HELP anyone???

Hey guys. I hope this message finds you well. I NEED YOUR HELP!!!

It's been a little hard for me to control my angry lately. And I don't want to be angry at people. I want to be able to take the anger people give to me and immediately transform it into light/love/healing/etc. But I can't b/c I'm not spiritually WELL (enough???).

I had some HORRIBLE things (physically and emotionally/mentally) done to me. And some of the physical stuff was pretty bad/evil :'(

My question for you all is this: DOES ANYONE KNOW a spiritual healer??? (or maybe I need a chakra healer---I don't know)

I live in Central Pa. If you know of one that is HERE that can touch/help me PHYSICALLY, , , that's wonderful!!!!!! But I doubt it. There are 13,000 people here on TC!!! SOMEONE help please??!!! So, I'll just ask again:

*Does anyone know of a GENUINE, REAL, knows-their-stuff, spiritual long-distance healer that you could put me in touch with???

Please? I would appreciate this MORE than you could EVER imagine!!!
You can post a reply or "inbox" me here on TC!!!

THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3


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killingwithkindness: Im sorry 2hear that

but i dont know anyone but ill ask around for you. you WANT to get better and i think thats a wonderful first step for ya girl. so ill ask around for long distance healers. in the mean time good luck hon

Terra Tea: sorry Moonstar

Does the problem stem from entities, physical 3d, or .....just a feeling of imbalance? I may know someone but need a feel for what is the source of your dis-ease.. or Quinton may know..Az has a lot of healers

moonsstarr923: Terra Tea

Thank you SO very much. I wish I could give you something to thank you. But anyway,

I don't feel it's entities. I feel that I have made my circle of light---specifically for entities-----around me strong enough that they can't/don't hurt me.

I feel EXHAUSTED, fatigued, LOW energy (sometimes I can't even do my Yoga). I got a $2000, EXTENSIVE blood panel done (like a CBC but 100 X's better), and there is NOTHING wrong w/me according to Western medicine.
Terra Tea, I ********KNOW************* that I'm SPIRITUALLY SICK (which is now causing me to be *psychically* SICK.

I *think* it's because so REALLY bad things have happened to me physically. And emotionally too. For a CURRENT example: My OWN mom told me she wishes I would die, and that I am going to go to HELL (because I believe in Universal Love and the Prime Creator verses the Christian God/Heaven-Hell belief). AND SO, I want to HATE her---I fear I DO & that's HORRIBLE----for wishing me DEAD. And I'm SO angry, and so sometimes I yell at her or tell her, she's "just an angry old woman" (hurtful things to her). And I'm even getting angry at some people on this forum like Annu when he told me, "I only see with my eyes and I can't see what's really going on". And I didn't WANT to get ANGRY with him (just b/c he thinks badly of me).

It's THIS I think: I *think* ------since I've just recently "awakened"--------that YEARS of bad, EVIL things happening to me have boiled up in my SPIRIT and made me VERY SICK. Even PHYSICALLY sick (sometimes not even enough energy to walk my dog).

It is VERY abashing, shameful, horrible, embarrassing for me to admit this for so many people to see. BUT, if this is what I have to do to (possibly) get WELL........... then I'm doing it.

I don't know how to thank you enough for trying to help me. I'm a little teary-eyed b/c of your kindness. I don't know what to say but thank you T.


Quaesitor: I'm sorry Moon

Here is a great article to read about the very real physical and mental things that can happen when we start to awaken.
I hope it helps a little.
It seems you are in a very difficult position and I am sorry for that. :(
I'm going to PM you.

bluesbaby5050: To Moonstar............

