by Annunaki77 on February 3rd, 2013

Those who are in Power at the Top of this System Pyramid are in Power because of their Annunaki Bloodlines. Annunaki is a term for multiple Colonists that came to Earth before Humanity was Created.
These Colonists consisted of Wolfen & Reptilian Groups of folks that came to Earth during the days of Olympus and during the days after Olympus .
The Royal Families are a Big Part of these Ancient Bloodlines.
Jesse Ventura looked into this but still does not believe in this Monolithic Conspiracy of these folks that Control the Pyramid. But I know you folks believe so.

Good for you.

Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory - The Reptilian Elite


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bluesbaby5050: WOLFEN is of the Canis Origins Like The DOGS.........

The Wolfen Bloodlines,and the Reptilian Bloodlines. Two different bloodlines.I had Already Stated this Before, Like YESTERDAY,and again Today, that the word Annunaki is the TITLE NAME for the Multiple Tribes, or Colonists if you perfer,of the Annunaki peoples. THE ANCIENT ROYAL HOUSES OF BLOODLINES. THE ROYAL ELITE.

HebrianDaniel: since when reptillians are

since when reptillians are human ? they dont look like reptillians

Phaminator: H/D

it's called shapeshifting and eating negative stuff as well as human blood like those vampires.

HebrianDaniel: im still skeptic about this

im still skeptic about this conspiracy theory..

Phaminator: I'm a bit skeptical as well

About the alien stuff but you should try to ask yourself (or you probably did) these two questions: "Is my life simply a disposable one, only to serve for the sake of work and paying bills?" and "Why do they, the ones who are in power, have all the wealth in the world (99.99% of them) have no regards for other human beings? Why is that? Is it because they're greedy or is there something else that caused this world to become a hellhole today?"

Tarheel: The .1% convinced themselves they are doing it TO us FOR us.

They are delusional in their repression. They THINK they are "teaching us". It's a mechanism they use to make themselves feel better about their devious antics and inhumane way. Karma will show them who's boss.

Annunaki77: It's Business as usual Phaminator

Things might get better , but it's Business as usual. The Control , the Wars, the Famines, the Misery & Oppresion.

William Bramley - Gods of Eden - Red Ice Radio - FIRST HOUR


Will Humans ever learn about their Duty to Learn their Lessons?, or will they Repeat the Errors of the Past.

I sound like a broken Record player.

Tarheel: The people have been dumbed down artificially.

It's not carelessness.....it's The Repressors and their antics. Everyone cant be as awake as some of us.

Phaminator: Anu 77, it is always

same old, same old. It's a vicious cycle that seemed to be never ending until everything is destroyed but the only way to break the cycle, like you said, is to wake up as many people as possible and that is a foundation to strive for independence/sovereignty from those NWO parasites.

ps: Sometimes I get a feeling I'm inside a book that's being written constantly until the day I die.

bluesbaby5050: Phaminator YOU ARE!...........

And it's called, THE BOOK OF LIFE! We ALL are a part of this "Book of Life," Additions are added to it everyday by the Events, and the Actions all of us Contribute to it.

Phaminator: Book of life?

That sounded like a continuous compilation of autobiographies of every recorded thoughts and actions that one would ever do in their entire lifetime and so on.

bluesbaby5050: This is just another title of ...............

Another title name for " The Akashic Records."

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