by edisonik on December 18th, 2012

When Annu77 is not around, The Elohim are here, Primarily me.
The Power and the Glory of Mount Olympus is here, on this Forum.
And no Nation will stand against the Powers of heaven.


There will be Psyop Groups comming to decieve, but they will be exposed.
Lord Enlil's Minions will be exposed.

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bluesbaby5050: GOOD TO HEAR!

This is Great! Welcome back Lord Edisonik! I have Missed you Greatly Sir!

bardofhearts: ....no you are not. I thought you were but now I don't.

Instead of saying "all nations can choose to stand with the Powers of Heaven", you chose to say
"no Nation will stand against the Powers of heaven". Choice of words reveal your personality. So much for the saviour role that I thought you have.

Annunaki77: Do not Mock Lord Gudaman Littleone

You are entitled to your Opinion, but do not Mock the Kods. Your Species is being spared because we find your Lives have Value.

Terran resistance: annunaki77 and edisonik

please take your happy pills
and stop talking such rubbish all the time
your not aliens
and you never will be
you belong on the moon with the rest of the rubbish
p.s take your pills
pss take your pills

Tarheel: TR doesnt believe in Gods. He's like Giorgio...


Excersize your Free Will, TR.

I would walk softly IF I were you. TG I'm not!

Eldertree: sigh

I really really wish we would all get along......

Tarheel: I recognize his Free Will. (RE-POST)

I don't agree, but I recognize it.

By the way, AST...the negativity in The War of Words/Ideals here is NOWHERE near what it used to be. We are EVOLVING as a Forum.

It's more like SIBLING rivalry than true bitterness or true discontent.

Eldertree: I much prefer Telepathy it's

I much prefer Telepathy it's just so much more natural and you can't bullshit with telepathy. It's easy to block them or tune it out. In this reality you have to whack them with a baseball bat or fly kick them over the cliff.

It's hard to straighten out the bullshit in this density, ti's thick down here. But you have to be thick skineed to get through all of it and have some humour intact. Laughing pro longs your life. If you didn't take time to chuckle here and there, you're literally f****ked in this dimension.

Tarheel: Laughter is healthy medicine.

Telepathy...yeah. I am still in the learning curve but getting quite astute, if I say so myself, at BLOCKING The Bad/Negative.

I need to try more conscious projection of The Good. I need an Andromedan to show me ALL the telepathic ropes. I do believe it is The Andromedans that are so great at it, right? Forgive me if Im wrong about The Telepathically Gifted's origins.

bluesbaby5050: All the Aliens are very Advanced in this area...

Even the Draconians, and the Reptoids are. They know what your Thinking, and Going to DO BEFORE YOU DO IT! They are very Advanced in this area. Humans have a long ways to go before they get to their levels of advancements.

Eldertree: Yes they can read humans well

Yes they can read humans well, but they can't read the higher beings as easy. They are good at sussing non verbal communication and reading our reptilian brain. But they cannot understand the mammalian brain or the connection to the higher self ;)

Annunaki77: Take my Happy Pills?, Ha Ha Ha Ha!

You are very funny, Thank You Terran R. Ha Ha Ha! Ha Ha Ha!.
I am proud of you, your Awsome and your Wise and you are exercising your Free Will.
Thank you for the Riddicule.
I do have a sense of Humour also , my little Red Head.

You like my Sense of Humour also?.

bluesbaby5050: CARROT TOP ...HERE NOW? HAHAHAHA!

He's Not doing Commercials Anymore? He has a New Job Now! LOL!

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