by Annunaki77 on December 9th, 2012

So your Pathetic Leaders better smarten up. Your Leaders assume too much when they think they can replace the Kods. Blasphemy will be paid in their Destruction.
Earth does not belong to the New World Disorder. Olympus still lives in the Heart of Enki.
Olympus has not been forgotten and neither has Free Will, Passion or Destiny.

It will not be Business as usual, there will be no War, there will be no more Mass Carnage.
The Media Spins War, Austerity, Economic Doom and Gloom, Financial Cliff Etc.
You Media Minions will Pay a Heavy Price for your Deception, you are all Cowards.
And so are your Leaders.

Your time is coming. Karma is coming for those who Hurt Humanity.

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I hold it in the palm of my hand. You are all Pawns. Pawns, Fools.
You Globalist Fools.
Time, Creativity, Art, Song, the Mind, Life, Death, the Recycling of Souls, everything, the Pyramids, the Crystals, the Motherships.
Just who is in Control here, Ha Ha Ha. Fools.

TIME AND SPACE CONTINIUM, The Big Boys are here.

Humanities Destiny is belongs in Space, not as Cannon Fodder for your Amusement.
Humanity will Live in Peace and Chart this Galaxy.


Ecbra de Oaoj: yes, Lod Anu77

how long... all; Zeus was lost?

not. decided.
in each descedent. and act of
democratic choose; legitimous animous for
Liberty; for all souls that search be

not all Kods are now in Tartarus; they exist inside each ours that; believes.

that reality; do you creaty; idem. and more...

no one of... them. ours. are alone... neither... before... neither... after.

now. again. again... ;
not lost just...

awaiking. about Enky and that long... History; skyes above; hells and; places inside
Earth rocks...

therse ...yours. inhabit in Heart; deep or gene; no matter; are
Olimpians since...

montains pass but...
not the Whole Family.



you are much loved by us...

Annunaki77: Love One Another

Do not give in to your Fear.

Tarheel: I do NOT know if it is part of The Shift......

....or ascension, but I can tell you that I awoike 1 morning several months ago and I no longer felt any Fear. Not that I ever have been scared or prone to Fear-but like most, I experienced it from time to time.

NO LONGER do I feel any Fear whatsoever. I cant explain how it happened either.

Love is ever present. Peace on Earth, AND throughout The Cosmos.

Annunaki77: You Understand therefore you will Consciously Live Forever

Many here are trying to Understand the Sacred Merkaba & Kundalini. You Mighty Tarheel have finally achieved Total Awareness.
You can Die tommorrow and it won't mean a thing because you still Live.
You finally Understand Multi-Dimensional Thinking.
To Live without Fear is to Live with Free Will.

Your Mental Achievement is Colossal Tarheel.
You are no longer Polarized, you understand how the game works.

Tarheel: Thank You,Wise Anu77. Your direction/input is invaluable to US.

I am working on ....Mastering my emotions. I want to dispell of Anger. I have read arguments FOR and Against Anger. I figure IF I can control my emotions, I wont overreact to "things" when they upset me. I have caught myself when ANGER creeps up, and I am getting there.

Is it a good thing for me to do ( get rid of anger/master emotions)? Maybe I shouldnt do this. I NEVER wish to rid myself of Passion, but I neeed to control my Anger. Not that I am a hothead, but sometimes I overreact and I have recognised it as something I wish to control. Perhaps I should say, "I wish to temper my TEMPER". Ha-ha!

PLEASE, advise me.

Annunaki77: You have a Power that belongs to you Tarheel

Every Human is Independant, you have been given these gifts to think Independantly and to have Independant Views etc.
Like here on this Forum and this Planet Variety Rules, this is the Essence of Free Will.
Even when people Riddicule me I am not bothered because they are all exercising their Free Will.

Those who are in Power want to take all of this away from Humanity, and it will not happen.
The Power involved here is way beyond their Understand.

I LOVE YOU ALL. You are a part of my Soul. You have all grown so strong, I am Pleased.

Tarheel: Enki planted the seeds, and they have grown.

And they will continue to grow. Evolution is natural, correct?

LIFE will always find a way. And YOU KNOW we love you,too.

Annunaki77: I know

I believe also, in all of you.

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