This is SA'AM KNOWN AS THE CREATOR = ENKI THE CREATOR. EN.KI WAS FIRST CALLED BY EVERYONE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS SA'AM. (Notice the shape of the head? This shape was also passed down though the lines of kings, and queens in early Egypt.)

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Karoline: Well pardon me!

I've got author D M Murdock telling me i'm 'ignorant' for not wippin everyone i know up, into a nazi style frenzy and waging war on the local islamic community, you calling me ignorant for referring to an article i read on the internet, which is only what everyone else does on here, David Icke thinks anyone who doesn't believe their neighbour might be a lizard is asleep. Then D M Murdock thinks anyone who believes Enki was a being and not a myth 'is ignorant of the historical facts.' What one person knows to be true, another person knows to be false. Humans are a pain in the arse virus, i should think mother Earth and the rest of her creation will be glad to see the back of the entire human race, then all other creatures will prosper. And if a dude called Enki was more than a myth - in the story, he only saved '1' pius man and his family, any others who made it to safety would have to have saved themselves. So i'm curious, what's your plan to avoid a culling?

UN.i1-PHI: lol you dont have to pardon i was laughing at 'dem' tactics/lies

i did not intend to imply you ignorant,pardon me if you tought i meant so, i was more talking about this in general as i see they say such things to pretend to be benevolant, the nwo agenda they have for us is not benevolant,this is very obvious!!! this is just my point i try to make but youre free to think what you want i dont blame you for anything, you just mentioned about what this article say, so i direct my message/point to its content and why this is/(could be) some silly propaganda... pls dont feel offended as i dont have such intentions, i just find this a very ridiculous and suspiscious act/lie/excuse to make dem look 'good', untill they come for you;p they pretend to give their helping hand but your wont get yours back if you take it...
the UN is run by the greys/rhoids who serves the higher ranked reptilians and they feast on humanity, literally

they want to stage an false flag alien invasion and the second coming of jesus etc as the so called enslavor, ehm i mean saviour, and they want to evacuate the population when they create an global catastrophical even(the 'invasion' self) and when people do comply to that most of them will be shipped off to other planets for lunch.... you can find more on this and how it is PLANNED to happen, i'm not saying it will happen or that they will succeed...

UN.i1-PHI: hmm i read the article

and it seems as if theyre exposing the un for wanting to grab away your burger, but this could be a back-fire tactic because many people do eat meats and some ppl who are already suspicious about the UN's tactics could think theyre wanting to take a way the meats and make people more healthy and reduce global warming etc... so they think if thats what they wont there must be something up to that and they would think offending about vegans or the un for wanting to take peoples animal food away, making the vegan people or 'movement' look bad and lure vegan people that theyre wanting to make a 'good change' while theyre just hungry for control and implant new law/walls for their agendas and they would not make all people go vegan anyway but they would get what they want by the peoples re-action on this anyway... and its supporting the global warming killing hoax/propaganda, it is not how they want you to think how it is or they are, theres a lot of trickery going on in many ways, they want to lure and attrackt people who oppose them by such things i think so they can sneak in their ways of control...

Het Heret9: He gave us back our identity

He gave us back our identity which was stolen from us, along with everything else; however, he only revealed that which was not sacred. There is so very much more that has been kept within our Tribes and THOSE are the teachings that I refer to. I carry Wu Nuwaubu inside of me; however, I am above and beyond this science....there is so very much more that cannot be spoken nor shared...and even David Icke doesn't know and was not given. We keep that which is sacred and do not speak of it to huMan's ears.

UN.i1-PHI: but why?

i understand that there were times/situtuations that this kind of information had to be kept secret to survive but what if it becomes extinct you know, or to late to use it...
and i already tought/knew that this is not all what he knows and what he shares is just the tip of the iceberg ;p but its about the reasons to share or not to share such information, if you wont be speaking it to human ears who are you speaking it then to? some et's and shamans and people of their tribes, what does make them superior to have acces to this knowledge and why would they keep this secret if they really were benevolant/helping humanity?,all the humans populations are the ones who need this information is my pov...we're all extraterrestrial descendants/genetic engineered and we're all BEINGS...

