How to identify human extraterrestrials amongst us


Quinton: How do you know all this TR?

How do you know all this TR?

Terran resistance: this is my answer to the

this is my answer to the fermi paradox on why extraterrestrials have not made contact with us, because they are all around us.

This is just my opinion by the way, i have not confronted them on such things as "did you get your passport renewed for your trip back to alpha centauri" or anything like that XD

I made most of these observations when I used to work in a shop when I was younger.

Starperson: Are you serious?

Terran resistance, is your list on the level? Or are you just having a little fun? It is difficult to get a sense for humor and satire from a posting...and I don't want to waste my time entertaining or investigating something that was posted as a lark. If these are really your experiences, how did you verify your observations? How many points from your list do you like to have present before making a determination of an actual human ET?

If your list is on the up and up, that would help explain a lot about my own extended family!

Tarheel: Interesting-NOW I'll go thru your checklist anytime I see some1.

I sense them vs your VISUAL acuity check.

It's more of the VIBE they give off. BUT, your list (regretfully) will make me go thru a series of checks, NOT that I fear them at all, more that I want to be able to ID them. And if my senses arent particularly acute that day....well.....I'm reduced to TR's list. Yikes.

Ecbra de Oaoj: lol

we are tried of ets males have dates with our women!

to compensate it; I offer me to have dates with woman etc of this image and so; equilibrate this stuff.



Terran resistance: check your calendar

check your calendar its not april the 1st, im not bullshiting, im being dead serious.

I didnt come to these conclusions lightly.

this planet does not follow any rhyme or logic, and to understand aliens requires a totally alien way of thinking sometimes.

Ecbra de Oaoj: yes; its serious

and are infiltrations in all areas.
if tablets and Bible version and etc is true; we are descendenbts of aliens; our dna are.
and are armies, diplomats and interests; of corporations, nactions and groups; countries in here and out.

starfleets and; avatars. and etc.

Devidians; see humans like our here as inferior beings and they see us as their food. not are diplomacy with they because they kill before talk. They are like vírus in person. so important have defenses when they appear in front.

but who are devidians? well... these; that keep this caracterists. independente of body that wear.

All another beings sensients have inteligence to compose interests of races; Justice is a universal sense, comerce sometimes gears diference; some races have more cold or hot... blood. but Peace and Harmony is Always possible.

not to devidians; meanwhile.
in this aspect really is important to know who they are; independent of wear they appear, ... they can be a horrorous alien or a beatifull neighboor.

and so... be ready. to defend life here if necessary.



Tarheel: OUR battle cry=LOVE is THE strongest force in the Universe.

I got that line from THE coolest Falcon Warrior I know. It has been repeated by Anu77 often.

We ALL need to employ it.

Starperson: Fair enough

I always use my inner eye when out and about to "read" others, not unlike Tarheel's description of a vibe. When I encounter someone who seems off with their aura, life force, chi or chakras, I have the sense that they are dealing with some emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain. Except for the individuals without any signs of life at all, as I have previously posted...they freak me right out.

I am still working on the best explanation. I have never used any visual cues at all. Before coming to Truth control, I didn't know human hybrids or aliens of any kind could be walking among us. My consciousness is shifting. I will give your list a place in my search for answers.

Kingkonger: alien friend

I cracked a good joke to my friends, and they all laughed but one of them barely chuckled. Alien humor must suck ;) lolskees.

Terran resistance: you need to check off

you need to check off more than one point you doughnut lol
as many as possible.
Also I bet fifty smackers that one of your friends or someone you know is probably an alien you dont even realise it...


bluesbaby5050: Anything is Possible................

I would not be surprized at all ! WE ARE TOO! From the Planet Earth in the Milkyway Galaxy, located in the Dern Universe }:>)

Kingkonger: ooo snap terran

I couldn't take that bet haha cuz I'm for sure your right. But u can count on me confronting the next emotionless wide eyed widow peaked sloped headed red skinned indian looking thing I see. Lol wow sounds cruel. "Where you from bro? Naa where you really from.." :)

Terran resistance: lol!

ones thing for sure, if they make any wise guy "I come from down under" jokes I'm walking away....

