by Annunaki77 on January 10th, 2014

The Reptilian Space Command ( NASA'S SECRET MILITARY PROGRAM ) and Military Resource Shipments to Mars, Uranus, Neptune , Orion & Alpha Draconis.

What I am going to tell today will shock many of you because many of you are living a Controlled & Enslaved Reality.
For many months and many years we have been here Educating the People about Extraterrestrials and the way this planet operates. Elites , Extraterrestrials, Humans etc.
Many times during this dialogue with us and you we have been discussing Spirituality , Hope, Corruption in the System / Government etcand other Corporations and Alphabet Agencies.

As we discuss many issues on the Table , the NSA is Quickly trying to Launch their Criminal Super Computer that runs Quantum Tech to Spy on the People of Earth and their everyday activities all around the Planet.

Folks we are not alone , we have never been alone on this Planet , as a matter of fact , Humans were the New Ones here on Earth. There are more Ancient Humans already existing from other star Systems, you would call them Pleadians , Tau Cetians , Vegans, Andromedans etc, and most of these Human Colonies live out there in the Deep Oceans of Space.
These People have their own problems and many come here to see Earth and it's Primitive Civilizations. Most of these Ancient Human Beings come to Earth more or less to study the Inhabitants, they do not get involved with Earth.H

But that is the Human ET's , The Reptilian Orions on the other hand are an entirely different Animal, The Orion Reptilians run a Resources Operaion here on Earth and have been mining Resources here on Earth for Thousands of Years.

These Reptilian Officers , Miners , Scientists , Geologists , have been here like I said before for Thousands of Years, Mining for orion.

Many Global Governments know this Mining Activity because of the many covert Wars China , Russia , America and other Nations have had with the Orion Reptilians.
Many Miners can tell you stories about the surprise Discoveries of Deep Underground Mining Facilities that they would come across and the Fierce Battles they would have with Reptilian Workers.

Now many of you would ask " well if this is true , why wouldn't there be any News Reports of these Creatures?", yes there have been reports , but these reports would be stopped before they would hit the Media since the Media does not Report the News , Just Propoganda & Ideology at this time.

Now who is helping the Orion Reptilians?, well it is a Joint Venture between Nations , The United States would help with Workers and Space Ship Tech and then the Shadow Government Special Space Corps would recieve more Control Tech to help Geo-Engineer the Planet including the people of Earth with Orion Reptilian Technologies.

The Orion Reptilians took over when they kicked out Marduke / Ra from power and to this day they have been in control of the UNITED NATIONS because they are heavily invested in this New World Disorder Agenda to Microchip the Beasts ( Humans ) on this Planet.

These Creatures Mine for Gold and other Resources , they also take Human & Animal Victims Off Planet for processing of their Organs and Bones for the Vitamins of their Food Supply.
Most of the Reptilian Elites need these resources because it gets Traded and Sold to Reptilian Off World Markets all around the Eridanice Galaxy.

Is it right for Governments to conduct themselves like this by selling out to the enemy?,No it's wrong and Treasonous, but like the Chickens as long as the chickens get their Food and their Chicken Coup is clean it's O.K..

Humans need to wake up from behaving like Chickens. Now being the year 2014, we still use Rockets to get to space, Rockets have been used to get to space since the 1960's, it's Old Outdated Technology that is Obsolete. The Space Shuttle has been Retired and the Space Program is no more.

So why is NASA now Obsolete? , well NASA has been a Cover for the Real Under-cover Operations the Elites have had with the Reptilian Colonies for Space Technologies.
So Mr. Obama now is turning the United States into a Slave Colony and has closed the doors on Space Exploration.

Obama said that he is leaving Space Exploration to Private Corporations to Develope , what a Joke. The Ultra Wealthy get Advanced Space Ships with Light speed Tech and these Elites get Life extension Technologies while Humanity gets poisoned with Vaccines, H1N1, H2N5 (and other manufactured Viruses which are being sprayed by Reptilian Agents , GMO Food, Radiation , Austerity , Staged Terror , and a Police State.

Humanity must wake up and " TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY " , for their Lives and their Families, the World Governments won't do this for you, only you can do this.

And as far as Technologies Humanity needs to grow a Pair of Coconuts and Launch their own Space Programs and quit submitting to the spying eyes of the Criminal Police State.
If you won't take Control of your Lives who will?.

Steven Greer: The Truth About the End of NASA's Shuttle Program


There are many brave renegades that want the Free Energy to come out to the people of Earth, but the Reptilian Elites will not allow the Slaves to have Free Energy.
Do you agree with them?, I do not agree, so do not get patents and do it covertly since the System does not work for you , it works for the Reptilians.

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Tarheel: 1000 chosen for 1-way Mars mission?

I saw that movie, and it didn't end well last time. Yikes !
I'm interested in colonization, but I'm not sure I want it state supported. Although, I am SURE they would want me off Earth. (smiling)

obsrvantlouie: With all due respect

Sure...let's just covertly develop our own space program. That's a laugh. Are you sure they aren't minning some advanced type of crack that is only available on Earth? Have you happened to smoke any of this? How the hell do you expect the "beasts" as you call "them" (which I AM NOT a beast) to develop a space program? Guess who owns NAS, Acelor, Allegheny, AK Steel...etc. Guess who owns all the refineries and mills? Guess how much the price per lb for stainless, nickel, cobalt, and titanium alloys are? O, I forgot, they use very thin coatings of GOLD to line outside of space crafts...I'm sure a couple of beasts can get our hands on this in raw form and then process it.

Are you being for real? And to boot the fact you mention DOCTOR GREER says even more about this half retarded post (half retarded because the other items you address are valid).

I'm certain the NSA won't realize a couple of beasts purchasing bulk precious metals. I'm certain that Google Earth won't see a couple of beasts building a fuckin rocket ship. This ain't looney tunes bro and the Coyote isn't here to build a couple of acme rockets. Continuing to entertain your lunacy, I am even more certain that once this rocket ship takes off the United Nations won't shoot it down. And that once the rocket gets past UN defenses I am certain the advanced aliens will just let a couple of beasts take a stroll on Route 33 to the Pleiades....

You post the same shit over and over and over....how about some new material aside from..."Humanity get off your knees, the aliens have been here for years, the Kods are your friends, go out and colonize the stars, the all knowing bird clan loves you but we can't help you aside from repeating the same message over and over and over".

And one last thing about these "People who have their own problems". You claim they come here to observe but not interfere yet they want to help. Am I understand correctly that these people have problems and go on vacation to near earth so they can laugh at our outdated enslaved societies and forget all about their problems because they see how shitty it is here? I don't think I will be strapping myself to an acme rocket anytime soon to visit a bunch of pricks who get their kicks from vacationing to earth for some zoology. No thanks, count me out.

Just sayin.

Really, create our own fuckin space program?

obsrvantlouie: I won't hold my breath

For your Retort.

eevie: elite

Fuck the elite and do what you want.

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