Why the Sun never sets on the UK flag.

by Tarheel on November 26th, 2013

The Sun never sets on the UK flag because The Sun doesn't trust the slimy Brits in the dark either.

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Tim Lovell: hey im a brit :P

hey im a brit :P

Tarheel: But you're okay by us,TL.

Your govt & bankers are what I was referring to. They are THE most transparent smokescreen known to man.
Excuse my generalization. Brit folks are cool.

bluesbaby5050: I know this Tim..........

I don't think ALL the British are Untrustworthy and Slimy! I'm also of Irish, and English decent, so Tim please excuse this remark as I did. :-)

Tim Lovell: of course :)

of course :)

Tim Lovell: exactlt I couldn't have said

exactlt I couldn't have said it better myself, `countries` are just imaginary boundries to further separate and divide the population on earth ...1 planet 1 people!

Tarheel: BTW...

I have a problem with USA bankers and politicians(among other countries) too and I live there.

1 planet-1 people is cool but just say NO to NWO agenda.

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