Ancient Egypt a world nation?

by dvogel on January 4th, 2014

That the old Egyptians were trading with the countries around the mediterranean sea the most probably knew and even that they were trading with the Irish, but how many knew that they were in what today is called North and South America and even Australia?

North America - Illinois Cave

In the 80's a cave full of Egyptians valuables and tablets was found in Illinois.

South America - Ecuador

Father Crespi an Italian priest moved in the 1920's to Equador as a missionary. In time he became a beloved friend of the natives who gave him gold tablets and other artifacts which had been hidden away, for hundreds of years, for the Spanish crown in the deep caves. Father Crespi noticed that the art on the tablets didn't look South American but more like Egyptian or Babylonian. In the 70's he showed his collection to an American journalist; unfortunately a lot of it went lost during a mysterius fire which occured after he had informed the Vatican of his collection. When he died in 1982 the Vatican claimed the rest of his collection.

Australia - outskirts of Sydney

During the late 1970's a contractor for National Parks and Wildlife Services was led by a Darkingjung elder aboriginal woman to a barren site outside of Sydney. There she showed him a sacret place where Egyptian Hieroglyphs were written on narrow rock walls.

Its all a mystery which perhaps only one place has the key to.

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bluesbaby5050: I knew about this, and I read about Father Crespi, his findings

And about the Mysterious fire, and I bet that Thieves were ordered By the Vatican to go there, and set that Mysterious fire, to be able to have access to those treasures, and steal them FOR the Vatican, because we all know how the Vatican likes to HOURD the wealth of this planet.

UN.i1-PHI: very interesting comment and picture coming from another forum;

i was seaching for this pic in specific and i tought i may just post this entire comment of 'undo11' here so more ppl would read it or something...


Re: Enki potentially coming back
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"No documentation has been discovered about his death; because of his young age, it is thought he died of strangulation."

esu is a title. not his real name. in greek it was iesu and iesous. the video says it means "son of isis". check out some of the egyptian names caesarion had and their meanings.

Iwapanetjer entynehem

These are usually translated as:

"Heir of the God who saves"
"Chosen of Ptah"
"Carrying out the rule of Ra" or "Sun of Righteousness"
"Living Image of Amun"[6]
also there's "king of kings" (see the donations of alexandria).

the etymology of amun, from egypt to mesopotamia is amen, amun, anu, an, the sumerian god of the heavens. (if you want the full etymology trace, let me know)

amen appears in the bible countless times, at the end of every prayer.

the bible is an egyptian-mesopotamian book

jesus was a pharaoh and even identifies himself as one, by the title, alpha and omega. alpha and omega were names given to the crook and flail of pharaoh, otherwise known as the rod and staff of jehovah. it also identified him as the first pharaoh and the last pharaoh of egypt. caesarion-esu, was the last pharaoh of egypt, literally.

if the calendar is not wrong, then somebody is lying big time.

he was the jews ticket to world domination (the messiah and fulfillment of the covenant), as he was heir to the two biggest empires on the planet, and the throne of israel. in short, they tossed the baby out with the bathwater. as a result, they have spent the last 2000 years trying to get, by any means necessary, what they could've had fair and square, 2000 years ago.
UN.i1-PHI: occult/esotheric symbology and vatican equinox calendar

theres an obelisk again centered in that plaza it casts the shadow arrow around in an elliptical orbit when illuminated by our sun and the cross represents and indicate/initiate the equinoxes of our earths orbit, and check out how it('the key') relates/connects to the ORION constellation and the PLEIADES

The Jesuit Vatican New World Order

ps discern with own discretion adviced due religious perspectives

sorry for using much space again under your thread dvogel, but atleast its now on topic...
the picture before i posted with the sacrophagus is because you can see how the rod and the staff have the pointy angular and the round shapes like the symbols of the Alpha and Omega

dvogel: That is well found.

It also fits well with the Union Jack flag

Tarheel: You betcha.

This is always a good study, a favorite of mine.
Nice post, my brother from The House of EL.

Whenever I see your name, I think of this from Devo, and it's awesome !

