An Idiot's Guide To The New World Order

What is the New World Order?

The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy to enslave humanity through a world government controlled by a select few. The goal is to essentially turn humans into robots where they are unable to think for themselves and must depend upon the NWO for their sustenance.

Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the world government.

Henry Kissinger Bilderberger Conference, 1991

Planks For The NWO

  • One World Currency

    A digital currency will most likely be the currency of choice for the New World Order. The Euro helped to consolidate many of the European nations and a further push to consolidate more nations is on the way.

  • One World Religion

    All ages throughout history have had a religion and the age of the New World Order is no different. In many ways science is emerging as the new religion for the NWO.

  • Education Decline

    Education will focus mostly on training people to do as they are told and to follow orders. Schools will become systems of indoctrination and propaganda.

  • Elimination of Property

    It is the goal of the New World Order to destroy the ownership of property. Free people own property and slaves do not. The NWO takes over property by using the government.

  • Destruction of Family

    The family, being central to the fruition and evolution of the human family, must naturally be destroyed under the NWO. Efforts will be made to replace the family with the state.

  • Elimination of Self Defense

    The subjects of the NWO will be defenseless and unable to protect themselves from the force of the NWO. It is much easier to control people when they are defenseless.

  • Elimination of Privacy

    Privacy will continue to exist less and less. The goal of the New World Order is to know exactly what everyone is doing at all times and store every event in a database.

  • Control over Resources

    Natural resources are a currency to the NWO. By controlling scarce resources like oil the NWO ensures that people will depend upon them.

  • Police Control

    The establishment of a police state is the natural outgrowth of a government increasing in size and power. As government grows the police will be used to control more and more of our lives.

Never again will you be capable of ordinary human feeling. Everything will be dead inside you. Never again will you be capable of love, or friendship, or joy of living, or laughter, or curiosity, or courage, or integrity. You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves.

George Orwell 1984

Who is behind it?

The primary group of entities behind the New World Order operate through secret societies, priesthoods and royalty. Secret societies, priesthoods and royalty have always held great power and influence and through the years they have slowly merged their powers together to create the ultimate in control. At the highest level these 3 groups all intertwine and work together to control lower levels of control. These groups view themselves as superior to regular earth humans and this is why they feel they have the right to rule over them.

  • Secret Societies

    At the highest levels of the New World Order nobody fully knows what the secret societies are and who is involved in them. One thing that we do know is that the highest level members operate through the shadows and never make their identity known. So when you see people out in the public you can be sure that they are most likely a pawn working for a higher power.

  • Priesthoods

    Priesthoods have always been the heart of the New World Order. After all, it is organizations like the Vatican who possess ancient, ancient knowledge that they keep hidden away from the public. And if you go back prior to the Vatican you will find that the ancient world was organized and ruled through various Sun Orders possessing occult knowledge.

  • Royalty

    For centuries we have had kings and queens ruling over people. Most of us, however, have never stepped back and ask where these royal families derived their power. Many of the royal families are extremely detailed when it comes to genetics and bloodlines. They view certain bloodlines as better than others and make sure not to keep their bloodlines in tact.

In 1952 an alliance was formed, bringing them all together for the first time in history. The Black Families, the Illuminati (the Order), the Vatican, and the Freemasons now work together to bring about the New World Order. All will protest their innocence and will do everything within their power to destroy anyone who suggests otherwise.

Bill Cooper Behold a Pale Horse

Where did they come from?

  • ~4000 BCE
  • ~3000 BCE
  • 1894 BCE
  • 1400 BCE
  • 900 BCE
  • 27 BCE
  • 325 CE
  • 500 - 1500 CE
  • 1300 - 1700 CE
  • 1400 AD - 1700 CE
  • 1689 CE
  • 1776 CE
  • Present Day
~4,000 BCE

The Anunnaki

A good starting point for the New World Order is the Anunnaki. The exact origin of this group isn't entirely clear, however, we do know that they had a strong influence in Mesopotamia and many Cuneiform writings mention them. This group of beings possessed advanced knowledge and had their own internal mystery religion which contained many esoteric secrets that were hidden from the majority of people. These secrets were part of what brought them to power, and kept them there.

~3000 BCE

Phoenicians & Canaanites

Not all the Anunnaki were what we would call good. Like today, some groups wanted to use their advanced knowledge to control people while others wanted to use it to free people. The Anunnaki began to amalgamate with other races and new groups arose. Groups known as Phoenicians and Canaanites began to form and some members in these groups had intentions to use their advanced knowledge to control other people.

1894 BCE


As these Phoenician/Canaanites expanded they eventually worked their way into the empire of Babylon. It was here that many of their rites and rituals were established. Babylon is often depicted as an evil place in our history, but it is also depicted as a great city which led the world in innovation and technology. You will find that the NWO is always close to innovation and technology... even if they only keep it for themselves.

1400 BCE


After ruling in the Mesopotamia region for many centuries the NWO bloodlines eventually worked their way into Egypt and overthrew many of the existing Egyptian dynasties. In our history we read about Akhenaten rising to power in Egypt and replacing the God Amen with the God Aton. These "Atonists" became the Pharaohs of Egypt and replaced the wisdom of ancient Egypt with their new version of wisdom.

900 BCE

Judites & Levites

During their time in Egypt (and prior) these Canaanite bloodlines had also worked their way into 2 primary Israelite bloodlines known as the Judites and Levites. The Judites were the rulers (royalty) and the Levites were the knowledge-keepers (priestood). During this time Judah had a number of kings rise and fall. Some kings were what we would call good, most were bad.

27 BCE

Roman Empire

These Egyptian Atonist bloodlines eventually worked their way into the Roman Empire. Through the Roman Empire they greatly expanded their power and through Rome they also worked behind the scenes by influencing many of the Caesars politically. By using their political influence they were able to eventually create their main headquarters for control...

325 CE

The Vatican

The Roman Church was eventually established through political influence and the Vatican became the exoteric headquarters for the Atonists. The Pope became the Vicar of Christ and to this day he calls himself the ruler of Earth until Jesus returns. The Vatican became the main front organization for the New World Order and it was a big push towards organizing all the religions of the world into one and destroying all the wisdom of the past.

500 - 1500 CE

Europe & The Dark Ages

These bloodlines eventually moved to Europe and became many of the Kings and Queens throughout the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages was one of the periods with the greatest control by the Vatican. Throughout the entire Dark Ages the Vatican, through the authority of "God", was appointing Kings and Queens to rule over the people. We all know that the Dark Ages was one of the periods throughout history with the highest levels of ignorance.

1300 - 1700 CE

Black Nobility & Hanseatic League

The Kings & Queens of ancient bloodlines became known as the Black Nobility and they began to dominate Europe and other parts of the world through commerce. They worked very closely with many businessmen and created exclusive business partnerships to control commerce. One such relationship was known as Hanseatic League. The Black Nobility dominated the world through finance.

1400 AD - 1700 CE

European Countries & Cities Developed

While the Black Nobility were ruling throughout Europe many countries and cities were becoming more and more developed. Venice became a primary banking city for these bloodlines before moving over to Amsterdam. From Amsterdam financial control was eventually moved to London, where it remains today. During this period there were many struggles between the power of the Vatican and the power of the people.

1689 CE

Britain Rises to Prominence

With William III of England rising to power in Britain, Britain became the main country representing the executive and financial branch of the New World Order. Treaties were long since in place between the partnership of Britain and the Vatican. Shortly after the Bank of England was established which carried over past banking strategies developed by the Knights Templar and carried over from Venice and Amsterdam.

