Alex Collier on Reptilians Jehovah, Terran Control Groups and Derivative Concepts

I want to talk about Jahovah. He's a piece of work. I want you to know he's still alive and still scooting around, wreaking havoc. He still doesn't have his stuff together. I mean, all you really have to do is take all your personal emotions away from your observation of the Bible, or the Old Testament, and just see what Jahovah did. It's clearly psychotic behavior. I don't want a "God" like that! It's amazing how some people will defend it, saying "well, he was justified in killing everybody". Really?

The word "Jehovah" originally meant, in the Chaldean and Hebrew, "is, was, and will be". The reason he was given that name is because he lives such a long time. They live thousands of years in one incarnation. It never meant "creator of all things". He used technology to promote himself as a "God", and fear is an incredible tool when you want to get people to do something. Some of your have no doubt observed this factor in some of the activities of the world governments.

The Chaldean people were the remnants of the Sumerian people. This you probably already know. Much of the Hebrew religion and the religion of the Sumerians are similar. The books of Moses do not in any way suggest that Jahovah was in any way the only "lord of the Elohim". The expressions "Elohim" and "Nephilim" are used in the original Hebrew tongue, and these expressions are plural in nature, which means that in their terms there was more than one "God". That should be a major tip to everyone.

Abraham, whose name was "Abramou", did consider Jahovah to be a "God" because of the technology that Jahovah and the other Elohim possessed. Many of the "Gods" did the same thing. They used technology to strike fear into the people, and they worshipped the "Gods" to avoid punishment. Any of this sound familiar, here in 1997?

Marduk, whom we also know as the Egyptian "God" Ra, Enki, and En-lil, were notorious for doing this. These extraterrestrial manipulators used bigotry because they wanted to control their own groups of people, and each of their offspring procreated with elements of the population of the earth. According to Moraney and Vasais, our native American races are the remnants of the ancient Babylonians. They were brought here and hidden underground just prior to the flood of Noah.

Now, what was the flood of Noah? We are told that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights. According to Moraney, the flood of Noah was as a result of the movement of Earth from one orbit to another around the Sun. The Earth was apparently hit with a tractor beam and literally moved to an orbit further out from the Sun. This added five days to our rotational period around the Sun. The period of this 40 day rain was during the period when the magnetic poles of the Earth rotated 180 degrees.

My reason for telling you this is to try and give you a broader perspective. There is just so much more to who we are and who we've been. We have been manipulated by the "hidden ones". The reason they remain "unseen" is because on-the-whole they are basically afraid of us. They are afraid of something about us. They absolutely do not want us to unite together, because then the "gig" is up.

Now, when the extraterrestrials were here in force - that is, during the time referenced in the Bible where is says the Sons of God married the Daughters of Man, they bred and mated with their human wives. Out of this came offspring, half-breeds. There were at that time, within the last 5000 years, predominantly 13 families from Sirius B and Nubiru, who were living here on the planet. These were the tribes of En-lil, Marduk, Enki, etc. They all had offspring.

Those from Nubiru were a tribe that came about as a result of a "marriage" between some groups between Sirius B and Orion. It was in essence a "royal marriage" between groups that formed a "tribe". This "tribe" was called Nubiru. The word Nubiru, in the ancient Sumerican language, means "between two peoples". I know Sitchin calls it something else. The offspring were not allowed to go with the extraterrestrial parents when they left the Earth, because they were considered "half-breeds". The reason they were viewed like this by the extraterrestrials was because of their Terran genetics, which contain certain genes from the primate race. According to Moraney, the first melding between the primate genes and the human species was 28,731,007 BC, and there have been many prototypes. In fact, they just found another prototype in Portugal that is estimated to be 780,000 years old. They will discover more. In fact, start looking for some major discoveries in Nigeria. Apparently, there is a tremendous amount of extraterrestrial technology buried in Nigeria, that has not been tapped yet.

When the extraterrestrials left, the real ET's, they left certain types of technology behind. The Indian Veda's discuss some of this technology. They didn't care. They had science teams who were constantly inventing new things, and as they got new technology they discarded the old. Well, it was the Magi, the half-breeds, that were left these technologies. There were 13 major families that were considered under the heading of Magi. Does that number ring a bell?

