Feminism = A Military Psychological Weapon to Control Society

by Truth Control on September 9th, 2009

Message To All so-called Patriot Americans: You Can't Handle The Truth

1. Current US child support laws were actually invented in the former
communist Soviet Union.

2. Current child support laws are communist infiltrations into the
united states of America.

Feminism as a Military Psychological Weapon to control society

Amerika the 4th Reich:


First thing communist countries do is put the women to work to
take over the family unit. Increasing the workforce decreases wages -
Economy101 - basic simple concepts of supply and demand. Women in the
workforce doubled the workforce which decreased wages - (which was
deceptively hidden thru deflation/the devaluing of the dollar).

(example: Let's say I own a factory. I have 1,500 employees knocking on
my door everyday looking for work; I can then decrease wages and say,
"If you don't like it there's the door. I have 1,500 ppl knocking on my
door everyday looking for work."
On the other hand, if I cannot find enough ppl to work in my factory, I
would have to increase wages (if I can still make a profit.)
Read again from top now and Continue)...

That is why in the 1950's, the avg. American family lived fine
on one income but today the avg. American family needs two incomes just
to get by. Women in the workforce; feminism, just created more Taxpaying
Slaves for The State resulting in the enslavement of the average
American family unit.

Feminists are being used ... they have complained about power
control freak men, husbands ... only to have it replaced by a
Power-Control-Freak Totalitarian Police STATE. Create a (so-called)
problem just to justify the excuse for more power to solve it is the
oldest Dictator ploy in the book.

Either Fathers own their children or the STATE OWNS the
children. Law of the Jungle; women look for the best Provider -- when
the best Provider becomes the STATE (i.e. the Welfare State), she then
marries (into) the STATE and now the STATE OWNS her children.

"Who owns the youth owns the future!" - Adolf Hitler ... thus
the US Dept. of (in)Human(e) Services; Division of Family Destruction.
Either the man/husband/father is the Head of His Household ... or the
STATE is the HEAD of your Household! Attack the Family Unit = weaken
society ... thus more STATE CONTROL. Cut the Head (man of the household)
out - thus more STATE CONTROL = own the children thus more STATE CONTROL
- breed ignorant society thus more STATE CONTROL.

Feminism = weaker men; weaker men = LESS RESISTANCE thus more
STATE CONTROL. Patriarchy = Men own their wives ... it's called a family
unit ... it's called morality. Feminism/matriarchy = everyone having sex
with each others' women while still remaining "friends" like a bunch of
ANIMALS! Feminism/matriarchy = village = socialism = tribalism = lowest
form of civilization = NO SURPLUS = Deficit = Slavery.

Patriarchy = family unit = efficiency = prosperity = Individual
Rights = opposite of socialism = Surplus = free time for great
works/inventions ... i.e. immigrants who come here and prosper come from
patriarchal family structures because Patriarchy = family unit =

Name me one time when Government Sponsored Propaganda was not
Totalitarian in Nature. Feminism is Government Sponsored Propaganda - to
weaken society; weaken the family unit; weaken it's men ... for more
STATE CONTROL. Multiculturalism = everyone different (immigrants not
"Americanized") = NO UNITY amongst society = Divide & Conquer/LESS
Homosexuality + abortion = population control.
Population control techniques deployed at Americans + allowing more
illegal immigrants into the country = higher % (of society) of a working
slave force - cheap labor.

The #1 Group to benefit from Affirmatice Action are white women (thus)
they are using mathematics to keep a large percentage of minority men
"He who rules mathematics rules the Universe"
This is the mathematics of racial eugenics.

Even after DNA proves that he is NOT the biological Father, Judges in
the US still force thousands of men to pay child support even with the
DNA evidence in front of them !!!

Not even Saddam Hussein would force a man to pay child support for a
child that is NOT his !!!
Feminism is a Weapon of Mass Destruction

"First You Get the Women, Then You've Got the Children, So Follow the
Men" -Adolph Hitler

"The `perennial' father is a menace to society and must be treated as
such. Like the mental defectives and those afflicted with certain
hereditary diseases, he should, after due warning, be rendered incapable
of further parentage." -W.J. Ruth. "Population Control For
Unemployment." Birth Control Review, Volume XVII, Number 5 (May 1933),
page 134.