1776 CE

America Rises to Prominence

America eventually broke off from Britain and became its own country. Throughout the 19th century and into the 20th Britain spent many resources on recapturing America. After many wars and agents Britain was finally able to recapture America through legal means with corporations and through financial means with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

Present Day

The Trinity of Control

Today we have the Vatican, Britain and America as the main players behind the New World Order. Obviously it is not these countries on the surface level. It is these countries being used as tools by the NWO who influence them through their internal network. All 3 countries have independent countries within the main country: In Rome we have Vatican City, in Britain we have The City of London and in America we have the District of Columbia. Each country has an obelisk signifying the true power operating behind these countries.

How Do They Control The World?

The world does not operate the way most people think it does. Governments do not run the world. The world is run by people who operate above governments and outside of political law. Secret societies have been manipulating the world and exercising influence in all aspects of life for a very long time.

The governments of the present day have to deal not merely with other governments, with emperors, kings and ministers, but also with the secret societies which have everywhere their unscrupulous agents, and can at the last moment upset all the governments' plans.

Benjamin Disraeli 1876, British Prime Minister

Diagram of Influence

The NWO operates like a pyramid of power. At the very top of the pyramid is where the most power is and as you work your way down the pyramid there is less and less power. There are many different levels and this chart has been broken down to give you an overview of 5 levels.

Nothing in this world operates the way you think it does. Banks do not loan money, governments are not empowered to protect you, the police department is not there to serve you, institutions of higher learning, colleges and educational institutes, are not there to educate you. The entire superstructure of civilization in the Western world is a combination of brilliantly put together and planned, well-planned, schemes to direct the minds of the people in such a way as to serve their masters.

Jordan Maxwell Video Interview

Primary Network

The primary network of control features secret societies, royalty and priesthoods at the top level. The world has operated with these 3 groups at the head of control for a long, long time.

  • Secrecy

    A key component to a secret society is the secrecy. When things are kept out of sight they are easier to control.

  • Compartmentalization

    Everything is structured in a hierarchy, similar to a pyramid. Each level understands the levels below them but they don't understand the levels above them.

  • Ordo Ab Chao

    Latin for order out of chaos. By orchestrating events that appear to be unrelated, the NWO is able to more easily advance the agenda. When you are able to connect the dots of seemingly unrelated events the image becomes clear.

  • Occult Knowledge

    Occult knowledge is one of the most powerful tools for the NWO priesthoods. These beings understand things that the majority of people simply do not. By having this knowledge they are more easily able to manipulate humans.

  • Black Magic

    Much of what the priesthoods use is black magic -- magic with a dark intent. The mind control and manipulation used on humans is nothing short of casting a spell on them.

  • Religion

    Religion has always been the most popular card used for the ancient priesthoods. Although less popular now, it is still a key component to priesthood control.

  • Bloodlines

    Bloodline purity is extremely important to the people behind the NWO. Their bloodlines have been kept pure for over thousands of years and they dare not dilute their blood with inferior races.

  • Name Change

    Names are always being changed in order to conceal past events and relationships that various royal families have been associated with. By changing the name people forget about their past history and future plans.

Secondary Network

The secondary network features semi-secret societies, banks and corporations all working together. At this level semi-secret societies are established to govern banks and corporations which are used to govern high-level politics above government.

  • Recruitment

    Through semi-secret societies the higher level secret societies are able to recruit possible candidates for promotion in the higher echelons of control. People who show no abilities of acting in a higher order are left alone while those that show the ability are promoted.

  • Agents

    By acting through agents the royalty and priesthoods of higher level orders are never fully known. By using front-men to take the blame the true powers that be are able to interchange new front men as necessary and continue on with their plan without their identity being known.

  • Buffer

    Semi-secret societies act as a buffer between the low levels of control and the high levels of control. By leaving the high level secret societies unknown it is extremely difficult to track down who is pulling the strings.

  • Central Banks

    Central banks are preferred for control over the money supply and interest rates. A central bank in a government is one of, if not the largest, step in control over a nation.

  • Fractional Reserve Banking

    Fractional reserve banking encourages banks to lend out about 10 times the amount of currency they have in reserves. Fractional reserve banking inflates the money supply at exponential rates.

  • Debt Money

    Creating money out of debt is a key part of NWO banking. If money is debt then there is no way to pay off the debt except by creating even more debt.

  • Resources

    Controlling scarce resources through corporations is and always has been the foundation for the NWO. By controlling important resources such as oil and food they are easily able to enforce the rules that they want.

  • Media

    Controlling corporations in media is another key component to the NWO. Through constant marketing and promotion of ideas people are able to be easily swayed whether or not the idea is based upon sound principles or fact.

  • Medical

    By controlling medical corporations the NWO is able to directly influence the bodies, both physically and mentally, of humans.

Tertiary Network

The tertiary level of control involved the use of governments throughout the world. Through government the NWO is able to use force on the people and other nations.

  • War

    War is extremely expensive and requires the use of governments to inflate their currency and tax their citizens. War is funded and profited from by both sides. War is useful for bringing new groups of citizens under the fold of the NWO.

  • Black Operations

    Government is heavily used to fund and develop secret operations that allow the NWO to experiement on new technologies and psychological techniques to further control humans.

  • Tax Revenue

    Majority of taxes go straight to the banks controlled by the NWO and are used to further enslave the citizens and further empower their masters.

  • Monopolies & Regulation

    Through the use of government the NWO is able to monopolize key industries of influence such as medical. Regulation keeps out competition and assures the NWO corporations stay in power.

  • Intelligence Agencies

    The NWO is able to use intelligence agencies for whatever secret purposes they choose under the cloak of national security. Intelligence agencies are virtually unaccountable and used to carry out NWO objectives.

Quaternary Network

The quaternary network is primarily used to control the majority of people who are already controlled through government. Various institutions are put in place to control the minds of people and various tools & techniques are used to keep the people from uprising and to redirect their frustration if they do.

  • Duality

    Religion tricks people into thinking that good and bad are absolute, concrete terms. In reality, good and bad are based off perspective and context. Energy and the universe is open to all contrast.

  • Fear

    Religious people always have a fear component at the core of their religion. If they do something wrong they will be punished by God.

  • Judgement

    Religion puts people in a mode of strict judgement where the way and rules of their religion are the only way. Context and difference of intent is not considered.

  • No Spiritual

    By keeping people stuck in 3rd density reality the NWO is able to diminish people's true spiritual, infinite power. People are tricked into thinking that the physical world is all that exists.

  • Bad Science

    By taking non-scientific things and calling them scientific people are tricked into thinking that these non-scientific things are actually based in fact and reality when they are not.

  • New Religion

    Science is used how religion was used in the ages of the past. Science is used to make people think a certain way and blindly follow their scientific priests.

  • Training

    People are trained what to think rather than educated how to think. People are trained to be like robots and operate like a cog on a machine.

  • No Creativity

    Creativity is removed from education and they are taught to conform rather than create. The entire school process is constructed to take creativity out of life.

  • No Individuality

    People are not educated to be unique, but rather are trained to be like everyone else and to fit in line with the NWO system.

  • Propaganda

    The NWO media uses propaganda to gain support for movements that people otherwise would not support. This is one of the oldest and easiest tricks in the book to execute.

