The Search for Truth

by Tarheel on October 2nd, 2013

May your search for The Truth always be fruitful. I promise you that it is a never-ending search, which makes it not a destination but, rather a journey. May you learn much along the way& retain what you DO learn. Lastly, I hope you find it in yourself to share it with others. I try to share what I find, as I view it as an untedious obligatory...perhaps as "a duty" is correct verbage.


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nivine: I much appreciate ur wishes..

I much appreciate ur wishes.. I'm so sure this is my main concern in life.. I wi never stop on searching for that truth and will never stop on sharing this and trying to make a change.Further degrees and great positions are not my aim as it used to be, since I'm just a part of their game and I will end up serving them. I think I got better things to do, and my real success in life is to try to make a change as much as I can.. And if I couldn't, I will be sure to leave as much people as I can behind me when I leave life, that will carry the truth with them and spread it..

Tarheel: You have found a place to grow HERE.

A burning desire for Truth signifies you are a Warrior. I'm sure anyone here will help you and perhaps you can share/help others here, too.

Welcome aboard!

nivine: well I'm thankful by ur comment

All my desire to fight for the truth goes back to your support, bz it outgrown the guts in me, that Was dominated by fear, the fear of not finding the ones that will tell me that yes ur not alone! I'm glad that the fear is totally converted into a fearless warrior!

bluesbaby5050: Never Allow FEAR of Anything........

To get the best of you, because fear will cause your defeat. It will hold you/anyone back from success in life. Fear will always stop progress, and that's why TPTB cause Chaos, and this causes confusion, and that cause panic. This is how they operate. This is KEY Knowledge.

bluesbaby5050: Any Conflict in life..........

Should never lead to BLOODSHED=WARS! THIS BS HAS TO STOP! WAR IS NEVER THE ANSEWR TO ANYTHING! All problems can be solved in a peaceful manner with added Intelligence. This makes a BETTER WARRIOR! THINK, and LIVE FROM, and WITH the HEART, and not with from the BRAIN. This is how mankind Fell into the lower dimensions. Now they must learn that the HEART IS THE KEY! Learn To Get Back Into Your Hearts!

nivine: Ofcourse, I'm sure it never

Ofcourse, I'm sure it never even crosses our mind to be involved in bloodshed wars.. our main concern at the very beginning, to use our feelings and love for peace, to search for truth . This what lead us here, We came here to this site, we are not here by mistake, we felt it despite all what is surrounding us.. And according to the way we started, we will use it as a weapon to fight and let the " truth control"

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