by Annunaki77 on January 21st, 2013

This Brother Understands the way of the Canus Kings. He understood the Book of EN KI. He understood the ways of the Nibirians. But the Annunaki is a term they use called " Those who from Heaven to Earth Came!". He was right about King ANU and King ALAL of Olympus. He was also called ALALU but mostly AL AL.
Skin Colour is only skin deep. His Comical Interpretation is Comical but that's the way they Rolled in those days. Even Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfields Ear off we Tyson Lost. This is called Nibirian Moment , or what you call " Nigga Moment " ( No Insult Intented to the Brothers and Sistas ).
Some Annunaki are Nordic , but the Originals were Dark Skinned and the Canus Kings were Black Skinned. But who cares about Colour, it's only skin deep anyways.

Lost Book of Enki( Nigga Moment) Part 1 of 4

Lost Book of Enki (Nigga Moment) in the Part 2 of 4

Lost Book of Enki( Nigga Moment) Part 3 of 4

Lost Book of Enki( Nigga Moment) Part 4 of 4

Comical Commercial

Mike Tyson Spoof Snickers Commercial

Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield II

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Annunaki77: I Love you all.

The Fountains of Knowledge are given to you Drink from the Well of Knowledge.
I know you Love me and I Love you also.
Beautiful Family , Humanity.

bluesbaby5050: Annunaki77 could you PLEASE.........

Teach us what you say we DON'T know? You tell us there is so MUCH MORE that we don't know, so please tell us what we DON'T ALREADY KNOW? There is NO Dis-respect here! We have seen the video's where this Hooded black man speaks slowly about the history of the Origins of the Black people,and that they came from the Annunaki from Sirius B,and about all the earley history of the Annunaki,and the founding of Sumeria,and how,and who worked the Gold mines,and why.This has been repeated in the lessons here already,and is also in the achives on this site. Most of us members here have already read the Sumerian Tablets on our own,and watched the Video's that were also provided by Youtube as well. Can we please have some NEW informaton on what we do NOT know Sir. I speak for myself,as well as for others in this forum. This is most Welcomed. Thank You. BB5050.

Annunaki77: You are all EN KI

You are all the Descendants of Sirius, your DNA, your very Existence. You are all EN KI.
Gods and Goddesses of Earth.
You have been belittled too long with your Disasterous Religions.

bluesbaby5050: Annu77 how did the Annunaki Nordics....

The Annunaki Nordics come about? Where did their origins start,and how did they start Sir? And a while back in our lessons,you said that EN-KI had a son that had White skin,and Blue eyes,and Kinky White hair, how did this happen if the original Annunaki were Black, and so was Enki ,and Enki also has Reptilian DNA in him as well. How could this have an affect on this son of Enki's that had a visit with the King Anu,of Niberu? I don't remember what you said this son of ENki's name was. Would you please comment on this,as I find this a little confusing to figure out.Thank you.

bluesbaby5050: Halaluya could also stand for.............

The saying like, example: Hippy-hurray! Giving a tribute to someone, or something? Who are you talking about? What guy?

Tarheel: I remember that too 11O11. En Ki & Zeus ROCK !

Anu77 did say the face on Mars is a temple to Zeus and En Ki. It's in the archives.

It's sometimes difficult to draw the parallel between allegory, metaphor & myth. Oh no, Tarheel said IT again, "cerca trova, 11O11".

bluesbaby5050: Annu 77 did say that the Face people see on Mars is the.....

The EX-KING AL AL that everyone sees on this Burial Monument on Mars! And that many prominent Annunaki are inside this huge Chamber. Some Annunaki did go back to Mars shortly after The EX-King AL AL Had died,and one of AL AL's servents went there with him, as a companion till his death, and he is the one that sent out word that the EX-King AL AL had died,and shortly after the message was recieved, a team sent went back there to check this out, and indeed this was found to be the truth, and so they had decided to pay tribute to this ONCE GREAT KING, by building a burial memorial,and to depict AL AL with his Helmet on! This shrine is all sealed in a heated glaze,this was used to melt the metals used to cover as an INCASEMENT to SEAL IT FOREVER! It was done to make it last thoughout time. Annu77 said that Nasa had this picture Photoshopped,and this is why the face is flattened,and it looks more like a loin face then a Canus Wolf face. They never wanted the real truth to get out,and so they HIDE EVERYTHING FROM THE PUBLIC VIEW! It really is the EX-KING AL AL on that face! ASK HIM!

Phaminator: I thought Allah is Sin/Nanna.

I thought Allah is Sin/Nanna.

bluesbaby5050: AL AL IS BURIED ON MARS............

The King AL AL was buried on Mars after he had a fight ,and bit off the privates of the King Anu of Niberu. This was when AL AL had to go into Exile as a punishment for Biting off the privates of the King Anu,and Anu sent him there. AL AL had died on Mars soon after he arrived there, long before the Prince EN-KI was murdered on Mars, as EN-KI had a stop over, before going on to the planet Earth. This was customary for them to do so then. Zeus was later Punished by the Orion Queens, and Imprisoned in Orion for 2000 years as his punishment of his part in the war, and he was later re-leased after his term was finished in Orion. Annunaki77 had said this in one of his past lessons.

bluesbaby5050: Zeus was the Grandson of............

King AL AL. King AL AL was the father of Cronis. Cronis was the father of Zeus.

bluesbaby5050: According to our Master Teacher Anu77.........

Zeus is STILL ALIVE, and WELL! Annu77 said this no more then 3 weeks ago in this forum.

Annunaki77: Oh boy I just opened a HUGE CAN OF WORMS!

Zeus could be in Suspended Animation in Orion. A Fate worse than Death.
Grandson of King Al Al.
King of OLYMPUS.

King Al Al is the Face on Mars. The Face of an Excomunicated King of Sirius & Bod.

Silenci030310: Tupac : N.I.G.G.A. ..Never

Tupac : N.I.G.G.A. ..Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished..

Terran resistance: you guys

take mythology waaaaay too literally

Tarheel: OR, is it that TR doesnt take it literal enough?

Methinks the latter is proper analogy.

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