  • Marketing & Branding

    By constantly badgering people with the same false messages and words people eventually believe that something is real or good.

  • Drugs

    Drugs are heavily used to keep people complacent and docile. Drugs are also created to treat and not to cure. Helpful drugs are hard to get through the system and often times illegal.

  • Genetically Modified Foods

    Foods that are harmful to humans on many different levels are encouraged and promoted through the use of the medical system.

  • Vaccines

    Vaccines and other medical procedures labeled as good are pushed on people and often times given out for free in order to get participation by people.

We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.

David Rockefeller The Trilateral Commission, June, 1991

Tools & Techniques

In conjunction with their network of control the NWO also uses various tools & techniques to further their control. These tools & techniques are always coupled with one or more institutions of control to carry out their goals.

  • Bribery

    Everybody has a price and bribery is usually accomplished in the form of money or women. People are rewarded handsomely for following orders and working for the NWO.

  • Blackmail

    If people choose not to participate with the NWO they will blackmail them and through their other various networks promote them in whatever light they choose to ruin their reputation.

  • Murder

    If all else fails, they'll kill you. They have done it time and time before and operate through all the top intelligence agencies of government.

  • Socialism

    Socialism is the technique used on first world nations for the promotion of the state and a larger government. Through propaganda people are tricked into creating a larger state for the NWO.

  • Gradualism

    Not everything the NWO does has to happen immediately. Many of their plans require massive amounts of time and evolve as they go along. All they need is their foot in the door and they will slowly work the rest of the body in.

  • False Flags

    False flags are used to gain support for movements that people otherwise would not support. It is simple enough to stage an event to get a desired reaction from people and then implement the solution of your choosing.

  • Problem-Reaction-Solution

    Problem-Reaction-Solution is a phrase coined by David Icke. The NWO figures out what they want to implement. They then create a problem that will get their desired reaction so they can implement their desired solution.

  • Divide & Conquer

    It's one of the oldest tricks in the book. Divide people and conquer them. Turn them against each other and they will never see you behind the scenes manipulating them.

  • Mind Control

    By using heavily researched and financed mind control techniques they are able to take manipulation to a level most people would never imagine.

From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:

George Orwell 1984

How They Gained & Increase Control

The NWO is a virus. And like a virus, they need a host to live off. So they look for existing organizations and suck the life out of them and take them over. The NWO is a worldwide gang, like the mafia, that will do whatever it takes to grow. Their main methodology is subversion and infiltration. They don't necessarily want to change what is already in place, they just want to control it.

First things first... They're Smart... Really Smart

We have to understand that these people aren’t idiots. The NWO did not gain control by mere accident. The NWO is the result of centuries of strategic planning and politics at the highest level. They have occult knowledge and understand why the world is the way it is today. They understand human nature and they understand how to manipulate humans, they have been doing it for centuries. Just because we don't understand something doesn't mean that they don't.

The NWO Infiltration Strategy

  • 1

    Figure Out Next Task

    The NWO is constantly looking at where the world currently is and figuring out the most favorable next steps towards manipulating people into a NWO. These people are like a smart businessman who is able to foresee the future and work around the current parameters to get there.

  • 2

    Target Key Organizations & People

    Once the next task is figured out they outline the key organizations and people that are going to be main targets in the up and coming undertaking.

  • 3

    Infiltration Gameplan

    Once they know who and what to target they begin to orchestrate a gameplan on possible ways to infiltrate these organizations and people.

  • 4

    Look In Network

    They start by looking in their network and seeing which existing systems can be used to facilitate such an infiltration. As their network grows in size and reach it becomes easier and easier to take over control of newer organizations.

  • 5

    Look in Toolbox

    While looking through their network they also look into their toolbox to see which tools can be grouped with which networks. Certain tools are more appropriate for certain scenarios and organizations. Bribery works great for politicians & businessmen while socialism and gradualism works great for citizens.

  • 6

    Find Appropriate Match

    After looking through their existing network and tools the NWO finds an appropriate match or matches for the task at hand. Sometimes it may require multiple organizations at different levels working together through compartmentalization, other times it may just require an agent or two. It depends on the task.

  • 7


    Once all the planning is done as best they can they take action and execute on their mission. The execution phase is never completely clean and so they use organizations in the network, such as the media, to be sure to redirect and minimize opposition. It's never clean but problems can always be managed and evolved into a favorable position.

  • 8


    Once the new organization is infiltrated or while it is being infiltrated an assimilation process takes place. Just like when a business undergoes new management there is a period where new people may be put in place and operations of the current organization may be tweaked to better suit the NWO agenda. Access level will be determined by how high up on the pyramid this new operation is placed.

  • 9

    Rinse & Repeat

    And that's it. Once they have the new organization under their fold they continue on with their expansion and look for their next host to infiltrate.

Example: Federal Reserve System

One of the greatest steps towards American control for the NWO was the creation, as well as the evolution, of the Federal Reserve System. It is a classic example of the NWO strategy.

Timeline of Recent Events

The NWO really started to pick up speed around 250 years ago. During this period we have seen a great expansion towards a new world order and a great increase in government control throughout the world, even if we think we are free.

May 1, 1776

Founding of Bavarian Illuminati

Right before the United States of America was founded we had another organization that was founded, the Bavarian Illuminati. The Illuminati was founded by a Jesuit Priest by the name of Adam Weishaupt. Weishaupt's method for gaining power was to infiltrate existing Freemasonic lodges throughout Europe and bring them under the covert control of the Illuminati.

The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation.

Adam Weishaupt Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1793 (quoted by John Robison)

July 4, 1776

Founding of United States of America

America was founded by a group of people looking to escape the tyranny in Britain. Fed up with the King and taxes in Britain, America was the outgrowth of this uprising and Americans became renegades who rejected British control.

It is not my intention to doubt that the doctrine of the Illuminati and the principles of Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary, no one is more satisfied of this fact than I am.

George Washington The Writings of George Washington


French Revolution

The French Revolution was actually one of the first moves of the newly formed Illuminati. They took over many lodges in France and worked behind the scenes to orchestrate this event.

The original plan had been to impregnate people with hope and will for change, but lodges had been infiltrated to the extent that it has been said that 'the program put into action by the French Constitutional Assembly in 1789 had been put together by German Illuminati in 1776'. Danton, Desmmoulins, Mirabeau, Marat, Robespierre, Guillotin and other leaders had been 'illuminated'.

Mark Booth The Secret History of the World


First Bank of United States Created

Shortly after the founding of America the first central bank was established. The bank faced strong opposition and after 20 years the charter expired and the bank was no more.


War of 1812

Meanwhile in Britain, King George III was upset about being made to look like a fool by the Americans and was devising a plan to recapture his "Virginia Company". The War of 1812 was a British attempt to recapture America. It failed.

June 18, 1815

Nathan Rothschild Financially Captures Britain

After the Battle of Waterloo Nathan Rothschild tricked the British people into thinking that Britain had lost the battle and he ended up buying back the shares of stocks they sold for a fraction of their true value.

February 1817 - January 1836

Second Bank of the United States

Once again the British were back at it and with the help of their agents were able to shortly establish a new central bank in America. This one was eventually abolished by Andrew Jackson.

February 21, 1848

Karl Marx publishes Communist Manifesto

In alignment with the plans of the Illuminati, Karl Marx publishes the Communist Manifesto as a next step towards establishing global control. Communism was created and marketed for the establishment of the New World Order.

