The Environmental Protection Agency sets a limit for the amount of inorganic Arsenic ( the Carcinogenic Kind/ Cancer Causing Kinds ) found in our drinking water, and in our apple juice is OK to drink ! The FDA/FOOD, AND DRUG ADMISNISTRATION is proposing a similar maximum limit on Arsenic found in apple juice, a problem HIGHLIGHED by DR.OZ, CONSUMER REPORTS, food and water, and other Watch Dog groups over the past few years are saying, cutting the amount of this POISON IS STILL VERY HARMFUL to the consumers. Two Thirds of our Apple Juice in the USA, comes from CHINA! And who does not already know that China Imports it's products not only to the USA, but it also imports it's products all over the world. China has NO REGULATIONS ON HEAVEY METEALS FOUND IN, AND ON IT'S PRODUCTS!

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bluesbaby5050: ARSENIC IS A POISON!

It is MY Opinion that Arsenic found in our water, and in our produce is found in the Agricultural Fields that grow our crops. Arsenic is found in the Pesticides that were once used on those fields that grew our crops, and it is still found in the soil today, and is now in our water source that we drink. This Arsenic is a Cancer causing agent, and is the cause of many diseases that people now have at an alarming rate. These pesticides cause Legions in the tissues of the skin, on the outside, as well as the inside of the human body. Many well known diseases such as Cancer, and Developmental effects found in children, and adults, and Cardiovascular diseases/Heart diseases, and Neurological side effects found in the human body, and Diabetes that effect more people now then ever before. Any Arsenic in any levels, low, or high is dangerous to humans, and animals in any amounts!

bluesbaby5050: If my memory serves me right.............

Arsenic was also used in RAT POISON to Kill Rats/Mice when I was a kid. A person could buy it from a hardware store along with garden tools Etc. Arsenic in small amounts is a SLOW DEATH ! People had to wear gloves when using this pesticide in their flower gardens. It was also found to be used in the deaths of people that were victims of crimes of the pasts. Those people got very weak, and sick over time when Arsenic was given to them in small doses. A bluish color would be seen under the finger nails, and toe nails, and the Arsenic could be found in the hair, and in the skin tissues of the said victims of those crimes in the past.

bluesbaby5050: China EXPORTS........

China EXPORTS many Products that contain poisonous ingredients in them. Many toys have been recalled from WAL-MART just last year, because of poisons found in the paints on many metal toys. China OWNS THE CHAIN OF WAL MART STORES.

bluesbaby5050: Lead was the Cause..........

Lead was the cause found in the ingredients of the paints on the toys that were recalled back to China from the Wal Mart Department stores last year.

Tarheel: My Kod !

China puts Lead in children's toys and NOW arsenic in apple juice? How do they come up with this bull?
THEY'VE reached a new LOW. A travesty this is.

bluesbaby5050: @ Tarheel...........

China does NOT have any Regulations on anything in that country. This is a well known fact. CHINA OWNS WAL MART, and THEY CARRY ALL CHINA'S PRODUCTS, form FOOD, DRINKS, TO CLOTHING! Household products too. Last year there was also a RE-CALL ON -called because all these products were making people sick after they moved into their homes! And then, to make matters worse for those people, they had to move OUT OF THEIR NEWLY BUILD HOMES WITH PRODUCTS MADE , AND GROWN IN CHINA!! This was widely covered in the news world wide.WOOD, and Sheetrock for Housing Constructions, and then they exported along with China's Carpeting that was also found to be Contaminated , and so was all China's Vinyl siding made in China, and THEN EXPORTED ALL OVER THE PLANET!! China's products are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Tarheel: China is trying to solve it's OVER-population problem.

And it sounds as if they're trying to solve everybody else's too. I'd LOVE to see what limits they put on what goes into their own country. I find it absolutely ludicrous that we even get apple juice from them.
China's leadership has a date with KARMA, too.

Tarheel: Just got back from buying ORGANIC Apple Juice.

It's a little prier, but hopefully no arsenic.

I wonder why Arsenic isn't in the ingredients section? WE ALL KNOW WHY!

bluesbaby5050: Ya I Know !

We have PLENTY of Apple Groves of many different kinds to choose from around my state, and we export plenty of Apple products along with our Maple syrup, Berry Preserves, and Berry Wines, and Beers. We also export Lumber from our forests as well, along with our fresh fish, and our Lobsters, and Clams from off our coasts, and we export a lot of these items around the world also. We have many more as, these are just some of our top items we export from here.

bluesbaby5050: All this Toxic Crap Coming From China............

Is because CHINA IS A VERY POLLUTED COUNTRY! China's Air, and China's Waters, and China's Soil is heavy from all metal runoffs from all the factories, and it's smokestacks that are NOT UNDER ANY KINDS OF Government, or state REGULATIONS, and China uses Pesticides on their lands, because NONE OF THIS IS REGULATED, and this is why China is a very Toxic, and Polluted place to live, and visit! Keep Clear of China, and it's products, and PLEASE Read all your Labels on everything you buy, and eat. This is for your own well being, as well as for your children's health too. People need to take an active stance for what they buy, and how they choose to live.

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