Het Heret9: That should have been...and

That should have been...and even David Icke didn't know and was never given.

Het Heret9: I can only speak it with

I can only speak it with huMIN beings of my Tribe. It will not go extinct....it hasn't in trillion s ears and it won't if every member of my tribe disappears off the face of this pan-ET! Thank you for understanding and to keep dissention away from this site, I have asked my membership to be deleted. It has been interesting non-the-less!

Het Heret9: To UN

My Guardians have spoken to me and I am to say this to you:

There ARE those on this site who are here to destroy the most knowledgeable members in this group. You are being hunted and attacked for the knowledge that has been released from your DNA. You are not totally there but I will say that you are of the right mindset. The Ancient ones are returning, just as Tammuz/Ya'shua will be doing so. What's in a name....everything. If I speak of Tammuz people will say Sumerian/Egyptian...and my point is that the Ancient Ones tones are difficult for us to pronounce because we have learned the barbaric tones.

Be mindful of those who attack you at every turn. They are using you as a platform to spread their DIS-eased thoughts among the members. You have a large base and this is the other reason they attack you...to be seen. I wish I could build with you because you are more right than you are wrong. Continue your search for truth and you shall find it.

I bid you good day.

Het Heret9: Karoline....your neighbor may

Karoline....your neighbor may very well be reptillian. One thing you must know...even you are part reptillian. Why do you think huMAN beings spend the first 9 months in ambiotic fluid (water)? Why does an embryo looks like a tad pole? Why is it a fetus can breathe for 0 months and be cognizant of the voices that surrounds it? We all have "lizard" in us because Enki himself was part reptilian and part Riqzian. We do not make this "stuff" up...it has been hidden from everyone.

UN.i1-PHI: is riqzian canus-like?

LION /WOLF DOG/GOD like beings ?i read enki was half canus and half reptilian annunaki,and thats why he's been portrayed as the snake in many stories with lots of disinfo, but after all he was humanities best friend(&creator) in this...

Het Heret9: Karoline....your neighbor may

Karoline....your neighbor may very well be reptillian. One thing you must know...even you are part reptillian. Why do you think huMAN beings spend the first 9 months in ambiotic fluid (water)? Why does an embryo looks like a tad pole? Why is it a fetus can breathe for 0 months and be cognizant of the voices that surrounds it? We all have "lizard" in us because Enki himself was part reptilian and part Riqzian. We do not make this "stuff" up...it has been hidden from everyone.

Karoline: What's my other half?

When do we all get back to taking care of the important one - mother nature? She's the only one i care about, the only one on my agenda.

Karoline: Evolution

That's how mother nature births her creation, through a process of evolution. Humans evolved from dinosaurs (reptiles) which pre date us mammals. Part of the human ear evolved from the jaw bones of our reptilian 'dinosaur' ancestors. Still no connection here to ETs but everything to do with natural evolution. Your going to have to feed me a lot more information on what you know if you'd like me to eventually be convinced of ET intervention in the creation of humans.

Tim Lovell: humans are mammals which

humans are mammals which evolved from synapsids, or mamal like reptiles like dimetrodon etc , then thrinaxodon and onto mammals proper , dinosaurs were diapsids so were a different branch of evolution , tho we all evoled from the same anapsid ancestors :)

Karoline: At last i agree!

Finally, i agree on something, we all came from 'some kind' of reptile. So dinosaurs were a different branch of evolution, just as i'm not a cat (though some might state otherwise). Still not seeing an injection of ET interference though.

