by Annunaki77 on November 15th, 2012

When I teach many Listen, and when I teach Hearts and Minds Open to the Truth and the Truth is Incredibly Awsome.
What I teach goes beyond your conventional awareness, but since you are like a sponge and you need to understand all things I will teach you about Tartarus ( Hell ).

Just what is Tartarus?, well it is a fancy term for the Enclosure that is within Inner Earth that holds the Men of Old , Men of Renown, Hero's of Old.

I will shatter time and space by giving you something you have never known but you will know just how awsome your past was on this little Blue Planet.

Your Nephilim were the Sons and Daughters of the TITANS.
The Olympians of Mount Olympus, when they saw the Daughters of Man they found them Beautiful and took them as wives.
From them came the Demi-gods, they were free, truly free, free as the Eagles in the Sky.

Freedom was unfortunately not acceptible to the Lords of Sirius and this caused a crusade to Capture the TITANS AND THE OLYMPIANS.
They are here on Earth in Suspended Animation within Inner Earth.
A Sentence worse than Death is a Life in Suspended Animation in the Walls of Tartarus for Eternity for the Men of Renknown, Heroes of Old.

This is the Price Paid for Challenging King Anu.

In Sirius anything that is Free and anything that is Anti-System is Considered a Great Evil.

Is it Evil to want Freedom.

The Only one who has the Keys to Tartarus is Lord Enlil himself.

So the Nephilim were the Sons and Daughters of the Titans, the Bones of these Giants have been covered up by your Secret Societies to keep you Sheep in Line.
I do not think you are sheep, this is what these Pirates think, not me.
I think you are still free with the Possibility to Mold your Destiny.

Peace and Harmony.

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Annunaki77: I AM ANTI-NWO

I am Free, because I am a RENEGADE.
And Renegades are never Compliant to any System.

Immortals Movie Trailer Official 2011

It is time to draw a Line in the Sand.
Are you a Useful Idiot for this New World Disorder.
Or are you A WARRIOR?, choose your Destiny Humans.

Slave or Free Brave Warriors.
It is a choice I offer you.

Patty Smyth and Scandal - The Warrior (HiQuality)


SIMPLY LESSONS IN FREE WILL INSTEAD OF TYRANNY, No one is going to Ultimately save you from yourselves, become personally Responsibile for your Lives.
Do not a System babysit you otherwise you will become Slaves and Fodder for the System, become Independants.

bluesbaby5050: I am A Renegade Also!

I will live FREE, or Die TRYING! I will Always Choose FREEdom! To be a SLAVE to a SYSTEM, is to Be A PRISONER! I Will ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU, Lord Annu77! Passion, Freewill, and Destiny! Peace, and Harmony to ALL!

Tarheel: Victory is MINE !

Heart to Heart WE WIN !

Count Tarheel in on your "Renegade-Team 1".

bluesbaby5050: We will Always Remember Your Teachings, Lord Annu77....

You Always taught us the Truth of our History. You taught this forum about the NWo. And Who Controlled the Real Power, and Who Pulled all the Strings on this planet. I am Greatful to you for this. Thank you Sir.

Tarheel: Really! How do you think we could forget Anu77?

You opened our eyes.
Never will we forget YOU or Your Teachings.

bluesbaby5050: I have seen the pictures of those G i a n t 's .......

Remains buried beneath the sands of time. They were up to 30 feet tall ! Their Skulls were so Huge, and so was the rest of those bones! The stories of Old were true! Jack in the Bean Stalk was Real ! HAHAHAHA!! I loved the movie, "Clash of The Titans", and "The Imortals" also. I guess we will be seeing many of them soon! The BEings/ALiens from other planets are quite tall too!

Tarheel: Wise Anu77, please tell me.....

...So, King Anu had the Olympians and The Titans banished to Tartarus and then King Anu gave EnLiL the key?

Ecbra de Oaoj: Ankida Hadis

today sounds funny to me; be called renegade. but when I was child; my mother when did want ofend me she shouted: renegade. and I was very sad. It hurted me.

but since last year I have been leaning and remembering many things; that I guess exists but; was very hide.

