Ptaah is the Commander,and the King of Wisedom on the Pleiadian Mothership

by bluesbaby5050 on September 13th, 2012

Here is a picture of the Commander Ptaah. He is a King of Wisedom, on his Mothership, and on his home world. He is 700 years old,and has 3 children,2 daughters,and 1 son. His son Pheija, is now deseased.(No reason given.)

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Eldertree: Ptah is Enki. It's one of his

Ptah is Enki. It's one of his former names back in Egypt. Pleadies is one of his star worlds.

bluesbaby5050: Yes, Lord En-ki Brought his first Human Creations...........

To the Pleiadian Star System in the Long Ago Past of the History of Earth. This is another reason the Pleiadians are more advanced then us Humans, Spiritually,and Technologicaly way more Advanced. It's a Pleasure to meet you Aya shin Tara. Don't be Shy here, as we are all here to learn of the True History of Planet Earth. Just ask any questions of our Master Teachers Lord Annunaki77, and Lord Edisonik, or anyone else here, and they will be more then glad to assist you.

Silenci030310: I would like to meet him and

I would like to meet him and hear his knowledge and wisdom

bluesbaby5050: You Already have!

He spoke Directly to You today Silenci 030310 ! He said you were part Annunaki! What do you think of that? I told you this earlier today when he was on. You never took notice.

Silenci030310: Its a honor to read his

Its a honor to read his wisdom and knowledge.

Eldertree: That was not Enki Bluesbaby.

That was not Enki Bluesbaby. Thanks for the welcome.

bluesbaby5050: He brought some of them there in the past, but not alot of......

Only a few HE HAD SAID ON THIS FORUM.The Pleiadians were Originaly Lyrans before they became Pleidians,and they had also settled into this star system from the Lyran Constellation during, the long ago Galactic wars with the Draco's, and the Orion Reptilians, and others.

Eldertree: All humans are part Annunaki.

All humans are part Annunaki.

Eldertree: He is not Enki. Bring him

He is not Enki. Bring him here and I will sort this matter out.

bluesbaby5050: I will Not Argue this matter with you..........

If you Know so much, then you can call him here, and he can sort this out with you!

bluesbaby5050: Sorry to say.........

But I am not! I already Know what I am.

bluesbaby5050: The Annunaki are more then 200,000 Tribes of Different Alien

Alien Groups,and the word Annunaki is only a title name. It does not stand for one alien group.

Eldertree: Your right is doesn't, which

Your right is doesn't, which is why I found that response odd in the first place. But at least that is cleared up.

Eldertree: I never claimed to know so

I never claimed to know so much, but I certainly know that was not Enki.

bluesbaby5050: Annunaki77 had taught the lessons here for over 3 years now.....

He and Edisonik both have stated that Lord En-ki, the son of The King ANU of The Annunaki Tribes had brought his earliest Human creations to the Pleiades Star System way back in the very early history of this planet Earth long,long ago. And by the way, Prince EN-KI died and was buried on the planet Mars after he was stabbed in the back by his relative Ianna, the Grand daughter of King Anu of The Annunaki.

Eldertree: Humans have been Seeded on

Humans have been Seeded on many worlds in this galaxy. Anu and Enlil only used humans for enslavement and service. Yes they have their bases on the Pleiades. Enki is based on Sirius now. But the three system he frequently goes to would be Orion, Pleiades and Sirius. Enlil is here on Earth now.and has been mainly here for most of this entire age just gone.

edisonik: You are wrong

Whoever you are, you better be very careful.
Do not Mock Enki.
Because he is Closer than you think Psyop Artist.
I am a Falcon who rides with Enki, he who mocks will face the Wrath of heaven.

bluesbaby5050: This one has been giving me a hard time here about ENKI being

Being on this forum. I just got messaged by this newbie in private ,this Aya shin Tara agent.

Tarheel: So, you are a fan of Lord of Command EnLiL ?

We are more than FANS of Lord Enki-THE Lord of Creation. Lord Enki is ALWAYS with us, no matter where he rests his hat. But NEVER think he isnt around Planet Earth, AST.

Eldertree: I don't believe in most

I don't believe in most stories that is said about Enki. There is quite a lot of info on Enki but it's quite hard to find the truth. Inanna was deffo treachery to Enki.