Tim Lovell: Karoline what you don't

Karoline what you don't understand is that gentic mutations to create different species were created from higher dimensions where time runs at a different rate what is mabey 1000 years to us down here in the 3rd dimension is just a portion of a day up there , Darwinian evolution only accounts for part of it , also the ET intervention came around 350,000 years ago when enki took homo erectus and upgraded its dna with his own to make homo sapiens Neanderthal man was a side project of his where he tried to make the body and brains larger to change what enlil had done to original homo sapiens by making the body and cells smaller so the body held less light and could be controlled easier and kept in the 3rd dimension under frequency control , trust me ETs DID intervene in our evolution.

Karoline: Mutation

Right then: DNA mutation is caused either by a mistake in the DNA copying process (cell replication) or the environment.
1a. The copying process: When DNA replicates itself (to create new cells) errors sometimes occur. Double strands of DNA are separated and each strand copies to become another strand (clone). But once out of every 100,000,000 times, a mistake occurs leading to mutation.
2a. Tobacco, UV light and other chemicals are hazardous to DNA. They damage the chemicals that make DNA. They do naughty things to the DNA and chemically make the DNA behave oddly.
2b. Sometimes a section of DNA is deleted which is like leaving meat out of your meat and potato pie for the first time - it won't be the same.
2c. Sometimes an extra genetic code is inserted. This is like adding beans to your potato pie. It's not the same as meat but it serves the same purpose.

So have i got the right understanding of mutation - yes/no?

If yes, i'm still not seeing the intervention of ET at this point. Still only seeing mother nature doing what she's always done, adapting to suit the new circumstances which is what mother's are very good at :)

UN.i1-PHI: evolution is not random

mainstream science is supporting the idea that life evolves chaotically/randomly out of random mutations in dna, and that dna itself is the essence of/to life, leading to an perspective that life comes out of chaos, order out of chaos... what if dna itself isnt natural, but artificial harnessing&control devices just like the chakras wich were implanted/engineered by advanced civilization to control others, and our cells 'naturally' know what to do, after so much intervertion what's still left 'natural' on
earth? evolution is not just physical or random, it is the manifestations of the development of consciousness

life evolved long ago before earth even existed, beings got advanced in diverse ways, some more technologically then spiritual, they developed interstellar travel and intervened with others in many ways, also leading to enslavement of other worlds and genetic manipulation, bad and good ways, surpressing and upgrading, interstellar wars/star wars destroyed a lot of life and planets, some were to be (re-)terraformed again for many reasons including exploitation of the planets...

'divine'/ET intervention, the proof is all around you, wether direct or indirect, but theres a lot of cover ups and indoctrinations to hide our et reality&origins/orion

Karoline: Evolution IS random:

'What if's, are not good enough in the world of scientific proof. I really WANT to believe in ET intervention here on Earth. I love the sci-fi IDEA of beings from outer space visiting Earth and being a part of us. I love the IDEA that i might secretly be from another galaxy, planet, universe. Most people in the Autistic Spectrum do actually believe that they themselves must be aliens, because they have such a hard time fitting into the neuro typical world. The reality is that in the absence of truth, it's just 'dreaming' and 'wishful thinking'. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing if only science would spend more time visiting that 'inner galaxy' and leaving the extra terrestrial terrain to the extra terrestrials. If anything - humans are terrestrial Gods and Goddesses themselves, not ETs. Life perpetuates more readily through a process of chaos and not order. Order and civilisation (brought about by human control) will be the downfall of mother nature.