You are going though a lot of CLEARING ON ALL LEVELS DEEP INSIDE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW. They are surfacing now, and you, and everyone else has to learn how to deal/handle those strong emotions. By ALLOWING them to express though crying is a great way to RELEASE THEM. This goes for both genders too.Your mother did Not help this by ADDING to this because, EVERYONE INCLUDING HER , IS going though this RIGHT NOW! Your not alone in this. Everyone has to go though this. Everyone will experience DIFFERENT KINDS of emotions, from deep sadness, (THEIR PAST LIFES) to happiness. They will swing back, and forth. These strong energies of light coming into this galaxy from the core of this galaxy, which is a Black Hole, and there is intense beams of light particles are coming into this galaxy, along with colors of light. and to all other galaxies in this universe too. EVERYONE, and EVERY LIVING THING IS FEELING these strong intense energies. People have to release these emotions in a HEALTHY way/means. Plenty of good foods, and loads of clean water will help everyone though this. Drinking loads of clean water helps to flush toxins from your bodies, and from all your large joints, and this is the place that strong emotions are stored inside the humans bodies, and if not released will cause disease such as arthritis. Aches, and pains are also very common with this releasing. Plenty of sleep is also a must. Going out in nature hearing, and seeing birds flying will help, and praying to your soul guides, and asking them to help, and to guide you though this is also a must during this time. They are around you, and others just waiting to be asked by you, and them for this help, or they can not help you, or them, UNLESS they are asked to do so. They understand, and will gladly assist you in this. You have to ask them first, but it is you that has to do this work, yes, I said work, because it IS WORK. This helps to RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS, so that you, and all humans can advance higher with ease and less pain on all levels while clearing your self THOUGH your emotions. Going in to nature helps to balance you, and ground you. This planet is also going though the same releasing though pressures in the earths mantel. Storms helps clean this planet though, and by the elements. And in different ways, means though out all the seasons, and this will be on going. She is also raising her vibrations along with us. This is the process, and this is how this is done. Some Good Advice here, is to refrain from watching TV! I hate to say this, but this has very negative energies being released into your minds on purpose, and some messages are obvious, and some messages are not, but they are still being received by the brain by people on sub-liminal level that will just make releasing for you, and others a lot worst for everyone. Do not watch the news. This has ill affects on everyone. And will only make matters worst. Negative music, and the lyrics also has negative affects on the brain, and though out the human, and animals, and plants bodies also. They carry negative vibrations, and causes DIS-EASE, and DIS-EASES over a period of time. Proven facts though years of studies, on all three living biological bodies I just mentioned here. You, and EVERYONE else HAS THE ABILITIES TO HEAL YOUR SELVES, THOUGH YOUR MINDS! Healers costs money, and this service is not free, whether this is done with one sitting close to you, or working to heal a person from a distance. They have to use their energies to do this, and this is time consuming for them. Some people have to realize that clearing takes time for everyone. This is not done in a week, or a month, but though years, and this is all a part of the waking up process. This is exactly what happens once people start to wake up, from their amnesia/blindness, and un-awareness of what has been happening on this planet for thousands of years. I hope this helps you, and others along your journey of The Great Awakening of Humanity.

bluesbaby5050: To Moonstar........

Just a simple reminder to you, and to everyone else, your, our pets are, will continue to be a great comfort in these trying times right now. Talk to them, and they will, and do listen to you/us, some can understand, and can sense our feelings, whether it's happiness, or sadness. They will stick by you always. This also helps to make you FEEL a lot better by sharing our company with them inside the home, and outside though play, or just BEING with them, is a blessing to have them around us. This helps us/them so much. This is why it is a good idea to sit out side on your porch/deck, if you have one, or to just sit in nature, surrounded by trees even though it is winter in different regions of this planet. Being out side in a natural setting, and in the sun, or on a snowy day, or on a rainy day also helps to release stress, whether it's a lot, or just a little helps the mind, and the mental, and physical bodies on all levels. Take deep breaths, and this helps to relax you. All will be OK :)

bluesbaby5050: Our Pets are ...........

A great comfort to us, by just sharing our life's with us during our days is a blessing. Talking to them, and playing with them, or just our BEING with them is enough to help us though our clearing. Take walks with them if you can, and be out in nature even though it is snowing, or raining, or windy will also help. Dress accordingly of course, and take slow deep breaths of air, fill your lungs, and then release your breath slowly, while thinking, and seeing, and by feeling, to expel toxins( see them as yellow vapor, or green vapor or even brown) all on the exhale, and this action will also help you to relax, by releasing STRESS. These are very stressful times we all are living in, and experiencing right now. Being with our pets will comfort us, and by walking them will help to release their stress along with yours also helps you both. Walking reduces stress, and is FREE. It also helps you to sleep better. Along with this, taking a warm bath, or shower will help sooth your body, and using some favorite scented aroma items will add/aide you in this as well. I hope you find this helpful :)

moonsstarr923: To BB

Thanks! Wow! That is a lot for me to work on; but I know you're right-----If I want to get well I have to put in the work.
I really appreciate you sharing all the ways and things that can help-----'cause you're right: A lot of other people are needing and wanting help too. So I hope a lot of people get to read your post and begin to be---and get---better!