Many students of atheistic communism are under the impression that Marx started the movement about the time he wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848, when actually, the fires of communist revolution had already been smoldering in Europe for at least seventy-five years. Significantly Churchill charged that this subversive conspiracy "played a definitely recognizable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution."
However, Churchill gives first place among communist revolutionaries not to Marx, but to "Spartacus-Weishaupt."

Robert Henry Goldsborough Lines of Credit: Ropes of Bondage


American Civil War

Upset with past failures, Britain once again made a move to recapture America. British agents were replete throughout the country working behind the scenes to stir up trouble and divide America. The main force behind the Civil War was once again Britain trying to reclaim their lost company.

The real foundations of the plot for the takeover of the United States were laid during the period of our Civil War, not that Weishaupt and the earlier masterminds had overlooked the New World. As I have previously indicated, Weishaupt had his agents planted over here as far back as the Revolutionary War. But George Washington was more than an axe for them. It was during the Civil War that the conspirators launched their first concrete efforts. We know that Judah Benjamin, chief adviser of Jefferson Davis, was a Rothschild agent. We also know that there were Rothschild agents planted in Abraham Lincoln's cabinet, who tried to sell him into a financial dealing with the House of Rothschild. But old Abe saw through the scheme and bluntly rejected it, thereby incurring the dying embassy of the Rothschilds, exactly as the Russian Czar did when he torpedoed their first League of Nations at the Congress in Vienna. Investigation of the assassination of Lincoln revealed that the assassin, Booth, was a member of a secret conspiratorial group. Because there were a number of highly important government officials involved, the name of the group was never revealed and it became a mystery, exactly as the assassination of Jack Kennedy still is a mystery. But I am sure it will not for long remain a mystery. Anyway, the ending of the Civil War destroyed, temporarily, all chances of the House of Rothschild to get a clutch on our money system, such as they had acquired in Britain and other nations in Europe. I say temporarily because the Rothschilds and the masterminds of the conspiracy never quit.

Myron Fagan The Illuminati Exposed, 1967


United States Corporation

As a result of the Civil War Britain created a new corporation called the United States, in distinction to the United States of America. This corporation became headquartered in the District of Columbia and to this very day has been tricking sovereign Americans into following the dictates of their jurisdiction.

January 4, 1884

Fabian Society Created

The Fabian Society is a British socialist organization that was created to advance the principles of Socialism throughout the world.

1880-1881 & 1899-1902

Boer Wars

The Boer Wars were classic British Imperialism. Through war, the British converted the Boer republics into British colonies for the purpose of capturing the valuable diamond fields.


Education Takeover

In 1903 the General Education Board is founded by the Rockefeller Foundation. This was the beginning of an ongoing mission to dumb down American students and to remove creativity and critical thinking from schools.

Keep in mind that the General Education Board was founded in 1903 by the Rockefeller Foundation—one of the most powerful and wealthiest foundations of its time. What we see here is an attitude that dates back over a hundred years, one of the elite rich of the United States, and even the world, seemingly orchestrating education curriculum to meet their needs and not necessarily the needs of the student. This is important today, because although these attitudes are over a century old, they have not gone away, and they are the driving force behind your education, my education, and the education of your children. And they are the driving force behind the suppression of financial education even today. You do not need to know about money when you are destined to simply be a cog in someone else's money machine, or a worker on someone else's plantation.

Robert KiyosakiConspiracy of the Rich

October 1907

Panic of 1907

In preparation for yet another attempt at creating a central bank the Panic of 1907 was engineered by NWO financiers by manipulating the markets to create a recession. The obvious solution to this panic was a central bank. (Problem-Reaction-Solution)

March 4, 1913

Woodrow Wilson becomes President

After manipulation with the candidates running for President the NWO is able to get Woodrow Wilson into office. Wilson is a key agent for the NWO and is used for 3 key moves: The Federal Reserve, The Income Tax and World War 1.

Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

Woodrow Wilson The New Freedom

October 3, 1913

Income Tax

The Income Tax started as a voluntary tax and through the years has become assumed as a legitimate tax, even though it is Constitutionally void. Income tax payments go straight to the Treasury who then turn it over to the Federal Reserve.

So all federal taxes can only be lawfully levied on either one basis or the other. If they represent a direct tax, they must be apportioned. If they represent an indirect tax, they must be geographically uniform. Since the income tax is levied neither as an apportioned, direct tax nor as a "duty, impost, or excise," it falls into none of the taxing clauses of the Constitution and because of this it can not be levied as a mandatory tax!

Irwin Schiff The Federal Mafia

December 23, 1913

Federal Reserve System

In 1913 the NWO finally got what they had been working so hard towards: a central bank. The privately owned Fed became the central bank for America and ever since has controlled the creation of money and the interest rates to be used in the economy. The Federal Reserve was one of the largest steps towards destroying America and turning it back over to British NWO control.

On average, over $5,000 is extracted from your family each year, not to provide government services or even to pay off previous debt. Nothing is produced by it, not even roads or government buildings. No welfare or medical benefits come out of it. No salaries are paid by it. The nation's standard of living is not raised by it. It does nothing except pay interest.

G. Edward Griffin The Creature From Jekyll Island

July 28, 1914 - November 11, 1918

World War 1

There were a few main tasks for World War 1. Czar Nicolas II was removed from Russia and the void was to be filled with Communism. An attempt was also made to create a central governing body called the League of Nations. The League of Nations was eventually rejected by the Senate so the NWO temporarily put it on hold to later revisit.

The First World War must be brought about in order to permit the Illuminati to overthrow the power of the Czars in Russia and of making that country a fortress of atheistic Communism. The divergences caused by the "agentur" (agents) of the Illuminati between the British and Germanic Empires will be used to foment this war. At the end of the war, Communism will be built and used in order to destroy the other governments and in order to weaken the religions.

Albert Pike Letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, 1871

March 8 - November 8, 1917

Russian Revolution

With the collapse of the Russian government the Bolsheviks, led by British Agent Vladimer Lenin, rose to the opportunity of restructuring Russia under Communism.

The Capitalists of the world and their governments, in pursuit of conquest of the Soviet market, will close their eyes to the indicated higher reality and thus will turn into deaf mute blind men. They will extend credits, which will strengthen for us the Communist Party in their countries, and giving us the materials and technology we lack, they will restore our military industry, indispensable for our future victorious attacks on our suppliers. In other words, they will labor for the preparation for their own suicide.

Vladimir Lenin quoted by Antony Sutton in Revolution

November 2, 1917

Balfour Declaration

The Balfour Declaration was a letter from British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild which detailed British support for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

May 30, 1919

Council on Foreign Relations Created

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was created to be the American semi-secret governmening body of the NWO which acted above the United States government. The British wing was the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA).


Soviet Union Established

The Soviet Union is established as a NWO test run for how a society would work under Communism. Many of the bugs were worked out through the Soviet Union and later repackaged as Socialism.

October 29, 1929

Stock Market Crash

An engineered stock market crash was once again created by the NWO to buy up even more of the United States and to pave the road for more government control.

1929 - 1940s

Great Depression

The Great Depression was the result of banking manipulation and was used to implement more government programs in the United States. The New Deal was a primary result of the Great Depression.

The Federal Reserve definitely caused the Great Depression by contracting the amount of money in circulation by one-third from 1929 to 1933

Milton Friedman National Public Radio interview


United States Goes Bankrupt

In 1933 the United States goes bankrupt. In 1936 the Social Security System is implemented wherein the US citizens are are pledged as collateral to the debt of the United States government to the Federal Reserve.

