photo of semjase pliedian ET

by Tim Lovell on January 12th, 2014

here is a link to a photo of a pliedian ET enjoy :)

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UN.i1-PHI: photo


Tim Lovell: Well you can think what you

Well you can think what you want of course :)

UN.i1-PHI: her hair outline

looks like it was erased that straight with a few fluffy hair layers remaining on the right side and while her left side is blurred out and its all pasted againt this unlikely real(lights etc..), dark background with a 'lens flare' left and a few smudges on the right background... but im just guessing now maybe i can try to check the pic's authenticy later ;p

UN.i1-PHI: the pleadian woman, well looks pretty real but not really

you know what i'm sayin, im just sure it could NOT be a real photo
lol want some oddka?

Tim Lovell: Well I have seen them in real

Well I have seen them in real life many times and this is a good lioness tho some have more golden blonde hair and others whiter blonde hair more like the lyrians

Tarheel: Tim.... she single?
Do you know where I can get her number ?

Tim Lovell: id love to know :)

id love to know :)

obsrvantlouie: She must've

got lippy and caught right hook. Her right iris is much larger the left and same goes for eye socket comparison.

I am all for "real pictures" but I doubt this ones authenticity, it's accuracy of representation notwithstanding. I have never met one...therfore, I cannot comment on the representation. Tim, do you think there is no "photo shop" happening here?

Tim Lovell: hmm well there might be im

hmm well there might be im not sure on what is or not photoshoped but this is what they look like ...

Stop at 1 min 44 sec.
There is a girl from realy another world...

UN.i1-PHI: Xamo

What world did SHE came from?!
lol anyone got photos of ets who dont look like humans?.. or will u get haunted/threathened for posting/uploading it ;p

Xamo: I was banned from

I was banned from "Goldlikeproduction" for publishing these photos.Now forever.

Xamo: Allso this

This guy too:

See if it works..Please fix it for me.

UN.i1-PHI: here u go

i dont use the method with the tags with the [ ] im more familiar with the html tags with < >
here are the pics with links you wanted, hoover over the images to enlarge one and hide the other, click to visit the link in a new window...

but honestly said i doubt the authenticy of these pictures too, the first one has too normal hands and could be just wearing a mask or its edited, and the second could be also edited as i see some very weid anomality, some strange outline on bush's hand...

any more pics you'd like i add here like this?tell me...

bluesbaby5050: Notice on Bush's RIGHT Hand.............?

Bush is Wearing a GLOVE on his right hand, because we have skin pores, and he wouldn't take any chances on contracting anything via hand shaking with this Tall grey alien. This was the Same kind of Tall Grey alien that President Ike had met back in the 40's to discuss The Agenda of the people of Earth, and it's resources. This grey is supposed to be very real.

UN.i1-PHI: yea

i kinda see that now, but still it has an outline as if someone did a crappy job with ms paint or something ;p, remember that pic of the graylien shakin hands with hitler, wich you also posted b4? hoover over my last sentence on the comment i just posted b4 and the original pic will appear...

bluesbaby5050: Yes, I did read the small print.............

And the connection is obvious. ( I remember posting the pic too, and I still have it).

Xamo: hey

In first pct.the guy holds a little box in hands..That's just Thomas Castello and Phill Shneider talks about..
That is a communicator and his weapon.
I'v also had a history of that meeting,when The Pindar announced that he will introduce a very important guest.. Just lost it..
These pictures are not fake!

But the absolute truth is much more complicated.
Somehow I'll tell you,if you guys are ready to listen...

UN.i1-PHI: lil box huge head...

lol i didnt see that (one coming;p)
whats he doing/talking???;
here's my lil cube and if you wont listen to me i can blast yall to dust haha human people you gotta wait here untill my chief pindar arrives he got someone important for us to meet you know.., he should be here any moment, he took the white limo this time, we're under cover u kno... damn he should have teleported but i aint got no chalk to draw the pentagrams in case he gets lost, but ey guys i start feeling a bit uncomfortable, while y'all should be!, so can u quit looking at me now, i'm trying to blend in with ur human suits but my head keeps sticking out in the crowd, ooh.. yall just keep staring at me and my small box watch it!, i mean dont watch!?

oh and bush be like; you sure look smarter than me..ur head is all big and stuff damn i wish i could walk around like that showing off i'm an reeel alieen without having to disguise myself like this...(stupid) human, maybe then people will take me cerial...

dont forget bout hitler and the graylien (who's been edited-in after in the foto);
Heil mein gräulich bruder! Unsere Neue Welt ust fast abgeschlossen!!! wir werden der allmächtige!!!

(hail grey brother our NWO will soon be complete, we will be almighty:P)
oh do i still have to show yall this pic...

bluesbaby5050: I might as well add to this.............

The Human Bald guy looks to be the Italian leader Mousolini during WW2. He was later hanged in the town square alongside others by the towns people.

UN.i1-PHI: the original image...

to see the image(in this thread) of the original picture, wich dvogel just recently exposed in another thread, and wich i also provided some time ago here but is hidden on load for the spoiler ;P, you'd have to hoover over my very last sentence in that comment about showing y'all this pic... and it will appear if javascript is working...

bluesbaby5050: Well.............

We are still waiting for your comments referring to this thread of yours promising more information regarding this material, and pictures. I am very interested in what you have to say.

Tarheel: Please, you're embarassing yourselves.

I'm sorry, but these recent pics should be in The Nat'l Enquirer, unless credibility isn't a consideration here (it's not there).

But, exercise your Free Will. I'm outta here.

"He not busy being born is busy dying." ~ Bob Dylan

Starperson: It had to be said

I agree with Tarheel on this one. Let's try to stay with the TRUTH here at Truth Control. There are plenty of sites out there that cater to empty, salacious and fluffy information. I'd like to see this place stay special. And it is special to me.

Tim Lovell: that's just someone drawing

that's just someone drawing with the time speeded up ive seen art this good before check out this guy Kelvin Okafar and he draws from memory ...

UN.i1-PHI: yeah and that picture of the pleadian can be fake too

just as the oddka, doesnt mean it does not exist in real, nor that i'm saying anything about that, just saying the pic is faked/not a real photo, i've said this before about other pictures like the severed reptilian head, but then some ppl talk to me as if i was denying the 'real thing/deal' while i was just talking about the picture being fake, also when i expressed my scpeticism about billy meier som1 associated that with criticizing what you have to say about pleadians, wich i did not, just saying pic's fake mate, i think it could even be just a drawing, besides of the picture notice the sign left bottom corner as if that's just somones drawing

Tim Lovell: when you post links dude put

when you post links dude put a little description before (unless you don't have very much English language skills of course) sorry in advance if this is true for you Xamo...

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