by Quinton on February 4th, 2008

Quetzal is 464 years of age, 1.9 meters (6.25 ft.) tall, blue-gray eyes and light brown hair. He is the father of six children. During the 11-year contact period (1975-1986), Quetzal was Commander of all Pleiadian / Plejaren stations in our SOL-system. According to Billy Meier, Quetzal possesses enormous abilities, especially in the field of technology. He is also quite a distinguished inventor who has invented and constructed several very useful devices for Billy and FIGU, which have been of great use in the fulfillment of their mission. Regarding various concerns and problems on our earth, the four contact persons, Sfath, Semjase, Quetzal and Ptaah, have been extraordinarily willing and active in the fulfillment of their tasks.

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HebrianDaniel: okay and how he is related to

okay and how he is related to earth?

bluesbaby5050: This is Quetzal,he is an

This is Quetzal,he is an expert in computers,and all electronics. His hobbies is collecting all types of Ipods, Iphones, and Recording devices from Earth, and other planets.He is an expert engineer, and of high ranking status with the Pleiadian/Plejaran spacefleet. He is here assisting with the over all help of planet Earth.Thanks for your post on the same subject I am also interested in Quinton,as I knew others in this forum would be too.

Silenci030310: Is he related to the aztecs

Is he related to the aztecs and mayas or is it a different person?

bluesbaby5050: He is Not from Planet Earth, as Stated in the above threads.....

He was a Commander of all the stations in the Bod/Sol star systems.

Silenci030310: Ok i was curious if he was

Ok i was curious if he was thnks.

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