February 27, 1933

Burning of Reichstag

In an effort to gain political support the Nazi party staged a fire on the German Reichstag and blamed it on the Communists.

1934 - 1945

Rise of Adolf Hitler

After the Reichstag fire Hitler began to rise in prominence and was supported by many NWO financiers. Hitler was initially used to further the establishment of a New World Order with a "New Man", but he eventually turned on his masters and he was later used as a catalyst for World War II.

December 7, 1941

Bombing of Pearl Harbor

As the final pretext towards America entering World War II, high level officials in the United States knowingly allowed Japan to bomb Pearl Harbor in order to gain war support from the US people.

President Roosevelt, Secretary of Navy Stimson, and Secretary of War Knox knew what was going to happen at least three months before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. They never told the American people or their commanders at Pearl Harbor, for the simple reason that they wanted to attack the place.

Dr. John Coleman The Committee of 300

1939 - 1945

World War 2

World Was 2 had a number of goals. The Jews were persecuted to be made to look like an unjustly treated group. From this persecution came the establishment of the State of Israel which is a key component towards future NWO plans. Hitler was also used to test out a NWO, but this time with a nationalist, Fascist flavor as opposed to the Communist approach in the Soviet Union.

The Second World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences between the Fascists and the political Zionists. This war must be brought about so that Nazism is destroyed and that the political Zionism be strong enough to institute a sovereign state of Israel in Palestine. During the Second World War, International Communism must become strong enough in order to balance Christendom, which would be then restrained and held in check until the time when we would need it for the final social cataclysm.

Albert Pike Letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, 1871

June 26, 1945

United Nations Created

What the NWO was unable to accomplish with the League of Nations and WWI they were able to accomplish with the UN and WWII. The UN was established to be a starting body for the New World Order. As the New World Order expands the UN will be refined to facilitate the needs.

September 18, 1947

Central Intelligence Agency Created

The CIA was an outgrowth of the earlier Office of Strategic Services (OSS) which itself was an outgrowth of Nazi Germany. Many of the key scientists and thinkers from Nazi Germany were illegally brought right over from Germany to the United States through Operation Paperclip. The CIA is basically a high level, government-enforced mafia, carrying out many secret social control operations throughout the world.

The CIA and its successor agencies such as the National Security Agency must be not seen as instruments for furthering American security, but as arms of the planetary controllers for maintaining their own dominion. These agencies primarily further the elitists' own interests, including the implementation of plans of eugenics, social control, monopolistic control of resources, and other forms of the suppression of the masses worldwide.

Jim Keith Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness

May 14, 1948

State of Israel

In accordance with the Balfour Declaration the State of Israel was established by Britain and bankers like the Rothschilds after much terrorism and bloodshed. The State of Israel furthered the rise of Zionism, one of the NWO's primary tools for world domination.

Just as the Republic of South Africa is really the Fiefdom of Oppenheimers, so the State of Israel is really the State of Rothschild. Zionism was the creation of the Rothschilds on behalf of the Brotherhood...

David Icke The Biggest Secret


European Union Created

The EU was created as a step towards a one world currency. Before you can get the whole world under one currency you first have to get localized regions under one currency.

May 29, 1954

Bilderberg Group Created

The first Bilderberg meeting was held at the Bilderberg Hotel in the Netherlands on May 29, 1954. The Bilderberg Group is one of the premiere semi-secret societies tying many other semi-secret societies together. Members from the CFR, RIIA, Trilateral Commision as well as high level politicians and businessmen are all brought together where a small group of representatives from the higher secret societies such as the Round Table lead the discussions.

November 22, 1963

JFK Assassination

John F. Kennedy, being from a well-informed family, caught wind of what was going on and wanted to expose the Federal Reserve as well as other plots of the New World Order. The NWO publicly murdered JFK to let it be a lesson to other people in high places thinking about going against the NWO.

August 15, 1971

Removal of Gold Standard

Richard Nixon, by executive order, completely disconnected the US Dollar from the gold standard in 1971 which meant that the bankers were now able to create as much money as they wanted, without having any assets to back it. As more money is loaned into existence with no assets to back it the US Dollar will eventually collapse. This has always been the NWO plan.

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value. If there were, the government would have to make its holding illegal, as was done in the case of gold.... The financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves.
This is the shabby secret of the welfare statists' tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the "hidden" confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of the insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights.

Alan Greenspan quoted by G. Edward Griffin

September 11, 2001


9/11 was a classic false flag event orchestrated by the NWO to push through a number of "solutions". Such solutions implemented as a result of 9/11 are increased fear of terrorism, heightened security all around, more government laws such as the Patriot Act and of course war.

October 2008 - Present Day

Financial Crisis

The financial crisis of 2008 was just a tremor of what is about to come. This was the beginning of the result of taking the dollar off the gold standard and inflating it for 100 years. We are soon to face an even greater crisis and at this point the NWO may go for a new currency altogether, similar to the EU, and perhaps in conjunction with it.


World War 3

As predicted by Pike, World War 3 will be Christian against Muslim in what will eventually lead to a disatisfaction in both religions where they can work on implementing the new religion for the New World Order. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen!

The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

Albert Pike Letter to Giuseppe Mazzini, 1871

Secret Societies & Organizations

Like a spider's web, the NWO is broken into many layers. As you work your way in, each outer layer is controlled by a more secret inner layer. As you work your way closer and closer to the core the organizations become more and more powerful and more and more secretive. At the very inner core the identity is shrouded in mystery...

At the center, there is always a tiny group in complete control, with one man as the undisputed leader. Next is a circle of secondary leadership that, for the most part, is unaware of an inner core. They are led to believe that they are the inner-most ring.

In time, as these conspiracies are built from the center out, they form additional rings of organization. Those in the outer echelons usually are idealists with an honest desire to improve the world. They never suspect an inner control for other purposes, and only those few who demonstrate a ruthless capacity for higher leadership are ever allowed to see it.

G. Edward Griffin The Creature From Jekyll Island

  • Great White Brotherhood
  • Brotherhood of the Snake
  • Atonists
  • Sun Order
  • Priory of Sion
  • Jesuits
  • Black Nobility
  • Unknown Superiors
  • Council of 13
  • Strict Observance
  • Grand Druid Council
  • Rosicrucians
  • Bavarian Illuminati
  • Propaganda Due
  • Opus Dei
  • Nine Sisters Lodge
  • Grand Lodge Alpina
  • Order of the Garter
  • Knights of St. John
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Knights of Malta
  • Knights Templar
  • York Rite Freemasonry
  • Scottish Rite Freemasonry
  • Shriner Freemasonry
  • Mafia
  • Ordo Templi Orientis
  • Knights of the Golden Circle
  • Vril Society
  • Thule Society
  • MJ-12
  • Pilgrim Society
  • JASON Society
  • Skull & Bones
  • Round Table
  • Fabian Society
  • Committee of 300
  • Bilderberg Group
  • Club of Rome
  • Royal Institute of International Affairs
  • Council on Foreign Relations
  • Trilateral Commission
  • Bohemian Club
  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Citigroup
  • HSBC
  • BP
  • Shell
  • Exxon Mobile
  • Bank for International Settlements
  • IMF
  • World Bank
  • Federal Reserve
  • Bank of England
  • MI6
  • CIA
  • Mossad
  • NSA
  • FBI
  • KGB
  • Tavistock Institute
  • United Nations
  • NATO
  • NASA
  • World Court
  • IRS
  • News Corp.
  • Time Warner
  • CNN
  • NBC
  • Fox
  • BBC
  • CBS
  • ABC
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Pfizer
  • GE
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Judaism
  • Mormons
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
* This chart is provided as an estimation. The true hierarchy is not fully known.
Our government and America in general is definitely and it could be proven in a court of law definitely in the hands of Secret Societies and Fraternal Orders that trace back to the Middle Ages Knighthoods...