UN.i1-PHI: dvogel de vogel

that means 'the bird' in dutch and in belgium ;p
maar ik heb hem nog nooit belgisch of nederlands zien praten hier, alleen engels, net als ik trouwens :p dvogel alles cool daar in belgie?k praat nederlands maar dat kan je dan ook gelijk verstaan toch;P

dvogel: Yeah thats what it means

however its Daniel Vogel and not de :)
En hoe komt het dat jij nederlands spreekt? Belgish is geen taal hoor :) hier is het Vlaams en Waals of Nederlands en Frans

UN.i1-PHI: Belgium not a 'Country' !?

vandaar dat ik geen engels woord voor 'belgisch' ken!?, dus ik zei 'in belgium'/belgië xD
ik heb ook iets gelezen dat belgie een heel ander soort 'land' is of zelfs dat het eigenlijk geen land is! , wat officieel onder land wordt verstaan zegmaar,dus niet beledigend bedoelt voor 'belgen' maar voor de geheimzinnige elites! ik weet niet hoe ik het precies moet uitleggen maar ik denk dat deze link het wel duidelijk kan maken ;)
The TRUTH About "Belgium"
The New World Order's Belgian Conspiracy

bluesbaby5050: I always thought that Belgium is a ..............

Province of France. And it has some of it's own customs, and cultures. I was not aware of any changes made.

UN.i1-PHI: lol it actually doesnt exist, they lied about everything and its

all PROPAGANDA under-cover and kidnapping Mind KONTROL underground euro-disney programming shit, the country literally doesnt exist they made BElgium into BEing by making people BElieving it!!!they tampered the maps and history into existance, please read the article fully its awesome information and isnt really that surprising when you know about the other fuctup stuff happening!
If Belgium doesn't exist, then what's in its location on the map?

There is nothing there! France shares a border with the Netherlands. Notice how Belgium is depicted as being wedge shaped? They simply pulled apart the French border from the coast all the way to Luxembourg and slipped Belgium in. Since they control the maps, no one notices the geographic inconsistencies arising from the spatial compressions and deformations needed to make it fit, the effects of which are subtle since they are spread over a large area: the ratio of actual distances to distances stated on maps and road signs increases by a gradual curve as you approach the France-Netherlands/Germany border from Paris to the west and Hannover to the east.
heres an interesting part, people should not take this as offence or something like that, it is really important, horrible and exciting(to know) actually!!!!!;
"Belgian" Citizens: Who Are They Really?
The Shocking Truth Finally Exposed On The Internet!

You may now be asking yourself: "If Belgium doesn't exist, then who are all these people claiming to be Belgians?" Or, perhaps the question is more personal: "If Belgium doesn't exist, does that mean that I am not really a Belgian? What am I?" The answer to these questions is disturbing and may be difficult for those who have been indoctrinated into the Belgian lie to hear, yet it needs to be told.
Welcome to the real world, Belgians. The New World Order has you.
Belgian Citizen Pods beneath Euro-Disneyland.

"Belgian" citizens are actually innocent (for the most part) people (for the most part) that have been kidnapped by the New World Order's Belgian Conspiracy division and brainwashed using psychotronic mind control, psychotropically enhanced beer, and neurolinguistic programming into believing that they are Belgians. All memories of their past lives have been repressed -- replaced with implanted false memories of superior Belgian lives. Some of these Born Again Belgians are given cosmetic surgery and released back into the world population to spread propaganda about the existence of Belgium. The rest are taken to a large, underground complex beneath Euro-Disneyland where they are hooked up to a full-immersion VR computer network (known lovingly to the NWO as the "Brussels Beast") that interfaces directly with their brains' sensory centers to make them believe they are living their lives in Belgium (or the Belgium Simulation, as it is referred to by NWO memeticians).
'Belgian' citizen, imagined and real
How "Belgians" are programmed to view themselves (left) while in their citizen pods and how they really look (right, taken during recent extraction mission by French operatives. Liberated subject initially did not take well to hearing the TRUTH, but has since been deprogrammed and is living a normal life as a barista in Seattle.)