UN.i1-PHI: well you can think that and i can think

that mainstream 'scientific proof' is not enough in the world of real reality/existence and that the ways of the (mainstream) 'world of scientific proof' is a bunch of tactical propaganda programming and conditioning the ways we percieve the world and events/situations/existense around us wrapped in an seemingly innocent 'total rational' outfit to keep ppl think in the box/boundaries/tough patterns they create...
and i can think that chaos is the uncomprehension of the complexity of 'order'/harmony/existance
and that what mainstream science makes you believe like a 'robot' according to their wishful 'thinking' and methods of prove that rule other things out in ignorance once it seems to be proved/experiment gets/seems to have its desired(conditioning) results
and how many flaws there are in the ways/methods&toughts of (mainstream) science itself causes a lot of indoctrination/conditioning of perceiving the world around you in the way they like to push it
and intentionally leaving the real awesome/important things/ways out /censor/ridicule it with a lot of cover up tactics, example,the dinosaur skeletal remains are tested by carbon dating wich results in many different 'result dates' wich can range extremely and they pick out the ones wich suit to their common beLIEf of their already existant theories of when and how it should be... and the bones of 'incredible' creatures with the info about them are covered up like giant remains and that humans co-existed with dinosaurs during certain time-periods and that the dinosaurs werent extincted the way they told us and in the dates/periods they propagate to hide the et reality and how it explains all of these aspects/situations...

Karoline: It just takes proof:

Not all scientists are heinous fraudsters. Just because they teach something that you don't like the sound of doesn't automatically mean that they are wrong. And scientists do eventually let the public know when new proofs come to light that contradict the old theories. Scientists are now speculating that not all dinosaurs died out and that they did infact coexist alongside mammals. You must admit though that 'here's our proof or findings' sounds a lot better than 'well this is what we believe'. Even if you then club together with a group of people who also 'think what you think' all your thoughts put together, still don't equate to proof. I dare you to go stand on the top of a tall building (no actually don't do that, cos you might fall off and blame me), go stand in the middle of a field and shout out as loud as you can - 'i don't believe in you God, Anu, Moloch, Cronus, Brahma or Zeus, Yahweh, YVHV, Jehovah, Enlil, Ahriman or Poseidon, Satan, Enki, Mithras, Mazda, Ea, Ptah, Osiris, Odin, Shiva, Neptune or Thoth, Horus, Enoch, Ningishzidda, Jesus, Merlin, Tehuti, Hermes, Mercury, Quetzocoatal, Vishnu or Marduk, Ra, A.Zag, Bel, Amon or even Ninki, Ninkhursag, Ishtar, Damkini, Isis, Mary, Magdalene, Inanna - who ever you believe in basically. Shout out, i don't believe in you, infact i hate you so what you going to do about it. If you're back on here the next day, telling of your experience, that means non of them exist or they're all very deaf. Non of them have struck me down with lightening yet, not unless you include the cold i had last week.

Tim Lovell: Karoline , a lot of people

Karoline , a lot of people have past life , memories , multidimensional self memories awakening now , and just don't need `proof` like some people do for their rational mind , they just `know` these things , it seems you might not have these memories as part of your past identity so it may not make as much sense to you but you belive and continue as is right for you no one here demands compliance we are not Nazis!

Karoline: Past life memories:

When i was a kid, i had a reoccuring dream and night terrors. Autistic people often do. Always two men, the same two men, i called them the 'bubble men' for some reason. The dream was always the same, i'd be running through the woods, being chased and then finally i'd end up in a lane off the woods and run into the path of a horse drawn carriage with these two men, complete with bowler hats and old fashioned clothes. I'd be sweating and terrified. The horse would raise it's front legs up at me and knock me down - end of me. Then the next thing i'd see is the men riding off away from the scene with my body across their legs. So.....is this what you mean by past life memory or is this just me having a recurring nightmare and how can you tell the difference? Also, when i've been scrying, i've envisioned myself soring through outerspace betwixt the stars. Have experienced lucid dreaming. Once in trance i spirited around a giant space craft, seeing every piece of it's shiny metal surface. Then a stream of fast flowing hyroglyphic type images started running down from top to bottom in front of my vision. In the end i had to say, 'i'm sorry but i don't understand what you are trying to say to me'. The glyphs stopped and a robotic type voice said - 'you must put all your thoughts into pleasures' i said 'no i wont, and the trance ended. Isn't the human brain wonderful. And i still don't believe in ET. Just need to get me a genuine encounter, then i can believe ay?