Jordan Maxwell Matrix of Power


As more and more research is done the plan for the New World Order usually makes more sense. Like a puzzle becoming more clear with each piece, each piece to the NWO leads to a more full understanding of just what is going on -- and many pieces there are...


The history of the world is basically the history of the New World Order. As we learn more about history and connect the dots between seemingly unrelated events and entities it starts to become more clear how these events were really related and who was really orchestrating the events. Most of the history we learn in school is surface level history that never ties together the true motives and the true meaning behind events.

The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Government Docs

Many government documents mention many secret plans and events that are surprising to look at. As time goes on many government documents become declassified or known other ways. Many people are unaware that these documents even exist. For centuries the NWO has been using governments to carry out pieces of their conspiracy for a NWO and these conspiracies are well documented.

The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances. A series of well-coordinated incidents will be planned to take place to give genuine appearance of being done by hostile Cuban forces. Incidents to establish a credible attack:
1. Start rumors (many). Use clandestine radio.
2. Land friendly Cubans in uniform "over-the-fence" to stage attack on the base.
3. Capture Cuban (friendly) sabateurs inside the base.
4. Start riots near the entrance to the base (friendly Cubans).
5. Blow up ammunition inside the base; start fires.
6. Burn aircraft on airbase (sabatage).
7. Lob morter shells from outsidethe base to inside the base. Some damage to installation.
8. Capture assault teams.
9. Capture militia group which storms the base.
10. Sabotage ship in harbor; large fires -- napthalene [napalm].
11. Sink ship near harbor entrance. Conduct funerals for mock-victims.

Operation Northwoods Declassified US Government Document, 1962

Internal Writings

There are many internal writings by high level NWO people and they share many of their plans and findings throughout history. Even the players of the New World Order want their history documented and many of them encode their writing through the use of words, metaphors and symbols.


Symbols are used by the NWO to communicate with other people in the know and to conceal their message from those who are not in the know. They figure if you understand the symbols then you have done your homework and you deserve to know. But if you don't understand the symbols then it's your own fault for not knowing.

The lion was and is one of the two most important symbols for Atonists. It ranks second to the sun.

Michael Tsarion The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 1


There are many ex-government and even secret society members who will sometimes talk about their experiences being part of the New World Order. These ex-members have a plethora of insider information which is valuable for putting together the pieces of the New World Order.

Even if you're not doing anything wrong, you're being watched and recorded.'s getting to the point where you don't have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call, and then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you've ever made, every friend you've ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis, to sort of derive suspicion from an innocent life.

Edward Snowden

Follow The Money

The people who control the money usually hold a lot of power. Look at who the wealthiest families are and how they became wealthy. Look at who controls money and the creation of it. These are the people who hold the cards. You won't find them on the Forbes top 100 lists.

Give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes the laws.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild

How to Stop The New World Order

The NWO has slowly been growing stronger and stronger throughout history. Much of our everyday lives are orchestrated and under the control of the NWO. But with all this control they have there is still hope and there are still solutions. After all, the NWO only has power for as long as the people remain asleep. The NWO can only exist so long as there is an ignorant, needy host to supply them with power. As soon as the people awaken to their true power, wisdom and purpose the NWO will be no more and freedom will be heard around the world.

Spiritual Battle

Sometimes we need to step back and understand that the NWO is all just a part of our spiritual journey and that it only has power over us if we allow it to. We are all on our own individual journeys and no matter what happens in this physical life, we can always learn from it and grow from it. This whole life is full of decisions and sometimes it is not about winning, but about making the correct decisions. This one life is just a small blip in the grand scheme of things. We have all of eternity to experience what life has to offer and this is just a small experience to bring with us as we evolve throughout eternity. There are many lessons to be learned through this and there is much opportunity for growth.

Change Yourself

We may not be able to control others, but we can control ourselves. It's not about forcing our will on others, like the NWO does to us, but rather changing ourselves and inviting others to our ways by example. If you really want to wake people up change yourself first and show them a better way through your personal life. It's not about living in fear and developing hate towards the NWO. There is already enough fear and hate in the world. We need to reach deep within ourselves and find that peace that is lurking within and develop outward from there. The NWO is simply a way for us to change ourselves and for us to evolve to the state where others no longer have power over us. We need to take personal responsibility for our situation and we need to take control of our own lives. That is what this is all about. The NWO can only exist so long as we give our power to them by believing in the illusion they have created before us. As soon as we stop believing in the game they have created, we can go on living independent without their constraints and we can create life under our own vision and ideals.

Face Reality

We need to recognize that there is indeed a NWO set to take away our freedom and render our energy to them. There really are people who want to put their interests above ours, that is simply human nature. These people would much rather keep us enslaved than work on freeing us. They would much rather keep people in a state of ignorance and confusion so that they can continue their control. We may not think like this, but they do. We need to recognize this and stand up to it. We can't escape the NWO by doing what we've always done. What we've always done has allowed the NWO to grow. To stop the NWO we need to recognize it, we need to face reality and we need to work creatively and together to find a way out.

Minimize Government

The main tool used by the NWO is government. Government is the only tool they have where they are able to force us to do things. This is a very important point to realize. Through government the NWO is able to physically force us to do things. If we don't pay taxes they will force us into prison. If we don't go to war they will force us to go to war. The NWO exercises power through the government, therefore, if we limit the power of government to do anything then we limit the power of the NWO to do anything. The NWO is a virus working through government and we need to quarantine the virus by quarantining government.

Take Action

Solutions often times require action. There is a time and a place for sitting around and discussing ideas. That is what most people do. But there is also a time for taking action. And very few people take action. Action requires work which is not always easy. Most people would rather just sit around and watch basketball and American Idol on TV than actually find a way to develop their freedom. We've all heard the saying that freedom isn't free. Like exercise, freedom requires consistent work and effort. We can't be free without taking any action. So if we really want to stop the NWO then we need to take action and put our words into tangible solutions. The NWO is all about taking action which is why they are able to continue to expand. Most people are not about taking action which is why they continue to have less and less freedom.

Spread The Message

More people are aware of the NWO than you might think. They may not call it the NWO and they may have a different take on it, but almost everyone around knows that something is going on. Most people have a feeling that things are getting worse, especially in America, but they sometimes have trouble quantifying exactly what it is. This is where taking with others and spreading the message has value. Talk with other people and share what you have discovered with them. Remember, everybody learns differently and everybody is at different levels of understanding. Frame the context of your message in a way that fits within the other person's current level of understanding. You don't want to force calculus on somebody that just learned how to add and subtract. And most importantly, listen to what other people have to say, show them respect, and be prepared to change your views. Nobody has 100% of anything figured out and everyone has a unique perspective and piece of the puzzle to offer.

Each and every one of us has more power than we could ever imagine. Even the darkest, most hateful, most selfish people have an inner beauty that is waiting to shine through. Believe in yourselves, love one another and never stop searching for the truth. When we shake off our ignorance we will reach a peace, wisdom and beauty like none other.

