computer viruses and reptillians

by Tim Lovell on January 15th, 2014

Guys I have a new theory but of course I don't know wheter its correct but I strogly suspect it is.

Think of all the computer viruses that are out there that make your computer slower or open a random webpage or just make your browerser slower or whatever how angry does that make you at times? me I know alot lol now imagine all over the world all the people getting pissed off when this happens to their computer and all the anger emotions emited , overall it adds up I bet most of these viruses are written by repttilians , because they know it overall they will cause more anger etc , plus they make all the vile pron sites , god it makes me angry!

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bluesbaby5050: You have a good point there...........

Of Course those Scaly assholes are also doing this too. And we know how much they just LOVE PORN, and how they push this on to humans! Remember that they love to have sex with Males, as well as females too!! Disgusting I know, but this is the Truth.

Crackdown: Viruses could be used for leaking good stuff ;)

And, if I wrote a "special software", would it mean that I am reptilian? xD

bluesbaby5050: No, Just good abilities at computers.............

And their operations etc. There are people that work doing this sort of thing though, and getting a paycheck though working for them. Some are aware of them, and this fact, while others are not :) I believe your on OUR side of Light polarity, and not for the Dark polarity side, and we have to try to bring these two Polarities into balance.

UN.i1-PHI: did you watch the entire vid to protect and infect

that guy is awesome and its really worth watching
that guy pretty much explains it all and it doesnt have to be reptilians writing these codes as some are actually very lame lol:p(takin screenshots every few seconds of some person in sum binniz and writing them to the main/HD directory,it failed to upload them to the servers and he got a map a few GB large of screenshots just to be found at the main directory xD )

but i agree that the reptilians will have profits from this too, indirect and or direct behind the scenes...
most of these virusses are to help to spy on ppl etc and harass muslims as he mentioned :P

and most/bigges hackers are NWO operated to hack people and (their)/the banks (accounts) and other 'big' stuff, they do it themselves to implement more so called 'security'=spionage/hack systems in teh name of preventing it as always

bluesbaby5050: No I didn't............

Do you have this link? I'll view it if you. Thanks :)

UN.i1-PHI: here it is, 30c3 to protect and infect!!! awesome info

i dont know anymore where i saw this first but heres the vid, and this is only part 2 tough! and they got much more vids i see, imma really check it all out when i have the time just like with xamo's awesome posts i havent read them all thru yet... :(
this guy is awesome, a real smart guy who knows what he's dealing with! i wish i knew that much about computers/networks/hacking etc as he does! :O

30c3: To Protect And Infect, Part 2

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