Tim Lovell: what I mean Karoline is not

what I mean Karoline is not just direct past life recal from this cycle I can remember 7 lives from this cycle back to my mayan one at the strt where I was a ball court player a captain of the team and when I lost on the weekend after the twins ceremony I got sacrificed , my heart cut out with an obsidian blade and my head cut off and body thrown down the pyramid , next was a life as a horse trader in china during Kublai khans reign, then I had 3 dolphin incarnations , just `break lives`, then I had a life in france in 1645 during the plague etc , I had a big house and a nice wife but it ended in tragedy when we had a huge argument and I struck her breaking her neck :( which in this lifetime I am repaying karma to her for , after that life I was a woman in 1920s England a real socialite with furs and minks etc but I overindulged in smoking and died a horrible death of lung cancer my body yellow with toxins very nasty , and next was this life ::) but I mean we have a multidimensional identity living parallel lives and in previous cycles on earth like the atlantis period where I was a leader and controlled the great crystal on the temple of posiedon(enki) b4 the sons of belial got control of it and blew it up by overloading it and causing this cycle where frequency control has been going on and the reptillians have had control to feed fear of the human race , it is a lot bigger your identity than you might realise ...

Karoline: :)

Crikey - what an unlucky guy! Maybe you should just stick to gardening in this life so as not to attract so much Karma. Imagine coming back as a cow or a chicken in this day and age, what a wretched short existance that would be.

Tim Lovell: haha I might just do that :)

haha I might just do that :)

UN.i1-PHI: if they wouldnt reply/re-act

that doesnt mean they dont exist or did not exist, or that they havent re acted in someway, you may not notice, this isnt proof of anything, this is just an example of a experiment/'proof' based on wishfull thinking, i do not like to think things are the ways like i wish or because i would like it to be like that, i just see most things arent what they seem and what are made to seem, what 'they' wish us to believe/think...
i see theres so much cover ups and indoctrinations i dont know what to trust/believe, but out of own experience&perspective it is most likely not what they tell us or make it seem...rather the opposite or in between...
the 'et intervention' explains a lot if not everything of our situation here on earth and theres mostly a conspiracy/illusion in anything/everywhere because there is an global conspiracy wich is being executed, it is not a just a theory if it really is been done, its only a theory to who perceive it as an theory, but like credo mutwa said, ppl should watch out/think better what they call a (conspiracy) theory, or calling the conspiracy just a theory, theories dont kill people etc, theories dont murder innocent childer, theories do not put multiple murderers of kabilas? tribe, into power of countries... david icke: absolutely! :P,credo again: theories... are just ideas floating in the head, THE CONSPIRACY IS REAL, IT IS THERE, AND IT KILLS...

ps understanding these gods were (et) persons who've had&have their influence on earth is not the same as believing/worshipping them, and not all of these 'gods'/'advanced' beings were bad or good...

Tim Lovell: Karoline I am afraid you are wrong

Karoline I am afraid youare wrong but no one can tell you , your mind demands absolute proof and that's fine that's the point your at at this moment , the fact if evolution isn't just darwinian and that's it that is just from down here at the 3rd dimensional perspective of time how can that be the only way ,do you think that an old scientist theory is the be all and end all of it? mutations in genes are caused by ther beings from higher densities to stimulate new organisms Darwinian natural selection ISNT the only part playing in it the fact is that ETs did interfere with human evolution on earth there are humans out there I space who DIDNT evolve on earth can you understand this?