When confronted with a problem involving the use of the reasoning faculties, individuals of strong intellect keep their poise, and seek to reach a solution by obtaining facts bearing upon the question. Those of immature mentality, on the other hand, when similarly confronted, are overwhelmed. While the former may be qualified to solve the riddle of their own destiny, the latter must be led like a flock of sheep and taught in simple language. They depend almost entirely upon the ministrations of the shepherd.

Manly P. Hall The Secret Teachings of All Ages

I say its time to stand up on our hind legs and grow a spinal column, let em know that we're not gonna bow down to them, we're gonna fight em! If we're gonna die its gonna be on our legs, not on our knees...

Alex Jones

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BRAVO-BRAVO Quinton! I Love what you have done! And the Lists You Presented Above is SO Accurate, and is The Truth!

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"Don't only practice your art, but force your way into it's secrets for IT & knowledge can raise men to the Divine." ~ Beethoven
It appears you took this passage to heart in your work here, Quinton. Awesome.

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Quinton for the win! :)

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electronicoffee: The TRUTH About the "Illuminati"

Just another boogeyman to worry about rather than working to confront the real bad guys piece by piece, dismantling the machine. Socialist workers did it in the last couple centuries with the Union Revolts here in America and we can do it again. People who believe in the Illuminati are using it as a 'bad guy' to not work towards actual progress and fighting back against the system. It's a system, not a cabal. There' no 'shadow group' at the top, just a bunch of rich fucks who keep putting obstacles, deregulations, mine fields, and mazes in front of us. It's like someone running ahead of you with a bag of money and they keep planting trap after trap (oil spills, bags of nails, etc.) and unless you remove those obstacles one at a time, you'll never catch up to them. That's the REAL enemy. Pretending it's a giant mystical conspiracy makes it seem too hard, too evil, and too powerful to fight back against and let's them ultimately win. The REAL "Illuminati' is the trapping myth of the Illuminati existing. It keeps us blind, powerless, and scared of 'them'. It's a red herring and a fatal one at that. #ILLUMINATI #TYT #TYTARMY #NWO #SMOKESCREEN #BULLSHIT #REDHERRING #THEREALEVIL #CABAL #COVEN #BLINDLEADINGTHEBLIND #BLINDMICE #THESYSTEM #CONTROL #EVIL #BANKS #CORPORATIONS #GOVERNMENT #TRUTH #FACT

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massim0: i saw god in 2009

i saw my blood circulated on the star of david , i found myself on a stone trone at the right of the devil (a dream in 2008)

i saw god in 2009

2008: j’ai vu la terre vu de l’espace , elle a commencé a trembler et des branches d’arbres ont commencé a sortir sur les coters de la terre pour ensuite
se transformer en arbre immense .

2008: j’était dans une caverne , en face de moi il y’avait un moine au visage caché , habillé en brun et une capuche au visage noir , en dessou de lui
il y’avait une pierre qui arrivait plus ou moin a hauteur de ses jambes, sur cette pierre il y’avait l’étoile de david gravé dans la roche .
il avait les 2mains tendues au dessu de la pierre et au dessu de la pierre une sphere descendait elle avait plusieurs barre pointues autours de la sphere, j'ai tendu le bras droit
ensuite j’ai vu mon sang circulé sur l’étoile de david .
il a tendu le bras vers un mur en pointant le doigt , la j’ai vu un rocher s’écarter de droite vers la gauche et derriere il y’avait un trou avec du feu,
une échelle est apparue que j'ai posée contre un mur.
j’ai vu 2trones en pierres en face de moi , je me suis vu m’installé sur celui de droite , ensuite j’ai regardé sur ma gauche et j’ai vu le diable tourné sa tete
vers la droite en me fesant un avait 2 grosses cornes qui montait vers le haut et la peau rouge .(j'était habillé en blanc)

2009: j’ai encore vu le diable , il était a coter d’une fontaine , il fesait sombre et rouge , il m’a regardé et il m’a diten pointant du doigt" regarde massimo ,
c’est Dieu , c’est lui qui m’a créé , il ne se montre jamais "

j’ai vu une lumiere apparaitre et un homme avec la peau bleu avancait vers moi en souriant , il avait la barbe courte entre le blond et le brun , les yeux brun ,
les cheveux rasés, beau visage , la trentaine environ , torse nu .
avant que je ne réveille il m’a fait un clin d’oeil.

2009: le jour ou mickeal jackson est décédé, je l’ai vu cette nuit la en reve , j’était encore dans une caverne , il était en face de moi avec un couteau en main ,
il y’avait l’étoile de david gravé sur le sol , il s’est enfoncé le couteau en pleine poitrine , j’ai vu du sang giclé sur l’étoile de david , et je l’ai vu tomber
par terre avec ses 2genoux sur le sol . ensuite j’ai regardé sur la droite et il y’avait le diable avec les bras croisé qui souriait.

2010: j’était dans un endroit assez paradisiaque , il y’avait de l’herbe et derriere des montagnes , j’ai revu le moine avec le visage noir , j’était assis a coter de lui
accroupi et lui debout , il était toujours habillé en brun , et je voyait toujours son visage noir , quelques secondes apres , il a levé la tete et il ressemblais tres fort a jésus.
il n’a pas parlé .(il avais les yeux brun , une barbe brune , la peau bronzé , beau visage) (habillé en blanc)

-je dormais , je ne fesait pas de reve cette nuit la c’était un reve noir , j’ai entendu une voix criez pendant la nuit " je me suis réincarné dans un homme"
une voix assez effrayante.

-j’ai encore vu la terre vu de l’espace , j’ai entendu des voix parlé elles ont dit " il voit? une autre voix a répondu " oui il voit et il entend"
et la j’ai vu la terre entouré de satelittes.

-j’était dans une école , j’était immobile , il y’avait des élèves qui marchait devant et derriere moi sans me regarder , ensuite j’ai vu barack obama vu de loin
il m’a regardé en souriant , il m’a fait un clin d’oeil .

mai 2012: j'était dans un reve , tout d'un coup j'ai eu une coupure dans le reve et le diable m'a encore montré sa tete en souriant (il avait la tete penché)

2013: je dormais , un moment j'ai senti une main toucher mon front , j'était paralysé , j'ai ouvert les yeux et je descendais dans un tunnel en levitation , quand je suis
arrivé en bas du tunnel , il y'avait un homme beau visage qui me regardait en souriant , il avait des ailes blanches, il était assis sur une pierre et derriere lui il y'avait un mur.(il était habillé en blanc)

bluesbaby5050: You Saw GOD-2009

If I understand you correctly from what I could read, you went into the tunnel of light, and this is where this took place? And you believed this vision? This is THE TRAP YOU FELL INTO, and this so-called GOD Vision was a Fake, and this happened because of your religion. (My Opinion). You should of kept it in English language, as most readers are English speaking, even though some people are Bi-Lingual. Thank you. BB5050.

massim0: ok

apprend a lire et ferme ta geule. méfie toi de ce qui est écrit , il n'y a aucun mensonges. depuis 2010 c'est sur le web , mais bon toi sourd et aveugle que tu es .bref bonne amusement a toute la terre pour se chatiment . merci dieu , tu m'a libéré .

Tarheel: Hang out & share, massim0.

I would keep it English if you want commentary in return and if ya want most to understand.
You are welcome here.


Peace, Brother!