Kingkonger: bb is alien for positive

Bb u must be alien cuz u spelled surprised with a z and we all know that's super alien speak. And u used a > in the smiley insert you made and > is symbolic to the hyades cluster so now we know where your from too :P hehe jk ur cool

bluesbaby5050: To tell you the truth...............

I never really gave my spelling a thought. I always did this. Normal for me. Actually in the beginning, it was Lyra. }:>) >is my nose!

Terran resistance: it might not be a coincidence

it could be left over soul memory *sarcasm*

bluesbaby5050: I Doubt it very much.............

Because I do know my soul's Origin, and my past lifes too, and you do not know any of mine. Do You know yours? No Sarcasm.

Terran resistance: funny you should mention it

I think I know one past life I might have had, but thats for some other time.

Terran resistance: most people dont know this

but sometimes people end up quoting themselves without even knowing it...

Terran resistance: even when

even when we are lying in the gutter...

Tarheel: Yes, BB is malevolent ET for sure ! (JOKING)

I couldn't help but get that dig in. Please laugh !

Ecbra de Oaoj: yeaaaahhh... ha. hah. a.

wise .. they ... hamm?

ha. haha. funny... joke. with widow. indians. and...

ha . haha... right arm of... humor.
- sarcasm.

Kingkonger: not a joke

Im really going to confront someone or something like that. Maybe I'll become gomies with it and gain infinite wisdom. :)

Ecbra de Oaoj: maybe.

gain a lot of... ingorance. for response.
if you wanna this; mirror. and seed.

confront... rumft. ha... hahaha.

really is... easy. to talk. behind... a computer.

whith... me? thank you... I never will... run. if you call for but...
there are... things more... important. to make than... talk. this kind of... wise. that you are sugestioning.

the only thing to end my; point . of view. in your... joke. is...

if you are a king... isnt my... king. and...

your fellows... that think jokes like... your propose...

would even comic; if not tragic.

ha.. haha. such... funny. your ...

not joke.



Kingkonger: ok

I can't really understand what your saying but its cool man I respect your opinion

Ecbra de Oaoj: you feeling is enough.

dont worry to understand. isnt... necessary.


with... respects.

edisonik: Remember that you are all Special Beings

Always stay positive , even during overwhelming odds. Always remember that the best way to fight against Fear & Tyranny is to keep a Positive Mind , even during overwhelming Odds.
Your feelings of Hope , Love , Peace & Universal Respect will always Conqour the Dark Side.
Your Controllers use Fear as their tool for Control, but if the Fear is replaced by Love they are powerless against you.

Be careful with the Television for they use TV to transmit Negative Frequencies to your Brain to feed you Fear & Uncertainty. Be aware of these things. Always keep a positive mind and always share your Perspective with the World around you because you are all Star Seed.

Tarheel: Even on the music channels, Falcon Master?

Do they employ their antics on the music channels,too? because that's about all I listen to.
Let me know PLZ.

Thanks Edi! You are special to us, too.

Zendor: on the subject of incarnation...

I would caution those who believe there are any malevolent actions, physical or telepathic, coming from those who have incarnated here now. Humans still see through human-centric eyes, believing in good and evil beyond rational thought. In the Universe, there is expansion and harmony - nothing else - at an energetic level. Chaos appears from time to time as transitions from one state to another occur, but the natural order prevails during the evo-leap.

Humans also have a challenge with understanding the nature of advanced sensory ability. There are multiple planes of consciousness involved, each with its own body, like layers of the rainbow aligned with the chakras. There are nine planes between this 3D and the 12th plane, which is white light, the sum of all the incarnates here on Earth. There is a method for experiencing the multiple planes that has been in use for over 50 years now. Here is an mp3 download of it for you...