(Not everyone that the Belgian Conspiracy kidnaps ends up re-educated or enslaved. Tourists, business travelers, and other visitors are allowed to "come" to the "country" in order to "witness" its "existence." In reality, these people are waylaid at the common borders of Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg and taken to NWO branch facilities where they have false memories of vast sprout fields and chocolate factory tours implanted. All flights claiming to be destined for Belgium in fact land at a secret NWO airfield in Luxembourg after their passengers have been sleep-gassed. Also, windows in planes flying over the area Belgium should be have been replaced with ultradefinition plasma screens to further the illusion.)

"Belgian" citizens are sad, deluded victims of a vast conspiracy -- little pewter schnauzers and top hats doomed to live out play-lives as they loop endlessly 'round the Monopoly board of false places that is the Belgium Simulation. While they are helping evil forces by perpetuating the belief that Belgium is real (and by writing annoying pro-Belgium emails to messengers of the TRUTH such as myself) they are not doing so of their own free will. They need our help. And although their programming causes them to react violently to these uncomfortable truths, they can be helped.
If any "Belgian" citizen manages to read this through the Brussels Beast's firewall, know that we can extract you and offer you amnesty and a real life in the Republic of Cascadia. Contact me and I'll make the arrangements.

it really explains alot!!! hece they speak diffrent languages/dialects from all the 'SUPPOSEDLY SURROUNDING' countries there actually(there is no belgium there, they share borders and the belgian illusion)! and propaganda from their waffles to chocolate and the the so called french fries was originally from belgium!NOT

dvogel: I think the Flemish would be very insulted by this

Luckily I'm Danish, but Flanders actually used to be independent and fought off the French who were trying to invade via the west. Belgium has however been the victim of many international wars.

UN.i1-PHI: wars on earth are orchestrated for deception and control

while the people really die while fighting eachother, the real purpouses for wars are hidden cause they stimulate both parties (and even create and take over the remaining 'oppositions'/&rebels to try steer them) and replaced with pro-p-agenda to keep and create the illusion and devision while theyre centralizing power /globalizing...
i would recommend to read this article also (after reading the first one as i did;p) wich is mentioned in the Belgian Conspiracy Blog section of the website i first posted cause it tells more about the origins of this hoax/deception/illuresion! and how they were inventing and pretending Count Fortsas fake people and book collections&collectors(who only collected unique books where there are no others and he would dispose of them if they were a copy and his non bibliophilic son was to action em off) to lure other people and collectors into an imaginary village 'Binche' / 'Belgium' somewhere between the borders of the nederlands and france, to come visit and realize there wasnt any collection and binche village or they could not find it and that was all part of the deception and foundation of the illusion and imaginary luring place coming along with infiltrants as coachmen, ship captains, train engineers, road surveyors all playing so they could tactically enstablish this conspiracy decades before they had the facilities to house these people and the virtual reality technology to plug em on these pods for the 'belgian simulation'
i dont know if i told it right but this is very interesting too and explains how it kinda started or initiated, really interesting and also about the tactics themselves!
Count Fortsas Does Not Exist!
sorry for getting off topic but what a bout this connection; Belgium NOT a worlds nation! lol no offence again but this is pretty damn serious! and its not me making this up there are some ppl who actually escaped and even saved out of there and told what they saw there underground!
Tarheel: This is how they do everything.

It's all a mind phuk. It's them taking their creator powers and MIS-using them, turning them against their own kind.
The Karma Kods are fully aware. Their is a penance for misuse of power.

This is how (they) do it

dvogel: Americans :)

And Germany is the capital of England...

bluesbaby5050: I did view your link........

Before I gave my statement about Belgium being a province of France etc. This just goes to show people that life/REALITY isn't really what you/we THINK it is! That statement about Belgium I made was what my generation WAS TAUGHT in school. Thanks for the UP-DATE! LOL!

dvogel: Belgium is indeed a country, however quite new

Belgisch is Belgian in her engels, maar het is geen taal. België is zeker en vast een "conspiracy". Waarom zou iemand in 1831 een koning pakken en een nieuw land ervan maken? En dan ook de Duitse koningfamilie, zelfde als in Engeland. Jij hebt ook veel Vlamingen die een zelfstandig Vlaandern willen.

