The War of Armageddon is the Last and Perpetual war to be fought on Planet earth. It is a war that will end all wars. It is not a war of words neither is it fought with Supersonic Jet Fighters. It is rather fought with food to a specific individual. It is man's final war of redemption from Evil Rule. It is the final cosmic battle between good and evil that appears in the physical realm where good overrides Evil.

The Commander in Chief of this War is the Character in Isaiah 11 who is seen as the Lamb at the center of the 4 living Creatures in the Book of Revelation. This Character is just like David who takes Goliath to a single combat and wins. This Character takes the Evil One to a single combat and wins.

The essence of the War is to deplete the armory of the Evil One. It is the war that opens the minds, eyes and understanding of all humans to knowing what goes behind the scene when we cry of Moral decadence, Earthquakes, Global Warming, Wars and general discomfort of the human race.

The only visible casualty in the war of Armageddon is man's relentless enemy - Death. It is a great spectacle to behold when all fearful Death and its close associates dies in their own backyard. Man thus reaches immortality.

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Annunaki77: War , War , War

Everybody Suffers , but the Global Bankers, it's a Win , Win for the Bankers, Bullets & Bombs are all Financed by Banks.
Bankers always win while the rest of Humanity Suffers and gets treated as a Natural Resource.
Bankers make more Money in One Day of War then a Year of Peace.

If these Sick Bankers want a War , maybe they should take their Money and fight their own Wars. Humans must be left alone so they can Live in Peace and in Harmony.
Humanity needs to Focus on Peace and Harmony, if the Bankers want War , make those Parasites Fight and Die for their own Greed and Corruption.

Do not be Decieved by Religious Fanatics or those who believe War is Divine or is the only answer.

War only serves the few while the Many Suffer. War must be Flushed down the Toilet and the Reptilians should be sent back to Alpha Draconis where they belong.
Enough is Enough, Fight for Peace and Harmony , not War or Stupidity.

Chris: earth peolpe on other planets

I am sick of this shit with hummanity on th earth and other planets all of hummanity including those god dam edens should be helping erath other but they rather live in luxury and call us savages as if they are better than us because they sold out and the peolpe in those edens are full of shit they do nothing to help us they view us as ghetto humans planet earth and put et humanoids on a pedistle like they god screw that crap and these earth humans are sellouts to hummanity there children get the educaution of the universe while children of earth get nothing no food love or help.

Annunaki77: Come on Chris!

This Planet is in the Process of change, it will take work and dedication. The Aliens cannot just come here to save us from ourselves, they won't do that. What they can do is protect Earth from the Launching of ICBM'S that could destroy the Earth and Humanity.
If Humanity wants change they must do it themselves, this is part of the Personal Responsibility Process, Humanity must step to the Plate and Create a New Eden for themselves, a Free Republic Vision. It will be tough but not impossible, plus we do have some Rather very tough Enemies like the Draco which are still here.

Chris: humanity and starseeds

Hey how do i incarnate into another human race more evolved then earth i hate this life on this planet i want to return to my origional civilzation i was in before i incarnated here do i have to make contact with a et,s so they can bring me back to my original form as one of them.

Annunaki77: Chris when you Incarnate here you must tough it out!

You have to tough it out and find your way Chris, the Whole Galaxy has this Reptilian Problem, the benevolant Alien Groups aren't Immune to this Tyranny!. You are not alone , we are all fighting against Draconian Tyranny,

kwamerica: Spiritual warfare will forever exist

Physical warfare where we fight with bulldozers and supersonic jet fighters will ever cease on planet earth. But then we would have a spiritual war constantly for eternity to make this happen.

We as humans can afford to fight this war as it is cost effective, less energy involve and above all death is kept at bay.

Kingkonger: How do u know

what ur past life was? U culd have been an ant for all u know. U wont know yuor past lives until u reach 6th or 7th density which will take a lomg ass time and earth mite not even make it there. This is the.most dangerous transition so hope for the best and relax we womt make it anywhere by complaining

Phaminator: hmmm incarnation...

this reminds me a long time ago. My earliest memory living in this world for 15 1/2 years is when i saw pitch black and i cant feel anything as if im unconcious then i found myself sitting in a dark office with light coming out the doorway then some guy came out of nowhere and gave me a bowl of tomato/reddish soup. I hold it and drinked it and thats how i woke up in a hospital (that was when i was a toddler i think).

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