Indeed there are many of us here, in various forms and with various abilities. We each have our specific 'mission,' if you will, and have developed skill sets accordingly in life as we grew up. Our lives were not that much different than humans, but there are levels of awareness and experience that surpass human and, as yet, are just beginning to be understood as a possibility through quantum physics. Our thoughtmosphere is indeed non-linear, yet intersects with the linear on a regular basis. You might experience that as a serendipitous moment of synchronicity.

I've only recently been able to articulate my experience as an incarnate. It took me years to come to terms with it, even though all the experiences pointed toward the reality. I did more to deny, discount and discredit my experience than to accept it as truth. I surmised that if it were true, then no matter how hard I attempted to disprove it, the truth would remain and I'd eventually have to accept it. So I have, but only recently. I've written a series of books as part of my catharsis, questioning reality the entire time and, from some feedback already, present a very authentic and honest approach to the discovery of identity, purpose and alignment with it. Here's the first volume: (on CreateSpace) You can find the Kindle version on Amazon.

I'm perfectly fine with whatever vetting process you might have in store. I'm about as transparent as they come, but you have to be able to hear and see beyond the norm to get a glimpse of this new living and loving awareness. Suffice it to say that we are here to facilitate a new world order of harmony among people and planet. That happens through the roll-out of universal laws that can be incorporated into consciousness and technology simultaneously. It is humanity's next evo-leap in progress.

In lak'ech,

Terran resistance: @zendor

did a back ground check on you, your a very interesting person indeed.
Just a word of warning watch out for religious manipulation


Zendor: cool... Warning: objects may appear closer...

I hear you loud and clear. If you've seen some of the stuff I've experienced, there could easily be religious connotations perceived. I tend to remain free of belief systems at all, opting for an experience system with ongoing updates. :) Glad you took the time to do a back ground check. I'm pretty transparent in my personal life and even more so on the web. I'm just an old guy on a mission of discovery, making sense common as much as possible. I've found some pretty cool s..t, too. Not worth much if it isn't shared for further investigation, eh? Been at this for a little while.


Zendor: Sharing perspective... and some musical soundscapes

I often wondered at how light and sound affect consciousness in such amazing ways, eyes open and especially with eyes closed. I was real fortunate to meet up with some guys that had exquisite articulations inside the musical conversations. We dove into where we had no idea where we were going and with a little help from familiar places and aforementioned spaces, we created some pretty cool soundscapes. One of the CDs proved particularly helpful in allowing others to venture in and take some pretty wild rides. I think it would be appreciated here and I'll share the link in a moment.

We've used it for group meditations, with as many as two dozen lying in a circle holding hands with feet toward the center, surrounded by the music with eyes closed and just listening. Try it out if you'd like, by yourself or with others if you dare. :) It's a .zip file... It'll absolutely drive you wild, but it's not a killer.

Or you can enjoy a taste here...

See if you can figure out where Zendor the Barbarian originated. I thought it would make a cool book title, too. Enjoy the journey! This one's on me.

Terran resistance: welcome by the way

welcome by the way and enjoy your stay :)

Zendor: hope I can add value

Kinda just jumped in, eh? Thanks for the welcome. Can't guarantee I'll behave, though. I like the humor I see so far. If you can't make fun of yourself, let someone else. :)

Tarheel: Welcome Zendor.

But dont be too wouldn't be the only one IF you misbehave.

We live, love and argue on occasion but it all comes back to the most powerful; force in the multiverse-LOVE.

Ecbra de Oaoj: hello Zendor

enjoy your stay and... please share with us your expression and

Just a word of warning watch out for... mind manipulation. wrongs... interpretations.
racism. and... etc.


Zendor: cognitive dissonance....


Thanks man. Whenever there is obvious cognitive dissonance in the title of a website I know I'm in for a really interesting experience. 'Truth Control' is one of those instances. How can one control truth? It's impossible.

btw... I just put up some free stuff on FB at (FREE BOOK Tab) and the Council of 300 Tab at

I'm very aware of the temptation to 'warn' about this or that being the revealing of the one pointing the finger. I really don't care. My experience and wisdom stands alone, but that doesn't mean that I know it all by any means.