UN.i1-PHI: well i showed this and its telling its not a country at all! :P

but an IMAGINARY ONE FOR created for sneaky illusion&deception&manipulation!

i dont say you have to believe it but i would insist/recommend checking this up, theres not so much to find on this as its been censored ofcourse, but its pretty much credible and especially possible to what i'm used to read about, it may just be hard to 'consume/swallow'(as in interpret and conceive) at first tought but it really explains enough to it...atleast thats my opinion now on that and i dont have much problems with considering this and it isnt that crazy at all in this crazy world guys!!! ;)

dvogel: The link makes a good laugh

but is very far from true, just look at the picture of the people. Don't forget I live in Belgium and many people as well move away from here again. Maybe I should start another thread about Belgium, then we can discuss futher; since this is not really the right topic :)

Tarheel: I want to follow ya'll's conversation...

...but I am sorry I don't know Dutch.
Maybe ya'll didn't want us to know what you were saying?
I, on occasion, will post in other languages but I usually try to post the translation, unless I think it is obvious.

Peace, Brothers !

UN.i1-PHI: lol nothing important

i said i never heard him speak dutch/'belgian'(tough there isnt any real beligan language, they speak of dialects from the lands/places around there) i/we usually dont speak in another language cause of that reason you said, i just did it for the fun cuz to surprise him cuz i dont think he would expected that;p
and then i said i remember something that belgium is actually/officially a different kind of country etc, something conspiratorial wich i remember reading some time ago and i tried to look it up after and then i found that website explaining more than people would like to believe tough...
it claims that people who live and or travel trough belgium get abducted , mindcontrolled and inplanted toughts as if they were living in belgium and that many others are housed in huge underground complexes under euro disney and theyre plugged and trapped into pods simulating a virtual reality for an experience as if they were living in belgium and to make them and others believe that belgium actually exist because (they say) it actually doesnt and they also tampered and distorted the maps and slipped it in and so the distances ratio's should change there on the maps and all this because they want to use belgium as a country who help founding the EU and play to be a member too so they can whisper a lil here and there and change the direction&topics of politics etc... but this seems very extreme to be true and executable tough i can see some understanding for it and i think it is possible yet not really...
weird stuff actually but was worth checking out, atleast for me, i still dont know what to think about it, i tried to ask anu77 on his opinion but he didnt gave an direct answer relating to the belgian conspiracy... but this is quite off topic i did not want to bother anyone but if this would be real its crazy important...

Tim Lovell: Enki wasn't stranguled he was

Enki wasn't stranguled he was stabbed in his neck on mars by priests of enlil like BB linked before he is buried on mars also but up at the higher densities so the mars rovers wont bump into his grave lol..

Tarheel: I seek EnKi's assailant/s.

No mercy, his/their fate is sealed. It is a matter of time. Surely I am not the only one "in search of".

UN.i1-PHI: that was not bout enki but jesus in particular, first was title!

that was because of the title on that forum at the beginning, the rest on the comment was i think actually about jesus the composite character in particular/specific than how enki really died, or perhaps it did have connections to enki's death they wont tell literally in the bibles that he was backstabbed by a canus annunaki orchestrated by his own 'backstabbing family' and that he was the real creator of mankind on earth and refused to mistreat the humans created then as violently and op&downpressing as the other annunaki were enslaving them and he helped and boosted mankind against the orders/laws&prescriptions and used his own dna and of an angel race and after he was banned out of the eden facilities he 'sneaked' back and gave them the ability to procreate and for all benevolant things he did he also saved the humans along with many other species on earth after the flood designed to whipe all transgenetic beings results and experiments going on there and he was labeled an outlaw/reject/rebel/traitor to the system and demonized so the people wont know their true origins and so his brother and father told the people he was the 'devil' /lucifer&satan to be feared and to scare off anything what had to do with enki to prevent them from (wanting) to learn/know about enki...
but that comment was more referring to the jesus character i think and they had to leave out a lot of 'strange'/extraterrestrial things out and twist it so it would be 'normalized' as angels and demons etc without people realizing theyre real extraterrestrials and intraterrestrials/dimentionals...
so you got this so called holy man jesus performing so called miracles showing off in the public and he's made all a hero out of that and that comment was stating there isnt real documentation about jesus' death itself(as he's a composite) so what if he wandered off and then got...strangled? oh no the poor guy he really died like that? no the priest will say...; its worse they crucified him with nails and he bleeded out into heaven and came back later and you have to be thankful and and feel sinful guilty because he sacraficed himself to compensate all the sins of the mankind?! to 'thee god' because he was pretty pissed of at them lol thats how its seems i was talking sortof sarcastic orsomething to show how they could have exaggurated and twisted stuff to make ppl buy into it and adore/attach to it so much but after all its all kind of stories of ancient history in a lying mix to twist...

bluesbaby5050: Correct Un.i1....................