Karoline: Humans from outer space:

Yes Tim, i 'can' see how there 'might be' human stage evolutionary beings 'out there' that didn't evolve on Earth. I can see how that MIGHT BE. But that STILL isn't showing me proof of intervention of beings (human or otherwise) from outer space on the evolutionary process here on Earth. I've read 'Dark Mission - the secret history of Nasa' by Richard C Hoaglandand i've read the 'Gizza Power Plant' by Christopher Dunn. And i've read everything the late Zecharia Sitchin wrote. People can write anything they want to about anything atall and call it fact. Without proof it's only a fanciful idea that you're literally 'buying into'. Everything they hold as true, someone else out there on the net or in another book will debunk it but only because there's no proof. Do me a favour - go to www.lightlybraisedturnip.com, scroll down to the giant sea creature that has washed ashore in California. It's a mutation, caused by man and his nuclear power plants 'radioactive gigantism'. No ET has done this - humans from Earth did this. In the ancient of times, something far more convinsing than ETs would have be radioactive meteors, hitting the Earth and starting off a chain of events (mutation). The ancients themselves believed this happened, they gave them names - then we come along and turn them into Gods.

Added comment: That giant squid, while useful as an example of what nuclear power can do re DNA and mutation, has turned out to be an internet 'fake'. This has just reminded me, not to take in what i read on youtube or the internet, until absolute proof has been verified lol


radioactive gigantism or kraken? lol

Hello beastie
Dead Mans Chest big octopus scene

obsrvantlouie: Karoline

It seems you have done quite a bit of ind research regarding "taboo/conspiracy theories". That you have read sitchin, hoagland such and so forth shows you are quite advanced.

That you are searching for your own verifiable personal Truth is honorable. Don't just "be lie ve" what we are saying to you. Always questions to your own satisfaction.

However, the Truth you are searching for...this absolute proof of Alien existence that you desire; In what form do you think it will come?

It sounds like you would like to have a face 2 face alien encounter/interaction. This is a noble pursuit. Let us assume that today you have experienced this noble encounter and found your personal Truth.

After this encounter, how will you share this Truth wil the public? How will you share it with those of us here at TC? How will anyone BUT YOURSELF...KNOW....that what you speak is Truth?

Let us say tomorrow that CNN shows breaking news of a space craft hovering over washington...would this be proof of anything to you?

I guess my point is...you can bark all day long about how you need proof...or BETTER proof...or more proof but at the end of the day, just as you have admitted, Proof and Truth are only what you let them be as anyone CAN claim any one thing.

I can preach to a young buck day as long about how drinking and driving is not worth the risk and it's worthwhile to call a cab....do you think that he/she will believe me? I doubt it, more than likely they will require THEIR OWN experience to verify this truth.

Most of the people here are pushing no agenda...I think why your comments have stirred so much debate is because it almost sounds like you have every reason to "suspect" or be "convinced" of ET yet your tone comes across as if you just "don't want to".

Are you aware of how many megalithic structures exist (THAT YOUR SCIENTIST HAVE DECIDED TO TELL US ABOUT) of which WE TODAY DO NOT have the technology or capacity to reconstrtuct?

This is a fine debate, thank you.

Karoline: Only need to prove it to myself:

I don't BARK, i Meow thank you very much lol. All i need is to prove things to myself. I have to have personal experience in something to truly believe it. If a non human being visited me tonight, read my thoughts, told me them and predicted an occurance soon to happen (and i hadn't been on the whisky bottle that day or any other mind altering medication), then it came to pass, well then i'd know aliens were on this planet wouldn't i? Nobody else would believe me, it would be said that i'd been on the bottle, fell over, bumped my head, been concussed/unconscious and once revived relayed a dream i'd had. Nothing fanciful i said would convinse anyone else (well it might if the prediction came true, but i can do that with the cartomancy cards). It wouldn't matter that nobody believed me, what matters is that i'd believe me. I spent 12 years of my life in the Herbert W Armstrong cult, 12 wasted years, taking in what someone else told me, tithing a 10th of my income every month which was supposed to be given to various charities. When he died, the truth came out about his private life and what he spent our hard earned money on. I later bought all Zecharia Sitchins books also, takin in by supposed 'truths' only to find he was a zionist fraudster. The only person you can trust, in the absense of proof, is yourself. If you know an alien or two, ask them to come visit me, if it happens i'll share the experience.