The members of these 13 families on earth contain the genetics of both Terran and extraterrestrial races that formerly tyrannized the Earth. They were basically left in charge. Some of them were actually Pharoahs. The Magi interbreeding resulted in the cultures we today recognize as the "Ivory Hebrew", the "Mayan", the "Celts", and the "Aryan" races. Now, while all of this was transpiring on the surface of the planet, underground there was another extraterrestrial race that had been here - a race that has been here for hundreds of thousands of years. They are, of course, the reptilian race, which the Bible refers to as the "serpent race". Serpent men. They are still here, and they can't stand the radiation of the sun. They haven't been able to live on the surface of the planet since the last major war that occurred here approximately 450,000 years ago. They are basically hyperborean in nature. They have control of the planet at depths from 100 to 200 miles down. That's their turf, and no one contests that. That is why when people go into the inner earth, they enter via the poles. They do not go through the crust, because these reptilians simply to not like humans. They consider us to be "fleas" on the surface. Again, prejudice as a concept has its origin in extraterrestrial perspectives.

All of the concepts involving languages and social structures for human societies were introduced by extraterrestrial sources. All of the languages that we have on the planet have their origins within the structures of extraterrestrial languages. The letters and their numerical values.

From Moraney's perspective, "Adam and Eve" were in fact two human tribes that were created. I know the Bible refers to "Adam" as a singular person. This is not accurate. According to Moraney, there was a race of human beings prior to the Sumerians called the "Annunites", and they were named after the chief scientist who the Sumerian's called the "God" Anu. The name of "A-dam", as far as these people were concerned, was originally "Anu-dam". That word meant workers in the mines. Like everything else, we get the "Cliff notes" version of what really was the case.

I asked Moraney how the extraterrestrials were able to control all the populations. Apparently, there were groups of hundreds of thousands of people in areas all over the planet. Moraney said that it was very easy to control the population by controlling the water. He said that primary control was through technology, but the single most important control mechanism for a race as primitive as ours was control of the water supply. You have to have water.

This leads me to share something with you that I started to share earlier. Two weeks ago, Bill Clinton signed a presidential directive, number 28, which is legislation that has been put into the Federal Register. It did not go to Congress for approval. They withheld it for two weeks, only giving the legislation 14 days of review before it became law.

[Vals note: This, of course, is illegal, because there must be a 30 day period of review].

It is called the River Heritage Act. He is taking ten of the largest rivers in the United States and declaring on behalf of the Federal Government that ten miles on each side constitute a "world heritage protection site". Now, why would he do this? On the entire planet, 2.5% of the water is fresh water that is fit to drink. Now, 78% of that 2.5% is right here in North America. The Great Lakes. Are you getting the picture?

Now, the Magi created class systems around themselves. Priesthood's. You can read about this priesthood's in Sumerian and Egyptian lore. Every major religion has these. The priesthood's of the Magi were known as the "Naga", and I know that is a name that has been thrown around a lot. The Naga constituted the priesthood. They are like the international bankers today, who are the new "priesthood", in a sense, for the extraterrestrial controllers. Everything in your life revolves around money. Everything. My reason for bringing this up is to show you how history is constantly repeating itself. Our race has been stuck in a cycle of doing the same thing over and over again, and getting "screwed" over and over again. Maybe now you will be able to take a step back and see the "games" and the political mind sets that are coming down again. Folks, it's right there. I want you to know something, and I mean this with all my heart. There are people that say, "you know, Alex, if you think this way you will create it". Well, you know what? I don't think this way, and it's being created anyway. The reason it's being created anyway is because of apathy. People don't give a damn, because they are so busy just "surviving". Well, you are going to have to try and make room for more than just "survival" in your life. You're going to have to do this. There is only one semi-free nation on the planet. The United States. If we loose it, there is nowhere for us to go, and I will tell you this: I refuse to serve two masters! I refuse. You can't do it.

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bluesbaby5050: Here is some reminders ----

Of what we are soon to be facing. Re- fresh your memories.They ARE COMING BACK SOON! The Falcon.

eevie: Reptilian Jehovah

Yep, he is here actually. I know him by Enlil. We have battled. :) Love the info here. Thank you so much for the validation.

Tarheel: Please, expand upon your post.

Tell us more about your encounter/s.
And, he is where?

