Pics from 1972 Rothschild Party

Pics from 1972 Rothschild Party

Music video on the these four gods.

I Insist you listen to this music video or to atleast some of it:

Now listen to it backwards:


For more of my pictures go to:

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terranjuice1and7: theres a four faced god like

theres a four faced god like character in a cartoon called adventure time he acts as a god character from mars..another dude from there who is like a trickster god and the four faced guys little bro..dnt kno if it means nething jst thought it was a interesting correlation

Terran resistance: probably

lots of stories are incfluenced by masonic fairy tales

also see this on four headed gods called the cherubim:

Tarheel: Cherubim? Notice the Cherub Rock by bcsp.

Billy Corgan/The Smashing Pumpkins says, "Beware (of) all those ANGELS with their wings glued on."

If you cant Rock, gtfu. Volume UP!

Oh, there's a line in here for ASsT..."be cool, you'll be somebody's FOOL this year."
Bet your ass.

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