Is anarchy the only way to be free?

by Quaesitor on February 6th, 2014

**This video contains disturbing scenes. dont watch it if you are sensitive.

A friend shared this video. It's ideas are interesting. What are your views of anarchy? Is it viable? Achievable?

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Tarheel: I'm not a fan but I will entertain arguments.

But for now, I "Dont Drink the (anarchy) water".

Oh, how fitting...

Quinton: I agree with it and am a big

I agree with it and am a big fan of Stefan Molyneux.

When people think anarchy they think no rules. Anarchy doesn't mean that. It means no rulers. The vast majority of our lives are done in anarchy without rulers. We choose our spouses in anarchy. We choose our jobs in anarchy. We choose what to eat in anarchy. Almost everything we do is in anarchy and society should also be that way.

People are so brainwashed into thinking that they need government that it is very hard for them to see it any other way. The same thing happens with religion. People think that God can only exist within their thin band of religion when in reality God and spirituality is completely outside their religion. People think that society and people can only exist within their thin band of government when in reality society and people is completely outside of government.

Anarchy is a different way of thinking and requires self-responsibility which is something most people don't want. Most people don't want to be responsible for their own lives. They want somebody else to be responsible for them and then when that somebody else messes up they want to point the finger at them and blame them.

Tarheel: Okay, you have my full attention.

I've seen some of your commentary on your sister site-newcountry )

Perhaps you could go into more detail if/when you have time. You actually sent me googling it a while back (I think it was a form of anarcho-capitalism if my memory serves me right). I'll dig a little BUT if you can , please share your insight.


Quinton: I'm currently working on a

I'm currently working on a full guide to this (same style as the New World Order Guide) that will go into all aspects of this. It will prob be ready in a few months.

Quaesitor: Tarheel I am not inclined to drink kool aid of any kind

I was simply posing a question and looking for others opinions. I don't see that any current governmental model is working or as being ideal. Do you?
Thanks Quinton for the comment. I have been lurking the other site and it's very interesting! Looking forward to your Guide!

Tarheel: Dont read somethg into my reply that wasnt there, My Brutha.

I agree & I don't see any model that is a picture of efficiency. In my mind, capitalism leads to a dark place.

What's Ideal ? I'm still searching for THAT model. And I'm ears to any ideas.

BY the way, I just read a piece on Fibonacci Sequence that had pics similar to your avatar. Are you familiar with FS ? Is that how your avatar came to be?


Quaesitor: Tarheel, the Fibonacci sequence

Fibonacci sequence, yes where depending upon the starting point, a number equals the sum of the previous two. Fibonacci tiling, the golden spiral, the golden mean, the eye of Horus. Beautiful things in nature like pine cones, fern fiddleheads, pineapples and surprisingly the interior of cabbage! I had never seen cabbage exhibit this until the other day. I wish I had kept the pic. Also related to space time theories that I won't pretend to understand, other than an inherent aerie faerie knowing that its all related.
Yes, I love the beautiful, orderly geometry of it. Some of it edible geometry. That's a win-win! ;)

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