In the Book of Genesis, when Satan attacked Adam and Eve, he
attacked through the weaker vessel: the woman. Just like The STATE is
doing today, attacking us through feminism, through the 'woman'. Falsely
"empower" the woman for her to make the wrong choices that way to weaken
the man to control him. This is how evil attacks man, who was made in
the image of God.

In the Book of Exodus, Pharaoh of Egypt decided to kill all the
male Israelite infants to weaken the Israelites militarily. This is
nothing new. Think about it ! ! !
Statism is Antichrist plain and simple. God should be the King and
Head of an individual man, and the man/husband should be the head of his
household, not the Anti-Christ STATE.

In this last century alone, governments around the world have killed
over 500 million people of their own people. All this government
sponsored propaganda about Domestic Violence is just a smoke screen to
divert attention from the real abuse: Government Abuse Against It's Own
People. This is the real Domestic Violence.

The Bible depicted governments as Beasts; in Daniel and Revelations.
Look at old Nazi film; their Armies marching like ants mimicking the
Animal Kingdom and therefore subhuman. Individual Freemen become just
another cog in the Wheel of the Predator Beast State which becomes the
Alpha Male which today IT is doing this through the propaganda of
feminism. By feminizing society and thus emasculating it's males for
more State Control.

"To disobey tyranny is to obey God." - Thomas Jefferson

Paying child support kills children by Funding/Subsidizing the #1 KILLER
of children: single-mother-households:
Children from single-mother households, compared to children of
two-parent families where the biological father is present, are more
likely to go to prison by 20 times, to commit suicide by 5 times, to
have behavioral problems by 20 times, to become rapists by 14 times, to
run away by 32 times, to abuse chemical substances by 10 times, to drop
out of high school by 9 times, to be seriously abused by 33 times, to be
fatally abused by 73 times, to be one tenth as likely to get A's in
school, and to [per Lenore Weitzman] have a 72% lower standard of

"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit
it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can
exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their
revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it." - Abraham Lincoln,
First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861 (1809-1865)

Question to America:

America used to be free. Not anymore. America has turned into

Question to America:
1. I steal your car.
2. You take me to Court and the Judge 'gives' me custody of your car.
3. On top of that, the Judge now says you must keep paying the monthly
payments, insurance, and overall maintenance of the car.
If you refuse to 'pay', you are labeled/vilified into a lowlife scumbag
dirt bag criminal and thrown in jail surrounded by violent criminals.
And to make matters even worse, the government pays/sponsors for a
massive government
Nazi-like propaganda campaign, brainwashing society, convincing them
that if you don't accept/pay for this, with a smile on your face no
doubt, that you are than a scumbag dirt bag lowlife 'deadbeat' who
belongs in jail surrounded by murderers, rapists, child molesters, etc.

Question to America:
What exactly happened here?
Explain to me what happened here, because this is exactly what they are
doing to American Fathers.

If the British had this current System some 200 yrs. ago the American
Revolution would have never happened. Benjamin Franklin had like 13
bastard children, he would have ended up in jail as a 'deadbeat' dad.
The rest of our Founding Fathers would have been forced to 'attend'
Anger Management Courses. This US Media Propaganda Machine would have called the
Protestors of the Boston Tea Party a bunch of 'nuts' and/or anarchists.
Feminism is a military psychological weapon to feminize/emasculate
society for more State Control by weakening the State's Main Competitor: Men

The US Federal Government is the Biggest Deadbeat: $5.7 TRILLION on the
National Debt - (financial-future of 'our children').

The STATE Kidnaps children from their Fathers than demand
ransom/extortion deceptively called 'child support.'

Maxim of law: The children that belong to the mother are those of
slaves and animals. But the children that belong to the Father are those
of Freemen.

