos represented as gear/machinery is actually fossils) but food for thought anyway. I especially liked the photo of the vase.

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Quaesitor: That is heartening!!

Great video. I have watched everything I could find on John Hutchison. This was really beautifully explained! Goes deeper. Talk about sacred geometry!!!!
I have a theory, wish I had the brainpower to get to the bottom of it but...After watching J. Hutchison, and his work, watching Michael Tellinger talk about all the "ice cream cone" shaped artifacts that are abundant in South Africa (if you recall he told the story of the man who supposedly moved large objects with cone shaped devices), along with stones that make certain sounds and the connection of the stone circles with certain frequencies AND the images I have seen of ancient Sumerians (?) holding cone shaped objects (see Annu's recent post about our "short life cycles") I am certain there is a connection somehow. I am sure there IS a free energy solution, it will benefit humanity when the right people can bypass the military-industrial complex and get it in the hands of the people. Thanks for sharing that video! That gives me so much fun reading material!

dvogel: For sure there is free energy

Within the occult its called Vril and within exoteric science its called electromagnetism. Its constantly produced by the sun. Unfortunately every device which has been made publicly which can run on this gets destroyed. (see Thrive

The powers of the world are not so interested in whatever is free, while they use it themselves for their high tech devices. Destructive energy only takes us so far. Creative energy has endless limits.

Tarheel: "THEY" are mainly interested in EXplosion.....

.....except for in cases of beating their war drums (plural).

obsrvantlouie: The fruit hunters

Somewhat related; I just watched a documentary called "the fruit hunters"; very cool, I had no idea the variety of fruit available in the world. Bill Pullman somewhat leads the documentary as he has an orchard in his front yard million plus dollar estate under the Hollywood sign in California. Many of his neighbors grow their own orchard. They even tried to purchase a lot to build a community orchard (shot down by land owners hopeful to make more on housing then fruit). Obviously, you would need to be very financially comfortable to have an orchard, however, not the point. That people in Hollywood are aspiring to grow orchards is quite a sign of how society longs for simpler times and we seem to be heading in this direction slowly but surely. Organic food consumption where I live seems to be spreading rapidly, people are catching on to GMO.

I've always felt that for people who awaken to the agenda of NWO usually start with either BIG PHARMA or BIG BANK. Electric universe is hard for people to grasp but tell someone they are being robbed of their hard days work or they are being deceived to eat GMO poison and watch them get studied (well, not all but we can dream). Then at their own pace they work their way into the other subjects we all cover here. I do feel there is a spiritual awakening taking place and I think the powers that be attempted to hijack Dec 21, 2012 and obviously spread fear but also to deceive (yet again) the awakening taking place.

In the USA, trends (good or bad) tend to start west and migrate east. Let's be hopeful here. However, this latest "snipers take down grid" has false flag written all over it. I can only recall Janet Napalitano saying on her way out "we are highly susceptible to major solar flare and cyber attack, and our grid infrastructure is weak as jimmy Fallon late night". HSBC limiting cash and top bankers committing suicide let alone all the usual saber rattling coupled with USA China pivot.....idk, feels the PTB recognize awakening taking place and they are not stupid...they also recognize fear is being overcome....this would lead them to creating another "polarizing event" not unlike ww3. I only bring this up because I do think that as individuals we create our own reality. Perhaps if enough of us realize this truth and intently focus on the reality we want to create we can awaken enough sheeple before shit hits the fans.

Remember, don't forget to live in the moment and take time for reflection...if your constantly researching you have no time to contemplate what you have consumed.

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