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by bluesbaby5050 on December 28th, 2013

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Sky: what a hoot. this is funny :-)

Thank you BLUEBaby5050. Bless your heart. I needed a good hardy laugh. This did it. Humor is excellent for transmutting negativity. I am now listening to a CD by folk singer Woody Guthrie entitled DUST BOWL BALLADS. Guthrie sings folk songs about the OAKIES during the great depression dust storms that classical writer John Steinbeck wrote about in his GRAPES OF RATH. The Guthrie music puts me in a frame more receptive for true Humor as you posted.

Sky: what a hoot. this is funny :-)

Thank you BLUEBaby5050. Bless your heart. I needed a good hardy laugh. This did it. Humor is excellent for transmutting negativity. I am now listening to a CD by folk singer Woody Guthrie entitled DUST BOWL BALLADS. Guthrie sings folk songs about the OAKIES during the great depression dust storms that classical writer John Steinbeck wrote about in his GRAPES OF RATH. The Guthrie music puts me in a frame more receptive for true Humor as you posted.

bluesbaby5050: Great Choice of Music Sky................

I enjoy Woody Guthrie also. His son Arlo Guthrie followed in his father's footsteps. Woody lived with the hobo's on, and off the trains, and in the woods during the Great Depression era, because he had a deep connection to them, and their plight they had to indure during those very hard times. ( All the people did of all ages back then, and many died too). And his son Arlo Guthrie was born on one of those trains during those hard times. And when Arlo grew up he paid tribute to his father by honoring him by playing a lot of his old music in his early years growing up. I guess he heard it a lot in the womb, and he had to join in later on! Lol! His son Arlo Guthrie also attended the" Woodstock" outdoors Music Fest in upstate New York on farm lands back in 1969. I was just 17 then during this happening. This was actually done as a message to SHOW THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE COULD GET ALONG IN A HUGE CROWD WITH PEACE, AND JOY SHARING IN A COMMON BOND. Times were changing all the time during the 60's. TV was also done LIVE, and each program was recorded LIVE. The decade of the 60's were great times of change on a massive scale in all areas of life back then. I am glad I was born to see them in my life time. I hope to see much more, as Edisonik, and Annunaki77 keep saying will happen in the next generations to come :)

Sky: i hope this is entertaining to a degree while being legible too.

Wow. I really enjoyed reading your response. What you said about Woody Gutherie is so intriguing. Also about his son, correct me if wrong, following in Woody's hobo lifestyle. I just realized WHY I had associated so much Humor with Woody's style of music as being comical. I had watched the movie O BROTHER HOW ART THOU with Clooney (Cloonie probably an illuminati my guess) several times to say the least. We really do need to keep on the Sunny Side (real song in the movie) without the LUCIFARIAN blindness, my addage here. The reason I found the movie intriguing was I spent at least two years of trying to fathom the comic classic Ullyses by James Joyce back in circa1998 being the 20th century comedy version of Homer's Odysse. Well unless one has time to burn read the cliff notes is my opinion. Well not totally true since there are exceptions. HA HA HE HE. Getting back to the music of Woody it sounds so similar to that in the sound track of OH BROTHER HOW ART THOU. Well getting back to Woody, he was from the 1960's and it is such a shame, in my view based on the values of libertarianism, that the independent spirit of the 1960's got infiltrated by socialist into all kinds slavery being the opposite of anyone who wants to wear their hair the way they what it as an analogy to what I am trying to express. MORE IMPORTANTLY getting back to your post on identity theft with application in humorus cartoon picture. The humor is so appropoe. I mean look at the 1960's they (Two Party System and their cronies) had everyone scared about dangers of communism but never making a real drum beat media effort for making regular connections with communism (DEMOCRACTS) and facism (REPUBLICAN PARTY). I distressed a bit. Well look at what is coming. There is so much crazyness that some humor is vital. I find it insidious when I hear it from socialist but then I guess they too have to deal with the matrix they weave/go along with (aka the fluoridated water, flue shots and all finds of NEW WORLD ORDER ploys ext). What a joke was the, my guess Fabian Edward Barney's slogan of World War I being; the war to end all wars--my more than guess here is these NEW WORLD ORDER cronies like Paul Warbuck came up with the FEDERAL RESERVE at Jeckle Island Hotel on Jeckle Island GEORGIA in 1910 says writer G EDWARD GRIFFEN--I just got back from that Hotel from having spent Christmas Vacation 2013 down there with my cousins on my father's side of the family. I really needed some humor Bluebaby5050 and the identity theft did it! Also while at Jeckle Island in the Hotel infamous hall of mirrors there remains these circa 1895 to say 1910 photographes, all framed on the wall, of J.P.Morgan and his cronies being Rockofeller and of course the most infamous strongarm of Rothchild being Paul Warbuck. I wish the loud mouth crank Noam Chomsky and his cronies for his think tank Z Magazine (aka Mr Mrs Sargent) along with the stooge Amy Goodman from democracynow was there on the wall too. I also wish the dude who wrote the Pale Horse was there in real life heated argument with Alex Jones (info wars) over how Alex Jones covered 911 with the crank NOAM CHOMSKY there too in real life to say something assinine such as who cares about what really happened to cause 911. How about Roxanne Bar smoking dope with Rush Lymba saying the ship is sinking being an analogy for our republic since Paul Warbuck sunk our country thanks to Media goons like Amy Goodman no better than the Wacos from Fox News who destroyed RON PAUL (former House Representative from Texas) from rescuing our Republic from the Federal Reserve deadly effects on our Republic's health.

