The Islamic Connection to Freemasonry & The Vatican

by Quinton on October 11th, 2013

I came across this video the other day and find it very interesting and accurate:

He basically shows how Islam, Freemasonry and all the other groups are under Rome. Lots of cool info in here.

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bluesbaby5050: Thanks Quinton.........

I find this information very accurate also. The Vatican is the Root that Holds a lot of Dark secrets within it, as well as under it. Many Satanic Rituals have taken place there, and they still do above as well as under this shrine of Deceit. People need to learn what these rituals contain during their Mass, so they really understand the full scope of what is really taking place before their very eyes.

Terran resistance: what a load of rubbish

the guy doesnt know what hes talking about half the time. the secrets of freemasonry is that all gods correspond with certain star systems in the sky that is the 33 degree secret while all the others believe in the gods.

Tarheel: Welcome back, TR.

We appreciate your candor.

Here's 1 for you, music story indicative of your personality as I see it. And I don't mean it offensively either...

Sky: I listened to part one 47 min

I listened to part one 47 min. I find him fascinating. I believe he is right the Catholic church is terrible. However he only goes so far. I tend to believe Jesus (Horus) was a concoction of the FLAVIAN ancient Roman dynasty. The FLAVIANS co-opted Joseph Pistus (Later adopted family member of FLAVIANS who was I feel Saint Paul). I base this on Joseph Atwill Ceasar's MESSIAH including writings of M.A. Murdock JEASUS THE FIRST MASON.

The speakers connection with the Shiners to Islamic religion is intriguing. I now doubt that the Jesuits way back were that organized to pull that off so to speak. I certainly feel he is right that illuminati are PUTTING Christianity and Islam against each other ( for self destruction).

obsrvantlouie: Great Info Sky

The control of religion/belief system is key to manipulating. The typical/scholarly/indoctrinated story of Jesus rammed down the publics throat is highly questionable. Many of the "techings" are applicable....the stories literary inent...questionable. The stench of the Vatican is aweful. I always felt this video below (In Plain Sight) is crucial to understanding the scope and vision of an obviosly intricate and meticulous desgin of numerous stuctures. This can be tied further to numerology, astrology so on and so forth.

The video is very long...can be watched as episodes. The presenter's knowledge is evident. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Sky: Part two was viewed more

Part two was viewed more carefully. Why? Well I thought I may have been too critical of the first part. I was disappointed in how he shows such denigration for the mystery schools who I became interested in via John Lash writings. I find it astounding that the wonders of Jesus, as he discusses, he fails to realize come from pagans and stuff luted by Isrealite & Culdian Monks littering from the Druids! This I base on a wonderful book by Isabel Hill Elder entitled CELT, DRUID AND CULDEE. I read parts of this book since it was footnoted by Tsarion in one of his volumes on Irish Origins Civilization.

The speaker did bring up several intriguing connections with Islam and Roman Catholism then tying in the Masons. The reason I doubt this man's accertions that the Vatican had such a strong hold on Islamic Religion is as follows. This is my hunch based on my recollections of having studied 800 Catholic Saints via a mail order catalogue entitled ORDINARY PEOPLE EXTRODINARY LIVES. Well as I recollect Islamic world was going though a renaissance period while Catholicism was going through the dark ages. True, hypothetically one may say, Masons go back to Aton worship Egypt. Many of the so called commissars of culture (commissary of culture is a Stalin like phrase I learned from linguist Noam Chomsky lol) in the Catholic Church were few and far between in my opion during the time when Islom was going through its formative years from Momamid around 500 AD and then the rennassance went on until 800 AD if not longer--The Catholic Church by it own doing was in a dark ages and would have lacked a commissar CIA class to figure anything out too sophisticated. The masons had not yet been CO-opted by Adam Whysop (phonetic spell sorry). Mason's were just aton timid-narssist (no shadow integration) without the Illuminati psycho crap that came later. One main concern with the Catholic church like any mind-identified thing is that it's main function is to prevent a spiritual experience so says mythologist Joseph Campbell in his famious Power of Myth, PBS series. I know in terms of organizational-psycho-behaviour this motif can carry over to preventing any functionality whether it be news or the food produced for that matter. Getting back to the speaker. He has this persecution complex, in my interpretation, as did Catholicism while unbeknownst to all Aton christains this was a plot with diabolical assistance from the likes of Emporer Diocleian. Their ANCIENT ROMAN DYNASTY creators BEING THE FLAVIONS with their "secret signature" according to Joseph Atwill. Atwill movie I recommend being Ceasar's Messiah based on his book with same title.

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