Operation: Omegle ("Going to the people")

Our mission is not only to gain and preserve the knowledge, but also to share.
So, I invite you to join online chat rooms like Omegle, specify such interests as
"Alien× Aliens× UFO× NWO× Illuminati×" and then chat with random strangers :-)

Often, chat ends quickly, because a partner did not like your (fake) "asl" - age sex location,
or was interested only in "f" - females, or came here "just for lulz", or was too close minded.
But it is such an awesome feeling when you share some cool stuff and then hear "wow" ! ;-)
Also, you might learn something new: I have learned a lot and found a friend during one chat

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HebrianDaniel: well im not suprised omegle

well im not suprised omegle is filled with load of fapping indians that showing their penises in video chat.
there many pervs and sometimes pedos :P
but sometimes there is nice talks.


Text chat is much better in my opinion. It helps:
1) to concentrate on details
2) to preserve your anonymity
3) to avoid fapping people xD

HebrianDaniel: the only way to avoid fapping

the only way to avoid fapping people is try not to go to the video section.
there lots of penises and its make me sick blah
there are some good people in omagle
but most of are pervs and fappers :P

HebrianDaniel: try imagine there is alien

try imagine there is alien chating in omegle
and he fap in video chat
that will be crazy to see that :S

HebrianDaniel: hehe now that is really

hehe now that is really funny XD

bluesbaby5050: LOLOL! Reading this post with you 2 guys was very funny!

It made me laugh-Thank ! I never use a cam for this reason. Your both right about some chat rooms. I don't bother with them, I find them boring, and not of any intellect really, because they seem to be in the mood to expose themselves, and just talk about partying alot. And Crackdown you got lucky that time.You don't know what your really up against with those people/aliens!

Crackdown: You would be very surprised !

Please read my comments below ;-)

Ecbra de Oaoj: hahahaha....

if I had a druk uncle I could say to he:

eiii... do you wanna... this!


Dangerous ets in this video!

Im running... fuuuussssshhhh...



I could tell you, in this "mysterious land of horny dudes", there are some unbelievable results!

Initially, it took about 2-3 hours to get one interesting discussion and "awaken" a human,
but now it takes less than 1 hour :-) So, it is possible to spend just a day of your life, and
completely change world vision & affect the whole 10-15 human lives! Isn't that awesome? ;-)

Of course, skill comes with experience. Here are a few useful tips:
1) Be interesting (tell "could be an important day in your life", "sharing wonderful secret stuff")
2) Show something (e.g.: demonstration of microcell effect, used in one type of UFO engines)
3) Avoid mobile / tablet users (honestly, these devices are not meant for serious discussion)

Crackdown: Microcell effect

About microcell effect, if you have not seen already:


Even if the person starts the conversation with some weird / perverted messages,
maybe he is just bored and it is still possible to lure him into discussion. Sometimes
it is possible, so do not hesitate to try. It would also be a great test of your skills!

At the end of successful conversation, it is extremely important to remind people to save
the chat log, and also to share your contact details - such as your TruthControl username!
So they would be able to ask you interesting questions later, during their learning process

Terran resistance: sounds interesting

lol at the fapping people though

this is how wars are fought and mass consciousness is changed for the better.

keep us updated please if you could.

Crackdown: Operation Omegle: First Week Report

I decided to make operation report for every week -
to destroy the illusion that nothing is being done there.
This is the first report. Reports will be released every Sunday

There were a LOT of excellent discussions! And here are the best ;-)
List is ordered by the decreasing value - 1st place means highest value

1) Starseed, who is constantly visited by aliens (awakened this year, origin unknown)
1) Pleiadian starseed, knows another Pleiadian starseed (both awakened this year)
1) Out of body experiencer, probably a starseed (if yes, origin unknown)
1) Probably a starseed (if yes, origin unknown)
2) Multiple UFO witness
2) Ayahuasca consumer
2) Paranormality witness
3) Magician
3) Artist
3) Demon

If you are interested, I could share chat logs, just write me in private message.
However, I am not going to share them in AS-IS manner, to respect the privacy!
Modifications, which are carefully done for _every_ chat log, before sharing:
1) ALL the private information, including the contact information, is removed
2) Spellcheck, which is necessary for easier reading and understanding
3) Unnecessary parts of discussion (such as greetings) are removed

In case you are very interested and would like to contact the person, I could share the contact information - but before that, I will contact the person by myself and ask the
permission to do so, with a brief description of who would like to have the contact

Crackdown: OO: 2nd + 3rd Week! Two Real Aliens, Reptilian Hybrid, Starseeds

I am completely serious about this post. During the last weeks of very intensive chat, I met two real aliens, reptilian hybrid, and starseeds

Those two aliens seem to be real: not only by their claim, but also by highly educated speech. That would be too sophisticated for a stupid prank. In addition, I have photos of reptilian hybrid now, and found out the identity...

During this week, I will openly post the most interesting parts of discussions, but only the parts which are not private - not directly related to "Stranger"

Stay tuned!

Quinton: Interested to hear more...

Interested to hear more... keep us updated :)

bluesbaby5050: Well, I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS.........

It's Longgggg Overdue! This should prove interesting! Crackdown never let's me down :-)

Tim Lovell: awesome cannot wait :) watch

awesome cannot wait :) watch out they don't take your blood though!

Crackdown: Aliens are connecting to terrestrial networks more often now O_O

Why? For research purposes and information exchange. Perhaps, they could emulate our computers just like we could easily emulate old video game consoles, and it is very easy to hack someone's WiFi and connect - with such a great technology! :) It seems that they are visiting not only Omegle, but other online chats as well. Three new contacts since my previous "alien chat report" - despite I was not a frequent chat visitor at the recent times. So, if you would intentionally seek for a contact, you will have it ;)

Tarheel: Fear NOT

It's what you know about yourself on the inside that makes you afraid.

Don't be lead into doubt by "fear mongerers". They are shallow & weak. Otherwise, why would they need to employ fear ?

Crackdown: About "fear mongerers"...

If not consider the chat with angry reptilian hybrid, all the "unique" dialogue partners were not spreading the fear

Tarheel: It wasnt a personal attack, CD.

I merely made a statement.
Here's another-90% of this world's problems are caused my miscommunication & misinterpretation.


bluesbaby5050: Your right about this Crackdown...........

Just look at TC for an example. Many have already visited this web site in the past. I Do Believe this. And why not visit here also? They HAVE the Opportunity to visit here as well as any other web site they choose to visit. And this would be the perfect place to share in knowledge.

Crackdown: Aliens at TruthControl?

Yes, I am confident that TC has already attracted the attention of ETs - but still not sure if they are sharing the knowledge here, or just visit. I could be wrong, but it seems that they prefer having 1-to-1 discussions, rather than post stuff online so everybody can see

bluesbaby5050: I Think that they are Doing Both..........

And that they do not want to be exposed of their Origins, and who they really are, because of the negative feedback that they surely will receive from most of the members at TC. This is just my opinion of course.

HebrianDaniel: if that so they should not

if that so they should not conceal themself and reveal themself on camera to prove they are real aliens.

Crackdown: I am using text chat all the time

Camera couldn't be used during that

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