UN.i1-PHI: i also havent had such experiances/encounters

dont know wether i should be happy or not bout that :P, but i actually dont really care tough i'd like to experiance something as long as its safe lol:P
perhaps they arent allowed to interfere in such ways, tough many malevolants probably do and benevolants also but without letting us know in such way because we got to figure this out for ourselves and stand against the NWO tyranny and choose to not let us be enslaved, its our own choice/free will, so its up to us to make the difference and change the world into something better/more harmonious for us all... but first the people need to get aware of the horrible things wich are occuring and then we can do something about it before its too late ...

obsrvantlouie: xamo1: has suggested

Excellent reading material that you may not have encountered. You can also watch Robert Morningsky give s presentation about this on youtube...although it's crappy quality, you can still listen to how a wonderful speaker....speaks from experience. See the link xamo1 has suggested below if you have never read the Terra Papers....like I said before, you are behind ;p

xamo1: Here is the truth about us.
1 month 3 weeks ago


Karoline: Terra Papers

Ok, just been sitting here, reading through my first instalment of the Terra Papers - Robert Morning Sky. Then i think - hang on this is really long, lets see if there's a condensed version somewhere on the net first cos my necks goin stiff. Oh look :-
Another ski-fi fraudulent script and Robert Morning Sky admits it!

obsrvantlouie: O...

So you thought it would be easy to unravel the truths of this realm? You think because you have shown me a link to some bs website that Robert Morning Sky is a fraudster? You cry because it's to long to read for your aching neck?

You want hand outs and are being a victim. If you are so lazy, you can youtube his presentation of the terra papers; watch and listen to this man speak and tell me again if you think his message fraudulant. H-DUB Karoline....hard work. It's okay, this information is not suited for everyone. You should probobly avoid Morninsky altogther as it seems your close minded approach will not allow anyone to teach you again.

You think you have been led stray by the cult and sitchin but these were your choices. Truths from Manly P Hall and Sitchin and Huxley and Albert Pike are no less true because of their nature and tendencies. It was not them who duped you....it was you who was duped. Good luck on your path...hopefully one day you open your mind, trust and let another know you again.

I have never learned so much that I cannot learn more.

Karoline: Truth not as exciting as UFO paradigm.

One book i do recommend - by mythologist Joseph Campbell is Accidental mythology (the masks of God). The reality is just not as exciting as the UFOlogical paradigm unfortunately. The Sumero-Babylonians said THEMSELVES that the Gods were the PLANETS, not beings - neither ET beings nor T beings i'm afraid. The dead sea scroll scholar John Allegro studied Sumerian long before Sitchin and found most words to be associated with sex and drugs. Enli, Utu/Shamash, Marduk, Gilgamesh, Nanna/Sin, Inanna/Ishtar, Ea/Enki, Dumuzi/Tammuz - all planets. The catholic church, secret societies, the German occultists - they've all got their part to play in the overall agenda to decieve and control the masses. Meantime mother Earth, the only planet we should be giving all our love and attention to, the planet of our birth, get's trashed and trampled while people live out their fantacies of alien interception. Poetically speeking you could say mother Earth has been raped, over and over again by the sky Gods.

Karoline: Terra papers:

Robert Morning Sky is a fraudster and hoaxer, the Terra papers are defo as good as the Jesus hoax, though, so bound to take a hold on the masses eventually. Fairy tales and camp fires - where would the masses be without them, oh ye 'intelligent' and we can't be having that! Where would H W Armstrong, Sitchin, Icke, Morning Sky etc be without fairy tales - not loaded that's for sure.

