by edisonik on August 6th, 2013

Humanity has Awsome Potential. Humanity is not a curse but a blessing.
You are a vast Species and you are Awsome. For the Angels have found that the Daughters of Men to be Fair and took them as Wives.
Angels from other Starsystems.

This is why Humanity has Diversity, Asains, Blacks, Whites, South Asains, Native Indians, etc.

You are all Diverse and with this Diversity Humanity is Invincible.
It is not Humanity who is Afraid but it is the Controllers that are more afraid. Afraid of Destiny they are.

So what is Humanity?, Humanity is Awsome and sooner or later this Galaxy will experience what is called Humanity, in the next coming Centuries for Humanity will move ahead and explore the Universe with their Motherships.

This I have alreay forseen.


You have the DNA of the Bird Tribes of Heaven, this is just the utter Divine Truth!.

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Tim Lovell: I am an artist and do mainly

I am an artist and do mainly bird drawings I have website you can check out it has some of my drawings uploaded if you wanna check them out ..

Tarheel: Spoken like a Great Falcon Master.

I like your crystal ball, Wise Edi.

Edisonik doesn't dance. He just speaketh the truth, The Sacred Truth.

xamo1: This world is property of

This world is property of Lucifer.I got proof.

Tim Lovell: enki origionaly gave their

enki origionaly gave their full dna heritage to the `lowly` humans which the others didn't like and they suruptisously unplugged most of the code but left it still unplugged in the genome this is part of the old story the idea now is to go through the mutation process (for some quite painfull) and get bacxk our 12 strand dna template all these old gods/wars mean nothing now there is no `devil` except these pretender ets impersonating them etc we as humans are equal to them and must stand as our own soveriegns to join the greater galactic community of which we always were a part ...so no more worshiping false gods ... `god` is everything the whole creation not a single entity who has a opponent etc .

xamo1: `god` is everything the whole creation not a single entity



The take-over had been successful.

Lord Prince MAR-DUK, first son of the reviled Creator God EA, had become the 'One and Only... Sun God RA'. The SHETI lizards had re-programmed all remaining subjects on ERIDU. The rebel SSA-TA Queens of the ARI-AN underground worlds had given support to WAR-DUK with the understanding that SHETI lizards would become the administrators of the new Empire. They had done their job well, MAR-DUK would keep them around...for a while.

With their memories gone, the Beasts were loyal and very eager servants.

Other Sirian family members also gave faith and allegiance to RA, they too had lost their memories. And so it was that the Empire entered a glorious phase, everyone aspired to the same goal...to praise and serve the Sun God.

The Mystery Schools became the source of priests who had but one thought, to praise the Lord RA from whom all things, all beings, all wisdom had come. The secrets of the galaxy, and the Universe, came through the mouth of RA.

And so too, the 'cheirosh' became targets of the Lord RA and the SHETI. Where once the teachings were those of Lord Prince EA, now they were of 'RA-LEG-US' ('RA-Laws/Words-of') - 'Place of the Words of RA'. (RA-leg-us/Religion). Here too, the purpose of the priesthood and brotherhood was to perpetuate the confusion and keep the truth away from both Beasts and Sirian Lords alike.

Where once all Beasts and Sirian subjects were forced to praise the Sirian Lords and ultimately give greater honor to the ARI-AN Queens, Lord RA, with the approval of the SSA-TA rebel Queens, began to systematically remove all traces of a Mother Goddess presence. Henceforth, the Omnipotent One was a male...the Sun God RA himself. Males would dominate every aspect of life, it was time for females to relinquish their exalted place of power.

The SHETI lizards, with their cousin HENTA lizards, were originally recognized for their uncanny abilities with stone cutting equipment. Using their sound cutters and heat beams with incredible accuracy, the lizards with robot-like precision could produce stone structures that needed no mortar or binding agent to keep them together.

These creatures, SHETI and HENTA lizard hyrids, crucial to the ministration of Lord Sun God RA's Empire, were the original 'stone-masons'.

[Note - The Egyptian glyph for Mason is, 'HUN-U'. 'HUN' is the root word meaning 'Lizard'. 'HUN-U' is literally ' - One who is - of the Lizards']

The Sun God had become 'The One and Only God-King'.

But 'The King' was concerned with the lizards. They had become too powerful. No aspect of the Empire was untouched by their hand, no position of administration was devoid of a SHETI/HENTA presence. With care and secrecy, the Sun God RA attempted to shift the wealth and power away from the lizard controllers... but to no avail. It was too late.

The SHETI/HENTA and SATA rebels seized the Empire... with no battles, with no weaponfire... they simply shut everything off. The Sun God could not communicate with anyone, the Sun God could not Issue orders, the Sun God could not rule. The Sun God was undone.

With little recourse, the Once and Only King fled in his starship back to the heavens.

The SHETI lizards changed nothing. The Empire continued functioning as it had before. Though the subjects of ERIDU had been programmed to forget their history, the acceptance of One Omnipotent God would not be altered. It served quite well the needs of the lizards. They assumed the role of the Lord of the Word EN-LIL, they took over the role of the Lord of Creation Prince EA and they set up all institutions which would govern Man, his life and his destiny.

The Sun God was gone, the Lizard Kings were in charge.


Tarheel: EnLiL is The Dark Lord of Command.

There's only 1 Lord of Creation, and it/they certainly is NOT Sheti Lizards.

And, last time I checked, Lucifer is a Light Bringer. Satan is a made-up, FEAR instilling BS lie. I wouldn't believe everything I read, especially at biblio-EScapades.

Jerry will get you straight.

xamo1: "cod"

This abbreviation comes from gold,oil,drugs.
That's exactly what our "gods"do ower not only this wold:
"As the ASA-RRR had done before them, the SHET-I began to increase the production and efficiency of the Operation. In addition, however, they entered into the development and the production of a new commodity, a drug called 'S-MA'(extract from a live pineal human gland).
Once a drug used only by Kings, the SHET-I began to make and sell the drug to all the galaxy demonic beings. Profits soared and Lord RRA fast became one of the wealthiest Kings in all the Ninth Sector."
The Terra Papers
The Afghanistan war has a scope to grow and sell opium to whole Europe.
Oil from Meddle East same thing.
And gold just disappears prom planet.:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0EIvXTzVbo&feature=related

Tim Lovell: lol you think like on earth

lol you think like on earth with money etc they simpily do not use money like we do ..

Tim Lovell: here is a good tune to listen

here is a good tune to listen to get into the prime creative flow feel the light geometries flow... :)

p.s. mindwave have a et source for their music definatly.

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