That is why the Slave Masters used to separate the black slave Father
from the black slave mother and child to weaken them to better control
them. Divide & Conquer: this is nothing new.
And now they are doing it to men today in Amerika: 2002

Even after DNA proves that he is NOT the biological Father, thousands of
men in America are still FORCED to pay this ransom/extortion deceptively
called child support even with DNA EVIDENCE PROVING he is NOT the

"Those who profess to favor freedom, and yet depreciate agitation,
are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain
without thunder and lightning. They want the ocean without the awful
roar of its waters. This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a
physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a
struggle! Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did, and it
never will. Find out just what people will submit to, and you have found
out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon
them; and these will continue until they are resisted with either words
or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the
endurance of those whom they oppress." - Thomas Paine

All Praise and Glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Only True God - The Creator of both the Heavens and the Earth in the NAME OF JESUS THE CHRIST

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um.hello: seriously? wow...if men didn

seriously? wow...if men didn't run around sleeping with all sorts of women and stepped up to their responsibilities instead of running away from them, then women wouldn't have to turn to outside help...a woman who's husband who won't take on equal responsibility WITH and ALONG SIDE her, will get the help needed from organizations because they need the help, that man walked away, so, don't twist it ...can't believe this bs article smh

bluesbaby5050: And by the way.........!

It was the Conquering ANUNNAKI THAT CAME TO PLANET EARTH TO EXPLOIT THE RESOURCES THAT THIS PLANET CONTAINED. And it was The ANUNNAKI that Taught THE people how to HATE the colors of the skin, and how to make weapons to KILL each other TOUGH WARS, and how to Wear Makeup to ENTICE men for Power, and it was the ANUNNAKI that taught the people that INCEST WAS OK to keep the Bloodlines pure, and the ANUNNAKI TAUGHT MEN that MEN having sex with MEN was ALSO OK! Because the ANUNNAKI PRACTICED ALL OF THESE THINGS BEFORE THEY CAME TO PLANET EARTH FROM THEIR HOME WORLDS! So the question is, Where did all of this MALE CORRUPTION COME FROM? WHO TAUGHT IT TO THE HUMANS? THE ANUNNAKI DID THAT'S WHO!

um.hello: Patriarchal Mind Set =

Patriarchal Mind Set = brainwashing, male ego bullying and abuse, and everyone gets hurt...there should be no "his/her", it should be an equal "us"...patriarchal bs is just an excuse for men to run around making babies and not having to take responsibility, and I'm no "feminist"...what another retarded title used to separate people and keep the issues going so there's no solutions...smh

bluesbaby5050: First of all...........!

NO MAN OWNS A WOMAN OR HIS CHILDREN! Most woman will LEAVE A MAN if the Husband is ABSUSIVE TO THE WOMAN OR HER CHILDREN! Men were taught to get /keep control BY FORCE! Many woman and children were beat up, and raped by their fathers down though out time! And this still goes on now! To provide shelter, and food, and clothing DOES NOT GIVE A MAN A RIGHT TO BECOME ABUSIVE TO HIS FAMILY. I HAVE SEEN THIS WITH MY OWN EYES FIRST HAND! Most woman were stuck between a rock, and a hard place, either to choose the abuse, and eat OT BE FREE AND STARVE! WHAT KIND OF CHOICE IS THAT??? This IS NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR, TO RULE BY THE FIRST, AND THE BOOT!

um.hello: Yah, tell it.... I am an

Yah, tell it.... I am an Army Wife, my husband is a Victim Advocate to rape victims ((male and female)) in the Army/Military, so there that goes that theory your trying to promote...male soldiers going around raping other soldiers ((male and female)) & civilians...and most of the time, the victim has to put up with insult to injury because of the bullying, male ego, "I am man hear me roar, respect my phallic authority" which was created by the patriarchal.mind.set PMS

um.hello: this is a disturbing topic,

this is a disturbing topic, smh...also you know, the crap women are brainwashed into since birth, that you aint acceptable to a man unless you get implants, a small waist, etc etc...conditioned to be just a breeding machine, an object...you really don't wanna go there with me on this, trust me...prostitution....how many women when they are little say "oh I wanna be a prostitute when I grow up"??? NOT ANY, EVER....prostitues are created, just like racists...smh this male issue, male ego, male ego with his machoism, and phallic issues...that's what has been hurting humanity, ((males, women and children))...male issues within himself

um.hello: even my husband is shaking

even my husband is shaking his head at this bs

bluesbaby5050: Back in the 50's 60's 70's and even the 80's .........