Terran resistance: @Zendor

@zendor it would be interesting to see your opinion on ashtar command being lucifer?

ishtar eight pointed star in sumerian tablets mistaken by historians to be Venus aka the morning star, (Ishtar is possibly a corruption of Ashtar as in Ashtar command).

Also the elite at bohemian grove burnt a wooden statue of an owl of Athena (variation of Ishtar, name possibly derived from astarte, Asherah, name close to it).

Some claim Athena was a goddess of war just like aries. Shes associated with with fascism and is seen with a symbol of it:

Also in the bible:
God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: 'I AM has sent me to you.'"

Exodus 3:14: god said to Moses, “AHYH ASHR AHYH.” This important answer Moses received “from the gods” has been translated as “I AM THAT I AM” or “I AM WHO I AM,” or "I AM WHAT I AM."

ASHR being very close to Ashtar.

8 pointed star of Ashtar is seen on a nazi uniform:

according to contactee alex collier Ashtar command used to be apart of an organisation called Gizeh inteligence which helped the nazis.


Ecbra de Oaoj: indeed. the Truth has no owner.

but there are many... versions. and explains... point of view about same facts.

to live in harmony among others diferent sensienty beings we need before; prove that us, humans here, can live in harmony among us, independent of races.


Do not worry about understanding. Living is the better understanding. (Não se preocupe em entender. Viver é o melhor entendimento)
Clarice Lispector

Zendor: a synchronistic daily calendar message

Indeed, truth has no owner. Each has their own experience, which leads to the daily message... "Zen is concerned only with direct experience, either of the intuition, by the way of the experience of satori, or by the other end of the spectrum, as it were, on the physical plane." Christmas Humphreys

From the flat to the fluffy... 1D - Void, 2D - Light Shell Within (around the portal to the Void), 3D - Physical World (manifestations of emotion and thought). IMHO until we get those right (find our personal harmony within them), nothing else matters.

Clarice was a very wise woman.

Zendor: Ashtar and Lucifer confusion

Interesting inquiry. I'll do my best to share what I've discovered on my journey. I don't know Alex so I cannot speak to his claims. Humans tend to obscure good sense when obsessions toward the unknown turn toward projections of demonic possession or some other such nonsense, imho.

Let me start with clarifying some misunderstandings based on experience and research I've done. The first was researching where Satan came from, not as some being, as a word. I found a reference in the 'unabridged' dictionary in the Ball State University library my first year in college back in 1975. The first reference was from the Greek 'thetan' meaning 'thinker.' Apparently it was translated as Satan in the Biblical bastardization sanctioned by Constantine. It's classic Art of War strategy: create a fictitious enemy and divide the people with it, distracting them so they don't know what you are really doing.

I got some validation about that from Jesus (I know that might sound incredulous) during a conversation in 1989. (full story here: Suffice it to say he was not at war with Satan or the Devil in the desert. It was a battle with his own mind... learning to be silent.

Now, on to Lucifer the Light Bearer. Gee, how obvious could that be? Certain things are impossible in the constructs of creation based on very scientific principles. Vibratory levels within the 'God Corp' simply cannot be violated. Consider this: Someone needs to take the God Corp to the next level, from the formless cosmic consciousness into something a little more fitting for exploration of their creation... like the physical world. Okay, so who would be the logical choice for such a mission, knowing that it had to be carried out with perfect love. Light and sound (music) indeed when condensed (lowered in vibration) creates form. So, possible misinterpretations noted, one known as the Most High Angel of Light and Music might be the logic choice, eh?

Now that is a real stretch for someone steeped in a 'good vs evil' belief system. Let's just say that certain vibrations cannot be altered to conform to anything other than its original purpose/mission. Can we agree on that? I know it sounds too simplistic, but it is that simple. One who achieves a level of impeccability and integrity of vibration simply cannot serve any other purpose than pure energy... free of any perturbations within natural law. I'm not sure how else to put that at this time... workin' on the 1040EZ version.

