by Annunaki77 on February 12th, 2013

Humanity can grow Strong and Great with Love. But we must also understand who really runs the New World Disorder. A Group of Immortals , THE KODS OF EDEN.

Hades from Clash of the Titans

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Annunaki77: We must fight not just with Flesh alone

But with Super natural powers as well.
We can do it.

Tarheel: Their reign was ended by their own Sons.

Zeus, Hades and Poseidon ended their reign according to the movie.

Their relatives haunt us, Wise One?

Annunaki77: Lets Free Ourselves from Fear and Anxiety

Empty your Mind and Release all Bullshit, Unwinde and Open your Minds to other Options a Renaissance if you will , let's Create something New, something different than the created paradigm of the GLOBALIST MATRIX. Lets create something for WE THE PEOPLE.


Traditional Japanese Music 1

Tai Chi meditational music

Chris: kanesh gun control and declaration of civil war.

kanesh yousaid if the goverment passes gn control laws it will result in civil war when will this happen is it close to happening right know it time take back our rights and the constution and bill of rights are natural human freedoms from the Nwo.

Annunaki77: I cannot see this happening Lord Chris

Even if the Pirates in Washington try to Hoodwink America, Americans are Born Warriors.
The Tree of Liberty will always be cleansed with the Blood of Tyrants & Patriots alike.
We will see Lord Chris.
Cherish every moment in your Life as if it were your Last. The Ways of Bushido be with you Lord Chris.

Never forget the Way of the Warrior. For Life is an Illusion, Master your Emotions and you will Master your Reality.

The Last Samurai

Kodo - "O-Daiko" - HD (japanese drummers - Taiko - tambours géants Japon)

Warriors never change through time, they just get better.

Terran resistance: propoganda?

its a fucking film about gods!
and a bad one at that XD

the titans weren't even big... should take the mythology from that film with a pinch of salt

Tarheel: You have offended The Gods, TR !

You have sinned and fallen short of The Glory of The Kods.

Father, forgive him for he knows NOT what he's done. 11O11 said "they put PROPAGANDA" into the flick. Dude, you ridin a caffeine buzz OR WHAT?

Giorgio would NOT be proud.

Terran resistance: @Tarheel

im guessing thats a rip off of the heavenly father from the bible.
ENki the heavenly father, how masonic can you get.. then again why do you have a staff of hermes for an avatar when its a symbol of the tribe of Enlil anyway?

your a very confusing person tarheel.

Tarheel: The dbl helix is from an En Ki site. I'll change it.

But DNA is En Ki ALL THE WAY !

EVERYBODY knows who's side I'm on, and it aint EnLiL's. You quote FMs,speak about them regularly, then post Bible scriptures and then call me Masonic and Religious???

Who's confusing? You take me too literally. I like to poke fun and make folks laugh occasionally, and I also am serious at times. It should be obvious which Hat I have on & When to you by now.


Terran resistance: staff with snakes asclepius

staff with snakes asclepius is to do with enki, not the staff of hermes, easy mistake to make.

its also associated with moses, so has positive connections to it.

"let my people go!"

Tarheel: Thx for the correction. I got it from an En Ki site.

I'm changing it. Thx for the info.
Im surprised Big Dog hasnt corrected me ! Now I'll be self-conscious. Damn.

Tarheel: How's that? Proper? I know you hate him but I Love him.

Plz dont mislead me.
I've been deceived already.

This is from an "En Ki image" site as well.

Terran resistance: lol!

thats still hermes staff XD

its called an Asclepius

it has no wings on it basically.

Tarheel: It WAS (past tense) about DNA, my own tribute to En Ki.

I got an old pictograph that is proper.

Thx for the support. I didnt look at the old avatart close enough, and Im surprsied I wasnt reprimanded but nobody else was nitpickin me. That damned TR!! Haha! Just Jokin,TR.

Terran resistance: I was thinking in terms of greek mythology

the serpent is the most confusing symbol that has ever been made, every single god that has ever existed at one point had a symbol of a serpent. Sun gods, moon gods, eye gods, the whole lot.

Those vaces are symbols of enki.

because of the shape of the staff:

Enki surrounded by the same staff.

The asclepius and Cadeuceus are different:

Terran resistance: technicalities

technically enki is the earthly father
the heavenly father is the 7 stars of the pleiades
enki's symbol is a seven pointed star which is a variation of the 7 stars symbol

Enki is the lamb that rises out of the earth but speaks like a dragon from the book of revelation.
Seeing as Enki is associated with the 'Earth'

As for enlil, I dont think you cant make him fit 100 percent with the bible. He carries a bow which is more of a symbol for moon goddesses...

Tarheel: TR said En Ki is The Earth's Father ! An admission.

You're coming around TR.

But, I'd stop right where you mentioned The Bible/Revelations. We all know that text has been perverted for certain OTHER beneficiaries.

Tarheel: It was "bestialissima pazzia" by TR.

In English, it was "most bestial madness" by TR.

My INTENT was true.

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