I had read the whole link you provided, and this is also how I had interpreted it. It was all about Jesus, The Composite Character. And there was actually 3 Composite Characters of them total in the True story that was HIDDEN from Humans. Your also right about given the Negative titles of Satan Etc., and this IS NOT THE TRUTH! He is our REAL FATHER OF THE HEAVENS/SPACE, because he really was from The ELOHIM! His father, King Anu and his Brother/Son Prince EN.LIL had lied in the True history about Prince ENKI because, Prince EN.KI went AGAINST the laws of the land that King Anu ruled over, and EVERYONE WAS TO ABIDE BY those laws or, suffer the conquences. So EN.KI WAS OUT-LAWED, he was BANNED/BRANDED, and he paid a heavy price FOR Humanity because he was in favor of them.

Tim Lovell: I am sorry but what have you

I am sorry but what have you been smoking? Lol Belgium doesn't exist I am sorry but all the people who live there and are Belgian would disagree not to mention hercule poirot , come on guys seriously lol....

UN.i1-PHI: i know it sounds crazy but this is really possible to pull off!!

especially with the technology and long conditioning/indoctrination and it involves mindcontrol abduction in underground bases with virtual reality pods for a belgian life simulation for the people there and all kind of pro-BElgium propaganda to make people BElieve it is/'to BE' real while there above are just the french-dutch borders in reality THATS WHY PPL WHO TRAVELED ACROSS THERE DONT NOTICE MUCH DIFFERENCE THERE IN APPEARANCE YET MANY HAVE A WEIRD FEELING REMEMBERING THERE, but the maps are tampered with and distroted to slip belgium there while it isnt and they are very tactical in this and the ratios increase on the maps because the space has been compressed, illusionary/depictive ofcourse but this is really some intruiging information and if you take a good look at it it isnt that crazy and explains aLOT!!! please take a look at it, its not me making this up you know pls just because this is such an 'practical' conspiracy it doesnt mean it is practical impossible to pull off...
i know it may sound offensive or even funny or totally insane but please try to take this a bit more serious if you really want to check it out for yourself...

UN.i1-PHI: hercule poirot another BE (stereotypical) propaganda programming

i'm lucky i didnt know about him untill i read this and it really exposes it and how it all ties together in the 'big conspiracy against mankind' and the propaganda from the brussels sprouts,waffles,chocolate,fries and stereotypical people in films and cartoons like tin tin the 'adventurous' to the ultra definition plasma screens in the planes destinated to belgium with a gassing surprise to be hypnotized!
dude im actually serious about this but yeah lol...untill it happens to you or loved ones, and untill you or they become aware of it... then its better become aware before being a victim...
i'm sure this is not just stupid anti belgium propaganda as some people would be quick to assume, that sort automatical assumptions and violent re-actions are part of conditioning too...
please man take a look at it, im quite excited about the importance about this but it doesnt really surprise me that much after all, and the are more horrible underground complexes doing such tyranny in other places in the world as well than there under some euro-disney place where ppl are being caputred and (re)programmed and all other horrible disgusting things!

UN.i1-PHI: ppl programmed in simulated virtual reality in underground

complexes attached to pods supporting an world wide deceptive illusion/matrix, hmm where have i seen this before?... THE MATRIX !?
but that doesnt mean ppl were fanatical bout movies or high or drugged and delusional when writing about the conspiracies or the movie scripts, as the cabal would want you to think because many so you would not take this easily in reality because you think its JUST a product of imagination
movies mimic reality, the real secret reality going on without the most of the populations awareness on it! and by seeing such things in movies people will associate it like that and think its all just fantasy, i know this has been talked before about on this forum

reality is way more awesome & incredible (also terrible tough) than any 'science-fiction' product on earth, but still hollywood etc are making strong resemblences/connections to our incredible 'UnBE-LIEvaBLE' reality going on behind in reality the scenes mimicing them to subconsciously attrackt you to the movies because of the resemblance/connections to our divine&et excistance!

