Is it true that the earth doesnt not revolve around the sun?

by nivine on October 3rd, 2013

I really would like us to discuss this, and if u already did this before and I wasnt aware if it, I'm sorry in bringing that again. In case not, I really would like u to check this link( which is maybe fake) and let us discuss if it can be true or not or if there is any other possibilities.

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bluesbaby5050: It's True!

The sun revolves around the galactic center of our galaxy in a spiral, as well as all the other planet, and their own moons. The sun is first in this spiral, and all the planets follow in this long spiral solar system by gravity also. And yes this was discussed in a previous post a while back, last year I think it was. I posted this information in the forum, and Annunaki77 had confirmed this information as being the truth, along with added information. Many of our satellites have been sent out into space on a long journey for many reasons, and many have sent back this new information to Earth. A satellite that was sent out into space back in 1978-or 1979 has since passed into very deep space, and it is still sending back information, and those scientists are amazed it is still functioning since it's launch back in the late 1970's. This was done at the same time that Mount St. Helens erupted, and caused great damage in the North west of the USA. I remember these events well, as I was in my early 20's at that time, and I kept track of the major events in history, because I love history, and science, and everything to do with these subjects.

nivine: reality tastes great

Thank you for confirming, I will be sure to read the previous discussions about this..

Tarheel: If Earth doesnt revolve around the Sun.....

..then "THEY" are getting pretty bold wit their lies. They lied about everything else so why not this?

nivine: ur right but..

first this is not what the NASA confirmed, its based on a theory that someone thought is worth discussing. reaching a point when u know that the space is not as they told us so.. is actually its a great first step.. now the next step goes to us..
this is link is just trying to make us link events.. so we can get of all the possibilities of how things really look like.
Im not so sure about this link ofcourse, but it sounds much more convincing than the one presented to the world.If ur not convinced by the reason, go on, find whats wrong in the link, search for better answer. its sounds so convincing to me the the orbiting is not steady,,and its in a spiral form
so u can consider that as a first step .. on the road of seeking the truth. which is better.. believing non-logic information presented to u.. or trying to find slowly what could possibly be the answer?

Quinton: The first time I heard that

The first time I heard that the earth didn't revolve around the sun was on a video by Eric Jon Phelps. I haven't really researched it too much, but off hand it sounds like bullshit to me. I think that's similar to saying there aren't 7 billion people on the planet, there are actually 700 million. It's one of those things that is really hard to prove one way or the other unless you really put in a lot of time to prove it to yourself.

That said, it could be possible that the earth doesn't revolve around the sun. I know what passes for "science" these days is nothing more than religious dogma. People just parrot what they are told to parrot and nobody actually does the research or knows anything themselves. So it's possible. I don't think it's true though. Or perhaps there's more to it and it's a mixture of both, similar to what BB said.

nivine: Well I dont know from where I

Well I dont know from where I will get the guts, but I'm willing to go in public and record a video and ask the US government and NASA one simple question. But before I will be sure to have as much as I can crowd infront of me and I will get it by YouTube or any other way. I'm sure u will hear about it soon, when I get ready and I'm waiting to what ur respond will be

bluesbaby5050: My Meaning was that............

The Earth revolves around the sun in a spiral, NOT ON A HORIZONTAL PATH, along with the rest of the planets, and their moons in this SAME HUGE SPIRAL all the way up to Alcyone. And all this information can be found in the information of the Mayan Calendar, and the Alcyone Library, and TZOLK'IN KEEPER OF TIME. This information is also found in a book by Author, Barbara Hand Clow.. the title is:"THE PLEiADIAN AGENDA"

bluesbaby5050: On this same subject of the Earth............

Satellites from other countries, as well as the PRIVATE Vatican's satellite has gathered this same information a while back about the Earth, and the planets, and the sun, in our solar system, and that the Earth was REVOLVING AROUND the SUN, BUT that all the planets were on their own path (line ) --->IN A SPIRAL PATH, and NOT on A HORlZONAL Path (straight line across in a circle) as it was Originally THOUGHT to be, and then they taught this image in the classrooms, and had written this same science in our Science books. ( I didn't say NASA said this.) I imagine NASA would have to agree also, or be left out of the loop. So Imagine looking at all the planets in motion moving around the sun, Then imagine pulling the sun upwards from the center and the planets, and their moons following on their own spiral paths, while all is rotating, and all is revolving (except the sun does not rotate ) while the sun, and the solar system revolves around the galaxies center. This is how it really looks in space, and not like the brass models sitting on the science teachers desk in the science class room, moving around in circles like we all have seen before. Picture that same brass model, but all is moving in a spiral with the sun at the top of this spiral, with all the planets, and their moons moving in their correct order of positions. Pluto, and it's moon Charon would be at the bottom of this spiral moving, and revolving. It would look like the whole long spiral is moving upwards, but it is not. All of the spiral is moving in unison, and at the SAME TIME, revolving around the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Everything is always in motion. The origin brass model was presented in a circle to show how the planets and moons were positioned around the sun to give people viewing it the IDEA of how the solar system was set up,but what they didn't know at that time, was it should of been presented in a spiral instead.

bluesbaby5050: With the largest part .........

Of the spiral at the bottom with Pluto, and Charon at it's widest part rotating, and revolving, while the Sun is at it's narrowest part at the top of the same spiral. You could actually draw this, and it would make it a lot easier to see on paper, instead of in your imagination,as some people can do this in their heads, while others have a harder time at this.

bluesbaby5050: Earth/solar system continued...........

What you would finally come up with on your paper drawing, would be a wide giant cone shape. I side cone, because it is hollow, and it has a point at the top, and then it gets wider at the bottom. This shape would allow for all the planets, and their moons to be in their Correct Positions, and also this would allow for their measured distances from the sun. They would be spread out accordingly, and that's why our solar system looks like a spiral while it is viewed from far away in space.

nivine: :d


nivine: Well I think each one of us

Well I think each one of us must try to study each case independently and compare the 2 theories..
And then state what he is not convinced about in any of the 2
In this way each will try to get an answer and convince the other
This will help us to see things that we weren't aware of
Things are going great till now..even if We are far away from the truth lets say, but we are not where we used to be
They didnt even have an empirical evidence about the theory they teached us, it was based on the fact that this theory was the most convincing.
We have logic and we are seeking truth.. Both fits perfectly here

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