Dan Winter made a comment to me years ago, that ASHTAR was the acronym for the cosmic computer. My trips onboard always had a kind of bio-mechanical pulse at the foundation... like a heartbeat only it seemed much slower and more pervasive. I'm guessing in a non-linear environment, like those in the space/time realms we still don't know much about, that this pulse is indeed at the core of creation like a reflection of the explosion/implosion of a creative moment.

I've had ongoing experiences, albeit inconsistent relative to a timeline, throughout my life. I've been in places that I'm not even sure how to explain and I've been 'upgraded' by beings that at times appear like the tall Zetas and yet I'm not sure that is their true form. The last time they showed up was on May 8th of 2010 in the middle of the night. They worked on the back of my head and I felt like there was some kind of sonic tool involved, reverberating through my skull. The purpose was to make it easier to communicate.

While at the IUFOC in 2011, an acquaintance told me she had 'asked' about me and was 'shown' a diamond-shaped feature with two smaller ones, one above and below, in the back of my head. She was 'told' that I was plugged in to the cosmic computer. Now I'm not claiming anything here, just that she reflected that to me and I had not shared the May 8th experience with her. Kinda weird...

My experience with Ashtar to date had been as a 'father' with impeccable integrity in service to Source, the advancement of consciousness and the evolution of our planetary civilization toward harmony among people and planet. I've given my life several times, leaving this thoughtmosphere on more than one occasion only to return with renewed faith, trust and love toward the process of my life and purpose.

There are so many things I'm still unable to explain, but unlike those who've attempted to craft some kind of picture with incomplete information and understanding I will not project that can. I will say that in answer to your question, there is really no connection between Ashtar and Lucifer as some nefarious consortium working behind the scenes to enslave or manipulate humanity for any malevolent purpose. Any 'worship' of a being of any kind is out of sync with the true meaning of 'worship' - acknowledging the individual connection with Source.

I noticed you had posted something about the signs of Satan elsewhere and was curiously reminded of something that was presented to me at the end of a week-long series of meetings onboard a ship back in 2001. Full story with other interesting stuff here: I did my best to explore possibilities beyond belief systems. I had no frame of reference for some things other than my experience and limited vocabulary in the articulation of them. You'll notice a 'tablet' that was presented at the end of the meetings which bears some interesting symbols as well.

Terran resistance: ashtar command lucifer

"ASHTAR was the acronym for the cosmic computer." Fantastic! Doesnt that tie in more with the idea that Ashtar command is lucifer? Seeing as the light of lucifer is associated with inteligence.

thetan is derived from satan, but i doubt its the other way around, for example lots of words are associated with fire and light (lucifer) and inteligence, for example the phrase "your bright", jinn in the qu'ran which are demons were thought to be made of fire. enlightenment another example. The list could go on. Illumination another...

Satan comes from saturn and seth but originally came from the goddess sita (suttee), the identity of satan has changed many a time through out mythology.

You also say Ashtar command wants a new world order according to your website? When the vast vast amount of conspiracy theorists and free thinkers alike (which are not to be underestimated or overlooked) simply do not want a new world order which would lead to death and destruction and the elimination of free speech completely. Are you saying that Ashtar command knows better than the vast amount of people accross the globe, isnt that a bit arrogant of Ashtar command?

Also you say the council of 300 is the future, im pretty sure that the council is run by queen elizabeth her self?

Im pretty sure the union flag has the symbol of ashtar command on it (8 pointed star)

whats your thoughts on that? By the way its a very interesting discussion :)

Is it possible that you are being deceived? are you open minded about the idea of you being deceived? Thanks in advance.

Zendor: deception... possible, but unlikely

If you do your research, thetan was indeed way before satan. I've spent an entire lifetime ripping my experiences and understanding apart on a regular basis. It started as a child just after finding out I was adopted. As an adult it carried through as a quest for understanding 'truth' with no boundaries as to what it might be. I've dealt with those who propose that my experience as a teen was Lucifer's doing; the decision to 'die for what I believed in' - cosmic consciousness - and my consequent entrance into the light was somehow a deception or trick. I've gone back several times and can assure that it was no trick.

