This "Hand of God" space photo is SPOOKY good


UN.i1-PHI: lol

looks like it got 3/4 fingers :p is that alien/god's right hand?sparyin fire out his fingers ;P
nice find i never saw this b4

bluesbaby5050: The Creators Hand at Work Using............

Energy in a Creative way. The Creators have a Sense of Humor :)

Annunaki77: Stay away from those things that keep you Low!

Always keep Love in your heart and always believe in your higher awareness of all things.
Stay Positive and always fight the good fight when it comes to defending Humanity.
Always remember that Humanity is not the Problem , Humanity is the Solution.

Compliance never got anyone ahead , Smart people get ahead , not by selling out Humanity , but by Empowering Humanity to do Good for all Life.

Being a Trillionaire is Hoarding , this is a Sickness, Controllers are a Plague, Dictators are an Abomination and Ignorance is a Curse.

Be Good to Humanity and always Love Humanity because they Have Real Value.

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