I felt diferent because when ask olders about: why this money sistem? why; we can't make this or those diferent? why... why... my whys and procedures always shock or like ingenious or problems. so... I goes growing and giving up to be acepted; to take next degree in shool. I understood it but; inner my self I contnuing asking; contesting; searching what; fuck. have in this wold, why... is it too much crazy like we know is it?

and; I think ; God is perfect. What be; because is/are. but God inhabit me include; and so, Im a tool to transform Universe too.

and when came to college I indeed have sure that this laws; are a trick. just to preserve a no Freedom for individuals. and keep elite with their privilegies above peoples. its a kind of; religion. law... science. mode to input like security sitem a; controling minds-bodies.

and when today I see what anchors of tv says I think; well. they really sells their-selves to these treatery.


and when I fell like a man that I encarnate now desire; for women of men... I think... well... im not sick... maybe.

and when I found my Brother Apolo in last time; I was out from Harmony; they give me to pass these days David's chalet. I take he with my motocicle and we went to his house and we play guitar and he teach me that right hand makes precise moviment and left as eternit simbol. and we play and I sing, and... he say: music is to please and enjoy persons. Its sublime.

and I reply, sincerely after no think so much: but music when art arent only pleasure. because art represents context of a time and condense to future what is hapening; and there are thorns in flowers. and there are many things that must be said that may not please ...

as Guernica or ... etc? he thought. and I... agree.

and I came back; passed in front Moon's waterfalls; bathed me there. and...
found a with rock; that shining to my mind. and when night; I didnt goes to play song on montains pub as the night before. I play yoga below Diana's statue. like a source. with her bow apointed to a dragon's cabin; 3 metres more or less; with 2 dogs in each her side, and below path 2 reptiles dogs seems, and below, me meditating with my bright stone along.

her expression was; serious. but... tranquility. aiming his arrow.
and descover my self if I would be woman I prefeer be caste.

so, I went to sleep in that chalet, in grand darkness, I had a nightmare but not remember just when I awake up, I screamed: if I pick you... (?) ...

they (?) killed me, I felt, my soul scape overhead... and I wake there, screaming... but not remember more, maybe better this way... and...





http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/pleyades/encuentro/encuentropley_08.ht... - TROYA UNA COLONIA PLEYADIANA


Peace, Peace, Peace...

Love, Love, Love,,,

very att.

Annunaki77: Since the Creation of Humanity

Humanity has been used as Beasts of Burden.
The Olympians were Punished for their Free Will, they taught the Humans many things, but since the Humans were created as a Workers Species , the Mating of Earth Women with the Olympians , it was forbidden by Lord Enlil to mate with Earth Women and the Renegade Annunaki.

Now remember in the Star Systems of Sirius, it is forbidden for anyone to have Freedom and Liberty. Freedom and Liberty is Evil , so when you read your Bible about these Evil Fallen Angels , that's what the Writers are trying to tell you.

You got to remember if this New World Disorder is Successful, Lord Enlil will create this Deception to it's Entirety by Bring in Jesus as the King of this New World Disorder.
All the sheep will then rejoice and accept their new shackles of tyranny.
Salvation, highly unlikely.
Those who will no longer be needed will be terminated.

Humanity must not be hoodwinked.

Tarheel: But I thought Humanity prevails ?

Is Humanity in jeopardy, Wise One ?

bluesbaby5050: Well Lord Annu77...........

I won't be one of those that will accept the New shackles of Tyranny. I guess I'll be Terminated! Because, they will Not have any use for me. They would want to reform me,and I won't stand for that,as I know what that means.

bluesbaby5050: I also Know to turn my back on that darn......

Tunnel of light too. I won't be coming back for a RE-run! And I won't be food =Sloosh for the Reptilians.

Annunaki77: You truly are a Falcon Goddess

You truly Understand the Ancient Game. You are truly the Few that Understand.
You have already Won BB5050.
You will never be Free Unless you are Brave.

This is how America was Formed. We now live in Nations full of Cowards.
Cowards always Die first.

I tribute the Renegade in all who Love Freedom.


Most Renegades believed in Free Will and they Died believing in it.
Will you be Free as the Renegades or will you give in to Tyranny because you are a Coward. Freedom must always be fought for.

Money is the Tool used by the System to subvert and control people.
People must see through the System and open their Heart to the Cries of their Brothers and Sisters for many are dying from a Decayed and Decrepid overly Taxed System.

Hold my hand in this Battle for Free Will, and I promise you, Miracles will happen.



bluesbaby5050: I will Always have Your hand.........

I will Aways have Your hand, and Your Back TOO! Truely You know in your heart, that I will Always be there for you, for we were together in the days of OLD, and we will be Again! I Promise You this. My words are Strong, and True. For I am a Goddess of The Royal Falcon Bird Clans. Bluesbaby 5050.

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