Peace !

eevie: Reptilian Jehovah

Hi, Tarheel.
Let me begin first with a tiny bg on me. I am a warrior. Nothing else. It is what i do, have always done and always will. I fight for the source of positive love, positive light and positive dark. The gods and devils of this 3/4d matrix we are in are on the same side. Truth resides outside this reality of archons. I was in the Battle of the Akashic last spring this year, 2013. Some of you reading this may have memories of being there. I was driving 70 mph down the highway when i left my body and went into battle. Time does not exist. :) I leave my body when and where ever needed. I met Enlil the same way.
Long story short, i was at work, I'm a carpenter, or was. i have a hammer that came with the words death stick on the handle and a skull and xbones stamped in the metal. Like Thor's hammer, it became my weapon against Enlil. He was following 3 boys, not quite teens, reminds me of the catholic church, right? :) Enlil loves his boys. He was in a spherical shaped ship and was closing in on the boys. I stepped in at that point. We battled on the skin of his ship. He was huge, much larger than humans. Skip to the end, i hacked his fecking head off with the business end of my hammer. I kicked the head away from the body and when i did the neck rolled up and sealed off. Really strange. He hasn't bothered me so much since that encounter. That was in 2009. A pivotal year in many ways for many of us.
He is here close in his ship. Huge ship.

obsrvantlouie: Cool story!

Hi, eevie. Can you elaborate on "I fight for the source of positive love, positive light and positive dark"

Many thanks!

Tarheel: Way trippin dialogue, Eev.

The Battle of Akashic escapes me, though. If ya see EnLiL again, tell him I said kma.

I'd love to hear more about "positive dark" though. I'm unfamiliar with it by that handle.

eevie: Reptilian Jehovah

Most welcome, obsrvantlouie. Sure. We have positive and negative in our polarized existence. What most don't realize is that love is either positive or negative. So is light and dark. The negative light is known as false light and is what religions are made from. :) Positive dark is not evil, though negative light is. It matters not what something is as long as it's nature is positive.

obsrvantlouie: more more question if you don't mind, in your battle with Enlil, was that in 3rd or 4th density?

eevie: Reptilian Jehovah

5th. :) 4th is here and is nothing but time. We are entering a time of no time as we speak. The spiritual hierarchy is a false light hierarchy and reaches all dimensions in this reality. We have to leave this reality to be truly free. All is designed to keep us here. I have fought him in different dimensions as well as others. The worst is finding yourself in lower astral, nasty, icky and honestly, where cockroaches come from. they run from light. :)
The war extends throughout the entire matrix all the way up to the highest dimensions. Truth is nothing like we have been told. The only way to find truth is by going within and listening to self, higher self, heart mind. In other words, don't believe me, experience first hand instead.
Most warriors incarnated on earth are also used by MILAB and are abducted by various groups including et. Enlil is among that faction. What they are doing with humans is beyond comprehension for most.
Have you had any experiences with Enlil/Jehovah? ha not the religious kind.

obsrvantlouie: Please advise..

Are you an earther human being or an extra terrestrial?

eevie: Reptilian Jehovah

I'm not from this reality. None of the warriors, or the ensouled are from here. 2/3 of the humans on earth do not even have souls. They are the original humans taken from animals and to this day they still have a group/animal consciousness rather than an individual soul, the god spark as we do. We are the interlopers. The archons imprisoned many ensouled beings here, many our own due to our energy being desired for their consumption. We came here to rescue our own and to set earth free. We were sold out and the ones coming in now are at least aware of the true circumstances here and they are raising the vibe to awaken humanity to truth.
My body is not entirely human. I was "hatched" on a military base. :) And, the Rothschilds took my DNA and made clones of me called Ibis kids. Many people have been cloned. especially the ones in power, money, etc, or super soldier abilities.

obsrvantlouie: A friendly observation; your

A friendly observation; your knowledge is clouded and your understanding of the densities is inaccurate. Dark does not run from the light, especially on the 4th density....the light attracts dark. 4th density is where astral travel/dreaming takes place. I propose you've watched many youtube and project camelot videos. Why not focus your knowledge into betterment for the individual and the whole? You clearly have a grasp on much of what is happening. Why pretend on the other stuff? This only leads others astray....including you.

Rivers and Roads my friend

eevie: Reptilian Jehovah

Nice try. You don't understand. Period. I don't have time to write a book that will bring you up to date with understanding into what i know and have lived. Sorry. have you been to lower astral realms? I have many times and i know what i'm talking about. It is amazing that you want to discredit me to desperately that you sink to a setup. This convo is over. I don't have time to fuck around with shills, especially the ops division.

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