Eldertree: I've read some of Annunaki77

I've read some of Annunaki77 stuff I must say. Some of which I admired.

bluesbaby5050: Well the Master is in!

Welcome back Lord Annu77! Please teach your wisedom to these new-commers! They have many questions for you Sir.

edisonik: Admired?

Lord Enlilite be very careful.
Tell Lord Enlil that his Brother has come back, and that Adamu will not be Destroyed.
These Lands will be Free.

edisonik: Admired?

Lord Enlilite be very careful.
Tell Lord Enlil that his Brother has come back, and that Adamu will not be Destroyed.
These Lands will be Free.

Eldertree: Edisonik, who is the Enlilite

Edisonik, who is the Enlilite?

Eldertree: Yes Enki has come back, kinda

Yes Enki has come back, as many of the Enkities have and will during the age cross over. kinda just in time.

Tarheel: The ENKI-ites will cross over to NOTHING.

Apparently you dont know us Enki-ites very well. We're not negotiable.
The only way we "cross over" is if Enki crosses over, and Im not really sure what you THINK he/we will cross over to, but 1 thing I KNOW FOR SURE IS-we wont be crossing over to ANYTHING having to do with EnLiL.

We respect EnLiL's Free Will but we do NOT condone it.

bluesbaby5050: I knew there was something Wrong here...........

Yup- the Enemy is HERE! They are always Snooping around! They must have something to Fear.

Eldertree: Why should I be so careful,

Why should I be so careful, careful of whom, may I ask, perhaps you are a Psyop Artist.You sound just like an Enliite, when you mention the word wrath. Now now ;)

Eldertree: The only people who have

The only people who have spreaded fear, if we want to be really basic here is you both. I have no fear.. Seriously re read your posts, and stop been ridiculous.

Eldertree: Wrath comes from the bible,

Wrath comes from the bible, something Enlil Like's to use a lot in his writings, so scare humans. Heaven is a state of mind.

edisonik: POWER & CREATION

The Sumerian Kods are closer than you could ever Imagine.
But not to Rule but to Mentor the Humans, to Teach the ways of the Book of Heaven.
Not to Rule, that's Lord Enlil's Gig.

Peace and Harmony to all.

The Gift of the Feather was given to Humans from the Bird Clans of the Akhu Galaxy.
To Give Humanity Passion!. We have close links to the Human Race.
We have given all of you Passion.
The Passion was given to your Species, not to the Annunaki.
Therefore you are even more powerful than they are, this is why they want to destroy you.
But not all factions think like this, the Enki Factions want Humans to Chart their own Destiny and they will once the New World Dis-order is Toast.

Eldertree: Just hope you give up on the

Just hope you give up on the wrath tune, you almost sounded like an Enliite there. Now here's the second lesson, have respect for others. before you preach it :)

edisonik: The Bible has been Engineered by Lord Enlil

To Blackmail the Human Race into Submission and Servitude.

That goes with all Religions, these Books are Extraterrestrial Playbooks.
My Playbook is the Book of Heaven.
Given only to those who are worthy to Hold the Book.

Free Men and Women will not Worship any Kods. They will Chart their Own Destiny.

Eldertree: Yes it's true Enki never like

Yes it's true Enki never like worship or slavery of any sort. He is always about helping others to stand in their own light and bear the light. Most of Enki's teachings have been suppresed and destroyed since the flood.He won't be using books when we merge into the new age....

edisonik: Religions do not phase me.

Because I know all things. All Dimensions, a MASTER TEACHER, like Lord Enki himself.
Peace be upon Him , Mighty Aya.

Once Killed , and has come back. Lord Enlil knows. He knows his Brother is here and he is Scared.
Betrayel is not a nice thing and neither is Karma.

Eldertree: Yes Enlil knows, they both

Yes Enlil knows, they both already had many conversations.already. Lot's of things are happening already.

edisonik: For a New Age to come , it will come

Earth is ready for change, it is coming soon.
The Entire System is Collapsing, the people are feeling something.

Ezekiel 1

I am the Eagle.