Terran resistance: evolution and creationism is aload of shit

I still dont see why people follow these theories when there are plenty more plausible ideas out there such as beings from a higher density coming down and creating everyone, while its clear to me that humans on this planet have been genetically engineered many times.

the idea of human aliens and evolution cannot co-exist

UN.i1-PHI: I do NOT support mainstream darwinian evolution nor creationism

as in those religions, they're not explaining it all/really if anything at all, i tried to expose this conditioning..., but evolution and creation in GENERAL are real concepts and can co-exist(according to me:P), natural evolution, the advancement of species&their consciousness, and creation as in genetic engineering, they can not NOT co exist i think because there must be life that emerged somewhere/sometime, and they have the ability to do stuff/manipulate/intervene with reality and create/modify things and beings, it cant be one or the other because a being wich is created and cannot/will not create something else is unlogical in many senses/ways and creating beings who have created others can be created themselves and those too etc but once in the beginning there must be a natural emergence of life that eventually had created others... atleast this is what i meant with evolution AND creation, not the indoctrinating/conditioning way/perspective of the mainstream theories, i will not go further into this creationism VS evolution theory nonesence/BS/Distraction/Deception as i think i've made my point...
i agree with you except that last statement taken literally that they cant co-exist, but i think i get your point/perspective that these mainstream theories are both BS contradicting eachother as the ONLY solution/reason/explenation for the exsistance of mankind or all life itself...

Karoline: Plausible?

Well that's just it, it's not plausible to me. Galileo 15-16 C, as you know was tried for heresy and forced to recant his statement. Only recently (1992) did pope John Paul 11 pardon poor Galieo, stating that he was right after all. Darwin 18 C on his theories of natural selection, again popood by most and yet, got a feeling he was right after all. Enter sci-fi age, and Dr who and captain Kirk and his star ship enterprise, that we all loved and oh dear, people start fantasising to the point of believeing it. Well that's what i think anyway, i'm entitled to my opinion. Sorry i don't press 'like' every time somebody scratches their bum. Ps - still waiting for my visitation from a genuine alien, failing that Tom Baker or the Count St Germain will do.

Het Heret9: It Was Ninti and Not Enki

The Sumerian Tablets tells us it was Ninti (sister to Enqi) who gave Homo Sapien her DNA. Enqi, Ninti and two others were given a project to create a being who would ine the gold for them here on Qi. Enqi is instrumental for homo sapies existence. Anu Alyown Alyown El wanted to destroy the being and scrap the entire Adama project. Enqi insisted and begged Anu to give this new being another chance. (Sounds familiar?) The Sumerian Tablets were written thousands of years before The Bible...so which is a copy cat of the other?

Tim Lovell: well whoever it was the

well whoever it was the family of anu, including the annunaki who wanted to make the miner slave species from homo erectus the annunaki didn't like mining the gold but what I mean is they did interfere with the original seeded human homo erectus which had a 12 stranded dna template intact ready to evolve up into

Terran resistance: i believe this aswell

we are descended from homo erectus who were used as miners, also I believe that they were used as slaves by neanderthal man until they were wiped out in ancient nuclear warfare by invaders from orion. Then neanderthal man retreated into the hollow earth and experienced albinism and their skin tone changed from green to white, now they live down there with the pleiadians and the hyadeans.

we only need three strands of dna to be fully functioning human beings with a working third eye and then you can tap into genetic memory also.

obsrvantlouie: If you are waiting

Waiting to be fed....this is the majority of humanity. This is a large part of current paradigm we preside. People want the answers hand fed instead of doing the H-DUB (HARD WORK) themselves...as an individual. If it doesn't roll across the ticker on CNN it hasn't happened yet. If you want proof for yourself go out and more importantly GO IN......and discover it. The fact the you are not convinced of ET intervention does not mean it hasn't taken place. It means you are behind.

Also, how do you know the Dinsaur is not of extraterrestrial origin?

I don't know how much ancient cultures and megalithic structures you have studied but the proof is all but there. Start with ancient aliens season 1.

Furthermore, it is not "Mother nature". This would imply that The "Planetary Spirit" is only of the feminine. In actuality, genders are only of the body...NOT the spirit. The Planetary spirit is made of both male and female energies.

Terran resistance: ancient aliens is shit

ancient aliens is shit it does more harm than good to the ancient astronaut theory

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