There were NO PROGRAMS TO HELP the poor. None existed, and I know this to be the truth, as I am from the early 50's-1951. I grew up during this hard era in the USA. Times were very hard for the blue collar workers, long hard hours for very little money back then. Most families were large 5 to 7 children, and more even, and this was normal for families, as birth control did not exist back at that time. Most people had a oil/wood burning stove only in the kitchen to heat a 6 room apartment, and the walls were wet on the inside from the heavy snow storms that fell back then. It took all summer to dry those walls that had wall paper on them. The houses were poorly insulated too, horse hair, and plaster inside the walls were normal back then.The snow would pile high to the third, and forth story of the buildings in our city, and the snow drifts were even higher then that. The glass would break from the weight, and then the snow would be inside the house on the floors! Many people did freeze to death every year, and some never made it out of the snowed in buildings because they burnt alive from the fires that would break out from the wood stoves, and they were unable to escape to the outside. I watched many fires like this as a kid, because the fire departments were not able to get to everyone, and some fire fighters would lose their lives trying to rescue those children, and parents. And lets not forget the poor families that got sick and starved to death in my home town, as well as across the USA. I am from the USA and this was shameful back then. It WAS NOTHING LIKE THE TELEVISION WOULD PROTRAY TO THE WORLD! NOT EVEN CLOSE! This was normal everyday life for most people in the USA in those times when I was growing up. And there was no hot lunch programs either, and I went to school hungry everyday. My teacher would bring an extra sandwich for me with her own lunch, and I ate it during recess so the kids would not make fun of me. I have many stories of this nature to tell. Woman had it very hard, and my words do not come close to their plight.

um.hello: I salute you Ma'am, and

I salute you Ma'am, and things have improved greatly, but there are still some backwards thinking out here. I'm from Alaska and part of my life, childhood, was in a village where we just survived off the land for our food. This world ((humanity)) just needs to work together instead of creating stupid new mindsets that work against each other. We spend more time looking for reasons to work against each other instead of trying to create solutions to make things better. You are an inspiration, people need to start sharing their stories so there's more understanding....thank you

bluesbaby5050: You were very Lucky to be able to get a meal even........

If you had to hunt or fish for it, at least you had that much in your favor. Right now in America there are way too many new laws, and many new regulations on hunting, and fishing, and now that Obuma and his regime is in office ( he has the SAME MINDSET AS THE BUSHES,and The Clintons) there are new statues, and laws to PREVENT PEOPLE FROM BEING ABLE TO FEED, THEIR FAMILIES AS WERE THE WAYS OF OUR FORE FATHERS when they settled this country, and this is done to CONTROL THE MASSES OF PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY-USA just to weaken them into submission to do the will of the PTB. Times have to change for the better, and the Sooner this OLD SYSTEM COLLAPES-- THE DAM BETTER!! Change FOR the PEOPLE, and BY THE PEOPLE of America! WE CAN DO THIS TOGETHER.

um.hello: ok, I've read the bible

ok, I've read the bible inside and out and ancient texts, early church father doctrines, world religions, etc etc...I've always wondered if the anunnaki are the sons of anak in the bible? is the term anunnaki itself akkadian?

bluesbaby5050: YES it is........

It goes way back to Sumerian, and Babylonian. It is the eastern Semitic language that was written in Cuneiform, and is of Assyrian now extinct. Also goes back to the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt.

Tim Lovell: sumarian stuff

I just got back from the british museum today in London and we saw all the Babylonian / eygptian exibits was really cool, we saw the famous carving of the dna tree of life thing with the Ishtar symbol above and we saw the big carving of innana and all the cuniform tablets etc I was thinking lol enki gave all these scripts from the ME crystals haha anyway was amazing day out :)

bluesbaby5050: Lucky You LOL!

