happy christmas!

by Tim Lovell on December 24th, 2013

Happy Christmas everyone!

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bluesbaby5050: Thank's Tim...........

But, it's at Midnight tonight for me, on ESTime-USA.

Tim Lovell: well same here 1 hour to go

well same here 1 hour to go in gmt :), tbh the winds over here are so harsh atm it made a tree in the garden fall over and the electrics cut out we just got it back now , also my mums house had some of the roof ripped of lol, the wind gusts were moving ouyr car around it was harsh wrath of god harsh lol, but this is the phase where your thoughts are effecting the weather until we rise above it it will keep happening that's why all the harsh winds and weather but we will get past it eventually"

bluesbaby5050: Yes Great Britain has been getting Hit............

Really hard during the last 2 recent weeks as shown on the world news reports. I did see a lot of roofs taking damage as you just said. Rough Seas as well. Hang in there, cause we are all in this TOGETHER. Be safe :)

UN.i1-PHI: happy winter solstice everyone!!!

and all the rest of the time i wish the best for us all too;)

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