There are levels of consciousness and experience far beyond the confused attempts of humans to put some kind of dualistic framework in place, especially for those things that reach into the unknown. The superstitious systems that evolved from the change of day to night are still running the show apparently. Those are buried in the cellular programming passed on through consistent and thorough brainwashing based on incomplete and constrictive analysis of 'what is.' NDEr's accounts of a sense of freedom without judgement while in the 'light' are certainly evidence of something beyond intelligence or thought as well.

I find those who constantly speak of deception or the possibility of it to be extremely limited in their own exploration and openness to possibility. I don't know where you got the impression that the Council of 300 experience was in the future. I stated clearly it was during the week of February 12, 2001. Conjecture as to who is involved in that council on your part seems empty and a stretch to continue the notion of some nefarious plot that the Asthar Command is promoting.

Let me make myself perfectly clear - planetary civilizations go through this process on their way to learning how to get along and establish a planetary administration that honors and respects life, striving to achieve harmony throughout the holistic system of conscious life, organic in our case, that includes human and planet. This is what is meant by a 'new world order' in their design. Egos and fear-based charges of any other notion are no doubt attempts to keep the truth suppressed, in my humble opinion. Of course there are those humans that worship what they can readily see, hear, taste, touch and smell - and want to control the masses to achieve their own agenda. That's part of the process, too, and then the population wakes up and shifts their focus away from fighting it to creating what is really needed. That is an 'enlightened' world yet to come. It's all a process.

Humans cannot comprehend, as of yet, that consciousness permeates creation. Quantum physics has only recently offered that notion. The ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Standards were only ratified in 2010; an intentional striving toward creating a better world that can engage the corporatocracy head on through citizen action. (more here: This is part of the response from the Council of 300 meetings that has made it through the labyrinth of human resistance to change. Over 90 countries had representatives involved in the creation of this document, taking nearly 10 years to craft and ratify it. There is a copy available through the link above, free. The ratified document is available through the website for a couple hundred bucks.

There are levels of consciousness so expansive and yet so small that even in the space between the protons, neutrons and electrons - it exists. Now, if you want to view Lucifer as a concept or consciousness that is a liaison between the formless and the formed, then maybe there is a better understanding of the nature and purpose of our process toward enlightenment. Humans are the only ones that separate, misunderstanding that dominion is nothing close to controlling and dominating our environment. We are stewards, which is what the message of the 'real' Asthar Command that I know is promoting. In order to be proper stewards we need to understand the laws of creation, first. We haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Of course there is always a possibility of deception. I'm sure if you look for it you'll find it. Conversely, if you look for connection and truth, you'll find it as well. One simple postulate sums it up for me... If God/Creator/Great Spirit/Energy/Consciousness is everywhere and in everything, then it would be logical and prudent that those connections are available to experience. It is said to be the 'Living Word' within us. Seeking that first would automagically reveal any deception and/or deceptive practices. Remaining free of distraction and maintaining the observation without perturbations from belief systems is the challenge. If that is somehow demonic or heretical, then I'm as guilty as they come.

I share my process openly and honestly in the series of books I've written. If you want to understand that more, I suggest reading them. Here's the first: So far, the feedback supports my intent of being authentic, open and honest... to a fault for those who seek to be critical of full disclosure. My adoptive father told me once that the truth is less than full disclosure. I think that came from his involvement in the Masonic Order. He is a 32nd Degree, Knights Templar. I went through DeMolay as a youth, becoming a Master Councilor (head office) at 15. I recognized the importance of 'secrets' but opted to discover and share instead.