Annunaki77: The Annunaki are treacherous

And when one does wrong , it never goes unpunished.
As for Enlil he will get his karma.

UN.i1-PHI: lol bout that belgium conspiracy

im also not sure whether its really true or not but i find it quite intruiging and its also quite possible but it would be or seem pretty hard and unrealistic to keep such thing going on you know thats what makes it seem so absurd... but perhaps belgium is just or kinda/seeming to be there while there is also such underground complex base there housing/hostagingt people into virtual reality pods or whatever thats not the first time i would read something like that, the malevolant ets and their minions are up to a lot of cruelty you know.. i tought it was worth to check it out and in the beginning i wanted to ask if somebody knew about something like that but i eventually found these articles about it explaining a lot of that conspiracy and so im glad to have found that anyway tough i hope its really not true for the people but such horrible things already/also happen 'everywhere'/anywhere else so who knows...if it were true i would rather want to know bout that u know lol;p

so what i told in these other comments is according to those articles and i did not really meant to speak dictating that as if it is really true or not, but i find it very suspicious...

Annunaki77: To be a Renegade , One will swim against the water current

Like Fish wanting to spawn in their sacred ponds they must swim against the current , not many make it up river , many preditors eat them , but does that stop them from achieving their Destiny?, no it does not.
Nothing in life nothing comes easy , one must always understand that confrontation and challenges are the Gifts of the Kods and with this you become Great.

I Love you all.

UN.i1-PHI: anu777 can you tell what you think about that belgian conspiracy

is it real or not, it would seem quite unrealitic theyre pulling this off but it is quite possible tough, can you please tell what you think/know about it? is this dis-info?

Tarheel: The spawning grounds....

The spawning grounds- they are VERY cool.
It's worth the risk and very rewarding for those who do try and make it.

Annunaki77: Your Intuition serves you well UN.i1-PHI

But as 4th Density shines from your Yellow Star , it will expose all Conspiracy on this Planet and this Light cannot be manipulated by no one , not even Extraterrestrials because it is Divine Light from SOURCE.
Eridanice Galaxy is going through an Upgrade , like computer software but it cannot be manipulated by any Elite.
So they can change their ways or Perish by their own hands , they must decide.

UN.i1-PHI: its 'our' yellow star, our yellow sun shining on EArth

wich energizes our and others lifeforms (re)incarnated on this planet with the divine light from the source, and we're moving up in frequency from the 3rd density into higher dimentions, wich are actually less 'dense' and more fluid, thanks to our sun wich emits these frequencies/energies translated from the galactic core and alter and maintain our reality we're living in now, but starseeds come from other star systems across the galaxy and even other galaxies&universes here to give their in-put to up-lift the human species and help them out of the trouble of slavery and ignorance

but i must say i think this reality is a hologram hoax/program a copy of the real one for artificial experience/simulation a 'game' of/for life, complete with the dimentions also so that would mean it does not matter how far up we go in the dimentions, we'll still be in this matrix unless we manage to leave it and return to the real reality, just like eevie said that it would not matter how much you activate your chakras you'll still be in the matrix with the dna harnessing your energies unless you manage to un-plug and de-activate these artificial harnessing devices, and i think that also applies to our dimentions as long we're in this matrix!

thank you for your comment annunaki77 i know my intuition lead me here but you cant KNOW everything from your intuition alone, it is more leading the way for what you seek, thats why i ask if you may happen to KNOW something about this mindcontrol abductions putting people in virtual reality pods underground €disney place and that belgium is actually not there but people who travel there are implanted with memories that they were, if that is true this is a sirrius issue!!! and has to be exposed i dont care if ppl feel sensitive and offencive as i do not try to offend them, but i try to investigate this 'as much as i can' do from here... it is a crazy theory untill now but i can understand this is really happening, but also that this can be a hoax at all or partially!

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