Eldertree: Bluesbaby, you know you

Bluesbaby, you know you called me an agent above, I nearly missed that till now, what if I turned it the other way around and called you an agent? It's not very nice is it. Just want to point that out to you. Because as much as you are sceptical of me, you could find yourself very very wrong and embarrassed. I have nothing to prove to anyone and I don't ask anyone to prove anything to me. All I have been is open, mannerly and content here. I wish for the same courtesy and respect. Not everyone you meet online is an agent. Seriously...

edisonik: We will see who's side you are on Aya shin Tara

Perhaps you will enlighten us.

Eldertree: I could but that isn't my

I could but that isn't my style. ENLILighten? I am starting to realise this was all a bad idea afterall. Perhaps you could give me a good reason to stay on this forum, after such hostility?

Tarheel: We dont like anything EnLiL/commandish.

Lord ENKI offers his Love and his teachings, and asks nothing in return. Most of us are loyal to Lord Enki. So, if me or anyone incorrectly were premature in our assessment, plz accept apologies but if you're pushing an EnLiL agenda-it wont work here, Im sorry.
I dont want to be too hasty to judge you, but dont try to push anythg EnLiL on us and we will get along fine.

bluesbaby5050: When I get serviced at the food store.......

The cashier is also an agent that waits on the customers,and they are agents of that store. So do not be so touchy of this word, as it does serve a purpose. My purpose is to serve the complete Truth in this forum, and nothing more.

Eldertree: that's your answer?

Bluesbaby don't be stupid. I see exactly what you meant. This is just a way to lie your way out of it. It only makes you actually look more insincere. Which you don't need to try and do. You said what you to say and there is no point in saying you meant something else. We are not talking about cashiers.

Eldertree: I see

Perhaps we should end this convo.

bluesbaby5050: Edisonik does know what he is talking about..........

I called you an agent! Ya, and I just did it Again! So what if I did? You happened to pick me out as you told me this in private, and that you had been watching what I had been saying on the forum here, you did not mention anyone else though? What do you have to say about that? And you also said you had been banned from other sites as a trouble maker! Who is the liar now?

Eldertree: Triuthsayers get banned

Triuthsayers get banned mostly not agents, go figure... Or wait I am lying with that too. what age are you may I ask. I've only just got on this forum and I have been attacked by you and Edisonk. So you do the maths. He who points fingers gets four pointed back. it's in your own hands now, and for someone to call me a liar, you've tripped over your own lies, by using the cashier term to make you look like your had a different intention. Where does the ENEMY term come from you also accused me off?

Eldertree: To be very honest I don't

To be very honest I don't post on websites because my IPs get blocked automatically and all sorts start to happen with my laptops and what not. You seriously need to lighten up...You sound like the usual conspiracy theorist who actually wears a tin foil hat thinking that everyone is an agent. This is your own squabbling, and you call yourself a truth speaker? You know you are going to have to learn how to talk to people because you are not doing yourself any favours. And everything does it's full circle so I have nothing to worry about with any of this agent balony. I won't lie to you, I do feel sad after this, I feel sad that I've wasted my own light and time.

Yes I sent you good wishes, and I said i've been reading the forum yes and I've read few others. I'm an observer. Is that a crime ?

bluesbaby5050: Your the one that kept harping on the Enki subject..........

All I did was Welcome you, and I was teaching what the Master Teachers have been teaching in this forum all along. You came to this forum for what I don't know. There has been some created static here, and not by me. And I see you found it with Lord Edisonik, because he said you had better be careful,and not mock Enki. I have nothing to lie about, nor do I have anything to hide. I was straight up front with you as well as with everyone else here in this forum. Sorry you seem to disagree.

Eldertree: Yes but where does me been an

Yes but where does me been an enemy come into this, or me been an agent come into this? Do you call everyone and an agent when you meet them? You're not standing up to your own words. I am aware at what he said. I can read, just incase you haven't figured that out. I am only in dissagreement to the hostility that's all. I welcome people to speak truth and I don't like people calling me names for no reason and telling me to back up or watch what I say. that is promoting fear and segregation amongst us and that is a tactic used by agents. Just so you know I am not calling anyone an agent.

i joined this forum, to hopefully start talking to like minded people. This has been a complete joke so far.

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