Terran resistance: Ashtar

"There are levels of consciousness and experience far beyond the confused attempts of humans to put some kind of dualistic framework in place".

yes but most of the consciousness we are dealing with operates in the realms of duality according to conactee alex collier duality doesnt stop until we reach 7 density. It reasonable to assume that Ashtar command operates within 7th to 3rd density. So they are well accustomed to duality and are capable of good and bad. Duality as merely good and evil is a simplistic world view and I would only expect evil beings to perpetuate the reality that duality doesnt exist, when in fact duality is embedded into the very laws of physics of the universe, black and white, male and female, light and dark etc etc.

Also I would only expect evil beings to think that we are incapable of understanding certain things, that some things are so out of the world of our understanding, if we are indeed all from god (god being the universe) then we are all capable of understanding everything.

From my experience with extraterrestrials here on earth they are quite capable of being materialistic if they want to be, also if they want to be spiritual they can be, in every sense of the word, they are just like us, and why should we expect any different from aliens which are HUMAN.

to quote Einstein:

I still think the evidence for and against Ashtar command is pretty damning though to say the least.

Zendor: simply...

There is but one creation. There is but one intelligence that permeates it, although it may indeed have components that are inseparable. When the consciousness of humans can ascend to that awareness and operative cause, there is a shift. Alex Collier is human. He is fallible just like any other human... just as I am and you are. You are welcome to remain in the evidential state and perceive some nefarious notion.

I prefer the experiential one, which for me has a great deal more opportunity to observe the one in all. To continue to label densities or deities or dimensions is human nature in attempts to understand that which has been unknown experientially except by a few throughout herstory (Gaia's time).

What I'm saying is that IT operates in ONEness. Humans operate in duality... the mind and heart. In the formless consciousness there is no separation... only ONE. Humans are driven by the physical and are nearly completely ambivalent and/or unaware of what we call spiritual - the connectedness of all things.

That awareness has no density differentiation. It simply is. When the complete human, aware and operating from said consciousness, moves among the minions - things take on a new light.

Terran resistance: There is but one creation

"There is but one creation"

is there?

Why do people insist on putting restraints on creation? isnt that called dogma?

"Humans are driven by the physical and are nearly completely ambivalent and/or unaware of what we call spiritual"

isnt that prejudice, labelling everyone with one brush?

Also i dont see where you are going with this....

spirituality to me is realising that there is only consciousness and giving up....

Tarheel: Good stuff, Zendor.

I would offer this...Although (as you say) "Humanity operates in duality", at least a HUGE part of Humanity's journey is to merge the duality and learn/ the process.

The Law of One echoes through your prose. Although I dont agree with everything you say, I like your mindspeak. Hang around TruthControl if you can and share & garnish the fruits.

Zendor: echoes of consciousness and thanks

I've read a tremendous amount of stuff looking for reflections of my personal experience to see if others have had similar journeys. The Urantia Book is pretty heady, but it does give some perspective on the magnitude of the God Corp and the possibilities within it. The Keys of Enoch is another stroll into the mind of a cosmonaut that will knock the cobwebs down. So does the series written by Guy Ballard and Baird Spalding. Yes, I've read the Law of One material as well, but I do my best to speak from my experience. Still I'm a bit of everything I've read, people I've known and experiences garnered wrapped in an enigma... Who Am I? The rabbit hole just gets deeper. I don't look for or need agreement. I know what I know and occasionally someone offers a tidbit that gives cause for a pause. I'm enjoying what quantum scientists are exploring now. I met William Arntz, the money/writer/producer of What the Bleep, some years ago when he brought the movie to town and had a great Q&A about creating and managing reality as we know it, learning how to think with it better and join the thoughtmosphere with a sense of awe and wonder. What happens with most folks, it seems, is they butt pucker along the way and snap back into programmed beliefs instead of exploring new thoughts. I would agree that learning how to merge the concept of duality into a unified field is a primary objective of the conscious being.

Tarheel: "ISO26000" charges $200 for "social responsibility guidance".

That is not service to others nor the whole. Comical indeed, to say the least.

ISO 26000 wants $200 for providing a ratified copy of "how businesses & organizations can operate in a socially responsible way". That's along the lines of Agenda 21, which is a complete crock, IMHO.

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