The geological implications of mars being red....

teachings of contactee alex collier

"During the period 69 million years ago on Mars, the planet was much like Earth, and they had a war on the planet. Moraney has said that many of the animal life forms that were on Mars are now on Earth, and that when we get to Mars as a race, we will find that there were dinosaurs and many of the same animals that we find fossils of now on Earth. Mars was pulled from its original orbit and rolled three times."

geology proves alex collier right!

This is the reason why the surface of the planet mars is so red, because ferromagnesian minerals (iron and magnesium) were washed across the planet's surface by the motions of the water on the planets surface, The fact that mars rolled three times would have given the oceans enough forward momentum to move these minerals across the planets surface.

Ferromegnesian minerals mostly form along ocean ridges, usually as basaltic pillow lavas so its likely that this would be the original source of the iron rich minerals because iron minerals form in these places in the greatest abundance. These minerals make up most of the upper surface of most oceanic crust in fact, so the same can be applied to mar's oceanic plate because the chemistry, I would imagine, would only be slightly different.

Since now that Mars is a desert, there would be alot of wind blown iron minerals aswell making mars evenly covered in iron rich minerals.

Of course the only reason that mars is red is because of oxygen, if there was no oxygen then the iron minerals would not be red because they couldnt oxidise or rust basically, but since NASA (never a straight answer) are a bunch of cock suckers, they prefer to play dumb to this fact and make everything a mystery.

Like how nasa constantly debates whether or not there is water on mars when any muppet can see theres ice caps on the poles of mars.

Also the real reason why there is no water on the surface of mars at the moment apart from ice (and a few other things), is that most of the oceans are now within the centre of the planet mars, since most of the water went down the polar entrances into the centre of the planet after forming a continuous column of water, so you could say the oceans of mars went down the plug hole so to speak.

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Tarheel: Rust is red/brownish, and Rust IS an oxide of iron.

Recalling my Geology from college (JMU), your deduction makes sense as it pertains to the periodic table of the elements.

Footnote-there are several "oxides" of iron.

Bellerophon: I have to make some comments here

Mars is not red. The color was deliberately enhanced to present a very alien-like world, compared to Earth, and deepen the sense of inhabitable environment that is actively promoted by the established science circles.

In fact, Mars is very much like Earth, only the ground is a bit more yellow-orangish, like some deserts here on Earth. Even the atmosphere and the color of the sky remind of Earth (you can see the sun on a baby blue colored sky). The rocks on the other hand, have green and cyan-like colorings on them, which may be a chemical reaction of some sort, or it could some form of non-Earth moss forms of life. There are indications that there is vegetation on Mars too, but its scarce. And if it does exist, and most of the life present there has been transferred here, then they are the ones producing oxygen (the atmosphere needs to be replenished somehow, doesn't it? the plants would suck the carbon dioxide and release oxygen).

This notion is supported further by testimony by whistleblowers who allegedly have been on missions involving even being on the planet itself. Many of them didn't had problems breathing underground, but breathing on the surface was with difficulty, but it was possible. This means that there is little oxygen (caused by small amounts of vegetation), and the majority of the vegetation is probably raised underground (and not by us, that's for sure, as from what I remember, the people involved the covert operations have said even the first missions in the late 60s, the people were able to breathe on arrival, so the underground installations were functional, and not built by humans).

Alex Collier may be right about many things, but at the same time, many things are put to question. Like his claims that Mars is of the size of Earth, not as small as it is claimed to be. The problem with this is we can accurately measure objects in space for their size, and even amateur astronomers can do this, with the proper equipment. Perhaps he made a mistake by using the term "size", instead of "mass", which would make more sense to me. An object can be smaller in size and radius from another object, but have the same mass, only more densely packed. The same rule applies to objects in space, especially planets. This is proved further since the movement of the rover on Mars seemed as if it moved on Earth, and the people involved in Mars covert missions, didn't experience any significant differences in gravity. Otherwise they would have to train a lot there to maintain Earth-based physiology, mass, and muscle-size ratio.

Scientists say Mars is small, but with weak gravity too (allegedly because of its size), and this is what brought it to loose its atmosphere over time. But looking at it from a geological AND astronomical point of view, the little that I know is, that Mars as a planet should have packed a lot more power to maintain an atmosphere and electro-magnetic field considering its size (because we have smaller worlds than Mars, who are moons of the gas giants, who are as old as Mars, and who still have an electro-magnetic field and a very, very thin atmosphere. So established science is a bit contradictory on this question.

On the other hand, we have claims such as wars, physical pole-shifts, change of orbital path (3 times), which had caused the loss of atmosphere, the destruction of the environment, and the eventual fate we see today of Mars. In fact, all of the suggested things could have happened at once, as part of a series of conflicts. What I haven't heard so far from insiders/whistleblowers/other contactees - is what caused the magnetic field to weaken to such an extent that gravity is the only thing holding on to the majority of the atmosphere there?

I was told it was because like Earth, Mars is also an artificially constructed planet, but by less advanced civilizations, and that there was a mechanism in place that keeps the core of the planet spinning, and producing the electro-magnetic field. A mechanism that has been turned off at present, and neither the humans nor the present-day extraterrestrial beings there know how to activate the system again, and that in fact this is why they are mainly sending missions there now, so they can figure out how to activate the mechanism again (I'm just not sure how they will explain that on Earth, or they would start to actually "terraform" Mars so the effects of restoration of the atmosphere and life there would be actually attributed to us and our "terraformation" skills).

Terran resistance: mars is red sort of..

but like you said not as red as they say it is, in fact they purposely use certain colour filters to make it look redder so the green areas dont show up.

But mars is still covered in lots iron thats for sure. Just like some deserts on earth are.

good news since we have iron rich blood. excellent for colonising mars. Dont need to worry about iron-crich crops as much XD

there are blue areas

could be some weird minerals from shock metamorphism or volcanics maybe from an asteroid impact.

rocks comparable in colour are glaucophane

Terran resistance: by the way

wheres that topic you were going to post on the precursors like homo erectus etc.

im still waiting, and im going to whine like crazy until I see it XD

Tarheel: Thru my Binocs, Mars IS red. Thru my telescope, it is NOT.

I dunno what color the soil is. NASA wont show us the REAL pics of Mars, anyway.

Anu77 will know the answer.

Annunaki77: Mars looks alot like Earth

This is why NASA plays games.
Mars is just like Earth.

terranjuice1and7: anybody got anything on SNASA

anybody got anything on SNASA blowing up ruins on the moon?

Terran resistance: NASA

never a straight answer

bluesbaby5050: Search the forum Topics.........

You should Search the forum the Articles Section too. What you ask for is there. We don't do your work for you, because it has already been posted.

terranjuice1and7: mgmt

this mite seem kinda off but if u ever listen to the band mgmt they have a song of moons birds and monsters the lyrics seem to allude to the moon bases and alien wars among other songs tht talk about the other dimensions and junk

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