It's good to know that you got to see the artifacts that we study about. It's a lot different to see them in person, then it is to see them in a book or on the TV. I wish I had been there to share in this event with you. Were you allowed to take any pictures of them? If so, could/would you be able to download any of them for TC? If not, then that's ok too :-) (Just a thought)......

Tim Lovell: yes BB I took a load of pics

yes BB I took a load of pics on my ipod and will try and upload some for the site soon :)

tho the one of the tree of life dna thing came out all white it reflected badly :( I got one of the rosetta stone tho nicely :P

bluesbaby5050: That's awesome Tim!

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures for sure! TC could use them too. Thanks!

um.hello: so many tales and myths and

so many tales and myths and legends...all interesting...I love languages also...did you know that Chief Joseph had a cuneiform tablet that I believe had an Assyrian connection?

um.hello: so many tales and myths and

so many tales and myths and legends...all interesting...I love languages also...did you know that Chief Joseph had a cuneiform tablet that I believe had an Assyrian connection?

um.hello: Change FOR the PEOPLE, and BY


(( I agree, for ALL people))


When Humanity was kicked out of the Eden Facilities they had the opportunity to choose a Destiny of their own rather than being Slaves.
Humans were given that choice, the choice of choosing Pleasure over Servitude.
And now what are Humans doing?, going back to Servitude , something Prince Aya hated the most.
When a Socialist System is allowed you will lose your Free Will, Communism is the same thing, Democracy is the same thing.
The United States was the Only Nation on this Planet that actually had a Free Republic.
Molded just like ATLANTIS , another Ancient Free Republic.

Destroyed by the Pleadians. That was the Trajedy of Atlantis

Tarheel: Whereas, USA is being destroyed by crooked politicians.

Politicians & Big Business that pay them to take away our $ and rights.

I noticed you said "USA was..." and you used the past tense. I agree.

Here is an Atlantis titled tune for you, Edi. Sad, but gorgeous sounding -to me at least.


The Bull was the Symbol of Atlantis, it represented Power , Fertility, Strength & it was used as a Symbol of Awsome Love & Power because the Bull provided much to Atlantis.
Atlantis was positioned by the Pillars of Hercules.
So who were the Atlantians?, they we very Technologically Advanced Group of People and when the Pleadians sunk Atlantis into the Abyss the Survivors had to settle around the World.

Also when the Pleadians left Earth and Colonized the Pleades they left the Surviving Humans to fend for themselves against the Meat Eating Reptilians.
Now Karma is here and the Pleadians must right the wrongs of the Past.

Much of the Good has been subverted by the Orion Lizards, but this nonsense will also come to an end.
Love One another , do Good , always do Good .
The Wrongs will never go unpunished.
Whether your an Elite or not , Karma always wins in the end.

Tarheel: I usually think of Good Guys when I think of Pleadians.

1) Am I right? Or are they like most others -a mixture of good & bad?

2) Is what you said about them "leaving Humanity alone top fend for themselves...is this why they appear to be trying to help now(for rectifying purposes), or am I incorrect in that assumption?

Tim Lovell: yeah I am quite sure the

yeah I am quite sure the pleiadians didn't overload the great crystal it was enlil and the sons of belial and the reptillians they wanted atlantis out of the way the plieadians were helping people escape at the end...

edisonik: The Nations must start their Space Programs

To Colonize Mars and then other Planets. Those who are holding Humanity back must "MOVE OUT OF THE WAY", for if they cannot Lead!, then they must "FOLLOW!".

Tim Lovell: I was there when the sons of

I was there when the sons of belial overloaded the great crystal last thing I saw was those cigar ships escaping into the rift as we all went down with the ship , and now we are back up again after all those lives :)

Tarheel: I respectfully DISAGREE w/ the premise of this article.

Remember, I said the premise. It has some good info in it but I think it is otherwise mostly happy horse shit. I am open to persuasion & or argument, but ya'll know I pretty much wear my feelings on my FOREHEAD.

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