Tarheel: You're a trip, Sky !

In a good way, of course.
You started with Guthrie and morphed into The Fed and ended up with Ron Paul, while touchin on most of the systemic ills along the way.

Share some, will ya! I need it because, I am a man of constant sorrow.

bluesbaby5050: I 'm Glad That I Could Brighten Your Day Sky.............

We certainly could use some Humor on TC every now and then I think, because TC can/ does get pretty much into the Doom, and Gloomy from some of the postings at times. Things need to REMAIN BALANCED in order to have some normalcy to life in these times we are in now. So I do my best to bring some Cheer to this forum :)

Crackdown: Nice approach :)

Despite all the difficulties in current situation, it is vitally important to see the bright side...

Starperson: Balance in all things

You nailed it BB. When this site strikes a balance I can feel it. Conversely, when things get too gloomy and doomy around here, I have to pull back and regroup. I can't explain it much better than that, but I think negative energy flows through the web and is picked up by some. That also means positive energy is also transmitted. Yin and Yang.

When you laugh, the world laughs with you...when you cry, the universe weeps.

bluesbaby5050: You are EXACTLY Right Star!

And I CAN FEEL THIS ENERGY AT TIMES ON TC, and this is WHY I post these Cartoons that I have to look for, because they are all different, and NOT ALL are Located together in a comic strip as some are, and so they are presented in this way, and some people complain in a nice way about this. I can't please everyone, but I do try to Please some people that come to this site. And I agree that it does get too Gloomy at times, and then I have to change these energies when it starts to FEEL DARK, and then I even have to pull back, and take some time off from here, and when I do, I just Look Into TC just to keep up with the postings, and the connections I have here. Also, I was asked NOT TO LEAVE TC a while back from a very High Up Source, because I have a real purpose for being here during these times we are in now, and I was asked Not to Let them Down, and so I am Committed by my Promise to Honor those wishes to this source. So in spite of some members here, I have a duty to fill. To Everyone, have a Happy, and Safe New Year!

Sky: well put Tarheel Alpha Male

Christmas time is faintly starting of more sunlight no wonder it can be gloomy emotion wise. I went to visit my family on Christmas near Jeckal Island GEORGIA. We all visited the hotel Jeckal Island Hotel where the FEDERAL RESERVE was drafted. While driving from my home in Northern Kentucky down to Georgia I listened to 50% of the unabridged book THE CREATURE OF JECKAL ISLAND by G EWARD GRIFFEN. The drive took 14 hours. The book had talking points I was familiar with based on writers I already have spent much in depth study on such as ANTHONY C SUTTEN and several similar writers pertaining to libertarianism. I had spent years from 1989 to say 2003 reading NOAM CHOMSKY and his coatery so to speak being so left that most conventional fiscal liberals are often unaware of. Well for years this family on my father's side being a mixture of mainstream beliefs of nearly all ideological and religious view had been unaware of by my views on Noam Chomsky. I two years ago left his general line of views on government primarily due to Chomsky' s disgraceful framing of 911, JFK and alternatives views of human origins such as those held by presently deceased LYDE PYE. When visiting my family they had no interest in the Origins of the FEDERAL RESERVE in relation to Jeckal Island Hotel. I was so disappointed in my own stupidity in having been duped by Chomsky (he has good insists on George Orwell with wrong means to stop gov't exploitation as I see it now). I was trying to find humorously in things so as to enjoy my Christmas with my family. I liked Bluesbaby5050 on Humor. I was expressing my frustrations within writing of 90 minute writing. My writing clearly has limitations in how much time I was willingilling to express my emotions over the holiday. Thank you for your input.

dvogel: Kill King 33

Kill King 33

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