Happy new year all !

by Tim Lovell on December 31st, 2013

Happy new year everyone! even tho its at different times for everyone lol!

but don't forget time dosent exist so :P

have fun guys

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Quinton: Happy New Year :)

Happy New Year :)

Ecbra de Oaoj: happy new year !

conflit; this ilusion necessary to wake up conscience of thoughts
arent good against evil, because it meanwhile exist as words and acts, its a karma dance but
ignorance in contrast with to know.

and Love is the essence. so.. the Prime desire of make now the Light! Fiat... Lux...
just give; and explode in Universes.

Peace is more than a place or side, its a spirit's choose. and only possible when acept that after cry, if the pain requered... drops of tears. stand up after; and fight. for health and blood heart beating life, to inside each ego mask... inner to God shines in all cells of body, radiance to embrace all creature that God also are.

bless to all; friends and these that reveal and acept agencie of foe actors.
we are imerse in this game but behind and upper; vitory is a lie, as lose. just a play from
these gods that we are in clouds, manning our
joystick and; smiling... joking and entretaining one another...


thank you for you there.

that new year bring enjoy and a lot of progress to us, Gaia and each energy being.

You all are loved.

Peace... Love... Harmony... Good Vibes

Tim Lovell: I wonder if half the world

I wonder if half the world has a bad hangover this morning lol..

bluesbaby5050: Most Likely for the first day of 2014.............

Because when SOME people do drink they usually drink to excess. Some people just can't seem to stop after just 2 drinks, and so when any holiday arrives for SOME people, it's just an excuse to over do it, and even with the over intake of foods as well. It seems to me, if SOME people can't CONTROL their intake on these two items, then how well do they really have control over other areas in their lives? It makes you Think doesn't it..... (after thought) I retired early last night for me, and I woke up to a very cold, but clear blue skies, and to a very bright sunny day. Single digits during the day, and 10 below zero at night. Plenty of white snow to play in. I'll take it, my kind of weather. I can't wait to see what this New Year holds for planet Earth. :)

Tim Lovell: I was fine I only had 1

I was fine I only had 1 glass of champagne to see the new year in the fireworks in London were amazing but Dubai won with 28 MILES of fireworks being set of lol, but London had the first ever fireworks that smelled , some lemon some orange etc :)

Ecbra de Oaoj: really?


drink less; to.... not appear. in the
half of the world that... has a bad hangover in this or... any morning.


dvogel: Happy new year!

Happy new year from google as well:


Sky: HappyNewYear. Thank You for being true to ourselves.

This site and so many of its members helped me with what a real remainingful and experiential life is when one does their homework so to speak to say the least. I very much have found 2013 enlightening about a plethora of topics pertaining secret societies, the new worlds order NWO along with use of hidden symbols amongst powerful organizations. I must say Michael Tsarion & TRUECONTROLE and lots of footnote checks helped me revisit a huge vistas I had through complacency neglected. For instance this year I learned from several credible sources how illuminati organizations or traitor upper elements will often overrule over a lower order so to speak such as the dude who invented the Rohdes Scholarship (aka Cycil Rohdes and his model I believe being a commisar of culture by last name of RUSSEL so I believe). I am astounded in what I feel I have learned and not learned this year. I have had many many moments of feeling what I learned was true and not true on a wide changing continuum. This at times was disappointing and encouraging when I found truth with strong conviction. I know too that having periods of doubt are so important for researching one's sources since one's sources can be misinformed too. This process of discovery can be very time consuming to say the least. How insidious I discovered again and again when deliberate obscurification is implanted from mythmonger's to borrow familutude from Michael Tsarion. This year (like many) I have lived much like a recluse in searching for answers. I'm astounded how intelligent people/writers ect can be while also mostly wrong. However, the ten to more per cent true that one recognizes within one's own schemata of knowledge & intuition is vital for finding truth I feel and know. I really enjoy having read the comments and topics these past three months while I have been a member of TRUECONTROLE. I have a hard time keeping up with all the comments due to time constraints. Frankly, it might be wise at times if I wrote less so others can get on to more salient info. Well I sure hope this year goes well us all!!

Peace the best of intentions (aka love)

Crackdown: Wish you a great new circle around the Sun!

May your travel be smooth ;)

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