Tomás Germán Ru...: Jesus

Jesus is coming soon and nothing of this is going to happen, you can be sure!

Tomás Germán Ru...: new paradise

When will come Jesus in a very short time this planet will be destroy and will come a paradise from the sky and also all the universe is going to change and the sun we will not need it any more because we will have the light of God AMEN

Karoline: Hello Tomas

I personally, don't believe in the existance of a Jesus, any more than i believe in Santa Claus. But i know a lot of people do and several more believe him to be an alien. What i do believe however, is that, something is brewing. I believe that the Vatican have the ABILITY to pull off the 'appearance' of the arrival of 'a Jesus', complete with his armies of 'man made UFOs' and that the INTENT is to take out a percentage of the worlds population. If we are no longer to have a SUN in the sky, then i suspect that the Vatican have purchased a 'new form of energy' from the Keshe Foundation.

Tomás Germán Ru...: Jesus

I totally respect your position, even saint Tomás did not believe still when it happend, I will like a world and universe of peace and love, but humans are mistaking the way we are going, imagine so long ago Mr. Tesla discover a way to have free electricity for everyone in the world but they did not do it because they wanted to charge every person and also making bad to our mother earth , some people also also try to do what Tesla discover and they kill tem.

coexist: Coherence hope and a plan!

My absolute favorite piece on this yet!

UN.i1-PHI: 13

Re: "[...lodges had been infiltrated to the extent that it has been said that 'the program put into action by the French Constitutional Assembly in 1789 had been put together by German Illuminati in 1776' ]"

yeah, exactly 13 years later!..
real revolution for 'enlightenment'? or another illuminazi conditioning problem-reaction-solution set-up!

'They' do not just want to force their New World DIS-Order on us, but they also want to acheive this by our own consent!
By systematically and tactically conditioning us to ask and demand for their NWO as a solution to the problems they created for us and made us support and comply to them by ignorance, so we remain unaware of the of their slavery by the illuson of freedom and help dig our own grave without we know it, having us convinced that the 'revolution' was independently caused by our own revolutionary acts by the people, for the people...
While all is going according to their plan to enstablish their total world governance and the rest that follows! ('not to mention' the extra-terrestrial connection and origin of this elaborate agenda of control, enslaving humanity since the very beginning while they profit from it;
for their gain of power in form of enslaving control and for our demise ['so we won't rise']. )

Let us not allow this to happen no more because they want to control every aspect of life! NOT let 'them' succeed!!!
And to prevent and stop that, we have to expose it, bringing it to public awareness,study and stay aware of their ways of acheiving this, and instead, bring our own solutions our ways, changing the world for the better(instead of chaining the world), thru responsible independency taking independent responsability of our own lifes.
To form our OWN new world for the better of all and NOT for the of the few who wish to remain in power and control over us, but for us to succeed in this we must make sure it isnt an infiltrated and controlled set-up by these controlfreaks again!

wiki cite on the 'french revolution':
Popular resentment of the privileges enjoyed by the clergy, aristocracy and the King's court at Versailles combined with an economic crisis following the expenses of the Seven Years' War and the American Revolutionary War and years of bad harvests motivated demands for change, which were couched in terms of Enlightenment ideals and caused the convocation of the Estates-General in May 1789. The first year of the Revolution saw members of the Third Estate proclaiming the Tennis Court Oath in June, the assault on the Bastille in July, the passage of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen in August, and an epic march on Versailles that forced the royal court back to Paris in October. The next few years were dominated by struggles between various liberal assemblies and right-wing supporters of the monarchy intent on thwarting major reforms. A republic was proclaimed in September 1792 and King Louis XVI was executed the next year.
tomasito66: ARMONY


Crackdown: you are a slave of belief

you are a slave of belief systems. WAKE UP

canon: cool job

i appreciate this work, and i must say that it is very useful... but we should also continue to work and update because i do not think they will use the same techniques for long....when you fight against someone never forget that he/she has the possibility to fight back, to try something else if what has been tried did not go well so far...however thank you for this paper...

Dede: well I have really learned

well I have really learned something here, very interesting .

illuminatibrotherhod: how to join the illuminati brotherhood whatsapp +13188003095

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Bubba Mac: Impressive !

I have visited numerous websites devoted to discussions of conspiracy theories but this one is unique for its quality, art-fulness, detail and comprehensiveness. Well done !

Navyseals17728: Alright, kudos to this

Alright, kudos to this website for fully flushing out the details of a potential "New World Order" from reading this, and I hope anyone here read this comment, the New world Order is impossible to implement in the modern world, this presentation says governments will be how the New world order will act, however it ignores that we live in the era of nation-states, and countries and their governments and citizenry are extremely nationalistic, no government and their citizenry will ever permit to have their political and territorial sovereignty surrendered to a one world government. Modern governments take their sovereignty very seriously, borders are extremely fixed after world war 2, in fact as soon as this entity tries to implement the New World Order, instead of the government being their puppets, all the country in the world would fight to their last breath to maintain their sovereignty, so good luck to that entity trying to fight about 45 million soldiers, not including paramilitaries and police forces, all hellbent on maintaining their independence, sure they can try to do the NWO, but it will backfire horribly for them, also, just because there are many many alliances like NATO, UN and stuff like that, they are only formed because groups of countries share common geopolitical interests, and in all cases member nations always put their own interest and sovereignty above that of the alliance, these alliance are for convenience, and are controlled collectively by the member nation. How to stop the NWO, simple, wait when they try to implement the NWO, and watch the spectacle of that organization attempting to fight the militaries of 172 countries, also this presentation makes the US very prominent as part of the NWO, no the opposite is true! US will be basically a wrench in this plan, the US government and their population is extremely nationalism, the US is very serious about their independence and sovereignty, add to that the US possess the world's most powerful military plus 7,100 nukes, so is not the country willing to be under a one world government, when the NWO does come, US would definitely just say hell no! and lead all the countries to combat the NWO, which will be a very easy effort, I cannot even call it a war.Also remember this quote from Vice documentary world in disarray " we don't have a new world order, but a degree of disorder" In short the NWO is impossible to execute and should it ever come, it will face massive amount of resistance from all the countries in the world that will prevent it's full implementation in a short amount of time.

Navyseals17728: How to stop the NWO, well,

How to stop the NWO, well, there is a simple solution which is already being done right now. Ensure the ideas of nationalism, patriotism and sovereignty never die, they are not going to die any time now, remember, modern governments and citizenry take their independence very seriously, but we can help, always never forget your nationality, your country's heroes, history and heritage, love your country( not blindly though), and inspire others to be patriotic, participate actively in patriotic activities and holidays as long as our mindset is based on patriotism and independence, the NWO will never succeed. Remember your country's brave men and women that have fought and died to ensure your country stays free and independent. with this mindset, the NWO is just a paper tiger that can't do anything

freedmftr88: in5D's articles relating to The New World Order

Hi , I was just curious if people go on but there's a New World Order article on there for anyone who's interested.

HectorTrento: How to join the illuminati

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FreedomsV: Great Simplified Article

Thank you for the condensed version of these things. Can you please correct the brown bar element that's covering some of the text! Thanks

Seapost: Commentary

Other than using "In tact" for the word intact, and neglecting to mention the Hegelian Dialectic (Thesis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis) as the basis for Icke's "Problem, Reaction, Solution" - all I have to say is well done brother! Kudos, Gratitude, and Respect.

benmaven: how to join illuminati

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