And, I'd just like to add that you're SOOOOOOOOO right about pets/dogs. I LOVE my dog SO MUCH!!! We look at each other in our eyes: we LOCK eyes (and dogs don't generally do that---too short attention spans). But I KNOW that my little dog is looking IN me, not AT me---and likewise with me to him!!! Although I've been in love, my dog's love is probably the PUREST form of love I've know because human to human relationships, sadly, are self-serving, whimsical, and often don't last long. But I digress.... I LOVED your post about our pets, and they ARE our *comfort*!!! <3 <3 <3


UN.i1-PHI: moonsstar

the best one who can help and heal/transform you, is YOU...
dont believe me for it... belive you!
yes there are OTHER 'spiritual teachers' or healers but i would not look outwards to others for solving/processing this if i were u and it could be very hard to find someone who can actually help you (physically) forreal, even if they're practiced all life and managed to heal some people, i think these people could only 'guide' you but theres no guarantees anyway, so i think you should not waste your time/effort on looking outward but inward(tough you probably do ofc), but to recognize that you can heal yoursellf and expell or transform the negativity that has tormented you...
the real healing/spiritual force is within you, it is you, you are you
whatever caused this carnage/hate to you...i dont think you should see it like youre spiritually sick, as this could continue it... tough it may fit that term as you dont feel well spiritually...maybe it is.. but thats because it keeps stickin to/bothering you, and you will have to find your own way to process this, no one else can do this for you, only give advice, but i think the best way is to do and manage/solve it on your own, you will learn and train/grow more from this in a way no one else can regarding your unique personal situation,,, tough there may be others who had experience similar/'the same' stuff, but its never really the same and its that what gives you your OWN lessons, and its a challange/test for you to solve, and you CAN!dont think you "can't" cuz you always can if you be-live that
but i dont want to just say you would have to recognize you are your own healer/teacher
but that you can neutralize the frustration by realizing and trying to understand the interaction and causes of the polarity struggle, so you can harmonize and calm down... a way to do this i would say is to understand that all the pain/struggle/hate/carnage that made you suffer, is also a part of what made you to who you are now, and this does not mean you have to keep carrying those parts that made you suffer, as you already did, and when you understand the meaning of why it happenned...(maybe just because of other one's ignorance, even loved ones) you learned from it and can let it go cuz theres no need to keep(carry/-ing) the pain if you have already grown/learned from it!
please moonsstar, dont let that negativity keep you down in pain, you dont have to believe in that, you can rather believe it only made you stronger, and that you have emotional struggle does not mean you are weak, it shows that you are not willing to give up and you are strong(er than if you would just accept it and let it hurt you)
dont forget, tough you may be between horrible things
you are trying to find a better way out(or in), you fight for what you belive is right
you are beautifull!!! :)

UN.i1-PHI: Don't Take Anything With You, Merge With It

quoted from the vid anu77 just gave you with the mooji teacher, i skipped it thru a bit cuz i cant watch it all now../yet
but then the other guy said something in reply and i couldnt hear clear what he was sayin so i played it back again and i noticed he was saying something like "i'll take it with me" and then i tought oh this is where the 'spiritual teacher' gonna say that sentence wich was also in the description, and ofc thats what he said and thats why he put it in the description to emphasize/show it clear i think...

"Don't Take Anything With You, Merge With It"

kinda what i meant to say also that you dont have to keep carrying it with you and it can be interpreted in more ways i think...
when you merge, you become , or let it come to your being, to become one is also to understand and feel it, so not let it keep hurting you for it being in/with you, when you are (with) it, you can transform it to harmony so it is not harmfull anymore and you dont carry the burden no more as you gained/earned another lesson/insight to understand...
(just some freestyle philosophy... so i havent spent much time thinking wheter this is really correct orso but just i hope you/ppl get what i mean..:P and its never too late to change your mind on somethings)

moonsstarr923: yes, I believe you

but I just don't know *how* to do the, "merging with it" technique. And back to the healer thing: I have just heard throughout the years that there ARE people who can HEAL auras and---at least----help open closed or damaged CHAKRAS. I know there's people out there who can do that. (thus at least helping me along a little) But finding a genuine one will be hard----I know that. That's why I asked folks here on TC to refer me to one b/c I thought my chances of finding a genuine one here on TC would be better (than going out 'there' blindly and probably getting scammed a cpl times).
But I think I understand what you're trying to get me to understand. And your message goes with the phrase that "New Age" people have been saying all along: "Body Heal Thyself"

I just don't know how to do it. I've been doing "Scientific Healing Affirmations" from Yogananda's little book of affirmations for several weeks now, and I don't see any difference (yet).

I dunno UN.i. I'll do my best to follow your suggestions because I know it's probably the TRUTH of the matter....... I guess I just don't know enough of what I'm doing yet or how to do it... I guess like BB said, , , it's going to take a long time....

But thank you again. And that post you replied to me titled "Moonsstar"-------Well wow,,, it was very well written and insightful. I'm glad you wrote it so other people can see it. Maybe you should be a blogger or something... Anyway, thanks! 8-)

UN.i1-PHI: new age is nwo (control) movement

you dont need their methods/tricks of controlling peoples spirituality... its a trap to lure spiritual people into their ways so they can control the 'opposition', and pretend to be the opposition for more independant and spiritual people... about chakras... interesting/important thing (from eevie) is that they're to control peoples emotions and for energy harnessing like DNA ; see more @ Starperson's forum topic: My Distrubing Observations
you dont need to know an step by step plan/list of what/how you have to do this.. you need to figure and do that on your own i think, but yes there maybe some good advices but even if it works for one it can even be misleading for another...
only you 'know' what(/how) to do (for urself), even if you dont 'know' it yet
follow your own feeling
dont worry bout if its gonna take long time or not, worrying that will probably manifest that/make it longer

much strength&love to you

killingwithkindness: to uni and all that jazz talk

telling her "figure it out on her own" is easier said than done! how you pose to do that when someone doesnt even know WHERE to start????????? that is just SOOOO much easier to say to her than for her to TRY to do.

its cool you try and want to help. but maybe you can help her by asking around all your friend here if they know of a long distance or local spiritual healer or SHAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there ARE actually some GOOD/decent/of-the-ligh spiritual healers and long-distance healers around that CAN actually help!!!!!!!!!!!! IF EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!!!!!!!!

ALL she wanted to know is if anyone KNOWS of any! The HONEST, GOOD ones are VERY HARD to find!!!
And they CAN help like i said if even a little!!!

like i said youre cool for sayin all those "helpful" words. these days its probably more than most hardened peeps would do. BUT if you really wanna help her man Try doin some networking and help her find a spiritual healer or shaman! i think she REALLY needs one! (no offence moon cuz ur a cool girl and i know you try to help people and animals and youre a good person of the light. dont be mad at me!!!)

UN.i1-PHI: she doesnt need anyone else than herself for this

this is my main point!
you say its Eazy-Er said than dunn
well thats true but its not about just saying/thinking it and having it done(FOR YOU) but realizing so it can be done BY YOU

but if she, as you say, would not have a clue where to start, the most truthfull place to start is from yourself(herself),from with-IN, as someone else can only aid you (or not and distract) in developing/healing yourself
yes there are people who can actually help, i never denied this, i'm just implementing the importance to not go look outside for random people that may happen to be able to help/heal her if she would not have tried, and keep trying this for herself, i dont say she doesnt as naturally everyone does, but its also an easy reaction (or rather distraction) to go look elsewhere if it does not help/work/heal immediately, as bluesbaby5050 stated, this is not something that just happens in short time, tough it depends on the situation and occasions, but many things need long time or rather much effort of your own to progress in life

so this is why i denounce starting with looking for a spiritual teacher or a shaman, in my opinion, it could only distract and confuse her of her own potential and abilities even if she would not have performed and succeeded so much with them yet in such state of depression/fear/pain/suffer/confusion

so yes there are some people who may happen to be more advanced in spiritual healing work but i do not think you should just resort to this as an solution, just like most medicines nowadays, they supress the symptons, not solve the problem/cause, like in this comparison, its in this case like if you want someone to help you out your emotional struggle without learning how to overcome it yourself!, wich is only a temporary 'solution' or rather supression of the supression itself and in this manner keeps resorting to continue taking that therapy, instead of mastering yourself so you dont need therapy from anyone

but anyway, i'm not saying its not good to try to receive help from others, as they dont need to be especially a spiritual teacher or healer in profession, as in some way we all are and can help eachother out, but the best way i think is to tell someone to be able to do this on their own, i was almost going to say 'learn'/'teach' someone to do this on their own but my point is only yourself can learn and discover the way that works for you, when others "teach" you its not necessairly that you're taking in/over lessons, but rather inspiration to find your own way

UN.i1-PHI: smile happy

its sad to see you sad/hurt
i'd rather love to see you smile :)

hope you'll keep feeling better
Don't Worry Be Happy
What A Wonderful World

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